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Friday, September 28, 2007

Rembrandt the Musical

Inspired by the Sun in Libra and Jupiter's passage over my 7th House cusp I decided to take a look at True Love in an artist's chart. I decided to study the chart of Rembrandt with his first wife Saskia who seems to have been his first Muse. I figured it would be a good start. Well, I started there not knowing anything about Rembrandt's story... Apparently I didn't choose the right guy for the job.

Rembrandt's first wife, Saskia, was the subject of many of his most beautiful paintings. He is said to have loved her deeply. The couple's first 3 children died tragically shortly after their births. Saskia died shortly after giving birth to their 4th child, Titus, at Age 30 (Saturn Return).

Rembrandt immediately took up with his wife's nurse, a widow, Geetje Dircx. (Scorpio Rising and Moon can't go for long without the Sex relations?) Dircx nursed son Titus in his early life. Rembrandt didn't love her and had affairs, and Dircx flew off into rages. After 6 or 7 years Rembrandt got his new 23 year old maid, Hendrickje Stoffels, pregnant and Dircx sued him in court for breach of contract. In turn, Rembrandt had her committed to an insane asylum for 12 years. That was pretty nasty. This was the woman who nursed his son. Geertje Dircx was let out after a number of years, not the original 12, but she died soon after her release. Really tragic. Someone wrote a Musical about this love triangle which is performed periodically on Broadway.

Astrologically, what's interesting is that during the whole time all this chaos was going on, Pluto was traveling through Rembrandt's 7th House. The minute it hit his 8th house cusp, Rembrandt almost had to declare Bankruptcy (along with other aspects). Apparently his son and his mistress rearranged his finances so that he wouldn't lose everything. He never married his mistress because he was living off of his first wife, Saskia's money and would lose it if he ever remarried. Pluto doesn't provide easy answers, especially when it comes to Love and Money. But it does provide the stuff that Broadway Musicals are made of... You could call this story "Testing True Love" or "Why Is Cupid's Arrow So Damn Sharp?"

Rembrandt van Rijn

b. July 15, 1606 3:00pm Leiden, Netherlands

Sun 23 Cancer; ASC 17 Scorpio; Moon 25 Scorpio; MC 7 Virgo; NN 24 Virgo.

Saskia van Uylenburgh

b. Aug. 2, 1612 Leeuwarden, Netherlands

Sun 11 Leo; Moon Libra or Scorpio; NN 29 Taurus

Geertje Dircx

b. born 1610-15

Hendrickje Stoffels

b. 1626 Bredevoort, Netherlands

Rembrandt has a really magnificent chart, it's pretty ridiculous to pick apart for relationship issues. Like Beethoven, he was born with a Grand Earth Trine between 3 Outer planets, Neptune, Pluto, and Saturn. Neptune, planet of Art is conjunct his Virgo Midheaven.

But this chart goes beyond that because it just misses making a Grand Sextile Hexagon of Sextiles. (The orb between the Sextile of Chiron to Saturn is too big.) But the Grand Trine does expand out into two Kites: Neptune-MC opposite Jupiter in Pisces is the axis of the first Kite and Mercury in Gemini opposite Saturn makes the axis of the 2d Kite. Almost all of his Planets are in Water and Earth. Most descriptions of his art include the words "Emotional Depth" "Emotional Power" and "Sympathy for Humanity" This is a Cancer Sun with Scorpio Rising and Moon. (Technical Genius as well: Neptune-MC in Virgo).

The Water-Earth dominance does explain why he got bogged down in relationship and financial problems. Rembrandt had no planets in Fire which is interesting because he is known for his Brilliant Lighting techniques. A lack in a person's chart makes them want to seek it out either through relationships or through work or other means. Rembrandt would show light shining from within a person or from unknown sources or directions in order to emphasize the spirituality of the person or the situation or to enhance the design of the picture. "Rembrandt Lighting" is a special way of lighting a subject's face which is particularly flattering for the shape of their face.

Rembrandt's Venus (Art) is located in his 7th House. It's in Gemini and is a singleton in Air. And I suppose that's a great position for a Portrait Artist who needs to build a business (Gemini) around flattering (Venus) others (Venus). Venus rules Artistic Design and Proportion through it's relationship with the Golden Mean. I took a drawing class once and the instructor picked up a book of Rembrandt drawings to explain the Golden Mean. Willy nilly he went through the book measuring out Golden Means sketch after sketch. Rembrandt had a natural sense of divine proportion.

But, Venus in Gemini can also show a person who multi-tasks in the relationship department. And that's where we get gossipy about his Love Life. The relationship axis is telling. Rembrandt had a conjunction of Moon and Mars in Scorpio in his 1st House which opposed Uranus at 29 Taurus in his 7th House. That shows emotionalism, upheaval and erratic happenings in the relationship sector. Along with Uranus, Venus was in his 7th.

Pluto ruled both his Chart and his Moon and his Mars so it's transit would have an extra powerful effect on his life. Shortly after Pluto entered his 7th House, a Collector took a big interest in him and his career took off. Pluto also rules Fame and Famous people. He became very successful and attracted big commissions and attracted a wealthy wife. Pluto likes to build you up before he tears you down. Pluto was 3 degrees away from conjunction with natal 7th house Uranus when Rembrandt married Saskia and was within orb the whole time they were married so the Opposition was always under fire by Pluto while they were married. Pluto, Uranus, Moon and Mars working together, that's stormy weather.

When Saskia died Pluto was applying to conjunction with Venus at 8 Gemini and squaring his IC-MC axis. Pluto and Venus rule his 1st and 7th Houses. T.Neptune had just passed over his Ascendant was now in conjunction with his Moon-Mars conjunction and it looks as though he went through years of running around in a haze, struggling in his relationships and declining financial circumstances. Of course, Neptune aspects are great for Artists but generally to the exclusion of dealing well with real life. Pluto-Venus transits wreak emotional havoc in relationships and finances. He didn't treat his mistress well and she tried to get her fair share. But she was a mere woman and was dealing with a well respected artist and a double Scorpio-Cancer type whose bite was worse than his bark. He would certainly have been better respected by the courts than she was. Well, and the screaming didn't help. A lesson for us all.

I'm fuzzy on the dates around the time that he got involved with his final mistress, Hendrickje Stoffels. It looks like his Progressed Venus had just passed over his Natal Sun and his progressed Sun was conjunct his MC-Neptune with the Nodes passing over that angle. They had a daughter Cornelia together (b. 1654). Their relationship seems to have been solid but they never married due to the financial circumstances. Rembrandt outlived Hendrickje and died shortly after his Son, Titus, died, on Oct. 4, 1669.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

be of love (a little) more careful than of anything

We had a player piano in our house when I was growing up. It was an old 1910 model that my Mother bought in a junk shop and painted all kinds of bold colors: fuschia, olive green, orange, dark brown and cream. This is the piano that my parents partied on with a collection of piano rolls that came with it. I took my piano lessons on it and the dog scratched his back against it. Beside it on the wall my Mother tacked a lithograph made by the Artist/Nun Sister Mary Corita. It was an abstract print with a few bright colors with the words I've put into the title of this blog. Turns out those weren't Corita's words though. She was a Scorpio. The poet who penned this wisdom was a Libra:

e e cummings

b oct 14 1894 (7pm) cambridge mass.

sun 22 libra (moon 25 aries) asc 6 gemini (mc 10 aquarius) nn 30 pisces

What a great chart for a poet:

Sun in Libra trine Neptune
Gemini Ascendant
Neptune c. Pluto in Gemini in the 1st House in a Grand Trine with Aquarius MC and Venus in Libra in H5.
Mercury (Chart Ruler) c. Uranus (MC Ruler) in H6 squaring the MC and inconjunct Neptune-Uranus.
North Node on the Aries Point, either 30 Pisces or 1 Aries depending who draws the chart.

Complicating this configuration is his Moon in Aries. It's conjunct Retrograde Mars and opposing Saturn-Chiron in Libra. In his bio, his early life is full of crazy events. He was roommates with John Dos Passos and they both joined the Ambulance brigade in WWI together. Cummings was arrested for suspicion of espionage and spent 3 1/2 months in jail in France, Sept-Dec, 1917 (prog. Sun in Scorpio c. n.Uranus-Mercury, square MC). He was released and then drafted into the Army. His Father died in a car crash when he was 26 (Pluto-NN square natal Nodes). And by 1931 he had been married and divorced 3 times.

--be of love (a little) more careful than of anything.

Cummings spoke this from experience. Impetuous Aries Moon-Mars opposing Sun-Saturn in Libra. That aspect will certainly teach one some lessons about Love and Relationships. And Cummings described his experience through a completely new and original voice. And it looks as though both Cummings and his love life seem to have normalized a bit once both his progressed Mars and prog. Mercury went out of retrograde between 1930 and 1932. He met someone in 1931 and stayed with her for the rest of his life.

To get you in the mood for Libra, here's a link to some of ee cumming's poetry, photos, and art:
http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/8454/eec.htm. Enjoy.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Johannes Kepler Reads His Own Chart

The following is an except called:

"Kepler's Horoscope for Himself, November 1597" pp. 31-33


Kepler's Witch: An Astronomer's Discovery of Cosmic Order Amid Religious War, Political Intrigue, and the Heresy Trial of His Mother

by James A. Connor


"This person was born with the destiny to spend most of his time working on the difficult things others shirk from....

...Mercury in the seventh house means haste and an aversion to work, because he is also swift; the sun in Saturn's sixth means conscientiousness and perseverance. These two things are in conflict: to continuously feel regret about lost time while still willingly losing it again and again. Because Mercury affects a tendency for play and fun, this person enjoys the spirit of lighter things. As a child, he was devoted to play; as he grew older he found enjoyment in other things, and he therefore turned to other things; to find out what brings a person joy, therefore, remains subject to opinion. Since being stingy with money deters one from play, he often plays by himself. One has to note the following here: holding on to money does not have the goal of wealth, but rather the alleviation of the fear of poverty. Of course, most greediness grows out of unfounded worry. Or perhaps not; rather, the love of money possesses many. His eyes are fixed upon gain and reputation. Perhaps it is the fear of poverty that can be blamed for much. because he is presumptuous and contemptuous of mass opinion, he tends to be hard.

By nature he is very well suited for pretense of all kinds. There is also a tendency toward disguise, deceit, and lies. It has its root in common with the jokes and jest. Mercury does this, instigated by Mars. But one thing prevented these disguises: The fear for his reputation. Because foremost he yearns for true recognition, and every type of defamation is unbearable to him. He would pay very good money to buy himself free of even harmless, but wicked gossip, and poverty frightens him only because of the shame."


