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Friday, August 31, 2007

New York Couple Wins Lottery Twice!

Turns out maybe a good thing to invest in one's Luck weekly. A New York couple has won the Lottery twice using the same numbers!! The husband, Euguene Angelo spends about $42 a week on Lottery Tickets. Chances are almost nil that he'd win once, but they say that his chances of winning a second time are 22.5 Million to 1 .

Adeline (Age 74) and Eugene Angelo (Age 81) pulled the lucky numbers that won yesterday's $5M Jackpot and they also won $2.5M in 1996 which was their part of a Jackpot shared with 3 other people. Eugene Angelo has been buying the tickets for the last 29 years since the Lottery began. 29 years? That means it's a Saturn thing. Bingo. Po-ke-no. Oh, sorry, wrong games. But Saturn is somehow relevant here. For both wins, Father Time (Good Timing?) was within orb of conjunction with the South Node in the transit charts.

Since I don't have their Birth dates I used the only date for the couple listed in the article which was their Wedding Date: (http://www.nydailynews.com/news/2007/08/30/2007-08-30_luck_strikes_twice_for_2ndtime_lotto_win.html).

First Win: Dec. 1996 New York NY?

Second Win: Aug. 30, 2007, tickets purchased Aug. 18, 2007 in Croton Falls, NY

Lucky Marriage: Sept. 28, 1957, New York?

Turns out the Saturn-South Node conjunction was right on top of the Marriage's Mars-Sun-Jupiter conjunction in Libra in 1996. Yesterday's Win brought a conjunction of South Node-Saturn to their Pluto. Jupiter was also conjunct the Marriage's Saturn-Moon in Sagittarius.

The Angelo's Marriage Chart shows a few signs of extreme Good Luck. First, the chart is contained within a Fire Trine between Uranus in Leo (sudden events, gambling) and Saturn-maybe Moon in Sagittarius (Luck). Transiting Jupiter is right now conjunct the Wedding Saturn. The Sun-Jupiter-Mars conjunction is sextiling the Saturn-Uranus trine which really amps up the Luck.

There is an opposition between Uranus in Leo and Chiron in Aquarius that aspects most of the other planets. This might be an important factor as this chart is now having its Chiron Return. The couple will celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary on Sept. 28 and so the Chart is having it's Chiron Return. This opposition squares a Venus (Money)-NN (Fate) conjunction in Scorpio (Other people's Money). The opposition also sextiles/trines Saturn-Moon? in Sagittarius and sextile/trines Jupiter-Sun-Mars.

The Aspects by Successive Degrees

Here is a feeble attempt to understand the aspects, especially the minor ones. I've had trouble finding a list like this. I've listed as many as I could find and put them in numerical order in hopes that it will help for understanding the feeling of how the planets move through time. If anyone finds a mistake please let me know.

The comments below some of the aspects are taken from the Wikipedia article on aspects: http://www.astrosoftware.com/MinorAspect.htm. I like them because they're concise and if they're not accurate somebody would have corrected them by now. Right? I'm only slightly rephrasing them for the most part. Additional interpretations ought to be used. Robert Blaschke has written an online newsletter explaining 18', 20', 22.5' and 25 5/7' aspects here: http://www.earthwalkastrology.com/c_news.html. Sounds very spiritual and my slow Taurus 12th house cusp hasn't ingested the meanings quite yet. I am catching on through his Progressions book that he's done some really awesome work.

Eventually through study of Harmonics and other disciplines astrologers will have an understanding of how each degree relates to all other 359 degrees of the circle. That's pretty exciting.

0 degrees / Conjunction / 1st Harmonic

15 degrees / _______________? Some call it a Quindecile / 24th Harmonic

18 degrees / Semi-Decile (or Vigintile) / 20th Harmonic

20 degrees / Seminovile / 18th Harmonic

22.5 degrees / Semioctile / 16th Harmonic

25 5/7 degrees / Semiseptile / 14th Harmonic (related to 7th Harmonic)

30 degrees / Semi-Sextile / 12th Harmonic
--weak influence connected with making decisions, conscious effort needed to stay positive (from Wiki)

32.72727272 degrees / Undecim / 11th Harmonic
--associated with social consciousness & ability to reach beyond oneself for help (from Wiki)

36 degrees / Decile (or Semi-Quintile) / 10th Harmonic
--ability to help others (from Wiki)

40 degrees / Novile (or Nonagen) / 9th Harmonic
--constriction between two planets involved that can be unlocked & used as a catalyst to self-enhancement (from Wiki)

45 degrees / Semi-Square (or Octile, Semi-Quartile) / 8th Harmonic
--weaker version of square - somewhat difficult circumstances (from Wiki)

51.42857 degrees / Septile / 7th Harmonic
--irrational relations between elements represented by two planets involved, confers hidden underlying nature & destiny of their relationship (from Wiki).

60 degrees / Sextile / 6th Harmonic

72 degrees / Quintile (angle used in Pentagrams) / 5th & 10th Harmonics
--Indicates talents & vaguely fortunate influences. Effort is needed to reap benefits. (from Wiki)

75 degrees / _______?____ (In Quindecile Family) / 24th Harmonic

80 degrees / Binovile / 9th Harmonic

90 degrees / Square / 8th Harmonic

102.857143 degrees / Biseptile / 7th Harmonic
--externalized septile (from Wiki)

105 degrees / Squine (hybrid between square and trine) / Harmonic?

108 degrees / Sesquiquintile (also Tridecile, Quintile and a half) / 10th Harmonic

120 degrees / Trine (1/3 circle) / 3d Harmonic

135 degrees / Sesquiquadrate (square plus semi-square, also called tri-octile) / 8th Harmonic
--somewhat difficult, similar to semi-square

144 degrees / Biquintile (2 quintiles) / 5th and 10th Harmonics
--similar to Quintile, social creativity or need for withdrawal and isolation (from Wiki)

150' / Quincunx (5/12 circle) / 12th Harmonic
--moderate, unpredictable, adjustment, 2 elements have nothing in common, area of self-neglect in life leading to health problems (from Wiki)

154.286714 degrees / Tri-Septile / 7th Harmonic

160 degrees / Quatronovile / 9th Harmonic

163' 38" / Quinqueundecile / 11th Harmonic

165 degrees / Quindecile (Johndro) / 24th Harmonic (all 15 degree aspects belong to 24th harmonic)
--head-strong, determination (from Wiki)
--excellent article by Noel Tyl: http://www.noeltyl.com/techniques/990801.html

180 degrees / Opposition / 2d Harmonic

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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Burnt Man

Fly Me To the Moon...

It really is difficult living in San Francisco where everybody and his brother is agonizing over these Eclipses for months before they happen. I think it gives some of us too much time to plan.

If nothing happened to you during the Lunar Eclipse well then maybe it's your fault; If the Lunar Eclipse didn't come to you then you should have gone to it. At the Burning Man Festival in Nevada on Tuesday (8/28/2007 2:58am; Lovelock, NV) some nut from San Francisco decided to burn the 40 foot Wooden Sculpture in order to coincide with the Eclipse. Normally the sculpture is burned down at the end of the festival, in this case that's on Saturday. This guy took a blow torch to the Big Man's shin and voila, 23 minutes later, compliments of the fire brigade, 85 percent charcoal drawing. Hey, Venus in Leo opposite good old Neptune in Aquarius. Big ego'd artist takes back the festival from the yuppies.

I guess the guy was sent to jail on an arson charge. Isn't that weird? He's an arsonist for burning down something that would have been burnt down anyway, just 4 days early. All the pop shrinks will be having a field day with this one.

Chart has 25 Cancer Rising with ruler Moon in 8th House conjunct the North Node in Virgo. The 2d House of artistic creation is lit up like a firefly with Sun-South Node-Saturn and Venus opposing the Moon and North Node in the 8th House of creative destruction: the Phoenix rising from the ashes - they're gonna rebuild a Littler Man in time for Saturday).

And then there's the Mutable Grand Square: Mars in Gemini opposite Jupiter in Sagittarius squaring Uranus in Pisces opposite Mercury in Virgo. That's some pretty frenetic energy. I guess the yuppies are mad. Something like "We were all really mellow until this happened."

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Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Here's a fun coincidence concerning Mars Returns and Creativity.

There's a book published recently that claims that Mary Shelley based her Frankenstein Character on a real Dr. Frankenstein who lived in Frankenstein Castle in Germany in the 1600's. The guy was an Alchemist/Anatomist who dug up dead bodies and tried to either sew them back together and bring them back to life or transfer their energies from one to the other or maybe just bring them back to life. The towns folk didn't like him so they ran out him out. He moved to France and invented the pigment Prussian Blue. Prussian Blue is an interesting pigment that could only have been invented by an Alchemist. It has such an intense staining quality that once you start using it on your palette it will take over all the other colors. Dr. Frankenstein was probably intentionally trying to create an "Immortal" pigment. He probably reincarnated into the guy who invented Twinkies which have a shelf life of a hundred thousand billion years.

So enough for the ramble. The book is called In Search of Frankenstein and it's written by Radu Florescu.

The connection between "Creation" and the planet Mars is really interesting. I've found connections between artists/writers and their creations as products of Mars Returns. Mostly, I've found a connection between the inspiration or muse for one's creations. Here's a cool one.

Mary Shelley

b. Aug. 30, 1797 London, England

Sun 8 Virgo; Moon Sagittarius; NN 20 Gemini

Mary Shelley eloped with Percy Shelley and holed up with Lord Byron and others down in Switzerland or wherever they were. Apparently they boated up the Rhine to Frankenstein's Castle. But the Summer was drab, alas, they brought England with them, and so sat around in Byron's castle telling stories. Mary Shelley drummed up the story of Dr. Frankenstein, a gear head Doctor in a castle who brought a creature back to life. The horrors of modern medicine was born.

Mary Shelley had Sun conjunct Mars and Uranus plus Mercury in Virgo, sign of Medicine, so you can imagine she'd be pretty good at thinking along these lines. Her Mars is at 1 Virgo; Sun 8 Virgo; Uranus 13 Virgo; Mercury 28 Virgo. She also would have been quite a gear head herself, if she were alive today she'd be running half the companies in the Silicon Valley.

