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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Would you care to cut the cheese, or shall I?

The Smoking Gun website published a pretty funny letter about a workplace incidence which seems ultra Virgo in more ways than one. A social security office in Baltimore Maryland has an employee who was so unable or unwilling to refrain from passing gas while sitting at his desk that his coworkers were forced to document each fart with a date and time stamp. Virgo rules the workplace, of course. Virgo also rules the intestinal tract and probably also is connected with allergies. This all started in may last year just as the 6 month long Mars Rx passage through Virgo was wrapping up. Mars was in opposition to Neptune, the planet of gas. One can see, as documented, that the farting reached a peak while the sun was passing over the last days of Virgo. Shine on Harvey moon. So, mars and sun in Virgo show anger and public health issues in the workplace, as well as fire in the belly. Time to end ones relationships with dairy and gluten.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Mary Baker Eddy

Since most of the most hated people in the news these days are cancer suns. And I am a cancer sun and am going through an intense gang stalking campaign. Not the most popular situation to be stuck in. Since this seems to be going on, some asshole wrote out the whole list of cancers saying it doesn't surprise him or her a bit but you can google it to see if you can find the list. one of my gang stalkers left a comment on a blog that I used to comment on telling the pregnant writer that at least her baby would be a Gemini and not a cancer. They do this all the time. The baby was late and ended up being born at 1 Cancer. The tech industry is full of cyber stalking, most of the employees do this at this point, 22 year olds who make starting salaries at 70 or 100 thousand doesn't exactly create a humanitarian society, and they take over your entire online presence and spread lies about you. And these 22 23 24 year olds are interesting because they born during the Uranus-Neptune conjunction in capricorn. That happened right on my natal moon which I guess is partly responsible for their attachment and obsession with me. They are mostly absolutely rotten people, but wealthy, and they have status which they haven't earned, and are no doubt very talented at basic materialistic forms of science. that's as far as Capricorn goes in most people's lives. When it goes beyond that its the most brilliant sign, of course. What interests me is that I'm forced to seek help from various get help people in order to deal with my issue. Police give referrals to psychiatrists and not to private investigators or lawyers. Media won't touch it because of racial tensions. Psychiatry equals abuse as is typical for my generation. And then my search involves asking for help from religious people. Most medical in my area is dominated by Catholicism and has become a big avoid, stories one can't tell. And the religion which I have naturally gravitated towards has been Christian Science. And I don't know why but I've heard some amazing testimonies during this time but have been warned from others to stay as far the ef away from this as possible. I think Im attracted to the articles in the christian science monitor. Turns out that the creator or Christian Science, Mary baker eddy, had a conjunction of Uranus-Neptune in Capricorn in her own chart. So continues my eternal quest to self destruct by being attracted to that which wants to kill me.

Chiron and Bridges

The best lecture I ever heard about Chiron was given at an astrology conference in Los Angeles years ago. The lecturer was Georgia Stathis and she was discussing financial astrology. But she pointed out that Chiron's orbit is set within our Solar System between the planets Saturn and Uranus and seemed to act as a hybrid mediator-type of energy between the issues associated with those planets. So Chiron can act as a sort of bridge between what Saturn does and what Uranus does. In astrology Chiron is the myth of the teacher of great heroes of Ancient Greece. He was also a healer who could heal everyone but himself, so often Chiron is interpreted as a problematic part of our lives which we struggle to fix. And I'm saying all this from memory, and Leo mercury doesn't always have the most factually accurate memory so don't quote me. In Greek myth Saturn and Uranus don't get along and are typically shown by problems associated with the hippie generation. They rule two adjacent signs Capricorn and Aquarius. Saturn is jealous of his son Uranus and tries to eat him in a psychotic fit. Uranus rebels against the uptight traditional rules and conventions of his father. Georgia Stathis' insights are portrayed literally in today's article in the san jose mercury news in a front page article called "state's bridge quality wanes, thousands of aging structures 'functionally' obsolete, experts say.". Article written by Pete Carey, Lisa Vorderbrueggen and Steven Harmon. The article discusses the condition of California's Bridges. This is in reaction to 2 big news stories right now. First is of a bridge collapse in Washington state which occurred on Thursday night (May23) and of a problem with defective bolts on a bridge in the Bay Area. The article says that the average age of California bridges is 44.4 years old. And here's the kicker from page 9. The average life span (no pun intended) of a bridge is 50 years. That's a Chiron return. Go Georgia Stathis! When building bridges maybe it's good to look at the relationship between Saturn and Uranus in a chart to make sure they are cooperating with each other. It does seem that a lot of issues regarding infrastructure started around the time of the Saturn-Uranus-Pluto T-square. I do think I was writing about this before the fact. Maybe best to leave Pluto out of the equation when building bridges and bridge parts during that time. It's too much stress on Saturn and plutos desire to destroy things along with Uranus' need to surprise people. Great for parties and innovation and plot lines. Not so hot for material world construction? California has a natal conjunction of Uranus-Pluto in Aries so should e going through some big growth and change of the uranus-pluto square these days. And I think is probably going through or a out to go through a Neptune return. Haven't looked at the Washington tragedy astrology.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Good Song

Tatiana's Lament by Peter Ostroushko

High tides and earthquakes related?