According to the author, this is Johannes Kepler's own description of his chart. When he was 49, Kepler had to leave his job to try to help his 70+ year old Mother who was being tried for being a Witch during the Counter-Reformation. After many years of trials and torture her name was cleared. She was an Herbalist and had a difficult personality. Kepler's best memory of her was when he was 6 when she took him outside to watch a comet. Kepler's Moon was in Gemini in his 12th House. According to Bruce Scofield's article in Mountain Astrologer (available online), one of Kepler's big contribution to Astrology was the study of Minor Aspects.

When one looks at the placement of Kepler's Moon and understand the complex relationship with his Mother one can understand why. He had a stellium of Mercury, Uranus, Sun and Venus in Capricorn all in different aspects to the Moon: Inconjunct Mercury 5 Cap; BiQuintile Uranus 9 Cap; ______ Sun 16 Cap; Sesquiquadrate Venus 19 Cap; Trine Mars 9 Libra; Quintile Pluto 22 Pisces. Uranus rules his MC and the Sun rules his IC.

Funny how the Sun is sandwiched between Uranus and Venus but doesn't aspect the Moon. Kepler's parents had a horrible relationship. His Father was always running away from home when Kepler was growing up and he (the Father) ran away for the last time when Kepler was 17.

Kepler's Sun-Venus is apex to a small triangle that sextiles Jupiter-Pluto trine Saturn. He had his big revelation about the Motion of the Planets by understanding the orbits of Jupiter and Saturn. This was on July 19, 1595. Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto-Mars-NN were all in Aries squaring his natal Capricorn planets. The transiting Moon was conjunct his natal Capricorn Planets. Mercury-Chiron was conjunct his natal Gemini Ascendant and t. Neptune was conjunct his MC.

Johannes Kepler
b. Dec. 27, 1571 2:30 or 2:37 pm Weil-der-Stadt, Germany (OS)
I don't understand what the Popes and Priest were doing with the Calendar but the (NS) date is January 6, 1572.

Sun 16 Capricorn; ASC 25 Gemini; Moon 5 Gemini; MC 23 Aquarius; NN 3 Leo

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Crowned Fairy Princess of Norway

Once Upon a Time I saw an article on a Norwegian Princess who talks to Angels. That's just so girly, I had to look at the chart and when I looked at it, I swear to God, I saw only trines. Now that I've gotten around to looking at the chart again it turns out there's some ugly red lines besmirching the harmony. I'm absolutely appalled. Good news is there are no squares (minus Moon or Angles due to lack of birth time) but there are some hearty oppositions. --And when you read her story you can see the oppositions. But this is as close as we're ever gonna come to reading a Fairy Tale so be done with it.

Hark! Martha Louise, Fairy Princess of Norway

b. Sept. 22, 1971, Oslo, Norway

Sun 29 Virgo; Moon Libra or Scorpio; NN 14 Aquarius

Martha Louise is about 4th in line to the throne. She's a certified physiotherapist and she's given up most of her royal duties except the ones related to support causes having to do with Health. This matches her Sun-Pluto conjunction at the end of Virgo, sign of Health.

The Sun-Pluto conjunction is part of a stellium with Venus & Uranus in Libra. Now for the good part. Martha Louise's Air Grand Trine includes the Venus-Uranus conjunction trine Mars-NN in Aquarius and Saturn Rx in Gemini. I read this as a lonely childhood that developed into a rich fantasy life that came true. Mars describes the Men you like, your true and one honeybun, and like a true Fairy Princess Martha Louise roused the Royals with her marriage (Mars in Aquarius trine Venus-Uranus in Libra). She married a ForkLift operator! She went for the Mars-Uranus-Saturn guy. (Well, actually he's a writer with Venus in Leo trine Jupiter on the AP in Capricorn. Rex Bills needs to add that aspect to "Guys Who Marry Princesses" rulerships)

So for a while there I guess it was Tabloid City. But all was good as True Love is. Since 2002, the Princess has lived happily ever after with her Stud Muffin Truck Driver and has had two Perfect Children who are total cherubs. Then Uranus and the North Node hit her Unaspected Mercury in Virgo and it's Tabloid City all over again. She's founded a School for Healing called Astarte Education where she teaches people to talk to Angels. The papers are full of comments about how she should "seek treatment." What do those Idiots want? A Golf Game? Ick. I prefer my Princesses talking to Angels.

Martha Louise's Progressed Sun has been passing out of Libra and into Scorpio during these last years of huge changes. That can be a very empowering time for a Virgo Sun. During that time she ran off with the Truck Driver/Writer, had two children and moved out of her Country. Big Scorpio changes. It would be great to see what her birth time is because her Natal Moon in the noontime chart is close to this point. So, she's parking a little Mercury-Uranus action right now, so what? If the Princess says she can feel a Pea under the 20 mattresses, then there's probably a Pea under the bed. Just check it and shut up you icky unimaginiative old coots.

Oh, by the way, Rex Bills says that Fairies are ruled by Neptune. Not only did Uranus and the Node Node hit FairyP's Mercury but natally she's got a conjunction of Neptune with Jupiter at the beginning of Sagittarius. This is opposed by Saturn Retrograde in Gemini. That explains why the constant opposition by the stodgy old farts.

Sigh. Life is hard. Into every Grand Trine a little rain must pour.

The End.

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Monday, September 24, 2007

Salmonella a la Space Shuttle

I had Salmonella when I was a kid. I was quarantined for a month and a half and my Brother and Father had to move out and I had to eat off of paper plates and sit in bed and my Poor Mother got to feel sorry for herself and wash sheets constantly because I pooped and threw up non-stop for 2 weeks. It took a whole extra month for the bug to stop showing up in my blood. They said I contracted it either from eating cracked eggs or playing with frogs. Either way, my Mother fired the Milkman who she accused of delivering the bad eggs and the frogs mysteriously disappeared from the backyard.

Believe it or not that's a lead in to a story about some news about research from a Space Shuttle flight. In Sept. 2006 NASA sent the Astronauts up on an Atlantis flight with petri dishes full of salmonella to see how much the genes would mutate. More than 160 genes obliged. I never question why they're going up there; I just always sort of assume it's to check out the view. Scientists and their "busy work". So labor intensive.

I remember this flight because it was one of a series of ones where, after multiple attempts to take off, they fired the rocket off with Jupiter conjunct the Ascendant and I assumed 1st house Jupiter was a Lucky Omen for space flights. The chart actually shows this research very well but I never in a million years would have read this into it in the first place. Today's story tells about how after they got back, NASA fed the salmonella to little mice and found that Space makes Salmonella much more deadly than it already is. Only 10 percent of the mice who ate the Space Spinach lived as compared to the 40 percent who ate the Earth Spinach. Scientists think this is something to do with a force called "fluid sheer." The germs cultured in microgravity suffer from low flow of fluids over the cells. The gastrointestinal tract is also low sheer so this is supposed to be copasetic with the SpaceCase Salmonella. Can you imagine being an astronaut up there with no time to change your diaper and knowing that the genetic makeup of your B.M. is mutating against some of the most absorbent skin in your body? Bleck!!!

Here's the story link: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20070924/ap_on_sc/germs_in_space.

Here's the Launch Information:

Atlantic Space Shuttle STS-115

Blast Off: Sept. 9, 2006 11:15 am Cape Canaveral, FL

Sun 17 Virgo; ASC 11 Scorpio; Moon 14 Aries; MC 15 Leo; NN 26 Pisces

Rex Bills is sitting right here so I can look up "Germs:" (Pluto). Pluto here rules the Chart and is squaring the Nodes. The Sun-Mercury in Virgo and Mars in Libra are conjunct the South Node. The empty leg of this t-square is the 8th house, Pluto's house, house of death.

There's another t-square on the angles. Saturn-MC in Leo opposite Neptune-IC squaring Jupiter-ASC. Funny, I've got Jupiter in Scorpio as well and I was due to have a Jupiter Return the next month. Maybe some kind of connection between Jupiter in Scorpio and Salmonella? People tell me I'm mousy all the time so maybe I was part of a Government experiment early on. More likely I was just sticking everything in my mouth. I think I remember reading that Saturn-Neptune can indicate Health problems like infectious diseases but would have to check on that and I'm too busy talking about myself in this blog.

The Moon here is in Aries on the 6th house cusp (from the 5th house). Mars rules 6th house and is on an Aries Point and conjunct the South Node in the 11th House (Health + Space Travel).

Venus's placement is also interesting. She was up in the 10th house (Government) in Virgo (sign of Health) and unaspected except for an inconjunct (health problem aspect) to Chiron (Health). Interesting for me is that she was just a few degrees from my own Venus in Virgo.


Sunday, September 23, 2007

Alex the African Gray Parrot and His Person

While web surfing today I once again saw the now famous last words of Alex the African Gray Parrot who recently passed.

"You be good. See you tomorrow. I Love You."

Alex was a Research Bird who had phenomenal abilities to communicate. His ability to distinguish colors and numbers and to crack one-liners made him world renowned. He had a vocabulary of 100 words, that's better than I can brag about, for sure. The woman who worked with him, Dr. Irene Pepperberg, bought Alex in a Pet Store in Chicago back in June, 1977. Alex was 1 year old at the time. He was 31 years old when he died of unknown causes on Sept. 6, 2007 at Brandeis University, Waltham, Massachusetts.


b. 1976
d. Sept. 6, 2007, Waltham, Massachusetts

Dr. Irene Pepperberg

b. Apr. 1, 1949 Brooklyn, NY

Sun 12 Aries; Moon Taurus; NN 26 Aries

Rex Bills is in the car, but I'm just going to assume from looking at Irene Pepperberg's chart that Mercury and Virgo rule Parrots. She has a tight inconjunct of Mercury at 1 Aries to Saturn at 1 Virgo. Mercury-Saturn aspects can show a sharp mind, sharp verbal skills, great analytical skills. Why shouldn't it indicate Parrots? The inconjunct, being an aspect that links two signs that have no common basic characteristics, seems appropriate for trying to break through a communication barrier between species.

Also in her chart, Dr. Pepperberg's Sun is opposite her Neptune. This can show an ability to relate to others at a psychic level. In her case this aspect is very strongly emphasized. Her Sun is in Aries ruled by Mars and Neptune is in Libra ruled by Venus. Rulers of these signs, Mars and Venus are both conjunct her Sun. Mars and Venus also rule the signs which her Nodes are in. And Aries and Libra rule the relationship axis.

In addition, Dr. Pepperberg's Sun is in a Grand Trine with Pluto in Leo and Chiron in in Sagittarius. Along with the opposition to Neptune it almost makes a Kite Pattern, the sextile between Neptune and Chiron is a little wide. But this shows that the opposition works to focus the easy flow of the Grand Trine. Sun-Mars, Pluto (Fame, Research, Secrets), Neptune (knowing the unknown, No boundaries) and Chiron (Teacher, Wounding), that's a strong focus on working with the life force in some way, especially connected with Sun c. Mars in Aries.

