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Saturday, June 30, 2012

U.S. Supreme Court Decisions This Week

The judges of the U.S. Supreme Court announced all kinds of momentous Decisions this week.  That's good.  I think I heard some reporter being interviewed recently on TV who was complaining about how we're having such a slow news year.  Anything slow is ruled by Saturn and Capricorn and that's maybe how we'll feel about things while Pluto is in Capricorn which is a very long transit.

Anyway, everything was so over reported and hyped out while Pluto was in Sagittarius that I think everyone is saying that no news is good news.

And, as it turns out, Judges are ruled by Saturn and so are Decisions.  And Pluto (Power, Fame) is in Capricorn which indicates that all kinds of difficult decisions are about to be made. Or maybe it means that the upper echelon makes all the decisions because they are using crowd control methods to control the rest of us.  Pluto in Sagittarius was more about being presented with Choices.  Everyone felt lucky.  Once the Luck runs out we return to Black and White thinking I guess.    

Where were we?  Oh Yeah, Capricorn's ruler, Saturn, is still in Libra and Libra is the planet of Justice and Fairness.  Justice is a Lady who holds a sword.  Often she is portrayed with her eyes bound so that she can swing at you blind folded.  That's just plain scary.  Libra is probably the first sign on the Wheel which naturally recommends Fairness and Balance in human relationships. Gemini and Virgo will insult and criticize your selfishness but they can't really get any distance from the matter.  Libra just naturally knows.  Considering the blind fold/sword combination I guess you had better "Know" as well.  Libra is aware of how he's making the other guy feel even in the ambulance on the way to the hospital to get your arm sewed back on.

Taking things even further we notice that Venus, the ruler of Libra, Stationed Direct this week.  Venus has a Retrograde period about once a year.  This year's was more significant because Venus was passing in front of the Sun in a strange 8 year event that occurs about every 100-120 years (very rough estimate, I have no memory for these transits).  Venus is in the sign of Gemini right now which likes to write up new rules, especially in conjunction with Jupiter and the Nodal Axis.  In connection with the South Node, though, there might be a sense that things might not be moving in forward motion.

At any rate, It seems that the Judges on the bench did a really great job of trying to interpret the laws as one would expect with Saturn in Libra.  Saturn is considered very well aspected in the sign of Libra, Gemini is great at all nine thousands sides of a topic as well.  Air signs are great for positive expression of Intellect.  I don't have any in my chart, that's why that last sentence came out all wrong.

The Sun this week was between 6 - 10 degrees Cancer which means that he was hooked in to the long term square between Uranus and Pluto.  That's supposed to be earth shattering for starting a new phase.  With Sun opposing Pluto it continues the big power struggle between the two political parties.  With Uranus involved everyone is probably realizing that they want same thing for the country but won't admit it.  Either way, Uranus and Pluto working together often work for creating big societal changes.

I don't have times for the actual announcements of the decisions so can't look at those charts.  I believe that the Sun is ruling the noontime charts through its sign, Leo.

Another interesting transit is that Jupiter has just passed into Gemini at 4 degrees and was in  conjunction with the Nodal Axis on the same degree. So he rules the Nodal Axis on both sides in a way.  This puts emphasis on anything ruled by the Gemini/Sagittarius poles. A Venus-Jupiter-South Node Conjunction in Gemini at least gave the media a lot to talk about.  They hated Scalia for talking about evil illegal immigration.  They loved Roberts for voting for their side.  They didn't mention the women Justices which is odd.   I wish Scalia had mentioned gang stalking.  Maybe that means that gang stalking really is connected with Homeland Security. I think Diabetics were suffering more than usual this week, probably eating too many bonbons waiting for Thursday's decision.

Either way, matters to the Gemini-Sagittarius pole were handled through the Decisions this week.  On Monday, Arizona's Laws on how to handle illegal immigration were dealt with. Sagittarius rules international relations.  Gemini rules what's going on in your neighborhood, who's grabbing you through your bathroom room or on the street or whistling in the middle of the night and then calling you a bigot the next day for mentioning it. All parts of the laws were put down as bigotry except for the most important one which gives police ability to ask for verification of citizenship if they feel it's necessary.   That's my understanding of what happened, don't quote me because I'm chronically misinformed about politics.  Police are service providers and so are ruled by Virgo.  Both the Moon and Mars were in that sign on Monday. 