Summer of 1816 her progressed Mars was exactly conjunct n. Uranus, that's a good rebellious signature for eloping with a freaky poet against Daddy's wishes, but, in Virgo, it's also a sign of futuristic vision of the technological age especially since this conjunction is squaring transiting Neptune in Sagittarius-natal Nodes in Sagittarius-Gemini. Natally, Shelley's Mars is opposite her Pluto in Aquarius so she also understood Wilfullness and life force. By coincidence, the Summer of 1816, Mars was in Leo from middle of June to end of July and then was in Virgo for the rest of the Summer. On August 1, middle of Summer, Shelley would have had an exact Mars Return.

Then I looked up the chart of the original Dr. Frankenstein who's real name was:

Johann Conrad Dippel

b. Aug. 10, 1673 Frankenstein Castle, Darmstadt, Germany

Sun 18 Leo; Moon Cancer; NN 18 Aquarius

Dippel's Mars is at 1 Virgo exactly conjunct Mary Shelley's!!!!! It's as if he was psychically infusing his soul into her head! Oh come on! Believe it! Just think about all the creepy inventions going on when Pluto and Uranus passed over this spot of Virgo back in the 60s.

There are other connections as well. Their Nodal Axes trined/sextiled. I was wondering about the Uranus connection, seems there should be a strong one as the subtitle for the book was called "The Modern Prometheus." Dippel had a conjunction of Uranus and Chiron in Pisces that opposed Shelley's Mercury-Venus-Chiron (Virgo-Libra cusp.) Shelley's Progressed Sun was passing through this natal conjunction when she wrote her book and it was opposing transiting Pluto (which would have been conjunct his Uranus-Chiron).

Oh, and I checked a couple of aspects connected with the movie Frankenstein. Neptune, ruler of Film, was conjunct Mary Shelley's natal Sun, to the degree. Colin Clive, who played Dr. Frankenstein, had a Virgo Moon, and Boris Karloff, who played the monster, had a Virgo Mars.

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Monday, August 27, 2007

Where the Hell is Dave Chappelle?

Many Happy Returns to Dave Chappelle who just had his 34th Birthday. I don't know where he is, but I hope he's at peace and being his exceptionally talented, big hearted self.

Dave Chapelle

b. Aug. 24, 1973 Washington, DC

Sun 2 Virgo; Moon Cancer; NN 7 Capricorn

Chappelle started working in Comedy when he was 14 and by Age 19 he was filming his first movie. Right there you have an astrological indicator for Saturn (opposition at Age 14) and the Nodes (Return at Age 19). These two are bound together in Chappelle's chart making their influence extra strong. Ambitious, hardworking Saturn is conjunct his Cancer South Node and rules his North Node. He was born to be a very wise little old man right from the start. He might also have a deep fear of failure. Also, there is a chance that his Cancer Moon is also conjunct his Saturn and South Node which perhaps shows a short childhood, perhaps due to past lives. His drive to work hard is extra strong as the Nodal axis/Saturn/maybe Moon is squared by an intense Venus-Pluto conjunction in Libra. This is a planetary combination that likes to test its endurance skills almost for the Hell of it.

Venus-Pluto is also aspecting most of Chappelle's other planets. It squares his Nodes/Saturn; is in a small rectangle shape trining Jupiter with apex Neptune in Scorpio; and is in a Yod pattern sextiling Neptune, with both planets inconjunct Mars in Taurus. The great Australian astrologer Alice McDermott (I think that's just her Internet name) says that often comedians will have a triangle shape in their charts that includes an inconjunct, a trine and a square. She thinks that the combination of these oddball aspects together will create a humorist. Chappelle's Mars inconjunct Venus-Pluto makes 2 of these triangles; the first to the North Node and the second to Jupiter in Aquarius. North Node in Capricorn is dry wit; Jupiter in Aquarius is just bart farking funny___.

There are many other aspects indicating Chappelle's comedic talent. Instead I'm going to look at what might indicate his crash and burn cycles. He says that his problems began in 1998 when his Father died. He was working 20 hour days and never had a time to grieve. That'll do it. But, astrowise, at that point the Yod in his chart was flaring up from aspects. Saturn was transiting over apex Mars. Saturn rules the person's Father so this transit alone makes sense. On the other parts of the Yod, t.Pluto was conjunct natal Neptune in Scorpio. This is a very spiritual aspect and Chapelle is certainly a person who could take advantage of it at that high level. (The "bad girls" of Hollywood are going through that transit in Sagittarius right now along with Jupiter, party on). On the other leg of the Yod is natal Venus-Pluto. Chappelle's progressed Mercury was passing over this point. The Yod is called the Finger of God. It raises issues that simply don't have a simple answer and forces the person into a confused state where he simply must accept imperfection. Chappelle is a Virgo. Don't tell a Virgo to accept imperfection. Plus, this isn't all. His progressed Venus was opposite natal Mars. This is the spot where the problems posed by the Yod can find resolve. In his art, he was finding great resolve for society as a whole, he was telling us our stories in ways that we could laugh at. Also, Venus rules love and money, Chappelle certainly found both, just maybe too much too soon. A problem maybe also indicated by Mars' influence as well as the Cancer South Node?

Mars was additionally afflicted in 1999 when it went Retrograde by Progression. That's probably excellent for a person's creativity, both Debussy and Beethoven had Mars retrograde by progression during their life times. I think it also brings up some problems for men in their interactions with the world and personal life. It might be an extra stressor for Chappelle through his past. I've read that his Parents' divorced when he was around 2 years old. That's around the time of the first Mars Return so strong transits to this point might bring up some strong unresolved feelings and in this case, impulsiveness due to Mars' influence.

Chappelle's progressed Sun has been going through difficult transits as well. In 1998 it squared his natal Neptune and transiting Pluto. This is great for acting and film, of course. He was able to use this transit to develop skits about real social problems and characters that reach across social boundaries. But he was also going through the confusion and power struggles associated with this combination.

Progressed Sun then changed signs into Libra which would bring a huge 30 year change of attitude in personal expression, in this case in Libra Chappelle was becoming aware that he was doing his work for others. It then hit his natal Pluto and is apparently bringing up resentments that others aren't appreciating or understanding the situation. This is a slow transit that takes years to complete as the Sun must also pass over Venus. Remember he's got that Venus-Pluto squaring Saturn and the Nodes. Great comedians work with anger and control issues, but they must learn to gain perspective on how much they can accomplish at one time if they want to survive. Saturn and Moon have lessons to learn about give and take.

Anyway, supposedly the cracking point in public came for Chappelle while performing in Sacramento, CA in June, 2004. Apparently nobody had explained to him what creatures lurk in the Delta River trailers. The audience was heckling him and the stupidity broke him. He then abruptly left his TV show in its 3d season in 2005. He gave up zillions of dollars.

Today Chappelle lives in Ohio where he spent his summers with his Father. I recently read that he was hospitalized for exhaustion (t.Saturn c. n.Sun). I also read that he set an endurance record performing comedy on stage than 6 hours, so doi re burn out. He's got a major transit coming up this next year as Jupiter and Pluto conjunct opposite his Saturn and near his Nodes. They will be trining t.Saturn so hopefully he will be able to pace himself. That progressed Sun still has to make it over his n.Venus. It's squaring his Saturn but also trining his Mars. Will be interesting as Jupiter and Pluto can bring success when working together.

So many Happy Trines to you, Dave Chappelle. Get some sleep. And stop drinking milk. Virgos tend to be lactose intolerant.

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Total Lunar Eclipse Information

Here's some information from off of Solar Fire about the Lunar Eclipse that happens tomorrow at 4 Pisces. The Moon will be in the 4th House and Saturn will also be in its own House 10:

August 28, 2007 10:37am (UT)
Saros No. 128
Semi Duration Total 45 min.
Semi Duration Partial 106 min.

The Time will be different for wherever you are. This Chart has 2 Scorpio Rising and ruler Pluto in H2. Sounds financial.

Jupiter squares the Sun-Moon opposition from Sagittarius in H2.

And Mars opposes Jupiter from H8. And also squares the Mercury-Uranus opposition on the H5 and H11 cusps.

Neptune will be closest to the IC opposing Venus near the Leo MC.


Saturday, August 25, 2007

Beethoven Killed By His Doctor?

Here's an article from the San Jose Mercury News discussing research containing evidence that Beethoven was slowly poisoned by his Doctor with a treatment that contained Lead. http://www.mercurynews.com/ci_6706233. Apparently Beethoven had such a difficult personality that most Doctors wouldn't treat him so he ended up with a Quack. A good lesson for us all. Be nice to yer docteur. The article studied chemical analyses of Beethoven's hair and found through growth patterns that big spikes of Lead coincided with the timing for the treatments he received.

Lead is ruled by Saturn and Saturn was transiting through Beethoven's 8th House of Death so I suppose you could leave the interpretation alone with just that information.

I believe that Capricorn/Saturn also rules the Hearing and Hearing Sensitivities and Losses. At the time of his death Beethoven's Solar Arc Saturn was conjunct his 12th house cusp, a major health house. Beethoven had 3 Planets in Capricorn in his 3d house. All 3 were receiving close conjunctions:

1. t. Neptune 17 Capricorn c. n. Pluto 17 Capricorn (both inconjunct Saturn-MC in Leo)
2. T. Uranus 28 Capricorn c. n. Venus 27 Capricorn
3. prog. Moon 5 Capricorn c. n. Jupiter 4 Capricorn (and opposite t. Saturn in H8 out of sign in Gemini)

I wanted to find the indicator that showed he was killed by his doctor. I think Scorpio Rising can only have a kindly Venusian type of treatment (Taurus on the Descendant) and good luck finding that for a Sagittarius who is in pain.

First indicator might be that Beethoven died shortly after having a Nodal Return in his 1st house. The Nodes were still passing through the 1st-7th houses of relationships with South Node at 16 Taurus were conjunct his Uranus in Taurus. As Uranus is part of the rare Grand Earth Trine of the 3 outer planets that happened the year of his birth this creates a Kite Pattern over the 1st/7th house nodes. Transiting Uranus was conjunct Venus, ruler of the sign it is placed in and also the Descendant.