The numbers involved indicated strong Saturn Returns influence. Alex and Pepperberg worked together for 30 years. She was 28 when she bought him and is 58 now...
She wasn't yet having her Saturn Return when she found Alex. Saturn had to pass over Pluto in Leo before getting to her Saturn at 1 Virgo. It was conjunct Pluto when she found Alex and they began a long term research, working relationship together. Not only that but Neptune was conjunct her Chiron so two points of the Grand Trine were experiencing major slow aspects.

That doesn't necessarily indicate Kismet, but this does: Pluto and the NN were close to conjunction with Dr. Pepperberg's Neptune. The transiting South Node would have been conjunct her Sun-Mars-Venus. I've experienced something close to that aspect on my ASC-DESC line. Fish were literally having stare out contests with me (I had eye witnesses, ok?). I dropped everything in my life to spend as much time as I could with my old cat. Pluto-Neptune conjunctions are true magic in relationship with everything in the world except people who are simply too inferior to relate on that level. On a practical, earthy level they are often not so hot.

Pepperberg had her first Saturn Return right after she started working with Alex. Saturn at 1 Virgo inconjunct Mercury a 1 Aries. Virgo represents hard work and clinical settings. Saturn returned to that point this month.

I was curious about the surprise demise of Alex; supposedly he wasn't sick and nobody knows what caused his death. I can't find his birth info so we can't even guess. Seems that Uranus must be figuring strongly. It's interesting that Dr. Pepperberg's Solar Return for this year has an exact conjunction of Mercury-Uranus and the North Node at 16 Pisces. Natally she's got a Mercury-Uranus square. I have no idea what to do with this information, just thought I'd mention it.

So, Alex, Thanks for Blessing Us with your Wonderful Self. Rest in Peace, Beautiful Bird.

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Saturday, September 22, 2007

"Cycles: The Science of Prediction" by Dewey & Dakin

Here are some rough notes about Cycles taken from an economics book that was written in 1947. The book is called: Cycles: The Science of Prediction by Edward R. Dewey and Edwin F. Dakin. Published March, 1947 by Henry Holt & Co. NY. The book's very old and I assume that much information that's offered here that's been improved or is superseded but I'm starting with this. The writing is clear and the information is very exciting. Natural cycles as well as economic cycles are discussed.

First Lesson I learned about the nature of cycles is how crazy multiple Periodic Cycles running at once look as a whole unit. The authors show a simple 3 year cycle graph. Then they average a 5 year, 8 year and 17 year cycle into that graph and the sum total is a completely erratic looking line which no obvious pattern.

Second Lesson I learned is that in addition to the cycles which can show a basic up and down pattern on a graph there is a Growth Trend which makes patterns rise, level off, then (usually) fall. Different Industries show different Trends. Different "organisms" mature at different rates. Industry might show cycles very clearly as in terms of Production (Saturn, Mercury, Mars) and Consumption (Moon, Venus). Destruction (outher planets?) might not be as easily understandable.

Economic Cycles mentioned, Notes very rough:

The Most Reliable Economic Cycles: 3.5, 9, 18.33, and 54 years.

34-day Cycle (Market Days): Price of Raw Sugar

23-month Cycle: Textile Production

3 1/2 year rhythm (40 to 42 months) affects Security Prices, Business activity, Wholesale & Retail. Has a parallel in Solar Activity.

Close to 9 year rhythm that affects Prices. This is called the Juglar Cycle. Affects Wholesale prices, Security Prices, Pig Iron Production, Industrial Activity.

Juglar Business Cycles - written about in 1860 by a Frenchman, Samuel Benner, who studied the average yearly price of pig iron and found a 9 year cycle. He wrote a book called "Benner's Prophecies of Future Ups and Downs of Prices" and found the following cycles:
  • 9 year cycle: Price of pig iron / variation occurs every 3rd cycle
  • 5 1/2 year cycle: corn prices
  • 11 year cycle: cotton
  • 18 year cycle: financial panics / 1893, 1907, 1929 (within 2 years of pattern based on 1873)
14.8 year Cycle: Cattle Prices

14.8 year Cycle: Pepper Prices

18.3 year Rhythm: Affects Real Estate, Building & Construction, Marriages

33 year Cycle: Residential Building Activity, Retail trade, Consumers' Goods Production.

54 year Cycle: Wholesale Prices and War, Industrial Innovations. Multiple of 9 or 18 year cycle?

From the Chapter "Some Rhythmic Cycles in Natural Phenomena":

Biological Cycle: 9 2/3 years that affects Insects, Fish, Mammals, Man & Ozone.
Stock Market Cycle: 9 1/5 years that isn't related to this Biological Cycle.
Electrical Phenomena 9 year cycle that shows up in Tree Rings.

Have to be careful to understand reasons behind cycles. Are they forced from out side or inter-related?

"Two Harvard research workers, Carlos Garcia-Mata and Felix Shaffner, re-examined the Jevons studies and checked them; they ended with the conclusion that sunspot phenomena showed no correlation with agricultural production, but -- that solar phenomena showed a remarkable correlation with industrial production, business activity, and with stock market prices." (p. 142). Dr. Huntington in Mainsprings of Civilization: Cycles of human life and progress of civilization. Cycles influenced by 1) Weather 2)Physiological Processes and Reproduction 3) Human Psychology which is related closely with Atmospheric Electricity.

4 year Biological Cycle that shows up in immigrations and epidemics of small animals like lemmings, field mice and their predators.

35 Years - Bruckner Cycle in Weather in Europe. Discovered by E. Bruckner, an Austrian who wrote a book in 1891.

34 Different Weather Rhythms discovered by David Brunt, an Englishman who published a book in 1927.

7.47 year cycle for Drought found by H.P.Gillette. Multiply this by 3 for a 22.4 cycle which is close to the 22.3 year SunSpot cycle. Brunt found 7.50 cycle for Drought. Beveridge found 7.42 year cycle for Drought.

7.54 years cycle for changes in Barometric Pressures: H.H.Clayton

Emotions in Humans found to follow individual cycles from between 2 1/2 weeks to 9 1/2 weeks. Prof. Rex B. Hersey of University of Pennsylvania.

Disease: Deaths from Pneumonia and Influenza follow a 3 year rhythm (and a seasonal pattern).

Growth in Trees follow a 150 year pattern.

Flowers: Crocuses grow through consistent short 20 second spurts of growth followed by a small recoil.

Solar Phenomena: Sun Spot activity: 11.4 year cycles

Terrestrial magnetism: 11.4 year cycles

41 month cycle measured by Smithsonian Institute concerning the Solar Constant (amound of heat received on Earth). This is almost identical to variability in atmospheric electricity.

11 & 22 years: Sun Spot Cycles.

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Mercury Transit Cycles // 6,7, 13, 33, 46 years

Here's a link to "Mercury Transit Cycles" by Bruce McClure: http://idialstars.com/mtc.htm.

Read the article but I'm going to try to explain it here. The Greater Mercury Cycles are measured from off of the Inferior Conjunctions of Mercury to the Sun. This is when Mercury aligns with the Sun and Earth but passes in front of the Sun rather than around it (only Mercury and Venus can do this because their orbits are closer to the Sun's than the Earth's). A true Inferior Conjunction doesn't happen that often because Mercury is usually too high or too low in the sky above or below the Ecliptic. In order for an Inferior Conjunction to happen its orbit must cross the Ecliptic and it also must be close to its Node. This can only happen in November when it's near its Scorpio North Node or in May when it's near its Taurus South Node. The conjunctions happen more in November than in May. In November the cycle can reoccur at 6 or 7 years or at 13 years (6+7) or at 33 year cycles. In May it only happens at 13 or 33 year cycles.

There's another 46 year cycle for which both November and May transits reoccur for 100s of years. The last one happened on Nov. 8, 2006 and belongs to a cycle that began in 1776 and will end in 2604. These series of cycles are called a "Panorama" which seems to be a lot like the Eclipse Saros Series cycles.

The astrological significance for 1776 is wonderful. This is the year the U.S. declared Independence and brought on a new experiment in society which centers around free trade (well, and religion). It is also the year that Adam Smith wrote his book that redefined Economics. This was based around a strong drive to create comfort (Taurus) and quality of life (Scorpio). In the Saros Cycles, there were 6 eclipses each year during 1776 and 77 which means that the Eclipse cycles were in the middle of beginning and endings of their Series. But in addition Mercury starts a new Panorama Series this year. Mercury rules Commerce among other spiritual vibes such as messengering between humans and the Divine, is in the signs that rule Resources. In a way, Man's relationship with God has changed to one of impartial communication rather than "knowing" or "feeling" or "oppression." Well, God refuses to show me any of his angels, so what do I know of this?

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Cycles created by the Progressions // Robert Blaschke

In my search to understand the cycles of the planets and how they affect individuals I've come across Robert Blaschke's book about progressions called Astrology: A Language of Life, Vol. 1, Progressions. This book crams a whole lot of information into about 80 pages. I can't recommend it highly enough. I'm going to try to reorder the cycles of the progressions as presented in the book in the order in which they happen in life. I'm doing this just for the hell of it and have probably made a big mess. Buy the book, support the author, he explains it all very clearly. Blaschke even provides information on how to pull up a progression report from Solar Fire. I can't even figure out how to set the orbs on that program so I appreciate the instruction. Anyway, just buy it (the book, for software buy Win-Star, it's user-friendly and it comes with a tutorial, I mean, I'll never wean off of astrodatabank because I have Mercury in a Fixed sign and they've got the combo inner transit/outer progression chart without which I'd be roadkill, but whatever, hey blogs aren't supposed to be professional, ah it feels good to vent that's what parenthetical remarks are for, isn't it?).

There. That's my Review. Now watch me screw up the information. Only read this if somebody dares you to. The list is at the bottom and may or may not be useful or accurate for that matter.

Along with Secondary Progressions there are Tertiary Progressions and Minor Progressions (and others, like Converse Progressions which go backward in time before birth). Who knew?

According to Blaschke and his Forefathers, C.E.O. Carter and Alan Leo, these represent the development of the individual according to

Body (Secondary Progressions),
Body (Tertiary Progressions), and
Body (Minor Progressions).

The kicker is that they move at different speeds so progress the Individual at different times. The Minor Progressions are the fastest and the Secondary are the Slowest with Tertiary in-between. They sort of emanate from the moment of birth and first transits like rings of water expanding out from whatever falls into it. You know, the concentric expanding ring thing. I start developing images from off of those photos of airplanes breaking through the sound barrier and space ships breaking through black holes. That might be what it's like for the soul to be born on earth. I'm babbling.

Here's an example, the Secondary Progressed Moon follows a cycle of 27 years, 3.5 months; the Tertiary Progressed Moon follows a cycle of 2 years, 13-20 days; the Minor Progressed Moon follows a yearly cycle. "We find reality operating on three different levels and, simultaneously, at three different rates of speed (p. 13)."