Venus Stationed Direct on Tuesday.  It was in conjunction with Jupiter and the South Node so the Diabetics and the Media were all passing out in comas waiting for Thursday's big decisions on Obamacare. They were all impatient and things about whether or not this will affect the upcoming Presidential election (that's Jupiter/Gemini influence).  Wouldn't it have been cool if any of them had researched what it will do to consumers and providers of health care instead?  With Jupiter in Gemini and Neptune in Pisces --- the person with the best smile wins so smoke lots of pot because they have the best smiles.  I mean, what does this mean for medical research?  What does this mean for my doctor? What does this mean for me?  I'm pretty certain my healthcare is about to be cancelled.  Anthem has set up their phone lines to make it impossible to talk with a customer associate or whatever they are called these days.

Again the Mars in Virgo placement is appropriate for Thursday's decision as Virgo rules Healthcare.  Don't know what time the decision was announced but the Moon was in conjunction with Saturn 23 Libra during the morning.  This was a win for the President, Chief Executive, how did he pull this off? The rest of us are just standing around with our thumbs up our butts wondering what it means and with Saturn moving into Scorpio I don't think it's going to be a fun transition period.  Homeland Security is going to have to put out a Red Alert for Health Insurance companies.

On Friday the media was celebrating Chief Justice John Roberts as he crossed party lines in his decision.  We got to see photos of him looking shiny toothed and relaxed rather than the usual big square headed Republican.  Roberts is an Aquarius with Pisces Moon.  That's same as Dick Cheney which is a funny, funny joke on Astrology and Democrats in the media.  Anyway, Roberts has got a crappy t-square in his chart between Mercury-Saturn-Pluto which possibly trips him up in life and keeps him humble.  He's also got a conjunction of Jupiter to Uranus in Cancer and which squares Neptune in Libra and trines Saturn in Scorpio.  I don't really know what that means except that he probably just wants everyone to be happy because his Mother was probably singing songs from South Pacific and the King and I while she was pregnant with him and he grew up on a diet of Baloney and Wonder Bread.

On Friday Congress decided to give kids in College a break on their college tuition fees by not enforcing a doubled interest rate hike.  And also decided to fund transportation projects.  More of the Mercury-Jupiter Nodal Axis topics.  The Moon was in Scorpio, sign which rules debt and borrowing and deciding wtf we're already broke give the kids a break school's not even worth it and fix the potholes in the road.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

More about Sierra Lamar and Libra Girls Who Have Gone Missing

This post was a mess so I've tried to redo it...

Decided to be Nancy Drew yesterday and went down to Morgan hill to see if some things I saw in some of the astrology charts I've been looking at would somehow make more sense if I actually looked around the scene a little. The astrology really is amazing in that Morgan Hill matches some major aspects in suspect Antolin Garcias' chart.  The information is still pretty much useless. Best to let the police do their jobs.

I looked at the big square in Antolin Garcias Torres' chart which includes his natal Sun in Aries and the Uranus-Neptune conjunction in Capricorn and wanted to see if imagery associated with those aspects would be mirrored in the environment.  Very far fetched thinking but Morgan Hill is so full of the imagery associated with Uranus and Neptune and Capricorn.  I had never noticed how many electrical towers (Sun, Uranus) are running over the hills there.  I had no idea how many ponds and reservoirs (Neptune) are located there, mostly they are up in the hills (Capricorn).  I thought that perhaps when under stress he would gravitate towards areas where these elements sort of meet up and that could maybe help describe what he did with Sierra (if he is indeed guilty of the crime).  Mostly I was hoping to find spots where electrical or cell phone towers are placed high up in hills and next to big bodies of water.  Neptune is generally associated with huge bodies of water like the ocean.  And the Moon might be more associated with smaller ponds and lakes. 

The police say they are pretty sure that Garcia Torres murdered Sierra.  A person with a Sun-Neptune square can be very elusive and deceptive. In the past this man has been suspected of attacking women with tasers. That would certainly fit a method of attack by someone with Sun in Aries (Impulse) squaring Uranus (electricity, sudden, shock and surprise). In connection with Neptune one might also expect use of drugs and gasses, lies and deception. The motive for a murder committed by this person would be to get a high out of having total control over someone. With Uranus one might expect gang affiliation, or working with friends or groups of people.  In Capricorn, one would want social status.  The Moon was in conjunction with Pluto around the time of Sierra's disappearance which shows an abduction.  She may have been abducted, though, for financial needs. 