The transiting Nodes were also squaring his natal Saturn-MC bringing in again the theme of Lead. It's interesting that Napoleon also had this Outer Planet Grand Square and also is thought to have been poisoned. Uranus shares this aspect with Neptune and Pluto, the two planets that rule poisoning and toxicity. Pluto rules Beethoven's chart and the sign of his North Node so is extra important in matters of health and physical body.

Ludwig von Beethoven

b. Dec. 16, 1770 3:40 am Bonn, Germany

d. Mar. 26, 1827

I'm also going to add some notes about Beethoven's Hearing Problem and Tinnitus. Coincidentally, I've found that Saturn was transiting through his 8th house also in 1796 when Beethoven's hearing began to fail. This house is ruled by Gemini/Mercury which rules the hearing. Mars is in that House, retrograde in Gemini, and very much out of bounds at 26 degrees 10' 54 N. Mars is also heavily afflicted as it opposes Moon, Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius and squares Neptune and has no easy aspects.

In 1796 I've found the following aspects which I think might help explain his problems:

1. Prog. Sun 21 Cap c. Prog. Venus RX 19 Cap. c. n. Pluto 17 Cap plus transiting South Node 17 Capricorn in 3d house.

2. transiting Pluto conjunct t. Jupiter in 4th House

3. Prog. Moon c. t. Neptune over Scorpio Ascendant

4. T. Saturn passing through 8th House over natal Mars Rx/Prog. Mars Rx.

5. Also in 1796 there was a long Mars Retrograde Transit over the Cusp between Capricorn and Sagittarius on Beethoven's 3d house cusp.

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Friday, August 24, 2007

Cycles that Come Up in Solar Return Charts

From Mary Shea's excellent book Planets in Solar Returns: A Yearly Guide for Transformation and Growth, here are some cycles to watch for as represented in Solar Return Charts. They may represent repeating patterns in a life. There are lots of 33 year cycles. Didn't Dante write The Divine Comedy when he was 33 years old? Something about being halfway through Life and getting one's first Taste of Hell?

  • Midheaven - The MC jumps ahead 3 signs every year give or take a couple of degrees. If you've lived in the same place all your life the Midheaven will return to its original spot every 33 years + or - a couple of degrees.
  • Ascendant - I didn't write anything down for this. Maybe follows approximate 33 year returns like Sun and MC? (That's a guess).
  • Sun - Is always in the same sign on same degree. Also follows a 33 year cycle for those who've lived in one spot their whole lives. The Sun moves forward 3 Houses every year. Stays in same angularity for 10 years then shifts to next angularity so follows a 10 year "sub-cycle". In otherwords, if Sun starts in Angular House it will be in an angular house for about 10 years. Then it will slip to Succedent Houses for the next 10 years (about). And then it will slip to Cadent House positions for 10 years. And then back to Angular Houses, etc. It appears to move backwards through the chart though. H1 to H10 to H7 to H4, for example.
  • Mercury - Will be Retrograde in the Solar Return Chart every 6 years. Can only be in the 3 signs closest to the Sun Sign.
  • I can't get rid of this bullet.
  • Venus - Repeats placements every 8 years give or take a few degrees. Exceptions for Venus Retrogrades, especially Stations. I've already forgotten what this means, just buy the book, support the author.
  • Mars - The sign Mars is in will be unpredictable.
  • Jupiter - Will be in a new sign almost every year so will probably be in the same sign every 12 years just as in transit charts.

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Thursday, August 23, 2007

82 Minutes - Nicole Richie

O My God! O My Gaw-aw-aw-d!

Nicole Richie went to jail today. She checked in at 3:15 pm and checked out at 4:37 pm. I haven't tried to count the minutes myself but CNN says that totals 82 minutes. Omigod. It's like she was playing Monopoly or something.

Nicole Richie
b. Sept. 21, 1981 Berkeley, CA

Nicole's Sun is in Virgo. What a great way to usher the transiting Sun into that sign. Guess it helps that she has a stellium of 4 planets in Libra, Saturn-Jupiter-Pluto and Mercury in the sign of the Judicial System. Nicole's progressed Sun is in Libra sandwiched between her natal Jupiter and Pluto.

At 3:15 pm Richie's natal Neptune, ruler of Jails, was rising over the Ascendant in Sagittarius of the event chart. And Jupiter, planet of Good Luck, was both ruling and placed within the 12th house which again rules Jails.

The Moon was just separating from conjunction with Pluto and was in Capricorn perhaps opposing her natal Cancer Moon. Quite an emotional day for Ms. Richie. But, all in all, a very successful visit.


Dating Do's and Don'ts

Who'd have ever thought I'd be looking at the chart of Marilyn Manson? But that's where today's Yahoo trivia search landed me. This is really my way of avoiding writing my "Back to School Blog about College Campus Rapes" due to depressing subject matter, so, really, you know, it's either this or a link to the video of all 50 of Michael Vick's unkilled pitbills who will have to be euthanized. Kind of a funky mood today.

Anyhoo, Yahoo today has all kinds of lists of Dating Turn-offs for both Guys and Gals. The first list for Women was called "Are You Too Clingy?" written by David Zinczenko. Here's the list of what David Zinczenko hates most in women along with Rex Bills' rulerships:

1. Lying (Rex Bills: Mercury, Pluto, Neptune)
2. Nagging (Rex Bills: (Pluto) I don't agree with this rulership but what do I know?).
3. Clingy. (Rex Bills doesn't mention rulership, but that's Cancer).

Clingy is what Zinczenko focuses on in this essay. Here are the subcategories for this category:

1). Don't make more than 2 phone calls a day
2). Don't request joint email account
3). No celebrity gossip
4). Let him have alone time.

That's such a weird list, almost irrational. No celebrity gossip? What's that got to do with "Where're ya goin? What're ya doin? Who ya talkin to? Why'd it take so long? Can I come? Why didn't you ask me?" I saw Angie Dickinson at the Country Fair once when I was 12 and she smiled really pretty and that's all my contact with Celebrities in my whole life. What does he mean? Don't read the magazines by the Cash Register in the Check Out line at the Grocery Store? Yeah, that's a turn off but so what?

I became obsessed with David Zinczenko. Why would anybody bring up the subject of celebrities? Who is this guy? What's his sign? Alas, the Internet wouldn't cough it up, just some "c. 1970" like he's an ancient Incan artifact. And he co-wrote a book called "The Abs Diet." Abs, ruled by Virgo. Now we're getting somewhere. Is he a Vi- Ver- Verg ....

I don't know. But he just got dumped by one. Since 2002 Zinczenko has been dating a Virgo, the Celebrity Actress Rose McGowan. Maybe Virgo women are especially attracted to men with tight abs, especially narcissistic actress types. Recently, Rose the Virgo has been seen on the arms of a Director Dude. "No Celebrity Gossip" begins to make sense. David doesn't want us talking about him. Ah, I'm starting to feel sorry for him, he just accidentally slipped that weird thing about Celebrities in there because he was distracted by his own failed love life.

Actually the first birth date I drummed up for Rose was 12/13/1974 which makes her a Double Sagittarius with Venus and Mars in Sagittarius. Wouldn't that be cool? In that case, she weren't no Cling Wrap and David Z. really has good intuitions about things. And, unfortunately for David Z. Rose wasn't clingy enough. And she probably lied about her new relationship until she knew for sure that it was more than a one night stand. And what was that other quality men don't want in their relationships? Nagging? Anyway, she's apparently not the Sagg chart.

Most sources give girlfriend McGowan's Birth date as Sept. 5, 1973 in Florence, Italy. Really weird story of her upbringing involving cult practices, I can't gossip about it because I don't believe it. This gives Rose a Virgo Sun and Sagittarius Moon and a Mars in Taurus. Yes, I wouldn't expect that to be clingy. Mars in Taurus might prefer a guy with Big Abs but, if it weren't for that Sagittarius Moon, Rose secretly yearns for a Banker. Venus conjunct Uranus in Libra. That's not a shrinking violet signature either; as a matter of fact it's Awesome Weird. She's Quentin Tarantino's favorite actress. You've gotta have some kind of intense Uranus contact to represent Quentin Tarantino. With a girlfriend with a Libra conjunction like that no wonder David Z. switched to writing about relationships.

So then we read further into the Wiki entry, deep into Wiki. And it turns out: McGowan's boyfriend for 5 years was Marilyn Manson. And so this blog has come full circle. Marilyn Manson, a truly strange guy, and for certainly sure I'd hate, just hate to look at his Abs. Marilyn Manson. Sun in Capricorn, Leo Rising with Leo Moon. Venus in Pisces trining Mars in Scorpio. A show-off with a kinky, secretive love life and strange looking contacts in his eyes.

And back to David Z. who's writing Love Advice columns for Women while he's going through Relationship Hell. Hey Dude, I'm sorry, it sucks, it's a lonely world out here. I'm really really sorry. The Sun will come out tomorrow. (Sun rules Celebrities, hehehehe).

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Fast Cars

I ran across a list on Wikipedia of the "Top 10 Sport Cars of All Time." Of these cars, 5 out of the 10 were produced and marketed for the public in the early 60s. That means that they're Pluto in Virgo cars. That doesn't seem like a remarkable phenomenon until you realize that Uranus moved into Virgo in 1962 and was beginning its conjunction to Pluto. According to Rex Bills, Speed is ruled by (Mercury & Uranus). Sex is ruled by Pluto, Mars, and H5-Sun. Okay, so Pluto and Uranus were in Leo before they were in Virgo. That was providing the Motivation to create the Technology. And Pluto. Pluto was providing the Mojo, Baby.

The Pluto in Gemini generation was probably going through its Mid-Life crisis at this time via the Pluto square. A bunch of peaked-out middle-aged Pluto in Geminians were dumping their life savings into one last hurrah by buying these cars. First came the Car, then came the Pill, then came the Divorce, maybe not exactly in that order, things were chaotic back then. One of the first guys my Mother ever dated drove a car with doors that swang open from the roof and when he turned on the ignition the chassis would rise a couple of inches off the ground and the engine would bellow out all kinds of swear words in Italian and German. I don't know what kind of car it was, I do remember that it was White and the next morning my Mother said it was just "compensatory behavior."