It gets even more interesting when one thinks that one's Tertiary Progressed Moon Return affecting the Emotional State might be hit by a transit of Pluto and Saturn at Age 2+ years while the Secondary Progressed Moon might be hit by Venus and Jupiter, a much more pleasant proposition, at Age 27+ years. Both are Progressed Versions of the person's Moon felt on different levels of their being at different times and in coordination with completely different circumstances).

Also, when you're going through your first Saturn Return, it's not just the Saturn Return you are experiencing! Blaschke points out that the first Secondary Progressed Moon Return correlates in time with the Tertiary Progressed Solar Return and the Saturn Return. These 3 planets are hit very closely together.

The Progressed Planetary returns seem to correspond with the transit cycles in "clumping up" on a person when he/she is around the age of 13-14 and then again around Age 27-29.

Also, they seem to correspond with psychology's idea that a person's life basically gels by the time he/she is 5 or 6 years old. The Secondary Progressions are based on the very first days of life, one day for every year (actually that's Solar Arcs, okay I'm a little confused here). The Tertiary Progressions fan out counting a day for every Month. In this case, the Returns are based on about the first 2-3 years of life. The Minor Progressions fan out counting a month for every year and the Returns are based on the first 5 or 6 years of life.

Okay, that's all I'm going to say. Just buy this book. It's awesome. Blaschke's tuned in.

Here's my list rearranging progressions according to Age.

From Blaschke, Pg. 18: "Progressed planetary returns will occur several times during the life of your client. While most astrologers are familiar with the secondary progressed Moon and her 27 1/3 year return cycle, many have not used the tertiary or minor progression enough to become familiar with their planetary returns."

1 year: Minor Progressed Moon Return (Mental)

2 years, 13-20 days: Tertiary Prog. Moon Return (Emotional)
The Tertiary and Minor Moon cycles will repeat a lot through life, that's a lot of Moon action

10 years, 8-11 months: Minor Prog. Venus w/o Retro's (Mental)
13 years, 1-2 months: Tertiary Prog. Mars (Emotional)
13 years, 4.4 months: Minor Progressed Sun (Mental)
14 years, 8-11 months: Minor Prog. Venus with Retro's (Mental)

22 years, 5-6 months: Tertiary Prog. Venus w/o Retro (Emotional)
26 years, 15 days: Minor Prog. Mars (Mental)
26 years, 9-10 months: Tertiary Prog. Mercury (Emotional)
27 years, 3.5 months: Sidereal Secondary Prog. Moon (Physical)
27 years, 3.8 months: Tertiary Prog. Sun (Mental)
{29 years, 6 months: Synodic Secondary Prog. Moon}
29 years, 11 months: Tertiary Prog. Venus w/retro. (Mental)

53 years, 1-2 months: Tertiary Prog. Mars (Emotional)

These ages are approximate. I've added words in Italics for my own reference.

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Planetary Cycles Graphs / Astrid Fallon

Here's a link to a great website that shows some graphs of planetary cycles out of Astrid Fallon's book called Planetary Cycles at a Glance.


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Friday, September 21, 2007


I neglected to mention a very important Birthday. The 1st Happy Face Emoticon turned 25 on September 19. That's the thing that everyone types out on their computers that goes like :-).

Or maybe it's like :).

Or maybe it looks hungover at this point ++ (imagine a mouth underneath).

Anyway, it's on its side. It was invented by a College Professor who wanted to be able to express feelings in his emails. Here's the official time for the first email (sorry, no source, it was just in the News):

Sideways Smiley Face :-)

b. Sept. 19, 1982 11:44am Pittsburgh, PA

Sun 27 Virgo; ASC 21 Scorpio; Moon 24 Libra; MC 3 Virgo; NN 11 Cancer

Rex Bills says that Smiles are ruled by Venus and (Neptune). Wouldn't ya know? All the planets in this chart are placed within a wide 10 degree square between Venus in Virgo and Neptune in Sagittarius predominantly up in the upper left hand quadrant of the chart. Venus is up there in the 10th House for all to see. She's the most elevated planet and, except for that wide square to Neptune, is unaspected.

There's a pretty serious looking stellium conjunction of Libra Mercury Rx (Sun's ruler), Saturn, Moon and Pluto (chart ruler) in the 11th House which might indicate a rather somber emotional expression overall, but, hey, they all disposit to Venus. And, if you're really really outgoing as promised by the likes of this chart, you'll smile no matter what.

We've also got 12th House Jupiter, a mirthful placement, trining the North Node and Mars is conjunct Uranus in the 1st House. Ha! Ha! Doesn't Arnold Schwarzenegger have conjunctions of Mars-Uranus and Pluto-Saturn? No wonder this thing stuck, it's the Terminator Smiley Face :-).


Link to Abstract on 52-year Aztec Xiuhmolpilli Cycle

Here's a link to an Abstract about how the Aztecs predicted Events according to their 52-year cycle. http://journals.cambridge.org/action/displayAbstract?fromPage=online&aid=43751.

Discusses the Eclipses that fell on either the solstices or the equinoxes. The Venus cycle isn't acknowledged.

Hey, there was a big Venus Cycle happening in 1513 when Ponce de Leon landed in Florida looking for the Fountain of Youth! That's probably the cycle that brought the clap and smallpox to the Americas. More on this important subject later...

Article cited: Ancient Mesoamerica (1999) 10:87-88 Cambridge University Press.

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International Polar Day

September 21, 2007 is the first "International Polar Day" inspired by a group of Scientists from over 60 countries who are studying the Poles from March, 2007 to March, 2009. That's actually a two year period but they're naming the project "International Polar Year" after the 3 "International Polar Years" that have come before in 1882-3, 1932-3, 1957-8. Unless GE can refrigerate the Poles in one hell of a hurry it looks like this may be the last one. So, buy your Polar Bear Calendars and Santa Claus memorabilia now.

March 1882: Jupiter Taurus; Saturn Taurus; Uranus Virgo; Neptune Taurus; Pluto Taurus; Chiron Taurus; NN Sagittarius

March 1932: Jupiter Leo; Saturn Aquarius; Uranus Aries; Neptune Virgo; Pluto Cancer; Chiron Taurus; NN Pisces

March 1957: Jupiter Virgo; Saturn Sagittarius; Uranus Leo; Neptune Scorpio; Pluto Leo; Chiron Aquarius; NN Scorpio

March 2007: Jupiter Sagittarius; Saturn Leo; Uranus Pisces; Neptune Aquarius; Pluto Sagittarius; Chiron Aquarius; NN Pisces

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Family City U.S.A.

Orem, Utah is an excellent place to live if your last name is Stepford. If your last name is Perry and you're a 70-year old Great-Grandmother living on a fixed income who can't afford to pay $50 a month to water your lawn, not only will your neighbors not step in to help, they will report you to the police and the police will hammer down your door, smash your face into the pavement, slap on some handcuffs and slam you into the local jail. Well, that's my overly dramatic Leo Mercury re-telling of the story. Here's one of the original News versions along with a photo of the 70-year old Great-Grandmother's smashed in face: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,288642,00.html.

Do they even have water for watering lawns in Utah?

At some point in the morning, Betty Perry was arrested and booked into the Orem Jail on July 6, 2007, Orem, Utah (about 40 miles Southwest of Salt Lake City) for refusing to give the Mr. Police Officer her name. This is called "resisting arrest." At 70 years old she had never been confronted by a policeman and didn't know the protocol for talking to one. Today Perry went to court with famous attorney Gloria Allred at her side and pleaded innocent.

Isn't this a huge waste of the taxpayer's money?

Some Relevant Rulerships according to Rex Bills:
  • Venus rules manicured lawns; Rex doesn't even recognize that lawns can be unmanicured let alone covered with 3 generations of rusted out old parked cars.
  • Neglected lands are ruled by Saturn and Capricorn.
  • Noses are ruled by Scorpio, Mars (Aries, Jupiter)
  • Nosebleeds are ruled by Mars and Aries.
  • Police are ruled by Mars, Saturn, Virgo, H6 (Pluto, Jupiter).
  • Grandparents, in general are ruled by H7, H1 (H3, Saturn, H4).
  • Poverty is Pisces, Saturn, Neptune
  • Handcuffs are ruled by Saturn
  • Idiots are ruled by Mercury (Pluto) / Wait till you see how this figures in, hehe, I would never have picked those rulerships by the way so, Mercury-Pluto people, don't get mad at me for having insulted you.
This incident, is a great example of the Saturn-Neptune opposition. Saturn was conjunct Venus (elderly woman) in Leo (The Queen) opposite Neptune (Jail, Incompetence). From the stories I have only been able to determine that the incident occurred in the Morning. I used 10am to draw a chart as I have no idea how early an Orem Police Officer would knock on an old woman's door but my Mother always told me that you never knock before 10am. This gives 1 Virgo Rising. Venus-Saturn is rising just above the Ascendant. The 1st house rules one's name. Saturn rules "resistance" and "refusal" and "handcuffs." Betty Perry is clearly indicated in this chart, sure wish I had the time. Neptune is in the 6th House (police). Uranus is in the 7th house and they are doing the mutual reception thing right over the Descendant.

And the thing is, this case has been exposed and Betty Perry has received apologies from the Mayor. How many others are treated like this and walk away limping and unrepresented?

At this time the Sun was in Cancer (the home, conservative family values). The Moon was on the first degree Aries. That's an Aries Point and certainly describes the National Attention this case has received along with the emotional volatility as to how the situation was handled. As a matter of fact, the Moon is apex of a t-square to Retrograde Mercury in Cancer opposite Retrograde Pluto in Sagittarius. That describes very well miscommunication through emotional behavior and mis-use of power.

If this time is anywhere near the actual time, Pluto (along with Jupiter) is in Sagittarius (opinions, keeping up with the Joneses) the 4th house (Perry's home) and rules the IC. Betty Perry has now said that she no longer wants to live in Orem (Pluto in H4, moving due to upheaval in the home) and that she's deathly afraid of Policemen (Saturn conjunct Ascendant, common sense).

Mars is located in Taurus in the 8th House. It disposits to Venus. Perry was sent home shortly after being booked and the Officer was put on temporary leave. He has since been cleared of any illegal actions. He certainly doesn't have great instincts for performing his jobs and I'll bet he's as afraid of old ladies right now as they are of him.

Betty Perry is 70 years old, or at least was 70 at time of arrest in July. That means that if born before July her birth year is 1937. If born after July 6, her birth year is 1938. Saturn is either in Pisces or Aries and Uranus (community) must have been very afflicted.

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Monday, September 17, 2007

Flamingo Rescue

This is a cute one.