Whereas a Sun-Mars aspect would show bloody violence, a Uranus-Neptune aspect would use gadgets, technology, poisons.  And, in the sign of Capricorn, one might expect a strong need to control another.  Humiliation connected with failure of the father or any other authority figure would be strongly internalized in this person. And, if the Moon is in aspect the influence from the mother could produce a double whammy tension. It's important to realize that hundreds of thousands of people on earth were born with this aspect and have found just as many positive ways to express the energy.

Capricorn rules social climbing through his signature the goat.  Goats like to climb and to be on the top of things.  Capricorn's mascot is strange, though, in that the image of the goat has a fishes' tail. This sign has deep insecurities and struggles always with the fear of failure and of social humiliation. At any rate, Capricorn is the goat who wants to always climb. Being stuck in a Valley could be a very negative or a very empowering image for Capricorn depending on how life treats him and supports him.

Like most places it seems that the poor people in Morgan Hill live down in the Valley and in the South and the Richer people live up in the hills.

One thing to think about in looking for Sierra is to realize that, if Garcias Torres is the perpetrator here, people with prominent Cardinal signs are starters.  Often they can't finish what they start, or do a sloppy job in the finishing.  So, unless he was working with mutable signs, there may be details connected with the crime which didn't get finished.

Obviously, I know that the police have been trolling the reservoirs looking for Sierra. A place like electrical or cell phone towers located next to bodies of water. I thought that maybe these would be the best places to look for Sierra's body if she has passed.

On Monterey road just north of Sierra's high school there is a percolation pond on one side which is actually a very beautiful boating pond. On the other side of the road is an electrical plant. There is a boating supply store and there is a storage place for rvs and also an rv park. The electrical towers fan out in all directions and go over the hills. Anyway, perhaps he would have gravitated to these markers.  Any place that he had a fond memory of from childhood might be a good place to look.I read that he said he went fishing at one of the resevoirs for all of that day, I think it was Uvas reservoir but I'm probably not remembering correctly.

 I would think that he would not put a rotting body in water where he goes fishing. He would go to the water to purify himself.  Can't remember the actual orbs but I think that transiting Pluto is hitting the natal Uranus-Neptune conjunction and sun and moon in the chart. This can be a very difficult transit for most people.

One could just leave a body out for the coyotes to and birds to attack. Because the area has gangs who had recently killed other high school students, one could easilty expect some foul play there. I don't know if Garcias Torres needed money and abducted her for money. News reports show that he was arrested for trying to conceal a friend who was a suspect from the police so he had a strong protective side. That would be the Cancer empty leg of the t-square working as a motivating factor. He may have sold Sierra in order to get in with gangs or to make money. Sierras things were all found next to a shack in a field and it's unlikely that she could survive for long without her asthma inhaler. The news reports don't really seem to discuss motivating factors. It seems that he worked for grocery stores and it sounds as if he was unemployed. Cancer can indicate a needy person who is shut out through or fear of poverty. It rules food so perhaps an agricultural worker will find Sierra.

I also started to realize that so many of the abducted young girls mentioned in the news are Libras.  Wonder why this would be.  Libra is definitely the sign of the Charmer.  It is ruled by Venus who is considered the essence of female energy. It seems that many of the famous recent missing abductions have been Libras.  I added a few other names and signs just for reference. 

Polly Klaas, Age 14
b. Jan. 3, 1981 Fairfax, CA
Sun 14 Capricorn;  Moon Saigttarius;  NN 13 Leo Rx

Michelle Le, Age 26
Libra, born maybe on same day as Holly Bobo 1984-5

Natalie Holloway, Age 18
b. 10/21/1986  Clinton, TN
Sun 29 Libra;  Moon Gemini;  NN 21 Aries Rx

Elizabeth Smart
b. Nov. 3, 1987
Sun 11 Scorpio;  Moon 18 Aries;  ASC 1 Aquarius;  NN 1 Aries

Holly Bobo, Age 20
b. 10/12/1990  Darden TN
Sun 20 Libra;  Moon Cancer/Leo;  NN 4 Aquarius

Lauren Spierer, Age 20
b. 1/17/1991  Manhattan, NY
Sun 28 Capricorn;  Moon Aquarius;  NN  29 Capricorn

Chelsea King,
b. 7/1/1992  Poway, CA
Sun 11 Cancer;  Moon Cancer/Leo;  NN 1 Capricorn

Amber Dubois, Age 14 
b. Oct. 25, 1994  Escondido, CA
 Sun 3 Scorpio;  Moon Taurus/Gemini;  NN 6 Capricorn
Sierra Lamar, Age 15

b. 10/19/1996  where?  Fremont? California
Sun 27 Libra;  Moon Capricorn/Aquarius/  NN 7 Libra Rx

Friday, June 15, 2012

Zombie Apocalypse

Still throwing up from the stories about the Zombie Apocalypse which hopefully has run its course.  There's a great interactive map here which describes the events.