It sort of makes sense that the actual Pluto in Virgo generation, 50% product of divorce, would itself choose to drive SUVs; souped-up moving vans for all our crap; suburban high chairs for lost, dour childhoods spent sending parents off on dates in midget Space Shuttles.

Here's the list from off of Wikipedia. It's from "Sports Car International."

1. 1962-64 Ferrari 250 GTO
2. 2004-2006 Porsche Carrera GT
3. 1961-1974 Jaguar E-Type
4. 1966-1973 Lamborghini Miura SV
5. 1955-64 Mercedes-Benz 300 SL
6. 1964-present Porsche 911
7. 1948-1965 Porsche 356
8. 1999 Porsche 911 GT3
9. 1986-1989 Porsche 959
10. 1962 Shelby 289 Cobra

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Primo Levy

I feel kind of heavy hearted saying "Happy Saturn Return" to a Concentration Camp Survivor but these Saturn in Leo folks really like to jump out at you during their returns, even through History. Elie Wiesel says we should never stop talking about what happened during the Holocaust with hopes that it will never happen again. Since the 40s there have been many Holocausts over the World so I don't know if it does any good, but at any rate, here you go Elie. And, Primo, for whatever Cloud you're floating around on, this was supposed to be a "Happy Solar Return" greeting for you because you're a Courageous LEO.

Primo Levy

b. July 31, 1919; 4:00am; Turin, Italy;

Sun 7 Leo; ASC 10 Cancer; Moon 25 Virgo; MC 15 Pisces; NN 2 Sagittarius

First Lesson. When a person has a name like "Primo" one must always always check to see whether Mars either rules the 1st House or is placed therein as Mars rules Aries and Aries is the 1st sign of the Zodiac and likes to be first. Primo, get it? And this is an example of when this trick works. Primo's chart (astrotheme) shows his natal Mars is in his 1st House. Not only that but it is conjunct Pluto and the Ascendant in Cancer. You want to understand what the word "Survivor" means? Well, this is a good indicator. Strong Willed.

Primo Levy was a Jewish-Italian Chemist who was sent to Auschwitz during World War II. He survived and wrote about his experiences of the camps with a stark, realistic style. He survived 11 months before the Red Army liberated Auschwitz. The living conditions were so brutal at that point that the average life expectancy of an entrant was 3 months. Levy continued working as a chemist in a paint factory and also became well known for his memoirs of the camps and his other writing. He then passed away at age 68; most believe his death was a suicide due to the depression that took him over later in life.

Levy's chart shows some strongly placed aspects that may work against each other. The best one is the fact that he had a conjunction of Jupiter in Cancer and Neptune in Leo to his Leo Sun. I read this as a person with high ideals and love of life. This conjunction doesn't aspect any other planets in Levy's chart so its influence stands out and maybe elevated his awareness of the atrocities going on around him during the War. Also remarkable is that Levy's didn't have any Planets in Air. This might mean that he was constantly searching for the Intellectual distance. He was able to describe in precise detail with a scientist's observations life in the camp. Then there's the Mars-Pluto conjunction in Cancer on the Ascendant. This shows deep emotions working through the feeling element. As I'll show later, he probably became stronger when under stress.

Making up for the lack of Air in his chart, Levy's Mercury was in its own house (3) in his chart conjunct Saturn in Leo and opposite Uranus in Pisces (sorry my notes are so full I can't read them so don't know degrees). This reflects his scientific background and his ability to stay mentally sharp. His perception of reality (Saturn) and truth (Uranus) were very keen. Uranus was further emphasized as the handle to his bucket-shaped chart. And the Mercury-Saturn to Uranus opposition was squaring his Nodes showing that this aspect will somehow influence his subconscious life path.

One can follow the transits of these two outer planets, Saturn and Uranus, through his life to see how his mental status (Mercury, H3) affected his health (North Node conjunct 6th cusp, SN on 12th cusp). Levy suffered a devastating depression in 1963 from which he supposedly never fully recovered. Whatever other indicators there are for it, Post Traumatic Stress is at least in part influenced by Uranus due to its Shock and Sudden, unpredictable onset. Saturn of course is depression. When Levy went to Auschwitz both planets had just passed over his South Node and were in his 12th house. Since 12th House rules jails one could read that as a fitting description for what was going on in his life. Both planets were once again in close aspect to each other but in the opposite 6th House when Levy committed suicide. (Also, his progressed Mars and ASC were conjunct his natal Mercury-Saturn conjunction. And t.Pluto was squaring his Sun stellium.)

Levy joined the resistance in Italy but was caught by the Fascists and sent to Auschwitz on February 11, 1944. Transiting Pluto and North Node were conjunct his natal Sun-Neptune (and Jupiter). Pluto transits can, of course, cause great Trauma to an individual as well as Uranus, especially when in aspect to the Sun and Neptune. Also of note, Levy's progressed ASC and progressed Sun were changing signs, p.ASC into Leo and p.Sun into Virgo (squaring his North Node.) This shows huge changes, hopefully changes that an individual can choose for himself rather than changes which are foisted upon him. (Lack of control is a PTSD indicator). Levy was just past his Uranus square which could explain his attempts to rebel and work with the resistance.

The fact that so many aspects were firing at once might explain how Levy rose to the occasion and survived. Normally he seems to have been physically frail. He seems to have been physically weak most of his life so I find this interesting and as said before think it may be related to his Mars-Pluto conjunction. During his time in Auschwitz, Jupiter was passing through the 3d & 4th houses. It was just past his Venus-Moon conjunction when the Red Army liberated Auschwitz. He seems to have survived through a few lucky, Jupiterian, circumstances. Even the fact that he was in the medical facilities with Scarlett Fever turns out to have been Lucky as he wasn't fit to participate in a final death march that was required of the healthier prisoners on learning that the Nazis had lost the war.

Levy went on to write his Memoirs and to gain International fame. Then in 1963 he suffered a huge depression from which he never seems to have recovered fully. There are some extremely interesting aspects to look at. This was 19 years after his incarceration so his "system" was going through a Nodal Return for the incarceration. This once again hit his unaspected Sun-Neptune-Jupiter conjunction and so repeated "psychically" the conjunction of the Pluto-NN transit from 1944. The past might literally have gone off in his psyche like a bomb. In addition to that, Levy was going through his Uranus opposition, another major Uranus transit. (Remember his Uranus and Saturn transits were very strong because of natal placement within a Grand Square with his Nodes.) His earlier Uranus square coincided with the time right before Auschwitz when he had joined the resistance. Also in 1963, Levy was going through his Neptune square (which would have been squaring t.Nodes) which is a indicator for mental collapse if there is any predisposition.

Levy received psychiatric care, but I wonder if with his strong Saturn-Uranus aspect he would have responded better to Chiropractic as those planets rule that practice, Saturn = Bones and Uranus = Nervous system. With the Neptune transits, he certainly shouldn't have been put on drugs. Neptunian transits require maybe a couple of household pets to play with and some time alone.

The Moon Progressions and Arcs are interesting. I would expect them to be important as the Moon is ruler of Levy's chart and his natal Moon is placed in his 4th house. At the time of his Auschwitz arrest his Progressed Moon was at 18 Leo conjunct Jupiter at his 3d house cusp. Although the rest of his transits describe what was going on his Moon seems completely oblivious. His Solar Arc Moon at that point was conjunct his 5th house cusp squaring natal Mars.

In 1963 things the Lunar influence shows. Progressed Moon was travelling through the end of Aries-beginning of Taurus. It would have opposed his Solar Arc Moon and squared his natal Sun. In 1987 progressed Moon was conjunct his natal Uranus, squaring his natal Nodes and Solar Arc Moon (c. NN).

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Monday, August 20, 2007

Michael Vick

Michael Vick today plead guilty to a Felony Charge of owning and running a dog fighting business out of a home he owns in Virginia. I pay less attention to Football players than to Baseball Players, because, the Baseball Players, they have nice butts, at least there's something to watch.

Michael Vick
b. June 26, 1980 Newport News, VA

Sun 6 Cancer; Moon Sagittarius; NN 22 Leo

Sun in Cancer with a Sagittarius Moon. Well, you could say that it makes sense that he'd run some kind of competitive sports business out of his own home.

The Wikipedia article says that Vick is the most exciting player in Football. To me that means that he's volatile. I wanted to know where it says in his chart that he's mean and cruel. He and his friends murdered about 8 dogs in cold blood just because the dogs didn't win the fights. Looking at the chart, one sees that Vick has a close conjunction of Mars to Saturn in Virgo. Okay, Saturn is always pulling Mars back and Mars is always just plain old pulling. All this pressure on repression in a cold sign like Virgo can come out in odd ways. You find this aspect a lot in Librarian's charts. (And I'm not kidding about that.) But Virgo rules the 6th house of Amazing Household Pets and I guess people love their pets in all kinds of weird ways.

This Mars-Saturn aspect is very busy in Vick's chart. It's apex of a small triangle between Uranus in Scorpio trine Mercury in Cancer. Dude's thinking patterns are sharp, precise, and aggressive. Mars-Saturn is also apex of a t-square to Gemini Venus opposite Sagittarius Neptune; maybe also Moon in Sagittarius. You throw in the Sagittarius and Pisces and Venus elements, well, you'd expect the guy to love animals. He could even be a real moosh-moosh. Guess when you grow up in the projects and achieve instant success out in the world your idea of what to do with what you love gets a little distorted. Anyway, this also shows an indicator for violence and emotionally explosive tendencies because of the square/opposition aspects, especically between Moon-Mars-Saturn.

There are a number of aspects indicating Star Power, Competitive Nature and Athletic abilities in Vick's chart. He's got a Leo North Node and his Sun has just progressed into that sign this year so he has probably been overdoing the whole act lately. Vick's Sun and Jupiter aspect each other in a sextile which shows talent in anything competitive and having to do with the public. This is doubly emphasized because these planets are otherwise not sharing any aspects with other planets. They really stick out when compared with that Mars-Saturn conjunction and it's control over the rest of his planets. Venus-Neptune can be easily deceived and will eventually try to deceive as well.