Celebrity Zoo keeper Jack Hanna got stuck in an Airport Turnstile in Ohio with an 11-month old Pink Flamingo. The Flamingo was traveling in a 2' x 3' box and the square box just couldn't make it through the round turnstile. Hanna, who was traveling with a menagerie that included a mongoose, a leopard and 3 people, managed to free himself but it took 3 firefighters to get the Flamingo out.

Jack Hanna

b. Jan. 2, 1947 Knoxville, Tennessee

Sun 12 Capricorn; Moon Aries or Taurus; NN 12 Gemini

Rex Bills doesn't list rulerships for Flamingos. Large birds capable of flight are ruled by Uranus/Aquarius and Pluto rules Wading Birds. The color Pink is ruled by Venus and we can only assume that at 11 months the Flamingo is a Libra. Bird Cages are ruled by (Virgo). When you look at Jack Hanna's chart you see that he has an unaspected conjunction of Venus and Jupiter in Scorpio so it's the Pink feathery beasts dressed up like Showgirls that trap him every time. (The event chart has a glamorous t-square configuration of 5th House Moon in Scorpio to Venus opposite Neptune.)

The Columbus Fire Dept. logged their arrival at the Airport at 12:30 am on Sunday, Sept. 16, 2007. God only knows how long Hanna and the Flamingo were trapped in the turnstile. Let's assume about an hour? Zoos and Zoologists, according to Bills, are ruled by (Uranus, Saturn, Neptune, H6). Maybe it's significant that Saturn has just moved into Virgo because that's the sign that rules House 6 of small animals.

There's an Angular Grand Square in the Event Chart that pretty much sums it up. It could have indicated an earthquake but why not also turnstiles? Especially getting stuck in turnstiles with large boxes stuffed with a live wild birds that is probably squawking ferociously and spewing pink fluff out the air holes. Uranus is key here. It rules both Airports and Large Birds and is placed in H10. It's opposing the Virgo Sun (caged birds) and squaring Mars opposite Pluto which had just risen over the Ascendant-Descendant line. Mars and Pluto rule Firemen along with other distressing events.

Transiting Uranus and North Node in Pisces are widely squaring Hanna's natal Uranus and North Node in Gemini so this is just one of those unexpected, shocking Uranian types of situations. In the event chart, Uranus is also apex of a Yod to 3d House Venus in Leo and 5th House Mercury in Libra. That brings in the transportation and show business element.

Here's the link to the story: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/20823108/. Maybe try using the door next time, Jack.

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Solar Powered Flight Record

Solar panels by day; lithium sulphur batteries by night. A British company, QinetiQ, broke a record for the longest unmanned flight in history with their Zephyr airplane of 54 hours. The airplane is completely powered by Solar Energy. A previous record of more than 33 hours was set on August 31, 2007. This plane flies at the same height as the Concorde which is higher than a typical passenger plane and the guy in Oregon who flies in a lawn chair that's tied to balloons.

I don't have the exact flight information for this 54 hour trip but here is a link to the stories:

The flight was kept secret and is not considered official but was launched from the White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico as its thought useful for military purposes.

The previous record was set in 2001 by the US Military. It looks like maybe a strong Saturn to Pluto in Sagittarius aspect helps. That's a good signature for endurance. Pluto in Sagittarius and the Uranus-Neptune mutual reception.

Wowee Zowee, what'll they think of next? The world really is turning into a backdrop for a Jetson's Cartoon.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Dee-Moore Murder, 1964

One heinous crime relating to the Civil Rights Movement received a small bit of Justice on August 24 as a Ku Klux Klan member was sent to jail for 3 consecutive life sentences for the murders of two 19 year old boys. The murders happened 43 years ago.

After such a long time, the crime was brought back to light. Such a boomerang effect could only be Uranus' doing. I'll use this blog to maybe show how through this case, one can see the "Reawakening" or Boomerang effect of Uranus which symbolizes Society and Collective Conscious. I'll also look at the Karmic Payback effects of the Saturn Return in this case of the Perpetrator. And I'll also look at the Nodal Return as indicator for Individual Justice for the victims. I don't have much Birth Information to go on but I'm pretty excited by how such simple return charts tell the story (in retrospect at least).

Charles Eddie Moore and Henry Hezekiah Dee, both 19, were murdered on the evening of May 2, 1964 in Meadville, Mississippi. One of their torsos was found floating in a lake by a fisherman a few days later and the rest of their body parts were slowly retrieved by authorities days later. Two Ku Klux Klan members eventually confessed to the murders, were fined $5000 with a slap on the wrist and sent home. The case was eclipsed in the media by another multiple murder of Civil Rights Activists in the area at the time and the community, family and friends were left to grieve in quiet terror for more than 40 years.

Astrologically, the mid-60s were going through a major outer planet transit as Uranus and Pluto were both transiting through Virgo and opposed by Saturn in Pisces. This aspect is now mirrored by Uranus' transit through Pisces and magnified through its conjunction with the transiting Nodes in Pisces and Virgo. The 1964 conjunction-opposition was a tough transit (Saturn and Pluto) but it is thought to be responsible for the rebellion and fight for freedom (Uranus) of the Civil Rights Movement (Uranus, Virgo-Pisces axis) at the time.

The man convicted is James Seale. Seale was born in 1936, we know not where, we care not why. But we can at least tell through the year that he has Saturn in Pisces in his natal chart. At Age 29, he would have been going through or close to going through his first Saturn Return in Pisces. What we do during our Saturn Return, the decisions we make, will often be difficult ones for us. If we make the wrong choice we will be forced to pay the piper down the road. That's the idea behind the Saturn Return, at any rate.

It's interesting that the man who committed the crime with Seale, Myron Wayne, testified against Seale in exchange for immunity. The Feds called this "Making a Pact With the Devil." This means that one perpetrator has been brought to Justice and one is running around loose. Mr. Wayne was 31 in 1964, time of the murders, and was probably not going through any major Return transits. Kind of makes me wonder if this is somehow connected to the fact that the phrase "What goes around comes around?" doesn't always apply. It also makes me think that it's better to have Saturn in Aquarius than Saturn in Pisces, natally, but it's just plain bad astrology to judge the signs so simply.

Seale and his Ku Klux Klan friends picked up two hitchhikers, Charles Eddie Moore and Henry Hezekiah Dee, tied them to a tree and beat them and then dumped them in a body of water called "The Devil's Punchbowl." (I'm just gonna keep repeating this story). They suspected that Dee was working for the Civil Rights Movement and killed Moore just for the Hell of it. The local police dropped the case in 1965 as did the Federal Investigators in 1966.

As was said before, Saturn was in Pisces both when Seale was born and when he committed the murders. Thomas Moore, brother of one of the victims, Charles Eddie Moore, began to once again investigate the case in November 1998. Saturn was at the end of Aries. That's too far past Seale's 2d Saturn Return but perhaps something else happened in the 2 years before when Saturn was in Pisces to bring up the case once again. I think there may have been a book published or something during those years which maybe brought the murders back to the public attention.

The Feds officially reopened the case in 2000 when Uranus and Neptune were both in Aquarius opposite the Murder event chart's Sun. Remember Uranus was conjunct Pluto and opposite Saturn at the time of the murder? Seale was convicted back in June of this year and as of today's sentencing, August 24, 2007, Uranus and the North Node are in Pisces at 18 and 12 degrees respectively. They are opposite the Uranus-Pluto conjunction of the crime chart. One wonders how closely Uranus and North Node are aspecting Seale's Saturn in Pisces.

The two victims were 19 when they were murdered. That means they were close to going through their Nodal Returns (in Cancer). According to an article on the Internet (link is somewhere below, article written by his brother), Charles Eddie Moore was born Aug. 10, 1944 (place?) and had a North Node of 28 Cancer so he was past his Nodal Return. I've only found a birth year of 1945 for Henry Hezekiah Dee. That means he was younger than Moore and that his birthday must have been between January and May 2, 1945 and his North Node would have been at an earlier degree in Cancer. Moore's Brother, Thomas Moore, says in his essay "I Want Justice" (www.csindy.com/csindy/2005-08-04/cover.html) that his interest in seeking Justice resurged in November, 1998. The case was officially reopened for investigation in 2000 and magically, the North Node moved into Cancer that year. It was exact to Charles Moore's North Node in April and May.

(There are a lot of other aspects to look at with regards to Moore's chart. Moore was a Leo Sun with Taurus Moon and it seems his case began to find resolve during the grand conjunction in Taurus of Saturn and Jupiter in 2000. Saturn and Jupiter working together bring change through Government. There was also a Grand Square Eclipse on his Sun in August, 1999. Moore natally had a square between Saturn and Neptune and this trial finally occurred while the Saturn-Neptune opposition was transiting very slowly over his Sun.)

I would like to comment of the chart of James Seale, convicted June 14, 2007, but can't find his birth information. He's a cagey one, that old bird. When the Federal Investigators initially tried to ask him for his birth information back in 1966, he wouldn't even give it to them so how would an Astrologer fare? Hope the boys in Jail know what to do with him. If you want to read his stupid comments verbatim the transcript is online; go here: http://www.jacksonfreepress.com/comments.php?id=12508_0_9_0_C.

This links to a Memorial of those murdered in the Civil Rights movement: http://library.thinkquest.org/CRO215688/Memorial%20page.html.

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Monday, September 10, 2007

Back to School Blog / College Campus Rape

This was supposed to be posted a couple of weeks ago in celebration of Pledge Week but I suppose the Venus-Neptune opposition sort of blocked it with a "I didn't see that coming" kind of denial thing. So sorry about that. Nobody ever listens to a warning anyway. So the eclipse is hitting the Grand Square and Mars is in my First House and now I'm frothing at the mouth.

Here's the deal. When girls go off to College they think everyone's just like them, respectful of their need to get down with the boys. Real life only happens on TV. They go the parties and drink until they're snorting the Ox Blood Punch out their noses (God that's so much fun), flirting and making out and next thing you know you're like the girl in San Jose, CA who passed out until her friends pulled a pack of boys off of her. One of the boys had thrown up on her. Nice touch. And thing is, when this happens there really is no Justice. Just "He Said, She Said" and the pack of boys runs free and the sheriff even speaks up and says that Justice wasn't served. The friends were testifying for her and you'd think it was a done deal but still the District Attorney, a woman by the way, couldn't find a defense. Usually, in real life rape, the help from the friends doesn't happen, but the inept Justicial System does. In Modern Western World, it's ok to be concerned about rape when it happens to women in the Sudan. College Campuses think this is part of the growing up process, apparently. Everyone talks about how the girl had it coming to her. And it really is impossible to prove otherwise most of the time.

And the influence of Rape on the girl is unbelievably damaging. Either they withdraw from life and do drugs or they become total sluts and do drugs. It just totally blows me away that this still happens. What year is it? Maybe when we make it into the 21th Century things will improve. But until then we are:

Still simian.