It's a Monster Mash...

I wanted to look up the Eclipses to see if anything super obvious would show up.  Moon doesn't like to shine really, but doesn't like to be eclipsed either.  I described in a previous post that I thought that Jupiter-Mercury-Sun conjunction passing over Caput Algol may have have something to do with this.  Caput Algol is a Fixed Star which seems connected with Decapitation at any rate.  The conjunction was in the super sensual sign of Taurus.  Taurus rules the lower jaw and chin and throat. Taurus probably rules the sense of touch as well. 

I read somewhere that you want to move high up a hill in order to protect yourself from Zombies because the undead "have a natural inclination to move downhill."  I don't watch Horror Movies so I'll just take it for granted that this is true.  At any rate, this sounds a bit like a Saturn phenonmenon as Saturn likes to climb up hills, but also is connected with falling down hills when things don't work out.  Saturn also rules the skin and many of the cases are connected with mysterious and devastating skin diseases.  Saturn during this time is in Libra and is Retrograde.  So it disposits to Venus and Venus just had an amazing transit passing in front of the Sun on June 5-6.  And Venus rules Taurus so this brings the whole skin/touch thing together into one big spew fest.

Sun in Gemini is going to indicate anything that walks the streets.  Oi.  Both Eclipse charts are splay charts so we've got a very scattered energy.  Lots of super extroverts born right now.  They'll be very creative but maybe a little ADD.  And they may need their own personal dermatologist.

The Sun-Moon eclipse set these past weeks has significant placed Mars.  Mars 11 Virgo is conjunct the 11 Virgo Midheaven of the Solar Annular Eclipse on May 20.  It is opposing Chiron 10 Pisces c. Neptune 4 Pisces.  Mars in Virgo is connected with service workers like the police and also doctors and hospitals.

The Partial Lunar Eclipse on June 4 had Mars opposite Chiron-Neptune crossing the same IC-MC axis but in the opposite direction.  Mars 17 Virgo c. IC 17 Virgo opposite Neptune 4 Pisces.  Neptune will be strong in all charts for the next 13-14 years because he's in his own sign.  He's stronger even still because he's stationing Retrograde in this chart.  Mars is also squaring the Full Moon.  Mars rules violences, weapons, and bites.  Neptune rules anesthesiologists and drugs, both are represented.

Pluto represents anything gruesome.  He's the down and dirty.  He rules the May 20 Solar Eclipse chart.  Actually he rules both H12 and H1 of that chart.  And he's conjunct the Descendant of the Lunar Eclipse chart to the degree.

Moon represents going nuts and he rules the Lunar Eclipse chart.  And he rules both H1 and H2 of that chart.

There's a lot more, too much.  Way too much.

More Mash to lighten this up.

I looked up the astrolocality charts of the Eclipses, charts are set for New York.  Maybe should be for Miami since there seems to be a cluster of events around that area.  At any rate, I wanted to see if the charts would show any standouts. 

The East Coast has a lot of linear activity in the May 20 Solar Eclipse.  Mars MC line, Jupiter DS, Mercury DS, Lilith DS running through the East Coast.  Lilith is there, of course.  Lilith is always there during these events.  The actual Eclipse Sun-Moon DS lines run off shore and down through Cuba in the Solar Eclipse chart..  The Mars MC line runs down through Haiti, so maybe it really was voodoo that set Rudy Eugene off the way his girlfriend said it was.

Here are the events that I took off the interactive map at the Daily Beast.com which is linked to above.  I had no idea there were so many:

May 16th:  12 student and 2 teachers in Hollywood, Fl school develop a mystery rash

May 23:  Lauderdale Lakes Middle School, Florida, 4 students and 1 teacher develop mystery rash in science class

May 26, Rudy Eugene, Age 31, strips naked and chews the face off a man alongside a freeway in Miami, FL.  Cause hasn't yet been determined but people are thinking it is due to drugs called "Bath Salts."

May 26:  28-year-old man on Palm Coast bit the lips off a kitten and choked it and burned its ears.

May 27th:  34-year-old contractor in Georgia chews the arms of employees at Lowes Stores.

May 27th:  Florida Anesthesiologist, Age 43, gets picked up for being drunk and throws fit in police car.  He spits blood into police officer's face.

