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Sunday, January 31, 2010

10:32 Protest of Homeopathy

Yesterday a bunch of Skeptics tried to publicly debunk the practice of Homeopathy by ingesting 84 pills each of a homeopathic remedy Arsenicum Album. They wanted to prove that they could overdose on the pills because there is nothing in them. Homeopathical Remedies are often dispensed in small sugar pills that contain water which has been agitated with a substance but often contains no physical traces of the substance. The vital force of the substance is thought to remain in the pills because it has been shaken up inside water. The water is said to retain memory of its presence and can thus influence an individual's vital force which can perhaps promote healing. I've actually experienced this myself and have observed it in my elderly cat which at some point perhaps I'll describe.

This week's issue of New Scientist magazine celebrates the act of the Protesters with an article on their opinion page (Jan. 30, 2010 issue). More than 300 "activists" from the UK, Canada, Australia and the U.S. are said to have participated.

Website: http://www.merseysideskeptics.org.uk/.

Video of the event here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zAetQT8D-8o&feature=player_embedded. Sorry, my linksee thing is permanently caput.

Kind of sad that the protesters are College Students and are therefore young. Aren't people of this age supposed to protest the Status Quo, not become monkeys who speak out for it? Just wait until they watch one of their friends die of chemotherapy poisoning the way I did... Where the Hell is Neptune when you need him? (moot point).

Homeopathy can be read about on Wikipedia and other sides on the Internet. It was first thought about in the 16th Century by Paracelsus who suggested that "what makes a man ill also cures him."

A German Doctor named Samuel Hahnemann worked with this idea when he theorized that "that which can produce a set of symptoms in a healthy individual can treat a sick individual who is manifesting a similar set of symptoms." Hahnemann was disillusioned by his practice in the Medical field when he observed that Doctors would often cause more harm than good with their patients (nothing ever changes). He began to suspect that if he used a highly distilled version of a "treatment" that he could avoid causing the physical problems associated with most medical treatments.

Hahnemann suspected that disease is caused by Miasms, or "derangement of the vital force" in a person" and that many of the Medical treatments are so harsh that they cause "derangement" to drive inward driving them farther into a person's body to the point that they attack his vital organs.

It is not said why the Activists chose the particular remedy that they did, but I find it really fun that they chose a remedy which is said to work well for those with a "constitutional type" that struggles with tenseness, ambition, pessimism, need for reassurance, hypochondria, and particular attention to detail. There was a Mercury-NN conjunction with the Capricorn Midheaven in the chart of their protest and I think this is an excellent description of how that aspect will manifest, especially through Mercury rulership of Virgo. The caduceus with his head chopped off.

So, of course I had to think that if only the Protesters had got the dosage right they would be cured of what ails them and we can hope that we will no longer hear from them. (Since they went off to the pub straight after all effects will be erased anyway.) If only they had chosen to take 84 Prozac pills, a Western treatment for the same symptoms, which has genuinely been proven to be an ineffective placebo treatment. Traceable physical elements really do exist in the Prozac pills. And the protesters would be assured of an overdose which is what they were looking for, after all, isn't it?

Homeopathy was created by a guy who didn't want his patients to OD for the very reason that such things cause death. Most drugs in Western Medicine are approved after only treating 10-100 patients in studies and that's hardly "proof" to me. No medicines are administered according to a more fictitious belief system than many of those of the Western Medical system.

Either way, the Activists performed their protest at 10:23 am on January 30, 2010 in the countries I described above. I'm using the location of the Merseyside Skeptics Society which sponsored the protest for setting up the chart. The time was selected based on the Avogadro Constant which describes "the number of atoms or molecules in one mole of a substance." This is to make fun of the fact that in most potencies of Homeopathic remedies there is no discernible molecule of the remedy present, (it has been distilled and agitated in water.) Some remedies are dispensed directly in water.

The 10:23 Protest
Jan. 30, 2010 10:23 am Liverpool, UK, Mersaysick Skeptics Society.

Sun 11 Aquarius; Moon 17 Leo; ASC 28 Aries; MC 16 Capricorn; NN 21 Capricorn Rx

Good chart for a protest. We have here the biggest Full Moon of the year which also happens to happen on a Mars Synodic Cycle Return. That's just made for having a tantrum. The Sun is conjunct Lilith and Venus in the 11th House of the chart; the Moon is conjunct Mars in the 5th House of the Chart. Whoopie! It looks like the event was really just an excuse to get together and have fun. This Skeptic Society shows a lot of interest in socializing at the local pub. Is there a Statistic to show percentages for potential long-term struggles with alcohol could develop from such social drinking?

Mars rules the Chart. In the 6th House of Health we find Saturn. Saturn squares Pluto which is a sign of a bully. Chiron and Neptune are placed in Aquarius, the sign of protest. These young people may actually be desperate to find real cures for humanity. They've just got lousy teachers. Hahnemann actually is said to have been resistant to the whole idea of homeopathy at first, it is ridiculous from a materialist point of view after all.

Samuel Hahnemann, inventor of Homeopathy
b. Apr. 10, 1755 23:59 Meissen, Saxony

Sun 21 Aries; Moon 14 Aries; ASC 18 Sagittarius; NN 30 Virgo; MC 21 Libra

How interesting to look at this Fire chart especially with respect to the type of healing modality that Homeopathy is. A Double Aries is going to be aware of "The Vital Force" more than others. He/she is going to be able to understand the idea of when "The Vital Force" is deranged. Hahnemann's natal Sun-Moon conjunction in Aries is in the 4th House of his chart which places it at the bottom of the chart, as far below the surface of things as you can go. Homeopathic healing is about coaxing a sick individual back to health without driving the disease deeper into his system through aggressive procedures and methods. 4th House isn't just about caring, it's about understanding the underlying currents that exist in nature. Hahnemann could sense that healing modalities can cause symptoms to disappear on the surface while causing the suppression of the vital force to drive deeper into the body.

Aries/Mars rules the Physical Body though the Ascendant and the 1st House, which is great for a Doctor. It also rules fevers and it also rules anything that comes first. Very interesting that the first disease that Hahnemann looked at and ultimately was able to heal was Malaria, which is a fever (Mars) caused by a bite (Mars) which leads to disabling brain problems (Mars rulership again).

Hahnemann was fluent in many languages and worked as a translator before going into Medicine. He withdrew from Medical Practice when he noticed that physicians were doing more harm than good to their patients. Common medical procedures at the time were Blood letting and purging through laxatives and enemas. This ultra awareness of not wanting to hurt others can be seen in Hahnemann's very sensitive and empathetic conjunction of Venus-Mars-Uranus in Pisces; his Neptune singleton (Fixed); and perhaps even the lack of Air in his chart. The Venus-Mars-Uranus conjunction could also indicate his openness to using unorthodox methods. His ability as a Medical Researcher is going to be connected to Pluto which is conjunct the Ascendant in his chart (from H12). Doesn't hurt for a Doctor to have a Virgo North Node either (which is 30 Virgo so on an AP).

I wanted to compare Hahnemann's chart with the chart of Jonas Salk, the medical researcher who discovered and proved the vaccination for Polio. Vaccinations are Western Medicine's version of Homeopathy and work in the same way, through the Law of Similars.

Fascinating that both men have Grand Trines in Water Houses. There was a lot of attention paid to a researcher who is said to have discovered that Water really does hold a memory of everything it comes into contact with. I don't have the references to this study, hopefully I'll get to it eventually. I think the study may not be reproducible, am not sure though.

Jonas Salk
b. Oct. 28, 1914 New York, NY

Sun 16 Scorpio (H12); Moon 5 Pisces; ASC 17 Scorpio; NN 5 Leo; MC 28 Leo

Salk has all the Scorpio Hallmark of a Medical Researcher with Rising Sign-Sun-Mars-Mercury in Scorpio. He also had a conjunction of Saturn-Pluto on the same degree of Cancer in the 8th House (Scorpio's natural house).

Just as an interesting aside it's fun to notice that Apr. 12, 1955 was celebrated as "Polio Day" because it was the day when the Polio Vaccine was announced by the U.S. Government as safe and effective. The Sun was one degree away from Hahnemann's Solar placement.

Homeopathy is used often by European Doctors, especially in the use of chronic disease for which Western Medicine is generally too harsh. In the U.S. it has been oppressed ever since Rockefeller used all his money to back Western Medical studies. (Rockefeller himself is said to have preferred homeopathy).

Georges Vithoulkas is a key practitioner who kept homeopathic practice alive. I don't know much about him but I just found a source for his birth date which Wikipedia doesn't give so I'm sort of storing it here. Can't vouch for accuracy, but multiple sources say that he's born in July 1932, and he looks Leo rather than Cancer (to me).

Georges Vithoulkas
b. July 25, 1932 Athens, Greece (Source: http://www.sodahead.com/user/profile/1794093/georgevithoulkas/

Sun 2 Leo; Moon Aries or Taurus; NN 20 Pisces Rx


Friday, January 29, 2010

Pluto Opposes Gemini

How are the Geminis doing right now?

It sort of looks like the opposition from Pluto to their Sun has blanked out huge parts of their lives.

Have to admit that when I think of a Gemini one of the first images that pops into mind is a lover who can't be trusted. Geminis do enjoy a smorgesbord in the love department. Monogamy might be more difficult to those who is interested is so many. The news over the last year keeps coughing up these poor politicians. They are destroying their marriages and careers left and right. Several politicians have bit the big one in their marriages by having affairs and weirdly they all seem to have been Geminis. There was Elliott Spitzer of New York, Governor Sanford of North Carolina, and now John Edwards has split from his wife, Elizabeth because he has fathered a child with another woman. (Keep thinking there was another one, can't remember.) Thing is, these guys all seem to be Geminis and they are falling down because of their very Gemini traits.