Still simian.

So pissed off by this story in the Spring, Larry King brought up another story. He interviewed the Father of Laura Dickinson, a student last year attending East Michigan University at Upsilanti who was raped and murdered in her dorm room and the School covered up the entire crime. The Dean was fired this Summer along with two others who had shredded the police reports. Their reputation was more important to them than a young woman's life, let alone the life of a student whose care was left to their responsibility. For 2 months the parents didn't even know what their daughter's cause of death was! They suspected she died from complications of a previous heart arrythmia. A student, Orange Taylor (Age 20) had snuck into the dorm, walked into her room and had raped and murdered Dickinson. This happened early in the morning on Dec. 13, 2006. By Dec. 15 the other students complained of a smell coming from her room. The Police report said there was a possibility of homicide. The Medical Examiner suspected foul play. And on Dec. 16 the University posted a statement saying "there is no reason to suspect foul play." The entire Administration at Eastern Michigan covered up the entire crime. After Orange Taylor's arrest, they were put on leave and three were subsequently fired this Summer. This includes the Dean, James Vick and the heads of Campus Security and the Campus Police.

According to www.detnews.com, Taylor entered the Dorm at about 4am on Dec. 13, 2007 and left around 5:30am. The Sun was at 22 Sagittarius conjunct Pluto at 27 Sagittarius and squaring the NorthNode at 21 Pisces. Pluto was widely conjunct Venus at 3 Capricorn. That's a good set-up for rape/murder, but everyone on the planets lived through that. Scorpio was rising so Pluto's rulership of rape/murder (and cover-up probably also) makes this aspect more potent. By 5am Saturn in Leo was conjunct the MC opposing Neptune on the IC. And Jupiter, Mars, Pholus and Mercury were in the 1st House squaring Uranus. Nesus was exactly conjunct Chiron at 7 Aquarius. At 5am, the Moon was at 30 Virgo squaring the Pluto-Venus conjunction. These are all strong indicators for violence.

When Taylor was arrested t.Jupiter had moved to conjunction with the Event Chart Sun.

I don't have Laura Dickinson's birth date. She was 22 years old. Orange Taylor was 20 years old (I'm not sure if that's at the time of the crime or at the arrest). I do have Dickinson's Father's birth date because, unfortunately, the last time Mr. Dickinson saw his daughter was on his 51st birthday. That's one hell of a Chiron Return year event. I don't want to mention it here for privacy reasons except to say that it hooks into the chart of another victim, Jeanne Clery.

Jeanne Clery was also raped and murdered in her dorm room in 1986 at Lehigh Tech in Pennsylvania. Her parents' were responsible for passing a bill, the Crime Awareness & Campus Security Act of 1990 otherwise known as "The Clery Act." Apparently there had been a notable amount of campus crimes which the school was very lax about telling the students. Clery had left her door unlocked and the man who raped her just walked into her room while she was sleeping. The Clery Act was supposed to heighten awareness of crime on college campuses. Apparently it didn't make a ripple. The shooting at Virginia Tech last year is also evidence. Who knows what else goes unreported and covered up?

So I found Jeanne Clery's birth date from off the Internet.

Jeanne Clery

b. Nov. 23, 1966 (place?) d. Apr. 5, 1986 Lehigh University, Pennsylvania?

Sun 1 Sagittarius; Moon in Aries; NN 17 Taurus

Clery had Sun conjunct Venus in Sagittarius trining Jupiter: a total charmer. Sun and Jupiter may also have been in a Grand Trine with her Moon. Sometimes Charm is too much of a lucky thing. Every weirdo in the book wants to follow you home.

Clery's North Node is in Taurus and Neptune and Retrograde Mercury were in Scorpio conjunct her South Node. It seems that she may have been forgetful and absentminded about things like locking the door and this worked against her (NE and Ret Merc c. South Node).

Of course, one wants to look at Mars which will indicate violence. Clery was born in 1966 during the Uranus-Pluto in Virgo conjunction opposite Saturn in Pisces. Her Mars is in Virgo conjunct Uranus and Pluto so she was extra vulnerable to violence. Her Sun-Venus, Venus NN and Grand Trine make me think that she was extra easy going, maybe conflicted with that big opposition of her generation which is pretty volatile.

The day of her death, Clery's progressed Sun was at 21 Sagittarius c. transiting Uranus at 23 Sagittarius. (This is conjunct Laura Dickinson's Father's Sun) so she was hooked into Uranian energy. In addition, She was going through her Uranus square which can be a sort of an initiation into sudden and shocking events (along with positive stuff like moving away from home, and hanging out with friends, etc.). Because of the year that Clery was born her Uranus carries a lot of baggage. The Prog. Sun-t.Uranus both square that big violent opposition of Mars-Uranus-Pluto opposite Saturn.

There was also an opposition of Venus in Taurus to Pluto in Scorpio on top of her Nodes. Venus and Pluto rule her Nodes and she was killed during her Nodal Return year.

Clery's parents acted to pass "The Clery Act" in honor of their daughter and to ensure that other students would be informed of violent crimes so that they can be alert and on the defensive.

The Clery Act

signed Nov. 8, 1990, Washington, DC

Sun 17 Scorpio; Moon Leo; NN 2 Aquarius

Sun was in Scorpio conjunct Pluto and Venus. How appropriate for legislation regarding Rape and Murder. It was squaring Jupiter (the Law and Higher Education). This Scorpio conjunction is right on Clery's South Node-Neptune(Victim)-Mercury. Mercury is also in Scorpio unaspected. There was a Yod that day which might explain the ineffectiveness of how the Bill is actually carried out. Neptune is in Capricorn at the Apex branching off to Mars in Gemini sextile Jupiter in Leo on either leg (weird way to talk about rape). This seems to tell the tale to me why the Administration-Government (Capricorn) is ignoring or not understanding (Neptune) how to allow the kids to enjoy their college experience (Gemini-Leo-Mars-Jupiter = youthfulness, play,carefree lifestyle). Saturn and Uranus were in Capricorn along with Neptune which also which can make for some cold-hearted, selfish administration, maybe corrupt.

Mars (violence, rashness) is very problematic in The Clery Bill chart. It is retrograde and probably a little too strongly placed as it is a double singleton in Mutable and Air. Of course, the answers to problems presented by a Yod is in the opposite sign of the apex. In this case, that would be Cancer. That indicates parenting, control, home, everything that the kids are trying to break away from.

Boy, I knew this was going to be a rambler. It's a start. If you've got family or friends in College please ask them to be extra careful. So many of these crimes can be avoided if people show a little more concern and if the girls themselve use more sense. So, anyway, Words of Wisdom fly in one ear and out the other along with the Ox Blood Punch.

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Tiny Thought about Saturn

Saturn rules boundaries of all types but that sort of implies that it is Static. And if you've ever known a Capricorn, you know that they're not static, sedimentary types. They're pushy. I think Saturn rules "Pushing Limits" like the goat that pushes up to the top of the mountain. Saturnians function better when given very little to work with. They need to always have something to push against.

This reminds me of Rod Serling who had Sun in Capricorn conjunct Mercury and Jupiter. He wrote stories about "The Outer Limits." He happened to have a Grand Trine of 3 Outer Planets in his chart: Saturn 12 Scorpio trine Uranus 18 Pisces trine Pluto 13 Cancer. What an interesting combination of ideas to merge into a harmonious Trine pattern! Pluto looking for something to change; Saturn pushing beyond what is known; and Uranus laughing his head off and saying "Go for it. Take it out there."

Billie Holiday had a Capricorn Moon. In 1939 she sang a song called "Strange Fruit" about the lynchings in the South back before people even knew the Civil Rights Movement was possible. In her autobiography she tells a story (I hope I'm remembering correctly) about singing in a White club. One ignorant woman came up to her afterward gushing about how the Romantic about the bodies swinging in the trees.


Tiny Thought about Uranus

When a person asks an astrologer a question like: "Is there any hope that this will person will do this or that?" Does this mean that the astrologer should answer using Uranian types of words and ways of dealing with the situation? Uranus and Eleventh House rule Hope.

"Be a friend and accept imperfection in others." "Give yourself some distance from the situation." "Don't get overly emotional?" That kind of thing?


Sunday, September 09, 2007

The Boogie Men

10/3/07, I wasn't going to publish this but now the Blackwater Scandal has come out. So here it is. Original written 9/9/07.

Mars is in my 1st House opposing Pluto in my 7th house and I'm feeling feisty. I'm gonna talk War.

Hmmm. The Face of War has changed. Our Enemy now is the Terrorist. We have to develop a whole new set of tactics to fight this new set of jerks. And our President, who hypocritically seems to have Bazookas on the Brain, used the best Tactic for fighting that there is. He avoided the Draft. Smart.

And when George W. Bush claimed that POWs held by the U.S. would not be tortured, it just means that the Military has given up the old methods of torture that everyone knows about and has found ways of torturing the Detainees in ways that can't be tracked or understood yet. If you can scramble a person's brain with Microwaves or Electronics of some kind while blasting them with Rock Music, why not use it? It's sure to make them miserable. Maybe they'll confess. Try it, it'll work. The Navy knows a lot about sound technology probably complements of the engineers at Crane. The Terrorists aren't the only one who've developed new methods of Warfare. We in the West still have our ways. And nobody really knows what they are even now.

This is a quick look at the chart of the place that develops all the new types of Warfare developed by the U.S. Navy. It is located in Indiana, away from the Ocean I guess because, as used as they are to extreme desert conditions, al-Qaeda won't even consider visiting Indiana. They like New York. So do I.

Enchanted by the Hum that inhabitants of Kokomo, Indiana were hearing back in the 1990's, I visited the town. As you drive into the town, a genuine Army Tank is set into the City Park for the kids to play on. The arm of the Tank aims at you as you drive by. Other than that, Kokomo is the most depressing place I drove through during my entire trip across the country. I drove out to one of the neighborhoods where the hum is said to have driven people nuts but I guess I was too late. No Temptations. No Supremes. No Jefferson Airplane. Nothing. Curiously, when you look at a map you notice that Kokomo is set just up North from where Crane Naval Surface Warfare Center is. An earlier hum was heard in Taos. It's not that big of a deal when a bunch of New Agers hear a Hum, but it is interesting how similar the placement of Taos to Los Alamos is to the placement of Kokomo to Crane Naval Warfare Station is in Indiana. Both towns have military Air installations to their North. Kokomo actually hired an acoustics engineer to come in and determine where the Hum was coming from. He recommended some muffles put on some big fans in the auto factories in town but noted that further tests would needed to be done to rule out the possibility that the sound was from Microwaves. Sound from Microwaves. Has the Military learned to use Sound to harm people? Can we lip sync to it?