May 27th:  Illinois man bites woman's cheek

May 27th:  New Jersey Man throws intestines at police who have been called to his house on a suicide call.

May 31st:  21 year old Man in Maryland ate man's heart and part of brain.

There were 3 cases of flesh eating bacteria.  Two were in Georgia, I believe, and one was in South Carolina.


Solar Eclipse

May 20, 2012  7:47 pm EDT NY, NY

Sun 1 Gemini;  Moon 1 Gemini (H7);  ASC 27 Scorpio;  MC 11 Virgo;  NN 6 Sagittarius (H1)

Partial Lunar Eclipse

June 4, 2012  7:11 am New York, NY

Sun 15 Gemini;  Moon 15 Sagittarius;  ASC 9 Cancer;  MC 17 Pisces;  NN 5 Sagittarius Rx

Sun was exactly conjunct Mercury in Gemini on May 27 which seems to be the busiest day.  Venus Rx at 22 Gemini.  Moon was in Leo all day.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

People who walk in glass shoes shouldn't throw stones

Is this Neptune in Pisces or what? http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/sideshow/judge-90-percent-people-personalities-shoes-researchers-192903995.html Researchers say that they can judge the personalities of 90 percent of people by the shoes they wear. I wear clogs. I always thought that matched my Saturn, Pluto trine.

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Who is Most Wanted

Since being gang stalked I have become obsessed with wanting to know who the FBI sticks on its 10 most wanted list. The us marshals service also has a list which includes 15 names. I don't know how these different uber police de die who gets put on one list. I did hear on a radio show, fresh air I think,that there a thousands of people these law enforcement agencies are looking for. The ones who get stuck on the list are the ones they think that the public is most likely going to be able to help them find. The public is mostly ruled by the Moon in astrology. The government is ruled by the opposite sign ofcapricron. The police are ruled by Virgo (service) and by Scorpio (surveillance) and probably also by Aries (guns). These astro rulerships are interesting to look at with regards to the guys on the most wanted lists because the signs most associated with government are also curiously missing from the most wanted lists. The reasons for this are probably multitudinous (yes, that is a word,I say so). The FBI seems to handle well educated guys or immigrant guys from other lands. Out of the 10 on the list 4 have multiple birthdays so this screws up the astrology big time. Out of the 10, 4 are definitely Cancers. There may also be 2 more cancers from the guys who have multiple birthdays. This is very interesting as the moon (public) is the natural rulerofthesign cancer. Also, Pluto is currently opposing cancer. The public, and the government, are most likely to turn in a cancer right now according to the FBI. That interests me because I'm being gang stalked right now and I am a cancer. There is also an Aries and an aquarius on the list currently. The signs probably shift according to where the outer planets are transitting but that would require years of research. The u.s. Marshalls service is hunting a much more wild bunch of folks. Also, a much more varied bunch as most of the signs are represented on the list. The only signs which aren't included on their current list of 15 most wanted are scorpios and capricorns and if you've ever known scorpios and capricorns you know why this is. Since scorpios are most likely to retaliate maybe it's wisest not to ask the public to get involved in the hunt. And capricorns will just pay a snitch off to keep silent and to work for him, no sense in wasting useful talent. The u.s. Marshals are currently tracking 4 sagittarians and 2 Aquarians. They are hunting the free range chickens of the zodiac. There is one of each of the other signs on the list except for, as I said, Scorpio and Capricorn. This means that the us marshals must spend a lot of time sitting on bar stools and chatting up people they suspect of being armed and dangerous and purveyors of child porn.

Monday, June 04, 2012

Horary Question: Where is Sierra Lamar's Body?

I just used Deb Houlding's website to draw a Horary Chart to find Sierra Lamar's body.  I don't have a clue how to use Horary and have only tried to find some keys once before.  The reading was correct at the time.

I used the instructions on how to find lost objects which is not exactly the same as finding missing persons.  But, so here are some of my findings.  Deb Houlding is a great astrologer.  I don't have any reason to recommend her services but if anyone's interested I would recommend her over any other Horary Astrologer.  She has a lot of integrity.  I went to a lecture she gave and she said to never draw up a chart unless asked for the information which is exactly not what I'm doing.  But, I'm going to do it anyway and beyond this ignore what I say.

Link to Skyscript article.

The ASC of the chart is Libra.  That shows the querent.  This is accurate because Sierra is a Libra.