Oppositions, even the nature of the very word, represent Relationships, Balancing Acts, Harmonizing. Having the Sun on one side is going to show an Ego Expression. It can get a little out of control. Having Pluto on the other side can show a need to tear down what isn't working. Pluto is represented by the Phoenix who burns up in a flame only to rebuild from ashes. This is supposed to be a purification process that distills and keeps only the essence of what was there before, the true desire nature. So right now Geminis are in a phase where they must focus on what they truly want. For some people that is easy. For a Gemini it is not because it's the natural tendency of this sign to be interested in everything. But when these two energies combine and finally begin to work together magic can happen. (Or, at least, all the growth and enthusiasm that is related to Jupiter/SAdge begins to grow in rapid quantities).

This is also wreaking havoc with Gemini's natural job titles. Anything having to do with Clerical Work is now becoming an out-moded form of work according to this article: http://finance.yahoo.com/career-work/article/108704/9-careers-on-the-way-out?mod=career-work.

Of course, the media has completely changed. Newspapers and Journalists are really struggling with their dwindling numbers. Just recording the facts, M'am, is no longer desired it seems (except for those of us with Gemini strong in our charts). Either you have to analyze the facts (Virgo), give your opinions about the facts (Sagittarius) or show get out into the world and fix the facts that are suffering (Pisces).

Wonder how this relates to sibling and neighbors relationships. I suspect that this is the part that will really suffer in society for a while.

Interesting that the country of India has become a prominent world power because of the experience it gained by working as clerical workers for the English when the English were ruling their country. They were able to branch out into the Western World because they could relate to the Gemini side of it.

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Today's Full Moon could really turn into a Fool Moon if you're not careful. There are quite a few difficult aspects right now that are within 1 degree orb of each other.

The Sun and Mars are in opposition at 10 Aquarius-Leo. This is certainly a time when a problem could be coming to a head if you have a planet with close orb connection with those points. Don't bite anyone and don't let anyone bite you.

Because Mars is going through a Retrograde phase this is called a synodic cycle. Mars will once again passing over this spot between Apr. 21-24. At that point it will also be in difficult square aspect to the Sun and Mercury(which will be Retrograde). So there could be need to revise what goes wrong right now.

Today's Moon connects into the Sun-Mars opposition. Full Moons are oppositions of the Sun to the Moon. They are emotional in themselves. They control the parts of the physical body ruling water retention and fevers so perhaps one should remember to drink lots of water today to keep things flowing. Also I think I might pop a couple Vitamin C's to keep inflamation (Mars, Sun) down. The earthquake survivors down in Haiti are at most risk right now for problems related to unsanitary conditions and infection.

This is an even more potent contact because Mars has been lead planet in a Locomotive Chart shape. Right now the Moon is Lead Planet and will pass this on to Mars within about an hour or so when the Full Moon is exact.

The longer term and equally difficult Saturn-Pluto square is also in exact aspect today. Saturn and Pluto working together rule Pollution so one can see how difficult the Inflammatory Full Moon/Mars connection could be. Sure wish there was a planet in Virgo today as that could show a positive influence for sanitation along with desire to work through practical details in order to fix the problems.

The keyword for "square" is "Challenge." So if one embraces the challenge as something to be survived and solved one will have the energy devoted to fixing the problem. Saturn right now is actually in positive sextile-trine aspect to the Full Moon so this is possible.

More about today's Full Moon from Yahoo: http://news.yahoo.com/s/space/20100129/sc_space/biggestandbrightestfullmoonof2010tonight.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Frank Auerbach

A while ago I remember noticing that the painter Frank Auerbach was born during the Saturn-Uranus-Pluto t-square that occurred back around 1931. I remember thinking that his chart would be great to look at in order to understand how this Cardinal t-square expresses itself. Since Cardinal Signs represent the beginnings of the seasons and thus the beginnings of all new things I was reminded to once again try to look at his chart when I ran across a quote of Auerbach's:

"I feel like I am always moving forward."

(sorry, I accidentally just erased the source)

Frank Auerbach
b. Apr. 29, 1931 Berlin, Germany

Sun 9 Taurus; Moon Virgo or Libra; NN 14 Aries

So, first of all we notice that Auerbach has Sun in a sign ruled by Venus. That's great for painters. Venus also rules his South Node through the sign of Libra and if his Moon is in Libra it will also rule his Moon. (I can never tell a Moon sign. I tend to prefer the idea of a Virgo Moon because Auerbach prefers his drawings to paintings and he is a process worker. Libra also tends to want to make things "Pretty").

Auerbach also has a great signature for an artist in a Sun (ego) trine Neptune (mystery, boundlessness, formlessness).

If you don't know his paintings or drawings, google them now.

So, if one allows for a 10 degree orb in the big outer planet t-square of Saturn-Uranus-Pluto one sees that it also includes Jupiter and the Nodal Axis in Auerbach's chart. Saturn is at 24 Capricorn opposing Pluto 19 Cancer-Jupiter 15 Cancer and squaring Uranus 17 Aries-NN 14 Aries. This aspect will be pretty closely reconfigured over the next year in a scrambled fashion with Jupiter-Uranus in Aries/Pisces opposing Saturn in Libra and squaring Pluto (NN?) in Capricorn.

Auerbach's childhood shows the extreme losses that he suffered early on. His Jewish parents sent him to England as part of the Kindertransport program to escape the Nazis. They themselves perished in the camps.

If you don't know Auerbach's painting or drawing, google them now. Sorry I still can't do pictures. But I think one can see the need to really search for reality, for how things really are which can come from such a devastation in life.

So, I don't know how people continue on with this level of pain. I certainly suck at it. But I suppose that with Uranus conjunct an Aries NN Auerbach has great abilities as a starter. If one looks at his paintings one can see the expressionist side. But, if one studies Auerbach's working methods (I haven't really studied, but did watch a documentary about him) one sees that he is constantly working over his previous marks. In the documentary his models are shown talking about the marathon sessions and the inability to understand how he knows when his drawing and paintings are finished. This doesn't seem to be a need to correct what's already there. It seems to be more of a need to start and restart and start again. That makes more sense to me at least from the astrological side because of that strong Cardinal t-square which would need to start and restart. Eventually one finds one's end in one's beginning, that's how the mystics explain it.

Another interesting side to Auerbach's painting style is his use of extremely thick paint which is called Impasto painting. In the Wikipedia article there is a story about how at one of his first shows that paint was applied so heavily that the canvases were laid out flat rather than on the wall in order to keep the paint from falling off.

I couldn't figure what astrological indicator might show the expression to need to use thick paint until I noticed that in the Wikipedia article about another great "expressionist-style" impasto painter, Chaim Soutine, a story is mentioned called "Skin." (by Roald Dahl) The story is said to describe Soutine's impasto style and revolves around a supposedly true story about Soutine that he tatooed one of his paintings on a friend.

The word "Skin" immediately brings up the idea of Saturn and this planet shows up in the same ways in the two natal charts. Both artists have Saturn in Cardinal Signs and in aspect to Pluto. If ever there were a combination that needs a "Thick Skin" Saturn-Pluto would be it. Both men share the same Locomotive shaped charts with Saturn standing out as the lead planet.

Chaim Soutine
b. Jan. 13, 1893

Sun 24 Capricorn; Moon Scorpio or Sagittarius; NN 4 Taurus

You'll notice that both artists have Sun in earth signs, which is a more sensual element. Sun is trining Auerbach's Neptune. The Sun is quindecile a on degree conjunction of Neptune to Pluto in Soutine's chart. Once again, we see the ability to express (Sun) one of the prominent ideas of modern art which is formlessness and boundlessness, mystery and spirituality.


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Romulus and Remus

While looking up the astrology chart for filmmaker Quentin Tarantino on astrotheme I saw that Quentin's got the same birth date as the founders of Rome, Romulus and Remus. As Classics was one of my failed majors in College I sort of remembered that these two twins were suckled by a wolf. The finer details of the political foundations of Rome were completely lost on me. I also sort of remembered that the story about them was a fabricated myth. In normal circumstances a wolf would probably eat a set of twins. Maybe the meat is just too fatty, especially with these little water sign punks. But, I went to school a long time ago and as I've said before I flunked my way up the California Coast. And, what with Wikipedia fabricating for us viral forms of b.s. at every turn who knows what is real anymore?

Anyway, it's super duper fascinating that Astrotheme lists the date, even with a birth time (around sun up, that's convenient). I totally doubt it's accurate but I'm going to read the chart anyway.

Romulus (founder of Rome after he killed his twin brother Remus)
b. Mar. 27, -770 5:10 am Rome, Italy

Sun 29 Pisces Moon 29 Cancer; ASC 2 Pisces; MC 16 Sagittarius; NN 26 Taurus

He killed his brother. Wow. Mean.

Source: http://www.astrotheme.com/portraits/287VDsb8FFUN.htm#

So, first thing I wanted to check for were the "twin brother indicators".

Mercury, ruler of twins, in this chart is conjunct the Pisces Ascendant and Pisces' ruler, Neptune. The Ascendant shows the physical body and the moment of birth. (This chart is obviously phoney, but I'm loving it).