The Uranus in Scorpio squaring the Nodes also indicates that he could suffer through his friends in his lifetime if the negative sides of Scorpio and Leo and Aquarius are used. .In business areas he's probably pretty shrewd and knows how to work the system. And it would give entrepreneurial skills, only not necessarily the conscience that one would hope to go with that.

Vick allegedly started this dog fighting business with his friends 6 years ago. That would have been around the same time that he was hired on as a Pro with the Atlanta team. At that point the Saturn-Pluto opposition would have been right on top of his Venus-Neptune (also maybe Moon) opposition and squaring his Mars-Saturn. This is a definite indicator of cruelty and violence. But, it's also a great aspect to enhance one's killer instincts as a Football player. Venus-Neptune-Moon is so soft, that's not really what one expects in a Professional Football Player's chart. He should work on improving his relations women rather than looking for "bitches" in the dog world.

The Transits have now filled in the empty leg of that t-square and Vick's been caught. On April 25, 2007 when the business was exposed, t.Mars-Uranus-North Node were all in conjunction in Pisces opposite natal Mars-Saturn and t.South Node. The Moon was also conjunct Saturn on Vick's natal North Node in Leo while Neptune was conjunct his South Node. You may be able to pass up the other team's tackle, you may be able to outrun the other team, but Saturn will always catch you.

It's interesting that Vick, who was born with Venus Retrograde, was going through a Venus return on that day. Pluto and now Jupiter have been transiting on his natal Neptune pretty much the whole time since he went pro. Same for Paris Hilton and just look at the hideous crap she makes those little dogs wear.

It's also interesting that Vick's progressed Mercury is coming out of Retrograde this year. Hopefully, he will use this experience to speak out openly about the awful circumstances in which he grew up, not the most nurturing environment for a Mercury in Cancer type.

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Friday, August 17, 2007

Unaspected Uranus

I just noticed something studying the chart for yesterday's U.S. Stock Market in which the Market fell 344 points (2.7%) and then turned around unexpectedly at a little after 10:00am and closed the day by going up into profit territory before falling slightly below its opening point. Whew! What a roller coaster.

I played with the animation feature on my software and found that Uranus was unaspected the whole day. As a matter of fact, Uranus has been unaspected by major aspect to any planet other than the Moon all month. It started out the month coming out of a wide trine to Mercury and will end up in a t-square opposite Mercury and squaring Mars in Gemini on August 25. Other than that it's just Uranus aspecting the Moon, kind of an unstable aspect to say the least. Uranus will be out of orb of being exact with the Eclipse on August 28 but the Moon will move into conjunction with it on that day. Auntie Em! Auntie Em!!

I wonder if this has to do with what seems to be a lot of sudden catastrophes in the world. The Bridge Collapse in Minnesota, the Mine Collapse in Utah with second collapse last evening (5:30pm PDT), the 8.0 earthquake in Peru.

Anyway, just a thought. I'm full of them these days. Guess that's Uranus.


The Fountain of Pluto in Sagittarius

Something funny about the Pluto in Sagittarius transit. Seems an awful big emphasis on maintaining one's youthful glow. Plastic surgeries, anti-oxidants, bikini wax, butt lifts, boob plumps, you name it. Someone just told me there's no excuse to have a wrinkle anymore. And there actually is a geneticist at UCSF who can make a worm live 6X as long just by messing around with its genes (http://www.ucsf.edu/neurosc/faculty/neuro_kenyon.html).

Curiouser and Curiouser, I had to do a quick Wiki search on Ponce de Leon's voyage to discover the "Fountain of Youth." Turns out, he landed in Florida on April 2, 1513. Pluto was at 26 Sagittarius!!!! We're having a Pluto Return for long lost Fountains of Youth even as we speak! But, alas, alack, the Galactic Center lipo-suctioned our delusions away (the Galactic Center moves a little so maybe it wasn't exact back then).

Likewise, Neptune was at 16 Aquarius! But difficult transit from Saturn back then too, a square from Scorpio!

Okay, okay, it wasn't that bad. The day Ponce de Leon landed there was a big conjunction of Sun-Jupiter-Uranus in Aries and a conjunction of Venus and Mars in Taurus. Talk about wishing on a Star! They must have hacked through some serious Kudzu looking for that Eternal Spring.

What's that phrase, "There's a Sucker born every minute?" That must have been coined during a Pluto in Gemini transit, opposite sign.

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The Moon, Breast Cancer Surgery and Menstrual Cycles

I found an interesting couple of paragraphs on how timing Breast Cancer Surgery with Menstrual Cycles may improve one's cure rate. It's from one of those big books on all sorts of folk remedies called "Natural Medicines and Cures Your Doctor Never Tells You About." published by FC&A Publishing. This is from p. 68:

"Respected researchers believe that having breast cancer surgery in the last half of your menstrual cycle may keep cancer from spreading after the surgery. The "last half" means the time after you ovulate and before you start your period. In a recent study, over 75 percent of the women who had surgery during the last half of their menstrual cycles were cancer-free five years later. Only 63 percent of the women who had surgery during the first half of their menstrual cycles were cancer-free in five years."

Reasons they give are that you have high levels of estrogen during the first half of the cycle and Estrogen seems to encourage Cancer growth. The extra progesterone in the last half helps protect you from spreading cells. Also, your immune system might be stronger after you ovulate, the second half of the cycle. Journals cited are Annals of Internal Medicine (116,3:268); Archives of Surgery (128,3:309; British J. of Surgery (80,1:43 and 80,5:670); J. of the Nat'l Cancer Institute (85,8:605); The Lancet (343,8912:1545).

There are many astrologers who work with the Lunar Phases for conception and would know more about this.

The Wikipedia Article on Menstrual Cycles has a section on connecting Menstrual Cycles with the Moon http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Menstrual_cycle. Apparently only about 30 percent of women have a 28-29 day cycle and this doesn't really coordinate with the Moon's phases especially in urban areas because everything gets thrown off by artificial lighting. There's an interesting mention of Louise Lacey who developed and wrote a book about Lunaception where she and 28 (good number) of her friends removed artificial lighting from their lives and began to cycle with the Moon's phases.

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Dreamwork, the CIA and Jose Padilla

NPR, God Bless Em, aired an Interview with a panel of psychology experts who are assembled in San Francisco for their yearly APA (American Psychological Assoc.) Conference this week. One of the main concerns to be discussed this year is Psychology's role in interrogating suspected Terrorists. What is "Ethical" and "Effective." The AMA and the A Psychiatrist Assoc (both Psychiatric and Psychological associations go by initials APA apparently) have completely sworn off of torture. But the Psychologists want to stay in the game. "Psychology is an important weapons system" said Kevin Kiley, the ex U.S. Army Surgeon General who was forced to resign earlier this year during the Walter Reed Scandal.

All agree that the torture tactics are now proven not to work. Most were "reverse engineered" by James Elmer Mitchell and Bruce Jessen from off of tortures of previous survivors of captivity. Mitchell and Jessen had had no previous experience or clinical background in interrogation techniques when they began to train the folks at Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo, and other CIA Black Sites. At one point, a prisoner caved in and gave all kinds of false information about Biowarfare and sent the Military on a wild goose chase. The Iraqi General Abed Hamed Mowhoush died due to injuries inflicted. Didn't the Spanish Inquisition end? Isn't it already over? Is this a form of Deja Vu? Is this memory real or chemical?

So the super amazing part of the NPR interview was that the psychologists on the panel didn't want to divulge the names of any of the offending interrogators until after their investigation kind of like how the executioners at the guillotines always wore black masks so that they could get drunk at the local pub afterward and their buddies wouldn't know who they were. I mean, once the war ends, these psychologists will be out practicing privately -- on you. Maybe they'll get a book deal. The media likes to stay mum on this subject as well. Shouldn't they just be relieved of their licenses and allowed to drive trucks or go coal mining? Oh, I'm sorry, those jobs require socialization.

The CIA prisoners have been detained for 5 or 6 years now, held without a trial and tortured the whole time. And the psychologists who have been torturing them run around on the complete opposite end of the spectrum completely unaccountable for their actions, unfettered, probably turning on their own kids and clients out of boredom. And their colleagues are out doing public information interviews on how well-meaning they are.

"How does that make me feel? Does it make me feel angry? Does it make me feel sad?" I have to admit my heart is pounding... My eyes are tearing up... So good to come out of denial...release...release... Now where's the Prozac?

I'd like to list the names of the offending psychologists along with their birth dates but these are remarkably difficult to come by out of respect for their confidentiality. The program listed and I'm sorry if I've got the names misspelled, they went by so dang fast:

John Lesso
Scott Uthall (from Abu Ghraib)
John Edmonton (from Guantanamo Bay)

Don't forget the architects, trained and well-respected members of the APA:

James Elmer
Bruce Jessen
( http://www.harpers.org/archive/2007/07/hbc-90000554).


By jovial happenstance, yesterday, one of the lead examples of what Modern Psychology can do for You is it's most outstanding victim from the war on terror, Jose Padilla, a U.S. Citizen, one of our own. Padilla now has some kind of weird muscle twitch in his face, has PTSD, and that illness where you really think your captors are cool. He developed these problems because of what happened to him somewhere on the Carolina Coast. And he's a U.S. citizen.

Jose Padilla

b. Oct. 18, 1970 Brooklyn, NY

Sun 25 Libra; Moon Gemini; NN 2 Pisces

Padilla's a Libra Sun with a Gemini Moon with no Fire in his chart. Torturing this kind of person would be like picking the wings off a butterfly.

Padilla's chart has a conjunction of Mars and Pluto at 29 Virgo, He is violent, or at least was violent. And apparently he attracts violence. He belonged to gangs and then joined al-Qaeda. With Neptune squaring the Pisces North Node and Venus conjunct Neptune in Scorpio opposite Retrograde Saturn, one can see how he would prefer terrorism to common street warfare. One can also see how it would be impossible to extract information from him. Getting information from a Neptunian, that's like trying to extract blood from a turnip. With Retrograde Saturn, Noel Tyl's absentee Father signature, the army could have just told him that his Father had come to spring him from jail, if only he would tell them whatever it is they wanted to know. If that didn't squeeze it out of him, then nothing would. Also, compounding the bad Saturn, Padilla's Venus went retrograde by progression when he was around 2 years old and has been opposing his Retro Saturn most of his life. He just wanted somebody to love him. No wonder why he fell in love with his interrogators, they fed him, clothed him... and pulled off his wings... He's a Libra, for Christ's sake.