Venus rules Libra so I looked up that placement.  Venus is in Gemini and is conjunct the Sun in the 9th House.  This shows the influence of Air which describes a high elevation, open view.  9th House is up at the top of the chart.  Upper part of a house or building.  Something might be hanging off a tree in order to show where she is.

The Moon is the natural significator for anything that is lost.  Sierra is missing, not lost.  That might indicate Neptune which is SR in Pisces.  She is probably abducted.  Pluto will show abductions so perhaps it is best to pay attention to Pluto's placement. 

Moon in the chart is in Sagittarius in the 3d House.  It opposes the chart ruler Venus.  It's opposition to Venus and placed in Mutable Signs and Cadent Houses may show that Sierra might not be found.  She is a long way off.

Moon is in a Fire Sign which can show heat.

Looking up Pluto.  Pluto isn't used in Horary Charts.  But this isn't a Horary Chart because I don't know what I'm doing.  Pluto in this chart is at the bottom conjunct the IC in Capricorn.  This shows being under the earth or under pavement or in a mine or cave, near a boundary, or in mud or stagnant water, or agricultural.  I looked on Google earth and saw that there are old Mercury Mines near the area. Could be near threshold.  Even compost heap. Since Venus is in Gemini this would make a lot of sense.  The descriptions definitely fit the area.

This earthy Capricorn influence is doubled I think because the chart has Saturn in Libra in the first house.   Saturn trines/sextiles the Moon-Venus opposition.  That might suggest best to stick with the Saturn indicators (Low dark palces, near thresholds, boundaries, cow sheds, wood storage, barren fields).

The directions tend towards South and East and West.  Well, that rules out North at any rate.

The 8th House rules abductions?  It is Pluto's House.  Ruler of 8th House is also Venus as Taurus sits on the cusp.  Jupiter is in Taurus in this House.

Houlding's descriptors for Taurus:  Low rooms and cellars, places near the earth, agricultural outhouses, sheds and stables.  Direction would be West-South-West.

Houlding's descriptors for Jupiter:  Wardrobes, pleasant woods, churches, law courts, places which are neat & orderly.

This is nuts, I know.  I hope that Sierra can be found alive and can come home to be with her family.
My question was to ask where her body can be found because the police say that she is likely murdered.

Pluto on the IC doesn't indicate a good thing normally but it could also indicate that she is being held against her will in a motel.  The Moon-Venus opposition could also show that as the signs and placements rule travel.

Venus Eclipses Sun tomorrow

Venus eclipses the Sun tomorrow which means that we will be able to see her pass in front of the Sun from our point of view on the earth.  Get out your paint and brushes and make some pretty pictures or plan on singing a Broadway showtune, or else the Bankers and the Diplomats will take over the earth.  Actually they've already done that and that's why everything's so farked up. 

Venus passes in front of the Sun tomorrow at 16 Gemini.  Kind of weird weather in the Bay Area.  It's suddenly raining.  I think that might be a Venusian hint to cool down.  The transit will be visible through all of the United States and most of Europe east through to India.

On East Coast time the Sun-Venus Rx conjunction will be in the 1st House at the beginning of the conjunction.  Will rise up to the 11th House at Midpoint of the transit.  And will have just passed over the Midheaven and will be in conjunction with MC. 

It will be squaring Mars at 17 Virgo which will be down in the 4th House at the beginning of the transit and will be exactly on the ASC when the transit ends.  It will also be trining Saturn in Libra which might dampen some of the extreme passion of the square.  Well, Venus Rx can dampen passion anyway. 

And the Moon will be passing over Pluto as well.  At the beginning of the transit it will be in Pluto's House 8 and will have dropped down to the 4th House by the end.

According to me the best time to enjoy the transit, or at least to have sex by it, would be around 10:30 when the Sun-Venus Rx conjunction is still in the 11th House and the Moon-Pluto transit is in the 5th House.

The Nodal Axis has an out of sign conjunction from Jupiter in Taurus to the South Node in Gemini.  It is within conjunction of the ASC/DESC axis at the beginning of the transit.  That might indicate some sort of significant event.

Mercury rules the chart and disposits Sun and Venus at the beginning of the transit, is in his own sign at 27 Gemini conjunct the South Node and is Out of Bounds so God only knows what he's got in store. 

Begins 6:04 pm ET  ASC 6 Gemini, MC 5 Pisces

Mid 9:32 pm EDT  ASC 24 Cancer; MC 1 Taurus

Ends 12:51 am ET ASC 17 Virgo;  MC 20 Gemini

USAToday Article.  Don't look directly at the Sun.  The article gives directions on how to make a pinhole camera.

transitofvenus.org  gives all kinds of information including an app to take pictures of the transit and send it in to share with others.