Neptune rules all things wild. It also rules orphans. These were love children, or at least their Father didn't want them and they were known as "Feral." In Myth, the God Aries is said to be their Father. In reality, they had Sun conjunct Saturn so their Father just wasn't into them. Don't know what his brother's chart looked like, but Romulus' Sun-Saturn conjunction is very close to the Aries Point and is placed in the first house. (This chart is so bogus, it's just too obvious). 1st House Saturn people have to grow complaining about how Daddy didn't love them. Often Grandparents do love them, though, and make sure that they are showered with physical comfort. Sometimes the Father will work out his issues, but that's probably more a recent thing, and not for Catholics so much because they don't like to get divorces.

Interesting also, the twin indicator is in double whammy force because Mercury, ruler of twins, is not only conjunct the Ascendant and the ruler of the Ascendant but is squaring Mars (boys) in Gemini in the 3d House (twins, siblings). Guess this could also double as a fraticide indicator although that's probably not a useful interpretation to use with one's clients. These guys were born while Pluto was in Cancer so the traditional family structure was going through the ringer, similar to the one that we all went through in the 60s and 70s.

So, I also wanted to look up the thing where the boys are suckled by a wolf. I was always perfectly happy with the literal image but I guess there's more to the story. First of all, we've got the Pluto in Cancer. That shows a whole generation or two of people who like to howl at the Moon.

The actual Moon in this chart is on a last degree of Cancer opposing Uranus in Capricorn and squaring Venus 30 Aries. It looks like Mom, like Dad, wasn't into the twins either. And, according to Wikipedia the Wolf wasn't really a wolf, but a prostitute. And according to Adrian Duncan Ross, (do I have his names backwards again?) Moon-Uranus contacts can indicate a prostitute mother. Uranus likes the freedom of an independent lifestyle, build it and they will come kind of business sense, and women don't really have all that many other options for entrepreneurship in written histories. So, it makes sense that Mom would enjoy the freedoms that a prostitute has. Not real good for the self esteem probably, and generally leads to drug and alcohol abuse, but nobody ever figures that out until it's too late for some reason.

So, what does this have to do with Quentin Tarantino? Nothing. But, Fergie is also born on this date. And so is Mariah Carey. Pretty cool, huh?

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Friday, January 22, 2010

Space Station Now Hooked Up To Internet

The astronauts now have access to all the porn they want thanks to Scorpio Timothy Creamer who has set up their very first Internet connection. Creamer sent his first Tweet today. Remember when I wrote the post about how the Internet is a Scorpio? Of course you don't. Well it is. Nobody seems to ever give the Scorpios credit. Today, of course, Pluto is conjunct Mercury in Capricorn which adds a Scorpionic flair to all things having to do with Communications (ruled by Mercury). Around the time of the first Tweet I believe Mercury-Pluto would have been in the 3d house of communications.

Tweets can be found here: http://twitter.com/Astro_TJ.

Astronaut Creamer has a natal conjunction of Mercury-Jupiter in Sagittarius which shows great abilities for expanding the world through communications.

Space Travel is ruled by Uranus, of course, and Neptune, and probably Jupiter as well. Today the Sun is conjunct Venus. Around the time of the first Tweet this duo was passing over the IC. That's the IC of the Cape Canaveral Chart. I have no idea how to set up a chart for Space Station time. That makes sense since the Sun disposits to Uranus and Uranus, planet of all things unpredictable and futuristic, is hanging out in Pisces and is unaspected.

Creamer's chart is pretty great to look at. He's born in 1959 and has a natal Saturn-Pluto trine. With Saturn at 5 Capricorn and squaring his Nodal Axis (2 Libra NN - 2 Aries SN) this could be considered a difficult time for Creamer because there is currently a Saturn-Pluto square transiting over this difficult natal aspect. But, hey, Pluto likes a Challenge and nothing offers a better challenge than a good square aspect. Right?

Mars in the chart of the first Tweet is Retrograde in Leo at 13 Leo. Mars is possibly conjunct the Midheaven at the time of the first Tweet. It is retrograde, and most elevated planet in the chart. This is conjunct Kreamer's natal Uranus (Outer Space, Baby) which squares his natal Sun-Mars conjunction. Noel Tyl says that Mars-Uranus combinations represent working in Technology. That certainly seems to be true. This is too much info, but it's interesting that the end of Libra/Scorpio is possibly rising over Earth's Ascendant in the Event Chart. This means that Kreamer's Sun-Mars is passing through H1. His Uranus is right up there with Mars of the Natal Chart.

Mars Stations Direct on March 9,10,11. It will be interesting to see if anything weird happens to the Internet Connection on that date. There might be a big Internet hi-jacking around that date because the Saturn-Uranus-Pluto t-square will be within orb at that point.

Not sure of the official time that he sent but his Twitter Page says that it was around 11 hours ago. That would mean that he sent his message between 12:01 am and 12:30 am, Jan 22, 2010.

First Internet Connection between Earth and Space Station:

Friday, Jan. 22, 2010 very early morning, possibly right after Midnight.

Timothy Creamer the Amazing Tweeting Astronaut From Space
b. Nov. 15, 1959 Upper marlboro, Maryland

Sun 23 Scorpio; Moon Taurus or Gemini; NN 2 Libra

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Water Quality

The Environmental Working Group has published a database on water quality of both bottled water and tap water. You can find information about both the bottled water that you drink and the tap water that your local water district provides on their site. They also tell you how to decide how to filter tap water here: http://www.ewg.org/healthyhometips/filtertapwater#identify.

I have no idea where they pull their samples from. In an area with old, crumbling infrastructure every building could be receiving a different quality of water. Each house may have its own bad pipes, but the actual sewer may be leaking into the water quality. I still haven't been able to figure out exactly how this happens. Something about when the sewer pipes get clogged by grease, tree roots, broken pipes the sewer, or sanitary sewer, will back flow into the drinking water supply. I heard some experts talking about their concerns about this happening down in Haiti. Kind of interesting that all those brains in the Silicon Valley don't seem to get it that this same thing is happening in their own towns.

I took some brown stained towels into a Health Department in one of the towns where I found this happening and they said they would have no idea how to test for what's coming out of the water. If your neighbors are cooking sweet and sour pork, your toilet and bathtub may show reddish stains, and you definitely will feel sticky and will be able to smell the stuff (I know, it happened to me along with a lot of other cuisines). But the Health Department will only test for chemicals on their lists of toxic stuff, not for Sweet n'Sour Pork, specifically. Plus, the Health Department was so dark and dingy and dirty I doubt they could possibly do anything about much of anything.

By the time you get around to testing, the neighbors may be flushing Eggs n'Bacon down the pipes anyways. I've been having severe fevers and gum trouble (I'm a Saturn-Pluto person and always have dental problems during Saturn-Pluto transits). My Dentist is from Connecticut or something so he's fairly useless from a social activist point of view. He really enjoys administering anesthesia, though.

So, how to relate this to a transit? Well, we've got Pluto in Capricorn. That's related to anything dirty that you really need to get around to. It's probably related to death and disease through pollution. It could be related to confronting problems of such a nature. Uranus is in Pisces, another Water Sign. Uranus is just as destructive as Pluto in my opinion. It's just related to the part of the process where things are so hopeless that all you have left is hope.

In the meantime, if traveling to any town south of San Francisco in the Bay Area, don't. Go up to Napa or Marin. Never thought I'd be saying this about those people, but at least they know when their shit is stinking.

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

6.1 Aftershock in Haiti

This morning Haiti had its biggest aftershock yet with a 6.1 quake. The epicenter is about 30 miles in some sort of direction away from the capital Port-au-Prince but I've set up the chart for Port-au-Prince. This is another major quake and I can only imagine how tramatizing this will be for the survivors, not to mention the rescue workers and medical teams.

The Nodal Axis is placed over the ASC/DESC Axis as in the main earthquake's chart, but it is in the opposite spot where it was during the main earthquake which occurred 8 days ago. The Main Earthquake happened slightly before 5 pm. This aftershock happened around 6 am. So, on is a sort of Sun set chart. The other is sort of a sunrise chart.

6.1 Aftershock, Haiti
Jan 20, 2010 6:03 am Port-au-Prince Haiti

Sun 24 Capricorn; Moon 27 Pisces; ASC 24 Capricorn; MC 6 Scorpio; NN 21 Capricorn

Sun has just changed signs into Aquarius. It is conjunct the ruler of the IC, Venus. Both have changed signs over the week and now disposit to Uranus. Venus rules the IC. Sun-Venus square the IC-MC. I easily overlook Venus' potential for connection with earthquakes. As ruler of an earth sign related to earthly possessions this is probably a big mistake. I also had forgotten that the Sun is often prominently placed around the ASC in charts.

The Moon, natural ruler of the IC (and ruler of an angle in this chart,Desc) is conjunct Uranus in Pisces.

Moon is also opposing Saturn. Although Saturn and Uranus are considered out of orb for an opposition right now they are connected through translation of light theory. They are placed off the angles on the H3-H9 cusps. Uranus still doesn't rule an angle here.

Saturn is squaring Pluto-Mercury.

Dispositorships still strong in this chart, especially when looking at rulers of angles.

Mars 14 Leo Rx, H7. Singleton Fire. Lead Planet of a Locomotor chart. Is unaspected by major aspect to other planets. Minor aspect to Uranus.

Can't get a grasp of the Moon's placement in any of these charts these days.

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Monday, January 18, 2010

Martin Luther King Day

The Huffington Post has posted a great article on how Martin Luther King, Jr. detailed a plan to create prosperity for all Americans. The vision was there. The plan was laid out. The sheep couldn't follow.

"Martin Luther King and a Freedom Budget for All Americans" by Chester Hartman.


(sorry the linky thing is broken on my blogger toolbar.)