Crane Division, Naval Surface Warfare Center
est. Dec. 1, 1941 Burns City, Indiana as Naval Ammunition Depot of the Bureau of Ordnance

Sun 10 Sagittarius; Moon Taurus; NN 20 Virgo

A feisty chart:

Mars in Aries

Sun opposite Jupiter 18 Gemini

2 Grand Trines:
Fire: Sun 10 Sagittarius trine Pluto 6 Leo-Chiron 15 Leo trine Mars 14 Aries
Earth: Venus 26 Capricorn trine Npetune 30 Virgo trine Saturn-Uranus 24 & 28 Taurus

Only Square in the chart is Jupiter in Gemini square Virgo North Node. What does this mean in the chart of a facility that develops Weaponry?

In the 1950s and 60s Crane began to develop new types of Warfare. They call these "small arms, sonobuoy surveillance, microwave tubes, POLARIS missiles. I don't know what any of this is. It's all special stuff brought to us from Neptune's realm. I guess Uranus might rule warfare in the Air, I'm thinking about UFO technology. And Pluto would rule anything underground. Maybe that's Nevada's realm (lol).

Crane has gone through many incarnations since it was developed. In Jan. 1992. it merged with the Naval Ordnance Station in Louisville, KY and changed its name to Crane Division of the Naval Surface Warfare Center.

Some planetary placements from that time:
  • North Node 10 Capricorn conjunct Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn and trine Jupiter Virgo.
  • Mercury and Mars in Sagittarius
  • Saturn in Aquarius and Pluto in Scorpio.
  • Uranus and Neptune combined in Capricorn and conjunct the North Node.
Suddenly Ay, there's the rub -- Uranus and Neptune ganging up together. "Ordnance" and "Ammo" became the following:

Electrochemical Power Systems
Microelectronics Technology
Electronic Module T&R
Small Arms
Night Vision / Electro Optics
Acoustic Sensors
Electronic Warfare
Microwave Components
Radar Engineering

It's fun to look at the funky graphics at Crane's site. It says pretty much nothing about what they do. Here's another link: http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/facility/crane.htm


Doubting Thomases

Fascination with Astrological Skeptics these days. "Amazing" Randi isn't much of a looker, but another guy, Richard Dawkins, is totally hot, so let's give it a go.

Richard Dawkins is one of those exquisitely legitimate intellectuals who writes books about things the way they ought to be. He's a Zoologist (and Humanist, same difference in my book) and somehow he's transferred that skill to taking out Astrologers. Well, hehe, kind of makes sense... As usual, I've never read anything he's written except for sections of a little essay on astrology on the Internet which is unimpressive. In the parts where he writes anything of substance I pretty much agree with him. Mostly the skeptics' big message is to tell people not to rely on astrological readings and I'm copasetic with that. But the fuming and the verbosity and the flamboyant flailing of the heaving exhalations is really silly. He went on and on and on. I sort of wonder if he wasn't drunk when he wrote it. So much for my opinions....

Richard Dawkins
b. Mar. 26, 1941 Nairobi, Kenya

Sun 6 Aries; Moon Pisces; NN 2 Libra

First thing I noticed looking in this chart was the Neptunian influence which is really baffling. Guess it wouldn't be Neptunian if it weren't baffling. Why would a psychic person shy away from probing into the type of existence that he's best at? Dawkins has a Pisces Moon (Amazing Randi might also as well). I don't have his birth time but the Moon is firmly in the middle of Pisces so it's going to be in there. So, emotionally, he's sort of foggy and sensitive to all kinds of sensations that are not completely of this world. To add to this, his Mercury is also in Pisces and possibly unaspected which amps up the volume on its influence (maybe conjunct Moon?). So his thinking a bit nebulous as well. He probably just "knows" all kinds of things. It's odd that he doesn't question how he just "knows" this stuff while other people jump through all kinds of hoops to know it. Pisces rules institutions and monasteries so perhaps his involvement in Academia is how this plays out.

The Neptune influence doesn't end here. First thing I noticed looking at the chart is that his Aries Sun is conjunct Venus in Pisces right over the Aries Point cusp and it's opposite Neptune. This whole opposition is layered over his Nodal axis. Sun conjunct Aries North Node might explain a few things, he just likes to argue and go off and do his own business. But at this point, between Pisces, end of the zodiac and Aries beginning is super creative. A little ouroboros action, my end is my beginning, you know the spiel. This opposition is included in a Mystic Rectangle to a Mars-Pluto opposition in Capricorn-Cancer (respectively). Wilfullness and Mysticism in the chart of an Atheist & Skeptic! Just wild, I'm totally in love. Just one of those types of guys you can totally wreck your life on.

On the other hand, Dawkins has a massive conjunction in Taurus of outer planets: Jupiter-Saturn and Uranus. Taurus deals with realism and values almost in their rawest forms. Socially one can understand the fundamentalistic thinking of the time he was born, 1941, WWII. And Dawkins has no planets in Air so he may seek out super logical forms of thinking and books. With that opposition on the Aries Points he was almost assured of worldly success from the start.

Dawkins says that he began to doubt the existence of God when he was around 9 years old. This probably had more to do with the fact that his family moved from Africa to England the year before and he was having trouble adjusting. But the aspects are pretty intense. First off he was going through his first Nodal Opposition at this time. Komilla Sutton says that this can be a time of confusion for a person, feelings of one's life turned inside out. In addition, T. Saturn was conjunct n. Neptune which can indicate a feeling that the problems of the world can't be fixed. T. Pluto was squaring his Jupiter-Saturn-Uranus conjunction which indicates big changes in outlook. And t. Jupiter was conjunct his n. Mercury so that he was going through an intellectual phase.

What I had to dig for was the dirt. With that Venus-Neptune-Sun-Nodes thing I knew there must be some wild stories. Had to know about his love life. He's on his 3d marriage and is now wedded to an actress (Venus-Neptune-Sun). He can live his romantic fantasies through her.

Dawkins and Randi have some similarities in their charts. They both have Venus and Neptune aspects which I which is surprising as it is a sign of a romantic nature and I don't think of skeptics as great romantics. Also strong Saturn-Uranus aspects which I would expect to find as Saturn will doubt everything and Uranus will want to look at just the truth. Dawkins has the conjunction with Jupiter and Randi has a Grand Trine with Mercury in his chart. Both also have Jupiter in Taurus, don't know if that matters, just thought I'd mention it.

James Randi

b. Aug. 7, 1928 Toronto, ON

Sun 15 Leo; Moon Aries or Pisces; NN 7 Gemini

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Friday, September 07, 2007

British National Child Development Study

Hope you grew up with a Jupiter in Scorpio. It turns out that Britain has been following the lives of Children with Jupiter Retrograde in Scorpio since 1958 through a very extensive survey called the British National Child Development Study. All children born in Scotland, England and Wales during a certain week in March have been followed their whole lives by a series of surveys that examined many sides of their lives: health, family, schooling, etc. The Children were interviewed themselves, their parents were interviewed, as were their teachers and others. England then started a second study 12 years later -- Jupiter-er-er-er-r.

Now, Sociologists and all kinds of Powers that Be use this information to determine how to "improve society." And, wouldn't you know, all the kids in both studies have Jupiter in Scorpio. So, if you have all the qualities of a Jupiter in Scorpio, I suppose your sociological needs will have been scrutinized by all sorts of well meaning sociologists and projected back onto you by ignorant psychologists who study this stuff like it's the gospel. No wonder all we can talk about is suicide in Children. (I've got Jupiter in Scorpio myself and I know that we are rather private, reserved but opinionated people. I can tell you that secretly we hate all researchers, think that Statistics are b-s- and truly prefer our privacy and anonymity. Plus we have sick senses of humor and will tell all kinds of crap to anyone who probes too much.) An initial smaller study was begun in 1946. That's another 12 year link and I thought Oh NO! but the study was performed on babies born in March so they have Jupiter in Libra. This first set of babies must have been a bunch of charmers. They're probably all Vegans and meditate a lot.

Here's a link to the 1946 study: http://www.nshd.mrc.ac.uk/data/data.htm

Here's a link to the 1958 study: http://www.esds.ac.uk/longitudinal/access/ncds/l33004.asp.

Here's a link to the 1970 study: oh, I'm too lazy to go back.

Astrological Interpretation here is ridiculous. I'm going to add some outer planet transits if significant just for interest. But, really, one can see how strange it is to read single charts when one considers that in just a couple of tiny countries on the planet more than 17,000 babies were born in one week.

In the most comprehensive and organized study, the one done in 1958, the Children were all born "in a certain week in March, 1958." I looked at that in horror because I don't know if the whole world should be judged according to how a couple of Pisces messed up their lives. I mean, I knew someone born in that month who was a kleptomaniac addict who slit her wrists... With some digging I found a site that says that the actual week was Mar.3-9, 1958. That sticks my kleptomaniac friend right in there. A compulsive but very pleasant liar, a born grifter. And she was American so if she was followed it was only by the FBI.

Here's the Raw Astro Data for the three studies along with Ages of Follow-Up Interviews (hope I've got at least some of the facts correct):

National Study of Health & Development
1946 Birth Cohort Study

Babies born Mar. 3-9, 1946 (used London, England)

Sun 12-18 Pisces; Moon Pisces-Gemini for the Week; Mercury 28 Pisces - 6 Aries; Venus 19-27 Pisces; Mars 15-16 Cancer; Jupiter 27 Libra; Saturn 19 Cancer; Uranus 14 Gemini; Neptune 8 Libra; Pluto 10 Leo; NN 28 Gemini; Chiron 21 Libra

These guys were born with a trine between Uranus in Gemini and Neptune-Chiron in Libra. The charts are also notable for a conjunction of Mars-Saturn in Cancer that squares Neptune-Chiron-Jupiter (all retrograde) in Libra. Jupiter trines their North Nodes in Gemini, so maybe that's how the Brits got the idea to study groups every 12 years / Jupiter Return...who knows.


1947-50 - 2-4 years old
1951-61 - 6,7,8,9,10,11,13,15 years
1962-81 - 16, 19, 20, 22, 24, 26, 31 years
1982-2000 - 36, 43, 53,
47-54 years postal questionnaire to women only

National Child Development Study (NCSD) Mar. 2 - 9, 1958

Sun: 12-18 Pisces; Moon: Leo - Scorpio; Mercury: 12-23 Pisces; Venus 4-7 Aquarius; Mars 20-24 Capricorn; Jupiter: 2-1 Scorpio Rx; Saturn 25-26 Sagittarius; Uranus 9 Leo; Neptune: 5 Scorpio; Pluto 1 Virgo; NN 3 Scorpio; Chiron 20 Aquarius

These charts are dominated by a conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune to the Scorpio NN. All are Retrograde. That's perfect a health research study but perhaps wasn't felt as comforting for the participants. This is squaring an opposition of Venus in Aquarius to Uranus in Leo. The study probably made them feel very special. The Ju-Ne-NN conjunction is in hard minor aspect (sesqui-quadrate?) to the Sun-Mercury in Pisces so these people are very sensitive and probably feel quite a bit of agitation. There is also a trine between Pluto and Saturn.