Natally, Neptune is squaring Padilla's Pisces North Node which it rules and Venus is conjunct his Neptune in Scorpio and opposing his Retrograde Saturn in Taurus. Illusion, Delusion, Mean Psychologists, Loving your Jailor, it's all good. Yeah, he's a sneaky guy who can't be trusted, but, if he were withholding information, he wouldn't have known he was withholding information.

Padilla was arrested in May, 2006 and secreted away without anyone's knowledge to a special accommodation by the CIA on June 16, 2002. (I tell you, those rooms reserved by Hotwire where they don't tell you where you're going beforehand, they can be madness. Sorry, just gotta get that in there.) He really had worked for al-Qaeda so he was guilty as sin. But it was small time sin and the CIA seems to have thought it could drain all of al-Qaeda's big time sin out of his little Sun-Mercury in Libra brain.

And when you pull hard enough, they start to drewl.

Padilla's progressed Sun was at 27 Scorpio conjunct his Venus-Neptune and opposing his Saturn. Sun-Neptune = Go to Jail. Institutions just really want to have their way with you at that time. Progressed Mars was conjunct his natal Mercury-Sun so I guess this is a great time for meeting the Grand Inquisitor.

Also, some Nodal Action. Nothing says, "Surprise, you're going to Jail!" like t. Uranus was at the end of Aquarius and within a couple of degrees conjunction with his Pisces North Node. At the same time there was the Saturn-Pluto opposition right on top of the t.Nodes and this was possibly conjunct his Moon. Kind of an Alfred Hitchcock moment for the mid-Mutables.

Padilla has been in jail ever after. 3 Psych people of varying ranks have determined that he is now officially mentally ill due to torture and will probably never recover. He has become a symbol of how absolute power corrupts absolutely. By coincidence Padilla is going through his Pluto square: t.Pluto 27 Sagittarius square natal Mars-Pluto 29 Virgo. He's also celebrating his Nodal Return in Pisces. The Moon yesterday, date of conviction, was in Virgo conjunct his natal Mars-Pluto. It's interesting how the major outer aspects in his natal chart are repeated in the sky right now. Both charts have a Saturn-Neptune opposition and a Saturn-Pluto trine. Don't know what it means. Just wish that his torturers could be held accountable for their crimes as well.

Oh, and by the way. Kevin Kiley, ex-US. Army Surgeon General quoted above, he who said "Psychology is an important weapons system" is born a day after Padilla (Oct 18, 1950 Pennsylvania). He's got a conjunction of Sun-Neptune (and Venus-Mercury) in Libra, echoing not only Padilla's natal Libra Sun but also the conjunction of his progressed Sun to his natal Venus-Neptune during all his whole arrest time so far. They also share a Pisces North Node (at the opposite end). Kiley's Saturn-South Node in Virgo is conjunct within a degree of Padilla's Mars-Pluto. This is the only Inquisitor Birth Date I could find but the relationship between the two charts is frightening. Kiley trained not as a Psych person but as an OB-GYN so it makes sense that psychology would seem like subtle torture to him.

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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Mae West

As can be expected, there is a dispute between sources over Mae West's birth year. Nobody disputes the place of her birth or the even the time, but, of course, no one could hope to know her Age. What can we say anyway? Someone like that; she's Ageless.

The following birth data is from Astrotheme. A couple of other sources on the Internet agree with it, but the Wikipedia entry gives her birth year as 1893 instead of 1892.

Mae West

b. Aug. 17, 1892 10:30 pm Brooklyn Heights, NY

Sun 26 Leo; ASC 26 Taurus; Moon Cancer; MC4 Aquarius; NN 12 Taurus

The 1893 date gives a Scorpio Moon conjunct Uranus and an Aries North Node. Seems more appropriate to me, especially when adding the Virgo Venus and Mars. She taught the entire flapper generation how to be emancipated, how to flirt shamelessly and openly. And she made money off of this and off of the controversy it provided (Aquarius MC and Uranus conjunct Moon). This seems very earthy Virgo and very sexy Scorpio.

What the charts do agree on is the Leo Sun, firey and bright with a strong, confident ego. Add to that a conjunction of Neptune to Pluto in Gemini in the 1st house of personality. Rex Bills gives shared rulership for "Temptation" to Neptune and Pluto and it's not by chance that one of the great Femme Fatales of Hollywood, especially the one with the wildest one liners, would have these two planets in conjunction in Gemini in her first house. "Why don't you come on up and take a look at my etchings." Etchings, I imagine are ruled by Gemini as they belong to printmaking. As channeled through 1st house Neptune-Pluto I gather that this pickup line served for the beginnings of many bootlegged romances. But, it always struck me as being really strange.

The 1893 date also loads Jupiter into West's First House. Jupiter rules the hips and West's were especially curvaceous, not to mention her style which was of larger than life and her wit which was "Straight From the Hip."

And then there's the Leo Sun, the natural sign of the Actress and Star. Leos like to take a Risk, Mae West simply liked to make it Risque. (I'm really overdoing it here).

I also wonder if there is a correlation between Leo and Controversy and being Censored. (Rex Bills gives rulership of Censors and Censure to Jupiter and Saturn / Controversy ruled by Mars and H7 (Uranus, Mercury which doesn't really support my ideas on this). Of the public personalities who have made loud mouthed Leonian social guffaws in the last year, two were Sun in Leos (Michael Richards & Don Imus).

Mae West was censored her whole life. She seemed to revel in it and said that she had been that way since she was five. Controversy followed her throughout her career or rather she brought it on. On April 19, 1927, when t.Neptune hit her Sun and t.Saturn hit her Neptune-Pluto conjunction, Mae West was sent to Jail. 10 days in the pokey for some sort of Morals Charge. Rex Bills gives rulership of "One's Moral Qualities" to H10 and H1 so one can see the impact of Saturn (ruled of H10) hitting her "Temptress" conjunction in the first House. And, well, talk about making Lemons out of Lemonade. She simply had a good time in jail as well. She insisted on wearing her own silk underwear and every night she dined with the Warden. The Wardens obviously had a lot more class in those days...

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Jan Leno - Anderson Cooper Sharing Oddball Traits

Anderson Cooper was Jay Leno's guest last night on "The Tonight Show." Leno divulged strange traits that they share such as not liking Hot Drinks. I've never heard of that one. Starbuck's will probably sue. Here's a tiny study I made of their charts seeing if I could notice any similarities between the charts. Basically, I just want to have an excuse to talk about Anderson Cooper.

Jay Leno

b. Apr. 28, 1950 2:03 am New Rochelle, NY

Sun 8 Taurus; ASC 23 Aquarius; Moon 14 Virgo (H7); MC 10 Sagittarius

Anderson Cooper
b. Jun 3, 1967 3:46 pm New York, NY

Sun 13 Gemini; ASC 20 Libra; Moon 24 Aries (H7); MC 23 Cancer

TRAIT #1: Prematurely Gray

Rex Bills Rulerships:
Prematurity: Uranus (Neptune).
Gray: Saturn, Capricorn.
Hair: Saturn, Capricorn (Mercury, Venus, Virgo)

The Ascendant is one's Appearance:

Leno has Aquarius ASC, Uranus rules the chart, a sign of something coming prematurely with regards to appearance. Jupiter and Venus are in Pisces, ruled by Neptune, in his 1st house trining Uranus. Venus is also opposing Moon-Saturn (aging).

Cooper has Libra Rising with Moon-Saturn (aging). His Moon is squaring his Chart ruler in the 10th house (Saturn, Maturity). Neptune trines his Venus-MC so his Gray Hair is just so super charming, have you noticed that little cowlick right at the front? oh well, now, don't get me going, I'm practically stalking the guy...

TRAIT #2: Don't like to drink hot drinks.

Rex Bills Rulerships:
Drinks: Moon, Neptune.
Dislikes not listed but Disgust: Saturn.
What one likes probably ruled by Venus?

Looked to 6th House and Virgo for Gustatory Preferences and Allergic reactions. Both ruled by Planets that rule drinks so their beverages are important to them.

Leno: Cancer cusp, ruler Moon (drinks) conjunct Saturn (cold) in Virgo (cold sign) opposite Venus. Mars (hot) is in Virgo, a cold sign.

Cooper: Well, he's got Mars conjunct ASC, he's already so hot he doesn't need Starbucks. 6th house cusp is Pisces ruled by Neptune. Saturn (cold) in 6th house.

TRAIT #3: Neither likes to take Vacations.

Rex Bills rulerships:
Vacations: Venus, H5 (Neptune)

Leno: House 5 cusp is Cancer, no planets within. Ruler Moon is conjunct Saturn in Virgo. He likes Work and he's good at it, get over it. He's got Venus and Jupiter in his 1st house in Pisces so he just always looks like he's on vacation. Good for comedy.

Cooper: House 5 cusp Aquarius, no planets within. Ruler Uranus is in Virgo (work) conjunct Pluto (workaholic) squaring Sun in H8 (workaholic). He's got Venus and Jupiter in his 10th house so his Career is his vacation.

Interesting the amount of pleasure symbols that are otherwise in their charts. Guess that helps if you're in the Entertainment Industry.

TRAIT #4: Both are Dyslexic (Cooper says he's Dyslexic just a little bit, so cuet)

Rex Bills doesn't give rulerships for this and I can't begin to say that I understand this disorder although I've probably got it, the shrinks just never saw my typing. Here's a link to some descriptions of what to look for: www.royalgenes.biz/alt-astrology.moderated/thread49.1html). Guess one looks at Mercury and H3 first of all with difficult connections to Saturn ("restricted processing abilities"), Uranus (erratic thoughts), and Neptune (inability to concentrate). I might add Mars influence because it wants to rush the thoughts, or maybe on the other end Saturn and Taurus may slow the thoughts down too much. In the link they also say to check the 12th house for the usual Black Holes. Venus is so strong in these charts I wonder if it's connected too in milder cases.