Martin Luther King, Jr.
b. Jan. 15, 1929 1:00 pm Atlanta, GA

Sun 26 Capricorn; Moon 21 Pisces; ASC 2 Gemini; MC 13 Aquarius; NN 29 Taurus

King had a Grand Trine between the two Social Planets with Neptune. This perhaps shows a person with a great compassion for understanding the big plans of mankind. Doesn't hurt if the person's Sun and Moon reflects the personality of an organizer who can feel for others, of course.:

Saturn 26 Sagittarius (H7-8 cusp) trine Jupiter 2 Taurus (H12) trine Neptune 1 Virgo Rx (H4)

These 3 planets will form into another Grand Trine with each other in the Summer of 2013. So, I guess we should set up Raw Oyster Bars around town in Fall of 2012.


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Coldest Day on Record

According to the current issue of New Scientist Magazine (Jan. 9, 2010 issue, p. 17) the coldest known recorded temperature taken on Earth was taken down at VOSTOK Station in Antartica on July 21, 1983.

That's the middle of Winter down at the South Pole. The thermostat logged a -89.2 C temperature.

I don't know what poor schmuck would have been down there taking the temperature in this climate but apparently the reason for extreme temperature was a "near stationary atmospheric vortex."

The weather sort of froze into a vortex.

This is a great way to understand a Saturn-Pluto conjunction. I suspect that, working together, they rule Time and Stillness and slow motion. I looked at the chart of the physicist a long time ago on this blog who had developed the Atomic Clock, the most precise timing device. If I remember correctly his Sun was in strong aspect with both of these planets so he could truly utilize their gifts.

The Sun in this chart is aspecting the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in an out of sign square.

The Saturn-Pluto conjunction wasn't working alone. There was another big outer planet conjunction of Jupiter to Uranus in Sagittarius. This means that Jupiter was in its own sign and as we've just experienced the extreme nature of this transit (this time it passed over Pluto which caused the big financial crisis). This Jupiter-Uranus conjunction is also in aspect to the Sun through a trine. Again, this is an out-of-sign trine. So there is a very strange working together of energies that are somewhat extreme due to the placement of so many planets at the ends and beginnings of signs.

Interesting that there were so many planets in the fire sign of Sagittarius since Fire is hot. But the other outer planet Neptune was at 28 Sagittarius which would have been close to the Galactic Center. And the Moon was probably close to that spot as well. The Nodal Axis was also along this point at 24 Gemini/Sagittarius with a Gemini North Node. The Sun is also in aspect with Neptune through an inconjunct.

While the Outer Planets were in strong aspect with each other and the Sun and Nodes and possibly the Moon, the other inner planets were sort of isolated.

Venus was a singleton in Earth in Virgo.

Mercury and Mars were both unaspected by major aspect. Mercury was a singleton in Fixed Signs. Mars is lead planet of a bowl formation with the other boundary planet being Neptune (and the Galactic Center). And all the planets are also held with the Nodal Axis.

Isn't this the Summer that they figured out what AIDS was?

Coldest Day on Record for Time and Place
July 21, 1983 Antarctica
Antarctica doesn't have a city so I made the chart for Punta Arenas, Chile which, according to an internet search is the most Southern City on the planet.

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

7.0 Earthquake in Haiti

Yesterday Haiti suffered a 7.0 earthquake which appears to have devastated huge sections of its capital city, Port-au-Prince. Although Haiti is considered one of the poorest countries on earth, both its rich and poor have been randomly victimized in this earthquake. The reports on CNN last night reported that most of the buildings are made out of concrete in a sort of poor man's attempt at trying to withstand the many Hurricanes that hit the region. Un-reinforced concrete is considered the most deadly material to build with in an earthquake region as it is not flexible and, of course, is very heavy when it falls. The devastation looks enormous. Supposedly the roads into town are damaged which will make rescue efforts extremely difficult.

Many of the news reports say that Haiti hasn't had an earthquake this big in 200 years but other reports have said that the island country suffered two much bigger earthquakes in 1946, 8.0 or 8.1,and then the 7.6 aftershock back in Aug. 1946 on the 4th (17.51 UTC) and then on the 8 (13:28 UTC). The epicenter for the 1946 quakes was in the neighboring country, Dominican Republic. There is a major fault line running through the bottom portion of Haiti.

Interesting that back in 1946 Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune were all in the same sign of Libra together. They were not within orb of a conjunction at the time of the earthquakes in the region. Currently the same planets are in conjunction in a different air sign, Aquarius. Perhaps there is a reason why this is, probably it's just coincidence. I'm including a couple of quick observations down at the bottom of Haiti's chart but nothing related to this.

Yesterday's earthquake:

Haiti Earthquake 7.0
Jan. 12, 2000 4:53 pm 10 miles west of Port-au-Prince

Sun 23 Capricorn; Moon 27 Sagittarius; ASC 15 Cancer; NN 22 Capricorn; 9 Aries

Uranus stands out in this chart as most elevated planet and also as a singleton (water), but he is not ruling any of the angles here as I have come to expect of earthquake charts. He is also not on an angle. So, his prominence in earthquake charts isn't reliable. Uranus always has to throw a curve ball with the unexpected.

Pluto, planet of crisis, is not, as far as I can see, very prominent at all with regards to house placement. With this level of damage I'd expect him to be related to a resource house, perhaps. He is, however, squaring Saturn, and these two working together is thought to cause great losses and grief. (I've just read over at the astro.com forum that there was a Saturn-Pluto square in the big Northridge Earthquake (for reference)).

Saturn's presence in this chart is very prominent. He is conjunct the IC/Angle/important section of the chart related to anything having to do with home/land.

The biggest stand-outs here seem to be the Cardinal Sign prominence in the chart; the prominence of the Nodal Axis crossing the H1-H7 Axis and in conjunction with the Sun. And the fact that this is occurring between two Cardinal Sign Eclipses which are themselves sandwiched between two Cardinal Sign Eclipse sets doesn't hurt either.

Interesting that Cancer is rising in this chart same as the Ferndale-Eureka earthquake which struck in California on Saturday. The orb difference of the rising sign for both charts is 2 degrees. This means that the Moon rules both charts. Moon in Scorpio (H5) for California quake and in Sagittarius for Haiti quake).

Both Charts have the Nodal Axis crossing the angles of the H1-H7 cusps. As a matter of fact they are very similar except for the placement of the Moon. The first astrological signature of earthquakes that I was ever told about was that the Nodal Axis tends to be prominent in earthquake charts. The Nodal Axis here is in Cardinal Signs, is on the angles (a Cardinal thing) and is conjunct the Sun and ruler of the 4th House. The North Node disposits to a planet (SAturn) which is conjunct the IC.

As said before both charts have Saturn on the IC. In Haiti's case, Saturn is stationing Retrograde which might in some way indicate the extreme devastation. The California Earthquake hit in a less populated place. The Haiti earthquake hit in an extremely populated place.

Trying to read the Saturn influence in the Haiti earthquake chart is revealing. In political terms, Saturn rules Government and the President. Government Buildings, even the Capital Building have fallen down. The President himself is a Capricorn. Haiti is going through a Saturn Return. Saturn in the 4th House is opposite the house which it rules which is one of its least comfortable spots. This is the bottom of the chart. Often this will indicate a need to build new foundations. The Cardinal Sign emphasis wants to start new things, it doesn't want to reconstruct or recycle what's already there. Saturn is cold and practical and brings these needs into focus in a harsh Saturnian way. Saturn also probably rules Concrete, haven't looked it up really so don't know.

I have to say, though, I wish I could find an obvious Pluto emphasis here and I can't. Whole neighborhoods seem to have fallen down like a house of cards so perhaps this was just not Plutonian territory. On the news last night it was reported that this earthquake was so severe because it happened very close to the ground surface, about 5 miles down, and this can cause more damage on earth. Pluto likes to wreck things from the depths so maybe he figured that Saturn could do this on his own (I'm being grim and facetious here). Pluto is in Saturn's sign right now after all.

The Sun-NN is also in conjunction with Venus. I couldn't figure out how that could possibly be important in Saturday's earthquake in California, but now I realize that Venus is very important in these charts because she rules the IC. Also, she is in mutual reception with Saturn which is conjunct the IC. Venus is the great energy link between the Sun-NN conjunction and the 4th House in the charts of these two earthquakes.

The rulers of the angles:
Chart Ruler/H1: Moon;
IC Ruler: Venus;
DESC Ruler: Saturn;
MC Ruler: Mars.

Saturn is just stationing Retrograde in this chart. When planets are just beginning to station in one direction or another their energy is thought to sort of jam up and become prominent. Remember that the Sun-NN conjunction and Venus and Mercury Rx are all dispositing to this Saturn as well.

Mercury and Mars are also both Rx. Mercury is conjunct Pluto in H6 squaring Saturn/IC. Mars rules the MC and is placed in the H2 of material possessions. Mars is lead planet of a locomotor chart. Mars is in Leo so also disposes to the Sun which is conjunct the NN and the ruler of the IC.

So, Cardinal Sign energy really stands out in this chart. Cardinal Signs rule the angles. There is an off again on again t-square between Saturn-Uranus-Pluto which is going to peak in Cardinal Signs this Summer, a very destructive energy both socially and materially.

Interesting to look at Haiti's natal chart. There are some amazing connections that show that Haiti was due to make a huge change at this time. Since the land existed before Haiti was incorporated I tend not to link the two easily in my mind. But, obviously the country is at a major turning point. Or starting point.