Last time this happened in Sagittarius
Dec. 1874
Dec. 1882

Next time this will happen in Sagittarius
Dec. 2117
Dec. 2125

Saturday, June 02, 2012

Suspect Apprehended in Sierra Lamar case

Sierra Lamar has been missing from Morgan Hill, California since March 16, 2012.  She still hasn't yet been found but a 21-year old man has been arrested for her murder.  This puts pressure on the police and community to try to hurry up and find her.  The experts believe that she has been murdered but the police aren't giving out all of their evidence.  It's easier to win a murder trial if you have a body.

Sierra's DNA was found inside Garcia-Torres' red car and Garcia-Torres' DNA was found on her clothes which were folded in her bag.  The bag was found about 2 blocks from her home (big blocks) in Northern Morgan Hill.  Garcia-Torres lives in Southern Morgan Hill in an RV park with his child and wife who is pregnant with their second child.  Both people live very close to opposite ends of a major street in Morgan Hill called Monterey Road.

I compared some elements of Sierra's case with that of Trayvon Martin in a previous post called Mars and Teenagers >........000000.

Sierra Lamar goes missing:

Mar. 16, 2012  last seen 6:00 am Morgan Hill, last text message:  7:12 am

Sierra Lamar:

Oct. something, I forgot and got stuck reading a bunch of psychic stuff looking for it.          

Suspect Antonin Garcia-Torres
b. Mar. 30, 1991  using Morgan Hill as he's lived there or close by his whole life

Sun 10 Aries;  Moon Libra;  NN 25 Capricorn Rx

Garcia-Torres has some difficult elements in his chart but the only thing that screams out to me "Murderer" is his out of bounds Mars at Declination 25 degrees 22'.  Planet of War, Mars, is at 29 Gemini in his chart.  This is on an Aries Point.  The Cancer AP is considered an emotionally volatile placement for Mars. Mars in Gemini is pretty mercurial and is doubly so in this chart because it is in mutual reception with natal Mercury in Aries.

Garcia-Torres has a possible Grand Square in his chart if you include the Nodal Axis and Chiron and if Moon is within orb of opposition to his Sun (can't be determined without time or place of birth).  Grand Squares can show a lot of tension as the individual receives hits to major squares by planets a lot more than other people.  More shit can happen to these people than to other people so they really have to learn how to roll with the punches.  Even without the Grand Square or Full Moon, Garcia-Torres will have a square between Sun in Aries and Uranus 14 Cap-Neptune 17 Capricorn.

Uranus-Neptune conjunctions can show a subset of people within a generation who are very evolved in social understanding.  In the sign of Capricorn this can show a group of people who want to run things and have a strong sense of class distinction but who want to work on a large group level.  They love gang stalking.  They will all fight for those less fortunate but may expect to take shortcuts in order to climb socially.  

Garcia-Torres has natal Sun, possibly Moon, squaring that conjunction.  Squares are considered difficult elements which will somehow challenge (square) the generational, group energy of the Neptune-Uranus conjunction.  This guy is probably extremely quick on a psychic level but his abilities don't easily flow within the overall scheme of things.  An Aries Sun with Libra Moon is going to be a very charming person as it is.  

Right now Garcia-Torres' progressed Sun has just changed signs from Aries to Taurus.  From the Ram to the Bull.  This means that the way that Torres will express his ego is undergoing a change.  The impulsiveness Aries could become Hard headed or more practical and easygoing depending on how Garcia-Torres is able to express it.  Taurus covets material possessions.  Women are often considered possessions.

Garcia-Torres has been considered the good son in his family.  His older brother was alcoholic and had just died 5 months before Sierra Lamar went missing. His Father is in jail on suspicion of having sex with an underage relative.

Here's an article called "Dissecting Torres' past:  Assault, Obstructing a Cop" from the Gilroy Dispatch which describes Torres' history.

Also connected with Garcia-Torres is a set of unsuccessful abductions from a Safeway parking lot in Morgan Hill that lasted for 7 days back in 2009.  3 different times women were attacked while in their car or while walking up to it.  A hooded man held a knife to one woman's throat and I think used a taser gun on another.  The comparisons between these charts and the chart that is set for the day that Sierra Lamar went missing is really incredible.