Leno: Aquarius Rising, Uranus rules Chart. Jupiter and Venus in H1.
H3 - Taurus cusp, Venus rules. Planet within 3d house: Mercury in its own house in Taurus trine Mars, sextile Venus. He's funnier than he is dyslexic.
H12 - Capricorn cusp, Saturn rules. No planets contained. Fear of failure?

Ruler opposes H3 ruler and is biquintile Uranus in Cancer, H5. That's as much as I can find.

Cooper: Libra Rising, Venus Rules Chart. Mars conjunct ASC from H12 opposite Saturn(H6)-Moon (H7).
H3 - Sagittarius Cusp. Ruler Jupiter in Leo in H10 conjunct Venus (Chart ruler)
H12 - Virgo Cusp. Worries. Ruler Mercury in Cancer (H9) squaring Saturn in Aries (H6)

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Big Kids, Little Kids

What's the Market doing? Is this one of it's Swan Dives or, even worse, a Swan Song? Let's observe the astroblab of "Swan Dives" v. "Swan Songs" according to the current transits. Looks like they're nicely represented, unfortunately. Swans and Songs, for example, are both ruled by Venus, who is in Leo and dramatically singing about her loss of locomotion due to the retrograde and her restrictive conjunction with Saturn.

First there's the opposition between Saturn in Leo and Neptune in Aquarius. Venus and Mercury are conjunct Saturn right now, the Moon has just past over and now the Sun is joining. Lots of emphasis on this opposition. According to Rex Bills, Swans are ruled by Venus with sub-rulerships in (Aquarius, Neptune). That's truly creepy. Get it? Neptune in Aquarius opposite Venus? "Divers" are ruled by Neptune, Pisces. And, unfortunately at this point, "Songs" are ruled by Venus. And Venus is retrograde and conjunct Saturn in Leo. And the Markets went really high and then Venus went Retro. We could have just tried to sing a Ballad for the rest of the Summer but no we have to take Venus for all its worth. Rex doesn't mention it, but I imagine that Kissing is ruled by Venus and Neptune. So, I can't really "phrase out" "Kissing One's Money Good-Bye." Interesting how I would completely reverse attitude about all these aspects if discussing creativity and the arts, somewhere in multiple spots on the earth right now great works of immense beauty are being created.

Interesting how once Jupiter came out of Retrograde on August 8 people have sort of come out of their Optimistic Stupors and have begun to panic. That's kind of a Saggy way of doing things. Remember, though, Sagittarius is mutable and therefore Flexible and likes to bounce back. Even if the Market doesn't, you must. Saturn's in a Fixed Sign and hogging all the conjunctions, so it just depends how you're connected.

Last week, our hero Ben Bernanke, a Sagittarius, dumped a boatload of freshly minted cash into the system. Maybe he should be more like Pisces Alan Greenspan at this point and remain in denial for a bit longer. Let the chips fall where they may and then stop the markets after they drop 500 points. Just turn off the computers. The Panic is what gets the Scorpios revving their little 8th house engines. They perform best when in crises so don't protect them. All the rest of us must hope that what falls down, must come back up. Or go out and get jobs as Pizza Deliverypersons.

Jupiter is squaring the Nodes and will be joined at 11 Sagittarius by Mars on August 24. This is just how we're spending the Summer Vacation. This square to the Nodes will be imprinted on us through the Total Lunar Eclipse that's coming up at the end of August. Stress levels might be quite high. Lots of High School grads doing dumb things before going off to college. So, you know, Sagittarius first likes to expands and then at the thought of the constriction of Capricorn which comes right after it, it likes to drink. So stock up on Schlitz and go the races to bet on the ponies.

What's also interesting is the New Moon in Leo. The Mortgage mess is being sidetracked by the Toy Scandal in China. Toys made with Lead Paint. Why do all great civilizations have to repeat the mistakes of the 50s and 60s as they rise? Can't think of a better thing to give to a kid whose parents are just losing their home to Bankruptcy than a Toy that's cloaked in lead. Thank you Mattel. Actually the New Moon is just past now and the Sun is conjunct Mercury 21 Leo; Venus 27 Leo; and Saturn 28 Leo. Venus and Mercury rule the Markets and also rule Toys. Put them together with Saturn in Leo (Leo rules investment risks and kids, funny, huh?). Think of this as an opportunity to grab that ugly plastic crap out from your 5 year old's paws and tell him to quit being a brat and go get a rake and clean the yard. It's a good diversion for the Diabetes that he no doubt is developing.

Well, for once, Pluto's got nothing to do with it....heheheh, he's vacationing in the Galactic Center and told us to deal with this ourselves. The Astronomers really should never have demoted him. Big Mistake. Big Mistake. Those stingers...ouch.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Prescott Bush and Geronimo, Thief's Bones

This is an addition to my blog about Geronimo written back in November where I found a common theme in Geronimo's (The Apache chief) chart in regards to his Saturn Returns. His Saturn is heavily emphasized in his natal chart. It's in Leo and I've come to think during this latest transit that this is a wild placement for Saturn leading to dramatic actions in life. Also, Saturn is involved in both a Kite pattern of 4 outer planets (Uranus opp. Saturn trine Pluto and Jupiter) and a Mystic Rectangle (Uranus, Pluto, Saturn, NN). This can indicate a person who strongly represents his Generation. It also seems to indicate that when he went through his Saturn Returns, many powerful elements of his chart lit up at the same time in strong aspect to themselves and to each other. Many elements of his life were interdependent on the others.

Subsequently, Geronimo went through unbelievable losses. First Return, his entire family was killed. Second Saturn Return, he surrendered his people to the White Settlers. On the 3d Saturn return he was dead and buried at Fort Sill in Oklahoma, but according to many reports his Bones (Saturn ruled) were stolen from his grave by Prescott Bush and a friend who were stationed at the base. Bush (GW's Grandfather) is said to have taken the bones with him to the Skulls and Bones society at Yale where they were used in ceremonies. On this last Return, his Grandson requested the Bones be returned and a memorial set up in New Mexico.

I looked at Prescott Bush's chart finally.

b. May 15, 1895 Columbus, OH

Sun 25 Taurus; Moon Aquarius; NN 20 Pisces


b. June 16, 1829 Turkey Creek, Arizona (date is from Wikipedia)

Bush had no planets in Fire and a Sun Singleton in Earth, otherwise he was all Water and Air.

Uranus in Scorpio is very strong in Bush's chart. It trines his North Node, opposes his Sun, rules the sign of his Moon and maybe even squares it. Combined with the Taurus Sun shows interests in Banking and Business, being able to distance one's self from the emotional side of things. Also, a humanitarian side, which brings in the Public Service side. Neptune rules his North Node and squares it. He was born during the Pluto-Neptune conjunction in Gemini with both planets in conjunction with their dispositor, Mercury. So the guy could tell a story, if you know what I mean. And he wouldn't be averse to stealing during his lifetime.

What's interesting with regards to Geronimo is the relationship of his inner Cancer planets to Geronimo's. They both had Venus and Mars in Cancer in conjunction with each other and out-of-bounds. When you consider that Cancer is the sign that rules domestic relations and patriotism this gets really interesting, because Geronimo held out longer than anyone against the white man. It's almost as if Prescott really was stealing Geronimo's spirit along with his bones. His chart certainly shows the psychic abilities to understand these forces if only on a subconscious level. Geronimo's chart shows lots of Fire. Stealing Fire?

Prescott's Venus is at 4 Cancer and out-of-bounds at 25 degrees 21 minutes N declination and Geronimo's is at 3 Cancer and out-of-bounds at 24 degrees 5 minutes N declination.

Prescott's Mars is at 15 Cancer and out-of-bounds at 24 degrees 7 minutes N and Geronimo's Mars is at 16 Cancer and out-of-bounds at 23 degrees 40 minutes N.

An interesting item to note regarding Prescott's Cancer planets is that he was one of the first advocates of Birth Control in the 1940's. During this time his Sun was progressing through Cancer and over these planets. This just strikes me as funny since Cancer is supposed to be the sign of procreation.

Is Prescott related to Prescott, Arizona by the way? Because Geronimo was born in Arizona just South of there.

My article called "Barfing and Bloodlines" shows a progressed Solar Connection between Prescott and first his son George the President and then his Grand Son, George the President II.

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Charlize Theron's Orange Dress

Remember when Charlize Theron wore the Orange Dress to the Oscars and only one or two people liked it? Horrors. She said it almost tanked her career. Nobody would hire her because she had garnered so much bad publicity. Well, in Hollywood, there is no bad publicity; something else was going on. This supposedly led to her taking on the role in "Monster" where she flaunts sweat pants, bad skin, hair and teeth. This led to her winning the Oscar in 2004. That was a weird story so it stuck in my head ($&#^@) and recently I've been wondering and wondering the way I do (Gemini Rising)....what about that dress and Charlize Theron's chart?

For one, there was nothing wrong with that dress. It looked great. Orange was just 2 years ahead of its time.

For two, you can't really pin one color to an astrological sign because personal taste is so personal, yaddah, yaddah, yaddah. Short story first: Rex Bills assigns rulership of Orange to Leo. And....

Charlize Theron

Aug. 7, 1975 Benoni, South Africa

Sun 15 Leo; Moon probably in Leo; NN 28 Scorpio

Isn't that funny? She's a Double Leo and she says the Leo colored dress almost did her career in!
I don't have a birth time for Theron, it sure would be interesting to see how this all ties in with her Ascendant and Midheaven, but since Venus rules Fashion we can start there. Where's the vulnerability for such a fashion faux pas? Ahhhhhh-hahhahhhhhhhh, Eureka! Venus is at 12 Virgo in Theron's chart. Venus is in its Fahhhhhll in Virgo, which means that it's uncomfortable there, but many rock stars have it, so just shut about it. Charlize may have over reacted to the criticisms as she probably is a perfectionist about her appearance. Either way, Venus is otherwise not well placed in her chart. She was born with it Retrograde and it will continue to Retrograde until 2017. That gives a girl loveability "issues." Venus only makes one aspect, a square to Neptune at 10 Sagittarius. This is an interesting chart to look at because Theron is so beautiful and so glamorous and so successful in these regards and it just makes you want to screw your face up in total confusion about Venus and her placements. But, Neptune is Neptune, square or trine. And Theron's Sun trines Neptune so this obviously releases the Neptune-Venus tension in a very positive manner.