So please pray to get these people through this awful tragedy as swiftly and with least amount of pain possible. And pray for the Philippinos, as well, who have been going through similar pain but haven't received much attention. Hey Philippinos, I've been following this stuff, but can't make any sense of the charts yet. You are complicated people.

Here's a couple of findings about Haiti. According to Wikipedia Haiti was founded May 13, 1856. Incorporated Apr. 18, 1856. Reincorporated Feb. 19, 1874. I looked at the reincorporated chart because frankly I thought it would have an Aquarius Sun and I'm still trying to find the Uranus connection. Nope, it's not there, 1 Pisces Sun.

Pretty incredible that this chart has a Saturn-Uranus opposition and a Sun-Venus conjunction. These transits are currently mirrored in the present sky (Saturn-Uranus conjunction is not technically within orb right now).

I've discussed endless times how Saturn-Uranus can be connected to earthquakes.

This Saturn-Uranus opposition squares Haiti's Taurus North Node in the reincorporation chart. This aspect certainly describes the civil unrest that the country has gone through. It also describes the destructive weather patterns, the hurricanes of 2008, which keep the country from being able to build. By coincidence, Haiti's Saturn-Uranus opposition is prominent in the natal chart because it squares the country's Nodal Axis. The Nodal Axis rules Destiny.

Another incredible aspect to look at right now is the Progressed Sun for Haiti which is at 14 Cancer. This is conjunct the Ascendant of the earthquake chart along with the South Node.

This also means that the Solar Arc Sun-Venus conjunction is opposing itself for Haiti.

And, right now prog. Mercury and prog. Venus are right on top of Haiti's natal Uranus setting off the Saturn-Uranus opposition.

Very interesting that the current President, Rene Preval, is a Capricorn Sun with a Saturn-Uranus conjunction in Gemini. He actually has an out of sign Grand Trine between Sun 27 Capricorn trine Uranus 1 Gemini trine Neptune 3 Libra.

And, look at the placement of that Neptune one more time. Saturn is passing over it so the Saturn-Uranus-Pluto t-square is hitting it. This guy is having one Hell of a Solar Return this month. Both the Palace and his personal home apparently have been destroyed and he is sleeping at the airport. The transiting Chiron-Jupiter-Neptune conjunction is passing over his South Node in Aquarius. Another way to interpret the Dirigible metaphor that I've labeled this transit.

Rene Preval
b. Jan. 17, 1943 Marmelade, Cap-Haitien

Sun 27 Capricorn; Moon Gemini; NN 27 Leo

Sorry this is written sloppily. My blogger software is acting screwy.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Born on the Cancer/Capricorn AP's

A very interesting study has found that a migratory bird, the Arctic Tern, flies the longest distance per year of any bird. This bird literally flies from pole to pole logging in between 36,000 miles and 50,000 miles per year. The North and South Poles on the Astrological Wheel may be represented by the Cancer and Capricorn cusps. They are represented upside down as Cancer rules the North and Capricorn rules the South. Interesting that these birds chose to nest in the North. They lay their eggs right around the time of the Summer Solstice which is the Cancer Cusp.

Wikipedia and another article that I've lost the link to says that these birds are very long lived, average life is 20 years, and they are monogamous. They have quite a romantic courtship dive bombing into each other. Both parents share raising of the kids, the male feeds the female, and other species of birds try to set up their nests around them because they are such fierce protectors of their children.

So, what would their signs be? They like Summer so much they fly from pole to pole each year so they can have two summers.

Well, can't be sure, but the mating season occurs up at the North Pole on the tundra at the end of May and beginning of June. And they lay their eggs 22-27 days after that. This means that the eggs are laid right around the Summer Solstice which is the Cancer AP. Once the kids have their feathers fully greased the entire family bops on down to the South Pole in time for Summer down there. These birds are perhaps magnetically attracted to the Summer Solstice because they are born right on the Aries Point for that Season. (I wonder if Scientists are noticing any weird shifts of behavior right now over where they choose to call home. I'm sure they will know about poles shifting long before any human does.)

I suppose the true birthday is when the birds hatch and I'm not really sure of when that would be. Wikipedia says that they "Fledge" 21-24 days after the eggs are laid. Sounds like a bunch of Michael Phelps style Cancers. They just need to stay out of Vegas and away from the bongs.

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Sunday, January 10, 2010

6.5 Earthquake in Ferndale, California

Right on cue, Northern California had a major earthquake yesterday afternoon.

I've said that often the bigger earthquakes in Northern California seem to happen when the Sun is either in Libra or Aries. Maybe I should adjust that to say that the Bay Area earthquakes in Northern California seem to happen during these times. The earthquakes off the very Northern part of California and the Oregon Coast seem to happen in January. Either way, yesterday there was a 6.5 up near Eureka on the craggy coast. That whole area is kind of dark and creepy and foggy and did I say craggy? I think that most Jennifer Connolly movies are shot up there. There are Redwood trees and artists. And the artists forbade the lumberjacks from cutting down the trees so now the lumberjacks grow the pot. Best around. Approved by the FDA and everything.

Ferndale Earthquake, 6.5
Jan. 9, 2010 4:27 pm coast off of Ferndale, CA

Sun 20 Capricorn; Moon 21 Scorpio; ASC 13 Cancer; MC 22 Pisces; NN 22 Capricorn

Just look at the basic placements of the planets. It has dark and creepy and craggy and foggy and oceany all over it. The chart basically describes the place. I don't know what sign Jennifer Connolly is but her eyes are certainly oceany.

This chart, in hindsight, has a lot of classic elements of an earthquake. The Mars, Uranus, Saturn, Pluto stuff. I think this might show that we have more to worry about over the next year in California, especially when the Sun is in a Cardinal Sign.

It's interesting that the bigger earthquakes seem to happen just after the Equinoxes and Solstices. That makes sense since these represent the way the earth is bending on its poles and is probably stressed more.

I'll say for now that Southern California prefers to have big earthquakes during Cancer-Capricorn. Bay Area likes to have them during Aries-Libra. The upper coast of Northern California-Oregon during January. And I won't vouch for any of it because these are earthquakes, they are Uranian and Marsian, and these two guys don't like predictions.

But, Jupiter's doing some quick steps this year and Jupiter likes to communicate big secrets to humanity. So we will see. If planning to come to California I suggest coming during the affected months. Visitors seem to really want to experience an earthquake. Bring the camera.

Strong Cardinal emphasis in yesterday's earthquake chart with Sun, NN and Rising Sign in Cancer/Capricorn. Saturn and Pluto are also in Cardinal Signs (Libra and Capricorn) and they are squaring each other from (almost) angular spots in the chart. The Sun and Moon in this chart disposit to them. Uranus is also angular conjunct the Midheaven. It's really amazing how Uranus and its signs Aquarius are so often on an angle in earthquake charts. I don't know what the chances would be of that happening because I can't do the math.

The Sun is conjunct the NN and we are in between an eclipse set in Cardinal Signs. Sun-NN is also angular in the 7th House. Sun is also conjunct Venus to the degree.

Don't think that Venus is necessarily useful for earthquake prediction. In this case I'm assuming that it helps to describe the type of town and the situation that is involved. Never hurts to have an extra planet angular and conjunct the Sun.

If I'm correct, Ferndale is sort of a quaint historical town with old Victorians. A lot of artists live there. A lot of artists live in this area altogether. Eureka and Arcata are full of artists. Somebody's got to be around to smoke all that dope.

The Midheaven might also desribe the way that the earthquake affects a place, so it might also describe the type of town. This chart has a Pisces Midheaven which shows the Arts, the Pot Growers, The alcholics and indigents, the incompetence to help them, and also the extremely foggy weather on the coast. I couldn't move to this place because I don't like to paint pastel colors.

The earthquake struck slightly before 4:30 on a week-end so it happened during the day and while everyone was at leisure which is Venus/Neptune.

As far as I know so far, there were no deaths (empty 8th House except for Lilith which means that some people were trying to flush stuff down toilets maybe, aquarius on the cusp). But there were gas leaks, electrical outages. Perhaps there was some kind of water damage. With Saturn in the 4th House of this chart, anything that was old and worn out probably collapsed. And from what I remember of this place, that means there was probably a lot of property damage. The people at the Home Depot have job security now. Since Uranus is conjunct the Midheaven I suppose this describes what will be most affected. That would be the electrical and phones.

I remember during one of those earthquake in China last year a huge amount of small school children were killed. Mercury, which rules early schooling was conjunct the MC of that chart. I had no idea how to read that chart until all the news reports came out. In this case, there are gas leaks and electrical outages, perhaps water damage which are typical of this event. Mercury tends to be strongly connected to earthquakes. It is conjunct the Descendant in this chart, so is angular. It is also Retrograde and conjunct Pluto. Maybe the lack of fire on the angles was helpful in avoiding fires.

With Cancer Rising the ruler of the chart is the Moon, which is squaring Mars from the 5th-2d Houses.

Like clockwork, the Saturn-Uranus-Pluto "t-square" is placed on or close to the angles. Only Saturn and Pluto are within orb of a true square right now. Saturn in H4, Pluto in H6 close to DESC cusp, Uranus in H10. Saturn square Pluto but both out of orb with Uranus.

Mars placed off angle and not ruling an angle but prominent because: Lead planet of a locomotive chart; Retrograde; Singleton in Fire; square a major light, the Moon.

Uranus is conjunct an angle, the MC, opposing the IC which rules land; singleton in Mutable; no squares which is odd, in a small triangle aspect with both lights trining Moon and sextiling Sun-Mercury Rx-NN.