Follow-up Studies for 1958:

1965 - Age 7 // Saturn Square from Pisces, maybe c. natal Sun-Mercury
1969 - Age 11 // Progressed Suns at 29 Pisces about to go into Aries and opposing Pluto, Jupiter and Uranus. Waiting for Jupiter Return. This is about when my Kleptomaniac friend said she ran away from Catechism because the Nuns scared her.
1974 - Age 16 // Saturn Opposition.; T. Jupiter in Pisces maybe c. n.Sun.
1981 - Age 23 // Nodal Square c. n. Uranus, aspecting Uranus, Jupiter,Nodes, & Venus
1991 - Age 33 // Solar Return Sun repeats House Placement from Birth; past Saturn Return. Not heavily influenced by Uranus-Neptune-Saturn conjunction in Capricorn.
2000-1 - Ages 41-42 // Uranus & Neptune in Aquarius opposing n. Uranus and squaring others.
2004 - Age 46 // Nodal Opposition, Uranus in Pisces approaching conjunction with Sun.

Child's Health & Education Study
plus many other names as tossed from agency to agency. Lots of Taurus in this chart so guess that means the Budget was tighter for this one. Also called "Youthscan." I really like that for a bunch of little Aries.

All Children born Apr. 5-11, 1970 England, Scotland, Wales

Sun: 15-21 Aries; Moon: Pisces - Cancer; Mercury: 28 Aries - 9 Taurus (moved to Taurus 4/7); Venus: 2-10 Taurus; Mars 21-25 Taurus; Jupiter 4-3 Scorpio Rx; Saturn 2-10 Taurus; Uranus 7 Libra; Neptune 1 Sagittarius; Pluto 26 Virgo; NN 12 Pisces Rx; Chiron 7 Aries.

These Charts are dominated by the opposition between Saturn in Taurus and Jupiter in Scorpio. They are mostly Fire & Earth whereas the 1958 people were predominantly Water & Earth.

Follow-Up Studies for 1970:

1975 Age 5 // t.Pluto conjunct n. Uranus in Libra; t. Uranus c. N. Jupiter opp. N.Saturn; t.NN c. n. Neptune in Sagittarius
1980 Age 10 // big approaching transits: t. Uranus c.n.Neptune square t.NN-Jupiter; t.Saturn c. n. Pluto
1985 Age 15.5 but delayed // t.Pluto c. n. Jupiter opp t.NN c. n. Saturn; t.Jupiter c. n.NN
1991 Age 21 // t.Uranus-Neptune-NN in Capricorn square n.Sun
Apr-Sept, 1996 - Age 26 // t.Pluto c. n. Neptune trine t. Saturn in Aries
2000-1 - Age (This year coincided with 1958 study) // Past Saturn Return. Neptune and Uranus in Aquarius squaring n.Jupiter opp. n.Saturn.

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Thursday, September 06, 2007

12 Men Who Walked on the Moon

ADDITION: This links to a really fascinating blog called "Learning Curve on the Ecliptic" that relates the Nodes, Pluto and an Eclipse to the charts of the Astronauts who were lost in the Challenger Crash: http://twilightstarsong.blogspot.com/2007/09/challenger-astronauts.html.

USA Today
has an article about the 12 Apollo Astronauts who walked on the Moon. They are featured in a new documentary In the Shadow of the Moon. I began to wonder if their Moons would all be in Cancer, or something really cool like that. Had to check. It looks like a significant amount of Gemini Risers, we love to walk after all. I personally prefer to walk in places where the gravity will hold me down.

The Astro-Stand-Out here is that they all were born while Pluto was in Cancer, the sign ruled by the Moon. Pluto being a slow moving planet that affects generations rather than individuals; it's interesting that this is the generation that went to the Moon (tricked into it no doubt by the Pluto in Geminis who were too chicken). Before this time the Moon was a Romantic Symbol to write Love Songs about and to go Insane over. It now became about Power and Fame, Pluto words. The main motive here was the Cold War, a major historical symbol of Pluto in Cancer. This is some pretty imaginative Homeland Security, let me tell you. The title of the Documentary even uses a Pluto word "Shadow" in its title. In 1930, there was a conjunction of Jupiter to Pluto in Cancer with a square from Uranus in Aries and then an opposition to Saturn and NN in Capricorn. It's amazing how many of these guys were born in that year.

Buzz Aldrin is quoted as saying that there is no color in outer space. He calls it a place of "Magnificent Desolation." I just have to add those descriptions.

1) Neil Armstrong b. Aug. 5, 1930 Wapakoneta, Ohio
Moon 26 Sagittarius; Sun Leo; Gemini Rising

2) Buzz Aldrin b. Jan. 20, 1930 Glen Ridge, NJ
Moon 20 Libra; Sun 1 Aquarius; Gemini Rising

3) Pete Conrad b. June 2, 1930 Philadelphia, PA
Moon 28 Leo; Sun 12 Gemini; AS 24 Libra

4) Alan Bean b. Mar. 15, 1932 Wheeler, Texas
Moon 30 Gemini; Sun 26 Pisces; AS 11 Leo

5) Alan Shepard b. Nov. 18, 1923 Derry, NH
Moon Pisces or Aries; Sun 26 Scorpio

6) Edgar Mitchell b. Sept. 17, 1930 Hereford, TX
Moon 14 Cancer (go Edgar!); Sun 24 Virgo; ASC 28 Leo

7) David Scott b. June 6, 1932 San Antonio, TX
Moon Cancer (go Dave!); Sun 16 Gemini

8) James Irwin b. Mar. 17, 1930 Pittsburgh, PA
Moon 4 Scorpio; Sun 27 Pisces ASC 16 Gemini

9) John W. Young b. Sept. 24, 1930 San Francisco, CA
Moon Libra or Scorpio; Sun 2 Libra

10) Charles Duke b. Oct. 3, 1935 Charlotte, NC
Moon Sagittarius; Sun 10 Libra

11) Eugene Cernan b. Mar. 14, 1934 Chicago, IL
Moon Pisces; Sun 24 Pisces

12) Harrison Schmitt b. July 3, 1935 Santa Rita, NM
Moon 21 Leo; Sun 12 Cancer; ASC 21 Pisces

I'll also mention the three Astronauts who died during training on Jan. 27, 1967. Gus Grisson was apparently a shoe-in for taking the first ride. All 3 had Pluto either conjunct or squaring their Nodes. I was making a point of leaving the Nodes out this time around. Oops.

1. Virgil "Gus" Grissom b. Apr. 3, 1926 Mitchell, Indiana
Moon in Sagittarius; Sun 14 Aries // Pluto c. NN

2. Edward Higgins White II b. Nov. 14, 1930 San Antonio, TX
Moon in Virgo; Sun 22 Scorpio // Pluto square NN

3. Robert B. Chaffee b. Feb. 15, 1935 Grand Rapids, Mich.
Moon in Cancer or Leo; Sun 27 Aquarius // Pluto c. SN

I believe that Christa McAuliffe also had a difficult Pluto-Node contact. Of the other 12 astronauts I found that Buzz Aldrin also had a wide square to his North Node and Edgar Mitchell not only had Pluto squaring the Nodes but in conjunction with Jupiter-Moon-Mars. He has since become interested in UFOs and paranormal/spiritual phenomenon and has founded the Institute of Noetic Studies. Both Aldrin and Mitchell have claimed at one point to have seen UFOs.

USA Today article "Astronauts recall their time as men on the moon" by Traci Watson Sept. 6, 2007 p.4A

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The Golden Arches

The Architect of the McDonald's Golden Arches was Stanley Clark Meston of Fontana, California. Originally, he set an Arch on either side of the Restaurant that looped through the roof overhang. They were lined with blinking pink neon. Here's an article about Meston and the first McDonalds, I can't read it the type's too small but you can try: http://links.jstor.org/sici?sici=0037-9808(198603)45%3A1%3C60%3ATOOMGA%3E2.0.CO%3B2-2

Meston was born in 1910 in Oxnard, CA. I don't know what his sign was but there had better be some Golden Leo in there somewhere.

The first McDonald's was created by two brothers, Richard "Dick" J. McDonald and Maurice "Mack" McDonald. The First Restaurant was opened on May 15, 1940 in San Bernardino, CA and introduced the "Speedee Service System" of food prep and distribution. "Dick" simply called it "Fast Food." It doesn't fit astrologically that the First Fast Food Restaurant opened under the sign of Taurus, which is known for its slowness, but, whatever, c'est la vie. Ray Kroc did eventually buy the brothers out because they were slow to see the opportunity of expanding the Franchise out into a megalopolis. And he did incorporate the chain under the sign of Aries, a more appropriate sign.

Back to the brothers. Good old Irish Americans.

"Dick" was an Aquarius. Born Feb. 16, 1909. Manchester, NJ?

Aquarians are efficiency experts.

"Mack" was a Sagittarius. Born Nov. 26, 1902. Manchester, NH?.

Sagittarians are impatient.

From just looking at the Sun Signs, we can formidably deduce that "Mack" was probably "Dick's" Muse for creating a whole new way of getting his brother to calm down while working.
At any rate, both Sagittarians and Aquarians are Forward Thinkers, always looking for a better way of doing things. Rex Bills gives rulership of Franchises to (Uranus).

Problem could be that Food and Restaurants are ruled foremost by the sign of Cancer. You don't want your food to be Forward Thinking, that's called any number of foul digestive complaints. Sagittarius and Aquarius aspect Cancer through inconjunct (quincunx) aspects. These aspects are thought to cause Spiritual Irritation and Physical Health problems over Time due to stress of conditions that don't quite work well together. Virgo, the other sign that rules Restaurants as well as Nutrition squares Sagittarius and also inconjuncts Aquarius. One can see where Morgan Spurlock got his subject matter just by looking at the Sun Sign astrology.

The "Speedee Service System" appealed to all kinds of new Restaurant Chains and the Brothers began to franchise their own Chain. Ray Kroc found them in the late 40's. He was a Milkshake Salesman and a Libra born Oct. 5, 1902, Oak Park, Illinois. Libras will Partner with absolutely everything, Bird, Beast, Stone, Mountain, Golden Arches and Irish Brothers.

Ray Kroc's First McDonald's opened on April 15, 1955 in Des Plaines, Illinois. It was an Aries, the opposite sign of Libra. Ray Croc had big plans for his Franchise and bought the McDonald's brothers out in 1961. They were given 1 percent of all the proceeds from McDonald's burgers sold ever after and no doubt lived happily ever after as well.

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