Here are the dates and times when I found them:

Attack #1, 46 year old woman zapped with stun gun:  Mar. 19, 2009 11:30 pm  Morgan Hill, CA

Sun 30 Pisces (H4);  Moon 19 Capricorn (H2);  ASC 22 Scorpio; MC 2 Virgo; NN 7 Aquarius RX (H3)

Mars 5 Pisces c. IC;  H3 (cars, parking lots): Jupiter 17 Aquarius-Chiron 24 Aquarius-Neptune 26 Aquarius

Attack #2, actually happened earlier in the day on Mar. 19, 2009 no exact time

Attack #3:  Mar. 26, 2009, 18 year old woman

Sun 7 Aries;  Moon Aries;   NN 7 Aquarius

First one can see that perhaps, if he committed any of these crimes, this Man is affected during/around the time of his Solar Return.  That would set off the square to Uranus-Neptune in Capricorn and maybe also his natal Moon in Libra and Capricorn/Cancer Nodal Axis.  He may also have an extra bad reaction to all the pesticides which are sprayed in the area.  Morgan Hill is agricultural.

The first attack date in 2009 had a Moon-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn same as Sierra Lamar's abduction date.  Pluto in Capricorn would also have set off the Uranus-Neptune conjunction in Garcia-Torres' natal chart as well as his Solar Return.  This brings in compulsions and dealings with power and ego.

Sierra Lamar is a Libra Sun with Capricorn Moon so her chart is hooked right in here.

Moon-Pluto conjunctions are feminine and can show deep compulsions with relation to women, especially in connection to power and control issues and deep emotional compulsions. I wrote in the past post, and that post was really obnoxious, so sorry, about how Pluto is connected with abductions and the underworld. It's connected with rape and murder and any behavior that is taboo. Moon represents Mother and Home and food. 

There is also a Sun-Mercury-Uranus conjunction in all these attack charts, or at least stellium, which is set over the Pisces-Aries cusp. This shows a wired nervous system and flashpoint thinking.  The Sheriff says that Sierra Lamar's abduction appears to have been a random act by total strangers.  That explains Uranus.Mercury represents cars and what's going on in the neighborhood.  In my previous post I discussed how this stellium was passing over the Ascendant at 7:10 am which is the last time Sierra posted a text message.

Transiting Mars is also hanging out over close degrees on the Virgo-Pisces pole in all the charts.  On Mar. 16, 2012, date Sierra went missing Mars was at 9 Virgo.  Between Mar. 19, 2009 and Mars 26, 2009 when the women were attacked in the Safeway parking lot Mars was opposing this placement between 5 and 10 degrees of Pisces.  Garcia-Torres worked at the Safeway store.  He was never tried or convicted of the attacks, was just a suspect. 

Garcia-Torres was having a Venus Return around the time of Sierra's disappearance.  Natal Venus at 15 Taurus.  Transiting Venus 13 Taurus.  Venus was passing over natal Sun during the 2009 Safeway attacks.

It would be interesting to study the Chiron-SN conjunction in Cancer in Garcia-Torres' chart.  He has such a complicated childhood-homelife. This opposes the Capricorn NN and Uranus-Neptune which just wants to rise above everything.  (That may be squaring an Aries/Libra Full Moon).

If I'm reading the article linked to above correctly the only time Garcia-Torres has gone to jail came two months after the parking lot attacks. The police came to his house and wanted to search it for a suspected criminal.  Garcia-Torres over reacted and refused to let them in and became verbally abusive, maybe physically abusive.  He was probably in the middle of the investigations over the attacks in the parking lots (was not arrested).    

May 29, 2009  6:15 pm  San Martin, CA

Sun 9 Gemini;  Moon 25 Leo;  ASC 15 Scorpio;  MC 23 Leo;  NN Aquarius

The Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Aquarius was a big deal in this man's chart.  He's got Saturn 6 Aquarius opposing Jupiter Leo.  We're looking for late degrees. Natal Pluto at 21 Scorpio. Still too early.  Solar Arc Saturn 26 Aquarius, Bingo

On This day Chiron was in exact conjunction with the 2 planets at 27 Aquarius.  Chiron and Neptune were both stationing Retrograde and were opposing Moon in Leo.  There's that Chiron-Moon aspect in which one takes the blame for others.  At the time of the arrest the opposition was hitting the IC-MC angle with Moon (Home) at the top of the chart.  I think that all clocks should have a built in dinger to let people know when Scorpio is Rising and when the Moon and Mars are at difficult placements.  I bet half the crime in the world could be cut if people would pledge to wave white flags during those hours and dates, maybe even pledge to sit down and drink some tea with each other.

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