Sun-Moon-Venus parallel and contraparallel with ASC

Nothing out-of-bounds

Types of damage: MC in pisces conjunct Uranus. Gas; electrical; water; crop; hopes; wishes; groups? (Just throwing in the major Uranian keywords)

House 2 cusp is Leo so perhaps damage related to Sun/Leo things. Mars in House 2 showing types of possessions affected. Fire, Guns, Toys, Motorcycles, Cars, Heads or tops of things?

Deaths: None? H8 empty, Aquarius on cusp. Lilith in 8th House.

Moon rules chart. Placed in Scorpio in H5. Sea town. Squares Mars in House 2 (volatility). Squares Chiron-Neptune-Jupiter in Aquarius in H9 (community). From what I remember they have really good beer distilleries up in Eureka. Hope they fix those first.

I send my prayers to those who may have lost their homes and other belongings.

I've now found some other possible ways to interpret this chart. Much of the damage was "broken windows (Neptune, Pisces MC)" and downed Power Lines"(Uranus conjunct Midheaven, Mars in H2).

Also, because it was a week-end, the event wasn't covered by the media very well. Also this place is pretty isolated from major media. So, individuals were posting Tweets over the Internet showing the damage: http://mashable.com/2010/01/09/eureka-earthquake/.


Saturday, January 09, 2010

Art Before Gucci

I like this blog. Link thingee isn't working so:


It's called "Style Curator." I wonder if it's kept up by a Pluto in Libra. They have such great fashion sense. We Pluto in Virgos lost half our designers to AIDS at a very young age and so our creativity was drastically thwarted early on.

The entry on the blog came off the Wordpress board. It's about how art influences fashion.

I'm sort of hoping that someday something out there will influence art once again to go in a new and creative direction. We've been in an in between phase and we've been there for a really long time.

In the Art and Music History classes I've taken the phases were always presented as cycling between classical and romantic and back to classical and so forth. Western Culture really likes to apply this simple 2 step cycle to absolutely everything. Classical is sort of structured, ordered, serence, mental. This style evolves for about a hundred-two hundred years and then peaks and falls apart (everyone gets bored). There's an in between time, kind of like how TV is now. Then suddenly people start having feelings and the style gets real gushy. Romantic is passionate, chaotic, unstructured. Everyone builds on this influence until that falls apart and then all the artists end up overdoing the emotional thing and committing suicide. This is the phase where all the shrinks move in and force everyone to conform to a shallow level of emotional existence for a while (and then everyone gets bored and hopefully moves on).

As I said there are the weird in between phases in which artists create all kinds of bizarre crap in order to find the new idea. It ought to be an exciting time in which to live. I think that's where we are now. And if I remember correctly we are heading into a Classical phase. That is if Western Art continues.

I've noticed that this type of labeling according to expansive and restrained cycles even informs the way that psychologists have observed the way that children develop. They need to start following the planetary cycles. All of the planetary cycles, not just Saturn. Guess that's difficult for a bunch of authoritarian, structure minded overly corrected Right Coast thinkers (hehehehe).

I personally think that western fashion peaked with Marimekko (sp?), but then again I have no fashion sense and also a big Internet crush on the Finnish Knitting community. (Italian, Japanese, and Estonian knitters aren't half bad either, oh yeah, and then there's the Russians, they must all have big hands like Rachmaninoff, constant reminders that they must have big ideas).

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Friday, January 08, 2010

Earthquakes yesterday and today and maybe the big-un next week.

Yesterday the Silicon Valley had a weetol little earthquake, a 4.1'er. I thought I'd skip mentioning it. I didn't personally feel it, and I'm going through an extended Mars Return right now, so I'm extra Leo, and if I didn't personally feel it, meh, who cares? Maybe it doesn't exist. Leo has it's great points, but this isn't one of them.

So, now we just had another one. Kind of a weird one. I did feel this one so I'm a little panicky and suddenly my Saturn is kicking in. It sounded like a 5 ton version of Nadia Comenici landing on the roof and bouncing and then recovering to win the Gold. The timber cracked. I hate that. Oh yeah, Nadia never bounced, she was perfect. It's kind of stupid to be thinking about those tiny little gymnasts as weighing more than a yarn ball anyway.

Meanwhile, back at earthquake central, two quick jerks and now some guy is hysterically pacing around the library calling everyone he knows.

Libra and Aries are major times for earthquakes in Northern California. That's what I've found at least. I call this Earthquake season. Earthquakes seem to enjoy Cardinal Signs overall. Southern California often gets the big ones on the opposite Cardinal Poles, Cancer/Capricorn. The little ones happen all year long. But, when I went over the USGS site it said that we've had 700 little ones in the last week (including Nevada, but that's probably just target practice at Yucca Mountain). Check it out: http://quake.usgs.gov/recenteqs/latest.htm

The Cardinal Capricorn Sun is super prominent right now. It's conjunct the North Node and Venus and Mercury Rx. Mercury is conjunct Pluto and these are squaring Saturn in Libra. That can't be good.

The Nodal Axis is also in a Cardinal Sign and will hit Pluto pretty soon. (And when I say "hit" I mean "Hit")

What's making things worse I suppose are the Eclipses. Right now we're sandwiched within a set. And this set is set between two sets which occur(ed) over last Summer and next Summer. (Partial Lunar: Dec. 31, 2009 2:12 pm EST, NY, NY and Solar Annular: Jan 15, 2010 2:11am EST, NY, NY). Mercury will be stationing Direct on next Friday's Eclipse.

Mars is also Retrograde. He is opposing Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron. He rules today's Earthquake. (He also rules Toddlers with bats) Neptune ruled yesterday's earthquake.

The big t-square of Saturn-Uranus-Pluto was set on the angles in yesterday's chart, but not in today's. But, these weren't huge earthquakes either.

Mars and Uranus are also prominent because they are singletons in these charts. That means that their energy isn't completely flowing in some way with the other planets and could somehow get pent up. Mars and Uranus like to create all kinds of accidents. They like to make earthquakes. Mars is singleton Fire in both charts. Uranus is double singleton yesterday in Water and Mutable. Today Uranus is singleton in Mutable.

I think that Jupiter likes to make Earthquakes predictable. He likes to tell us humans to pay attention. I'm not just saying that because I like Jupiter, he rules my Descendant.

What's really got me on edge are two things. The super big earthquakes in California have happened during January. And, it's January and we're the only people on earth right now with pretty good weather and it seems there will be a price to pay. The other thing is this damn Saturn-Pluto square. The already broken sewer system in this area is spewing carnitas and curry like a college kid at a Frat party.

Where's that Italian guy, the scientist who predicted the earthquake and people called the cops on him. I've been craving Italian food lately. It's the only cuisine I have bathed in recently. Or maybe the Italian food restaurants have plumbing hewn of Carrera marble.

Silicon Valley Earthquake 4.1
Jan. 7, 2010 10:09 am Milpitas, CA (6 miles east/ne of Milipitas)

Sun 18 Capricorn; Moon 22 Libra; ASC 10 Pisces; MC 19 Sagittarius; NN 22 Capricorn

Mercruy 11 Capricorn Rx (H11); Mars 18 Leo Rx (H6)

Silicon Valley Earthquake 3.8
Jan. 8, 2010 11:52 am Milpitas (where the sewer treatment planet is)

Sun 19 Capricorn; Moon 6 Scorpio; ASC 23 Aries; MC 14 Capricorn; NN 22 Capricorn

Mercury 10 Capricorn Rx (H9); Mars 18 Leo Rx

(2 mistakes edited 3/3/10)


Thursday, January 07, 2010

Humam Khalil Abu-Mulal al-Balawi

It's no doubt premature to look at the chart of the Suicide Bomber who killed the CIA agents over in Afghanistan. Wikipedia is just now providing the information and sometimes these things change and the birth chart given is just too amazing.

If it doesn't already use astrologers, the CIA should perhaps pay attention to astrological charts right now because it certainly looks as if the terrorists are using them in order to figure out "who's next" of their own crowd. If you want to make sure that you are successful at killing people, it sure does help to have a strong Sun-Pluto transit going on (among other transits).

Humam Khalil Abu-Mulal al-Balawi is the second terrorist with Sun in early Capricorn Sun who is attempting to attack the United States. The man who tried to blow up the Northeast Airlines plane on Dec. 25 was the other one.

Right now this point is under a lot of stress as there is not only Pluto right on the spot, but a huge Outer Planet t-square of planets that really like to play havoc with society when they are working together. Pluto represents Power and Death and Extreme Obsessions and right now the Sun (Power also) has been passing over it. This Summer will probably be the most intense expression of this t-square and the Sun opposes Pluto and the t-square becomes its most exact.

Further emphasizing the tension on these spots of the wheel, there are 3 Eclipse sets starting last Summer and continuing to next Summer that are aspecting the Cancer/Capricorn Axis.

Have to admit that my reason for trying to look up al-Balawi's today was because of an article I just read saying that his wife is proud of what he did. I wanted to look at his chart to see what kind of "Bitch" aspects he had. Who was wearing the pants in that household? Who would gladly turn her husband from a Medical Doctor/Healer to a murderer. I know that people say that women would never create evil in the world because we're all lovey dovey, but, man, that is just such a lie.

Humam Khalil Abu-Mulal al-Balawi
b. Dec. 25, 1977 Kuwait (no city given)

Sun 4 Capricorn; NN 11 Libra; Moon Gemini or Cancer

The main parts of al-Balawi's chart show total emphasis on early degrees Cardinal, which are the affected points. Pluto is currently passing over his Sun. Saturn is currently approaching his natal North Node-Pluto conjunction. His Moon may be in Cancer.