Picked up a tide chart for the central coast in a store and am wondering about its value for earthquake prediction. Turns out researchers at ucla were able to affirm that extreme high tides are related to earthquakes which happen in certain parts of the world. California is not included in their statistics so I don't know if it was researched. I'm on ipad so will try to out link in but may not succeed. First off I marked tides higher than 5 feet and noticed really interesting phenomenon which probably everyone knows but it didn't. It probably correlates though with whatever noticed and other astrologers say that cardinal signs are connected with earthquakes. In western astrology this is probably more true because its based on the seasons, ie equinoxes and solstices, rather than the actual placement of planets in the sky. Although I'm uncomfortable using an astrology system that doesn't use proper placement of the planets especially in a place like california which doesn't have strongly marked seasons the way that the east coast does. Apparently, I'm wrong about that last comment, though. It looks like the ocean and its creatures and a very strong seasonal change, especially with regards to the heights of the tides. The tides, of course, are also connected with the lunar phases. Water is always of huge concern in california since much of the state borrows its water from other places. The state is probably nothing like what it was 100 years ago. Right now the state is having major half ever season because the winter was so odd. We got a lot of rain early on and then have had nothing. I don't know if that means were in drought because often the water supply comes from the snow in the mountains, Back to the tides. In January 2013, there was no tide over 5.0 feet. There is a gradual build up of rise in tides in amount of days they last and in height. These occur around the times of the new and full moons. It's interesting how they don't seam to peak exactly on those days. Maybe they do and I would just have to check exact times. Like clockwork, the tides begin to peak at 6 feet on the first full moon after the spring equinox. This could be because there was an eclipse on that full moon. Maybe this doesn't happen every year. It probably does e ause I think the grunion start to run at these times. Peak grunion runs are June, July, August just before or after the new and full moons. So gross to be hunting fish right when they are spawning. Karma must be the reason that the divorce rate is so high in california. The upcoming full moon which is also an eclipse will indeed have high tIde right on the full moon. There will be a mercury -Venus conjunction so I wondering if this will affect a sell off in the stock market. Confusing because the conjunction is in Gemini and is in conjunction with Jupiter. That suggests a lot of market activity but more of a buying opportunity. Back to tides and eclipses. More than half of June has high tide over 5.0. July has 4 days below that level. August has only 2 days below that level. The height in July is 6.9 which occurs at or around the full moon on July 22. The height starts to fall to 6.5 just before Augusts full moon on the 20th. The high tides peak much lower after that and through the rest of the year. Really odd that Octobers full moon occurs 3 days before the peak connected with that full moon. October is earthquake season for Northern California. Maybe this out of sync ess will indicate earthquakes. I'd have to look at tide charts for Northern California, though, I guess.

Monday, May 13, 2013

I will always love you

A passenger turned an American Airlines jet into a virtual KooKoo Clock and got bumped off the flight last week. The passenger, a woman, apparently couldn't stop singing Whitney Houston songs on the cross country flight from los angeles to new york. American Airlines decided to set the flight down in Kansas. There's a video of the police trying to walk her off the plane while the passengers try to film the incident with their cell phones and the stewardess tells everyone that no pictures will be allowed off the plane. Too late. Here's the article. The police in kansas manage to never crack a giggle throughout the entire affair. Maybe there aren't any geminis on the Kansas police force. Either way, they are massive professionals. There's a wizard of oz joke in here somewhere I just can't think of it right now. Anyway, this reminded me of where I had lunch today. I was at one of those buffet places which are guaranteed to give you diabetes. The lady sitting next to me was having her birthday and the employees beckoned us all to sing "Happy Birthday." And you know how tuneless that can be. I watched the birthday girl wince and suddenly realized how much worse this probably is for a Taurus. Taurus rules the voice and is known to speak and sing with sonorous sound, unlike the rest of us who were belching out the lyrics over jello cubes and cheesy potatoes and some sort of story fry I don't know I didn't try it. I think buffet food just doesn't lend itself to resonance. I tried to look up the flight to check the astrology. Hope I've got the right flight. If not, sorry. American Airlines flight 4 Depart lax May 9, 2013. 12:00 pm Scheduled to arrive JFK, ny, ny, at 8:40 pm Diverted to Kansas via the yellow brick road ( ha, put one in there , sorry) You will notice on the video that The lady is singing "I will always love you." Hey, it's a classic and it has a positive message even though it does sound a little more like heavy metal in this case. What we see here for this flight is a new moon in Taurus. O no! Omigod! It was an eclipse. Somebody call Celeste teal. The rising sign for the flight was Leo. No shit. And it disposits to the solar eclipse. No better place to feel eclipsed than Kansas. I'm only kidding, I loved Lawrence, Kansas when I was there. I was told to shut up about the election in salina. I think the really cool pig farm was in Missouri, but that's another story. This eclipse is placed up in the 9th house. Nobody likes a show tune like the good old 9th house, sadge, let me tell ya. You know the lady was drunk and working off some sort of anxiety. The eclipse is in conjunction with mercury and mars which indicates impulsive need to express ones self. Although Taurus isn't often known for going off the beam, sun-moon-mercury-mars-sn conjunctions are. The Taurus part just naturally yearbs to do a Barbara Streisand (taurus) / whitney houston (leo) thing. I mean, when you think about it, what better audience than a plane load of people? What else do all those people have to do for all those long boring hours on the airplane flight? Since the woman was a woman, Venus was the first planet I looked at in the chart. Venus rules women and taurus, and has just moved into Gemini along with Jupiter. They are both unaspected so are just off doing their own thing in the chart. 10th house gets ambitious to do something cool before the public. And then there's Saturn, planet which shows where we might tend to fall. Saturn, at the time that the flight was scheduled to take off was in Scorpio and exactly conjunct the Ic which is the bottom of the chart. Grounded. That indicates the whole thing with the fire Marshall and the stopover at the pig farm. No wait, that was Missouri, not Kansas. At any rate, this lady's taking the Lewis and Clark trail to New York, that's for sure. Haha, didn't Kristin wiig make a movie about this a couple of years ago? I think she's a Taurus, wouldn't that be a kicker?