What's really bizarre is that al-Balawi was born with both Mercury and Mars Retrograde. Both of these planets are moving in Retrograde together in the current sky and Mars is actually in the same sign of Leo at both point (Mars Return in Retrograde - that's pretty rare).

Natal Mars is squaring rebellious Uranus in Scorpio which shows a person who likes excitement.

Al-Balawi also had Sun opposing Jupiter at 1 Cancer-Lilith 28 Gemini-Moon either Gemini or Cancer (2 Cancer at noon). Sun opposing Jupiter shows the Religious extremism side of this man, and as oppositions tend to show relationships we get into (Opposites) it can show the partner as well.

Jupiter is probably conjunct the Moon (women) and even perhaps disposits to the Moon. It also is in conjunction to good old Lilith which represents the wild side of women. In addition, on the other side of the opposition, the Sun is in conjunction with Venus in Sagittarius (which disposits back to Jupiter, and also references a woman who might like to see her husband commit Jihad. Al-Balawi's wife is represented by Jupiter-Sagittarius themes. These can be religious extremism, opinions, strong beliefs systems, especially in difficult aspect to the natal chart as it is. Jupiter is emphasized in al-Balawi's chart as it is a lead planet to a bowl shape (which further shows a man who might defer too much power to his wife's needs).

Al-Balawi was just past his Saturn Return in Virgo (Rx in natal). Saturn in Virgo is pretty insecure and the Rx doesn't help with that. In this chart there is a Grand Earth Trine between Saturn and Chiron and Sun-Venus. That shows the interest in becoming a Doctor. I suspect that Grand Trines are very common in the charts of Double Agents. Problems have a tendency to just slip under the cracks for these people. Saturn in Virgo can indicate a martyr as Virgo/Pisces is related to such subjects. People, i.e. the CIA, will also trust Virgo. It's an earth sign that seems to show no ambitions or motivations. They can always sound like they are talking so straight from the hip.

The progressions seem to reinforce some of the problems in al-Balawi's chart. Because his natal Jupiter at 1 Cancer and is Retrograde, it has been in long-term progression with natal Lilith his whole life. Jupiter expands whatever it touches. This is a long-term stress aspect of always looking for balance in others and finding really wigged out situations.

This energy would be reinforced by the Natal North Node in Libra which is conjunct Pluto in Libra.

And also, progressed Sun has always stayed in conjunction with progressed Venus as well and the two are conjunct to the degree right now at 6 Aquarius. That's another influence which shows great charms, vanity, and also a lot of female influence in the life. I've mentioned before how I feel that Sun-Venus conjunctions in progressions can indicate suicidal tendencies --- this is an extreme example. The Suicide bomber may have begun to develop more rebellious needs to fight on behalf of humanity about 5 years ago as p.Sun-Venus changed signs into Aquarius. Natal Mars is at 11 Leo just opposing that spot and in Rx his whole life so far, so would have been opposite Sun-Venus (and squaring natal Uranus).

This guy had that shy, reserved Capricorn Sun trine Saturn in Virgo with all this need for excitement and religious experience bubbling underneath. And the Pluto on the North Node which needs to create change.

The Wikipedia article mentioned that al-Balawi's family had had to leave his native Kuwait in 1990 during the Iraq invasion. I wanted to quickly see if there were some kind of leftover trauma which occurred at that time which al-Balawi perhaps couldn't have recovered from easily. The indicators are there.

I tend to think that Uranus and Pluto transits, etc. will show when traumatic events will happen. Doesn't hurt if Mars and Saturn are playing along.

In 1990, Uranus was passing over al-Balawi's natal Sun-Venus. Also Pluto was passing over his natal Uranus.

Another big aspect was that at this time al-Zawahiri was going through his Jupiter Return. A trauma at this time in his life could have magnified this one planet in his chart. (This is what my whole research project is about right now but that's another story)

I've discussed what a prominent influence Jupiter was in al-Balawi's chart. As Jupiter is located on 1 Cancer which is related to strong attachment to and need to care for home, heritage, and homeland I think this is the most prominent factor. Cancer rules feelings and attachments that one can't let go of easily. His loyalities would have become very important to him, as well as a strong devotion and need to care for others. Imagine how difficult it would be to have to process this Jupiter. During the first Jupiter Return, when this man was around 11-12 years old, his family (Cancer) has to evacuate their country (Cancer) due to War. Jupiter in this chart is lead planet of a bowl shape. What this means is that at the time it is opposing the Sun-Venus-Mercury at the same time. Then over the next 6 or so years Jupiter hits all the other planets in the chart and hits that other side of the bowl. That's a lot of intense stimulation and growth with nothing on the other side to balance the energy (no planet opposing from the other side). Then for the next 6 years Jupiter would pass through the empty side of the bowl, opposing all the natal planets (except for Chiron, wonder if that's when he decided to become a doctor). This is a problem of the bowl shaped chart for anyone. There's always a sense of everything being lopsided, especially since the cycle began with the type of trauma which is devastating for most people. With Jupiter, it would be too much of one thing, then too much of the other. Plus, Jupiter is related to Religion.

Well, that doesn't make sense. Sorry for the ramble.

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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

CIA Suicide Bombing in Afghanistan

I'm having a terrible time trying to track down much information about the people involved in the Dec. 30, 2009 suicide bombing that occurred at the CIA Base Chapman in Khost, Afghanistan. I read somewhere that this camp is involved with sending drones out into the community but haven't seen that story since. Would be good to know because of the Saturn-Uranus-Pluto t-square influence kind of symbolizing robots, to me personally at least. Somehow I think I wouldn't appreciate having them driving around in my neighborhood.

At this point I believe that 7 CIA agents were killed along with others who were injured.

A double agent for al-Qaida walked into the Camp without being searched. He was wearing explosives. This is the second story in a week. The terrorists are finding trustworthy, innocent looking people to work through.

The information that al-Balawi is said to have offered was supposedly so important that many of the major information gatherers in the land were gathered together in the room to hear it. I've even just read a report saying that this guy was a triple agent. He was Jordanian doctor Humam Khalil Abu-Mulal al-Balawi. In most reports he is 36 years old. Since he was at least polite enough to commit his crime at the end of the year this means that we can be sure (if he was indeed 36) that he was born in 1973.

Al-Balawi is said to be from an industrial town called Zarqa in Jordan. Zarqa means "The Blue One." The place could definitely use a beautification project, maybe a couple of extra fountains and some palm trees, and a high speed rail system. It's the same town where Abu Musab al-Zarqawi is said to have been from. 1st settlement was in 1902 by Chechen immgrants. Over half of the town is a Jordanian settlement left over from the Six Days War.

So, I can't get any birth dates. The CIA has let us know that the Camp Head died in the attack and that she was a Mother of three. That means that the CIA is letting us know that women are incompetent at this kind of work. Thanks, guys. Hey, why don't you do something constructive and give us some birth dates. Al-Qaeda probably uses Astrologers and it seems like they're winning this war at this point.

Twiddling my thumbs and googling wikipedia all I could really find is that the CIA is going through a double whammy Mars transit. Like all things Leo, this is hitting the heart (of the agency). The media is going on and on about how struck they are, but they still aren't giving birth dates.

The CIA's got the weirdest damn natal chart for a spy agency for reasons that I'm not going to say because I'm not giving the Jihad chat rooms the benefit. But, anyway, the CIA has a conjunction of Saturn to Pluto in Leo. Right now this conjunction is being hit by both progressed Mars at 26 Leo and transiting Mars Retrograde which was at 19 Leo. I think that Hillary Clinton has this conjunction natally and I seem to have remembered that someone tried to attack her this week, but am not sure.

Mars has been opposing the Chiron-Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Aquarius in an extra long transit due to the retrograde. I suppose that explains how it's great weather for terrorists who want to commit jihad. Either that, or those agents were scoring Opium.

The Mars transit was amplified by the transits on the day of the attack, sort of a triple whammy (easy to say after the fact). Transiting North Node was at 22 Capricorn (conjunct Mercury) and opposing the CIA's natal Mars 22 Cancer.

b. Sept. 18, 1947 Langley, Virginia

Sun 25 Virgo; Moon Scorpio; NN 27 Taurus

Attack on CIA, Base Chapman, Khost, Afghanistan
They don't even give you the time of day

Sun 10 Capricorn; Moon Gemini; NN 22 Capricorn

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Monday, January 04, 2010

Born Together, Die Together, Born Again Together? Christmas Eve Miracle

A Colorado Woman and the baby she was in the process of giving birth both were thought to have died on Christmas Eve. Just when the Doctors thought the situation was hopeless both Mother and Son came back to life. They are both doing well now. This is certainly miraculous.

I don't have much information to go on here, nevertheless the astrology is pretty incredible.

Can't find a time for the birth. The event took place at Memorial Hospital on Dec. 24, 2009, Colorado Springs, CO.

Mom is Tracy Hermanstorfer. Her Son is named Coltyn. Her Husband looks pretty freaked out in the pictures.

Apparently Dad was holding his wife's hand when she had a heart attack and just sort of fell asleep. The Doctors delivered Coltyn by Caesarian but figured it was too late as they placed the limp baby in his Father's hands. The Father says he literally felt his Son spring back to life while he was holding him in his hands. How's that for a Mercury(Hands)-North Node(Destiny) conjunction in Capricorn(Saturn)?

Other aspects of this chart are pretty amazing. Coltyn has a conjunction of Sun (Vitality) in conjunction to the degree of the planet that rules death and rebirth. That's Pluto. Sun and Pluto are also in conjunction with Venus in Sagittarius. For much of the evening they are at the apex of a t-square to Moon (Mom) in Aries opposing Saturn (Dad) in Libra. That shows some strong survival skills in Cardinal Signs. Cardinal Signs rule Beginnings.

Interesting how Colton's Moon in Aries plays out. Moon in a child's chart describes his Mother. Colton will see his mother as very enthusiastic, direct and playful woman. The heart attack is perhaps shown by the planet which disposes the Moon in Coltyn's chart. That's Mars.

Mars here is in the sign of Leo which rules the heart. It is moving Retrograde which seem to reinforce the second-guessing nature of the Sun-Pluto conjunction. And, helping out a whole lot, the planets of Miracles and Healing, Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron are in conjunction in Aquarius and opposing Mars Rx. During much of the evening Mars Rx in Leo was apex of a Thor's Hammer to the Moon-Saturn square. Don't know if it is involved in the actual time frame of the event but this aspect would link it into that strong t-square that involves the planets that rule parents and birth and family.

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Saturday, January 02, 2010

Women Cellists with Multiple Sclerosis

This is sort of an unusual coincidence which makes astrology look awesome.

Most people are familiar with Jacqueline Du Pre, the famous cellist whose career was cut short by onset of Multiple Sclerosis. Well, about a week ago I heard a program on NPR which interviewed the cellist from the Kronos Quartet, Joan Jeanrenaud. Jeanrenaud had to give up her career with the Quartet about 11 years ago. I knew she was no longer in the group and had no idea why. Turns out that she also was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. From the interview it sounds as if this cellist, Joan Jeanrenaud is dealing with her illness very well and is finding ways through recording to continue with her musical career.

(in case my link is no good, I recommend listening to the program here: http://www.kqed.org/arts/music/article.jsp?essid=26944)

While listening to the interview I made a note to look at Joan's chart to see if it is at all like Jacqueline Du Pre's. It turns out the two charts have stunning similarities. For one, these two women are born a day apart under the sun sign Aquarius, January 25 & 26. Aquarius is a mental sign. Many successful women are born under it because it offers the ability to not only be highly intelligent but to distance one's self from life events, to take a long range view and to see the bigger picture. Aquarius women are very strong. Unfortunately it also can affect a person's all over nervous system. The Sun rules a person's vitality and overall health, and Uranus rules the nervous system.

There is also the chance that both women share the same Moon Sign Moon in Cancer. This sign works in pretty much the opposite way that an Aquarius Sun does. Cancer is the sign of feelings and great sensitivity, great receptivity. These signs relate to each other in a quincunx type of way and quincunxes are said to often develop into health issues because they try to bring together two energies which really don't relate to each other. It is a way of relating which always requires making "adjustments" because things don't seem to mesh. What both of these signs do have in common is a hyperactive psychic/intuitive ability. People with this combination may have to mentally try not to become overstimulated by their perceptions and senses. (I can't say much more about the Cancer Moon because Joan Jeanrenaud may actually have a Gemini Moon.)

I don't claim to understand much at all about medical astrology so my observations are probably very silly for those who do. But here goes.

Right off the bat, though, I see that Du Pre's chart offers a couple of insights into her disease. Her Cancer Moon is in conjunction with her Cancer North Node. On the opposite end of the Nodal Axis, she had a conjunction to the degree of Mercury and Mars in Capricorn which is in conjunction with her South Node. Interesting that these two planets together rule motor coordination. Mars would rule the gross motor coordination of the body. Mercury would rule the small motor coordination related to the hands and manual dexterity. At any rate, Du Pre's motor coordination would have been highlighted within her life in some way, in a way which affects her destiny (Nodal Axis).

(As an aside just because I find it interesting, In Du Pre's chart this big opposition is placed in angular houses crossing the 4th and 10th houses. Tiger Woods has a Mars-Moon opposition over this spot as well, perhaps this shows early drive and success in life as Moon and Mars both represent childhood and youth.)

Unfortunately, planets bound together by oppositions, especially when placed over the Nodal Access and IC/MC axis (strong angular emphasis), will not happily blend with each other. They constantly play a balancing act with each other, and will oppose each other. Doesn't help that Du Pre's Ascendant is Aries which is ruled by Mars. This rules her physical body so her physical body is ruled by the planet which rules her motor coordination and brain activity.

As I said earlier Du Pre's Sun (Vitality) is in the sign of Aquarius, which rules the nervous system. Interesting that she had a "Mental" Air Grand Trine between Sun, Uranus in Gemini (H2), and a conjunction of Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune in Libra. This latter conjunction is placed in the 6th House of Health.

This Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune conjunction mirrors the current conjunction of these last 3 planets in Aquarius which has currently been in the sky. Can only imagine what kinds of musical geniuses have been born over this past Summer/Fall.

I don't have a birth time for Joan Jeanrenand's chart. Her Aquarius Sun is conjunct Chiron and Mercury in her chart and they are opposing Uranus. This shows high intelligence, of course, with a strong interest in anything new and innovative, like the avante garde music which she became famous for. It can also show a high strung nervous system, especially since Chiron is involved and adds the idea of a wounding that can't be healed which could show up, of course, as a chronic illness.

Also coincidental, both women have Venus in Pisces. Know that this shows musical abilities. Don't have any idea if it is also related to Multiple Sclerosis. Pisces and its ruler, Neptune, naturally rule the 12th house in Astrology in general and can be related to chronic illness and anything that is debilitating and difficult to understand.

Since both women are Aquarians, their progressed Suns were passing through Pisces when they became ill. This gets pretty interesting actually when comparing their charts.

The Progressed Sun was very close to the same degree of Pisces when both women were diagnosed (6 degrees for Du Pres, and 8 degrees for Jeanrenaud). Jeanrenaud's progressed Sun was conjunct her natal Venus within a degree at that point. Du Pre's progressed Sun hit her natal Venus the year that she passed away. I don't understand people who say that this progression is a time of great happiness, usually for weddings, etc. I've almost always seen it manifest as a fairly dark period in a person's life.

It's also strange that Jacqueline Du Pres passed on Oct. 19, 1987 and Joan Jeanrenaud was diagnosed the next year in 1988. It's almost as if there was some demon flying from the body of one cellist to the next. Actually, now that I think about it this is probably true. Both women had progressed Sun conjunct their natal Venus' during this two year time span in the sign of psychic Pisces. There probably was a real transfer of energy!

Du Pre would have been around Age 28 when she was diagnosed in Oct. 1973. This is the time of the progressed Lunar Return/Saturn Return. Both of these planets are placed in the Sign of Cancer in her natal chart. And remember that the Moon is in conjunction with the North Node.

Jeanrenaud would have been around Age 43 when she was diagnosed in 1988. This is just after her Uranus Opposition/Neptune square. She has these two planets in a square aspect (to the degree) in her natal chart. They are actually in a t-square with the Sun-Chiron conjunction which hooks them into health/vitality.

Sorry, I can't provide any great insights in multiple sclerosis but I suspect that these charts can provide some great keys for those who know more. These charts mostly show musical talent to me.

Jacqueline Du Pre

b. Jan. 26, 1945 11:30 am Oxford, England

Sun 7 Aquarius; Moon 15 Cancer; NN 16 Cancer; MC 11 Capricorn; ASC 28 Aries

Joan Jeanrenand

b. Jan. 25, 1956 Memphis, Tenn.

Sun 5 Aquarius; Moon Gemini/Cancer; NN 15 Sagittarius

edited 1/14/11 misspelled Du Pre's last name as per commenter

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Friday, January 01, 2010

"You Knew Just What I Was There For"

Last night's New Year's Eve Blue Moon was the first New Year's Eve Blue Moon since 1990. That means that this was the second Full Moon in a month. This is something which happens about every 2.7 years. Interesting article here which explains the whole story about the Blue Moon lore.

The first guy who used the Blue Moon idea in terms of the Full Moon actually got the info wrong. According to the article he was an amateur astronomer writing for an astronomy magazine. His name was James Hugh Pruett. Just because I'm nuts I started wondering if there was anything about Pruett's natal moon which would look extra strange. Don't have a birth time for the guy but did find his birth date. Turns out he would have had an Aquarius Moon. That would have given him an electric blue moon. Also, Pruett was born on the last degree of Gemini which puts his Sun within reach of the Cancer Point or Summer Solstice. Also, he had a conjunction of Mercury to Saturn in the sign of Cancer. None of this really means much, I guess.

I did notice a couple of details which might explain why Pruett made the error and also why he still managed to make the Blue Moon idea famous.

James Hugh Pruett, the Blue Moon Guy
b. June 20, 1886 Weston, Oregon

Sun 30 Gemini; Moon Aquarius; NN 11 Virgo.

Saturn conjunct Mercury in Cancer which is the sign ruled by the Moon. Both of these planets were conspiring to bring out Cancer's silly side in Pruett's chart. In 1946 when Pruett published the article he was going through his Saturn Return. By default Saturn rules all things House Ten, which is what you're known for.

I sort of just had to wonder if Pruett's progressed Mercury were moving Retrograde. Yup. It was at 21 Leo and snarling up his communications. Leo is the Master of Tall Tales.

Pruett was also born during the conjunction of Neptune to Pluto. These guys were all amateur astronomers. I wonder if the Babylonians, who were great astronomers, were influenced heavily by some sort of a big Neptune-Pluto conjunction.

The mistake that Pruett made was to say that a Blue Moon is the 3d Full Moon in a Season where there are 4 Full Moons. That's really confusing. Two astronomers came along and set the record straight in 1999. They explained that Blue Moons happen when there are two Full Moons in a month.


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