The Oscar Awards ceremony to which Charlize showed up in the (gasp) ~ORANGE~ dress was on March 26, 2000. She was going through oodles of tough transits. Blame it on the LA traffic.

Uranus opposing her natal Sun, that's a good transit for feeling like you've been abducted by aliens, or at least living in a land of them. And t. Pluto and Chiron were 3 degrees past conjunction with her natal Neptune and squaring her Venus. We can see now what that last transit (without Chiron too) has done to Paris Hilton this year. Also, the World was gearing up for the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Taurus a few months down the road, feeling conservative, getting ready to lose their shirts in the Stock Market and the conjunction was squaring her natal Sun and Leo stellium. I think I remember somebody telling her she was bad for business because of that dress, well, if that's true this would be the aspect to blame it on. And the person had probably just lost half his life's earnings in the Stock Market and was just in a bad mood when he/she/it said that and having loveability issues of his/her/its own.

Further, on this day at this particular Academy Awards ceremony, Charlize was gearing up for her Mars Return, so maybe she was projecting a masculine vibe maybe she had cut herself shaving and it showed. Theron's natal Mars is conjunct her South Node so this hit a chord deep down within. Leo is a masculine sign and Mars is a masculine planet so maybe she just felt awkward wearing a masculine color. I've read that women with a predominance in Masculine signs often suffer an insecurity about their femininity. They work extra hard on their appearance to compensate and often become blond bombshells like Marilyn Monroe and Anna Nicole Smith.

The Saturn-Pluto-Chiron opposition would square Theron's Venus the next year. She was lucky to have been able to channel the energy into a movie called "Monster."

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Friday, August 10, 2007

Up In the Air, Junior Birdmen...

Go ahead! Hold the ends of your thumbs and forefingers together in a circle and hold them upside down over your eyes to create goggles and sing that song... NASA just sent another School Marm up into space. Her chart is awesome for being both a Teacher and an Astronaut as she's a Double Sagittarius, sign of "Higher" Education. Well, if you've got to blast off into orbit around the earth in order to teach, then I guess I'd call that "Higher Education." Lol, I never cease to crack myself up.

Barbara Morgan

b. Nov. 28, 1951 1pm Fresno, CA (astrotheme)

Sun 6 Sagittarius; Moon 4 Sagittarius; ASC 18 Pisces; MC 23 Sagittarius; NN 6 Pisces

Barbara Morgan is not only a Double Sagittarius, Her Sun-Moon conjunction is in her 9th House, and ruler Jupiter is in her First House. That makes her the Uber Teacher, Uber Adventuress, plus a whole lot of fun to have on board.

Rex Bills gives Rulerships I wouldn't expect to Astronauts: Neptune and Pluto, Spacemen are straight ahead Plutonains. I would have expected Uranus. Anyway, Morgan's got Pisces Rising with North Node in Pisces in her 12th house so I guess Girl Astronauts might go the Neptunian route. And she's having a Nodal Return right now.

Transiting Uranus is conjunct her Ascendant. Her progressed Sun is in Aquarius conjunct Pallas Athene. Rex does give Uranus partial rulership along with Pluto to Space ships. But Space Guys 'n Gals he says are ruled by Pluto. Go figure.

And, hehehe, Barbara Morgan has no planets in Earth.

Blast-Off Time for Endeavor:

6:36pm ET August 8, 2007 Cape Canaveral

Take off went great as far as I know. It was delayed a day because the seals weren't working on the doors but I think it was revealed that some scuzz was preventing a perfect seal.

The astrolocality looks good for landing just as long as they don't set tha mutha on the West Coast where there's a Pluto line. That would make me nervous. Pluto was conjunct the South Node of the Challenger Flight with a Nod stringing out of the Ascendant. And Christa McAuliff's chart had Pluto square the Nodes. And the Discovery cracked up right before hitting its Pluto line. So kindly just pass over this thing, NASA, please.

Barbara Morgan was picked along with Christa McAuliff on July 19, 1985 to train for the Challenger flight. Christa was picked (Double Virgo in 5 have anything to do with it?). Barbara has been working in education for NASA ever since. She's finally got her wish (Uranus on the ASC) and her dream (Pisces) has come true.

It's interesting that Barry Bonds started in Professional Baseball right around the same time and managed to hit his record home run in about the same time. There seems to be some sort of 21-22 year cycle going on for these guys.


Stock Markets Taking a Bath Due to Credit Fears

Yesterday the U.S. Stock Market suffered its 2 worst day this year and lost almost 400 points. Well, it's gone up quite a bit this year so I suppose a correction was to be expected. But, today the World Markets suffered the same losses. They all say this is due to Credit Fears. This is a teeny tiny lesson for me in financial astrology. I pulled out keywords in Rex Bills, was surprised to find that 2d and 8th houses are not necessarily involved but the Saturn-Neptune opposition is. This opposition has received support from trines from first Jupiter, and then Pluto during this last year, maybe explaining why things haven't been worse....yet. Here are some Keywords regarding Credit from Rex Bills:

Credit, Creditors: (Neptune)
One's Credit: 10, Capricorn
Ruin of One's Credit: 5
Credit Depts.: (8)
National Credit (mundane): 10

Corrections: (Jupiter)

Moving on I looked up "Fear, Fears, Ailments caused by Fear:" Saturn, Neptune, 12 (8)
Then I looked up "Terror:" Saturn
Then I looked up "Horror, Places of Horror, that which is Horrible:" Pluto, Saturn

Then I looked up Bankruptcy: Saturn, 8 (Uranus)

U.S. Stockmarket Big Drop:
August 8, 2007 opening bell - 9:30 am New York, NY

27 Virgo Rising, Ruler in 11th House c. Sun
Pluto exactly conjunct the IC 27 Sagittarius
Neptune and Chiron in Aquarius in H5 opposite Mercury-Sun-Saturn in Leo H11
Mars in Gemini square the Nodes from Gemini (H9) and Jupiter square the Nodes from Sagittarius (H3).

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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Claude Debussy

Leo is the ultimate sign of Summer. Ruled by Fire it represents Pure Light more than any other sign. Leos bask in the light, they shine, it emanates from their big Cat hearts. It is no wonder that the composer of music titled "Afternoon of a Faun" and "Girl With the Flaxen Hair" would be a Double Leo.

Claude Debussy

b. August 22, 1862 4:30am Saint-Germaine-en-Laye (Paris), France.

Sun 29 Leo; ASC 23 Leo; Moon 22 Cancer; MC 11 Taurus; NN 22 Sagittarius

Although he is said to have not liked the term Debussy was called an "Impressionist" composer. Actually his music appears to be about light and airy subjects but on a technical level the harmonies and rhythms are very complex and avant-garde. It seems (at this point to me) that Leos make Art that looks simple so it appeals to most people. Although academic, they don't demand advanced education, superiority complexes or swooning sensitivities that many of their peers shoot for. Leo always has to think about having fun, being playing, and making sure that people are not only enjoying themselves but following along. Debussy had a bowl shaped chart showing that he was very concerned about what was missing in his own character (see Bob Marks' description, much better). The Boundary planets for this are Neptune in Aries and Jupiter in Libra

Looking at Debussy's chart it isn't completely obvious (to me at any rate) that he would become a composer. With Leo Rising conjunct 1st house Sun I suppose it makes sense that he would be attracted to theater and music but he could have equally been attracted to speculation or law. He had a signature trine between Venus in Leo and Neptune in Aries which is definitely an artist's signature. But Debussy also had a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction squaring the Nodes and Uranus which makes him seem more suited to business. Noel Tyl's MC extension process really helps clear this confusion up. One can immediately see the strong musical career expressed. Taurus MC could indicate Banking as well as the arts but its ruler, Venus is in Leo trining Neptune in the 8th House. It brings the musicality right into the fore of the Career House. Pluto is conjunct his Midheaven promising a powerful projection onto the world. And Neptune would have passed over it and spent much of his formative years in his 10th house.

Most of Debussy's music is named after elements in Nature, especially those of water and sky. It's interesting to look at the distribution of elements in his chart and how they project through singleton planets. Uranus in Gemini is a singleton in Air and Moon in Cancer is a singleton in Water. "Clair de lune" was actually written during his first progressed Lunar Return (in Cancer no less). My favorite music is his symphony piece "La Mer" which was composed during a heavy t-square between his Nodes, his progressed ASC and MC and Pluto, Venus and Saturn in Gemini-Sagittarius and Virgo. The missing leg of Pisces shows up loud and clear in this piece that's a tone poem about the Sea.

From what Wikipedia says about his love life, it sounds like a total train wreck. A couple of early lovers tried to kill shoot themselves after he left them. Of course he left them each for the next one which always creates problems. The one he finally settled with because she became pregnant. Of course, the music he wrote for this child is delightful. It's interesting to notice that his Mars in Aries never really progressed off of itself during his lifetime. This could have severly frustrated his relationship with his male side. His music is kind of lacking it. Only planet in his 7th house is Chiron in Aquarius and this is opposite his Sun in Leo which can have trouble in relationships due to self-centeredness and ego. His 7th House ruler, Uranus, is conjunct his South Node showing not that he was expressing problems in his psyche through his relationships. It also shows that inventiveness came easily to him through his subconscious (or past lives).

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Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Barry Bonds did it! He broke Hank Aaron's record for Home Runs last night in San Francisco on his own turf.

Record Breaking Home Run

August 7, 2007 8:51 pm 5th Inning San Francisco, CA

I don't know if the Bases were loaded but the Angles were looking awesome!!!!!

Aquarius once again rising at 13 degrees (same as the tie-breaker chart) with the Leo Sun opposing at 16 degrees. Chart Ruler is in the 1st House of the Chart.

Sagittarius MC with ruler Jupiter in the 10th house in its own sign of Sagittarius. It is opposing the Moon in Gemini in its own 4th house.

Mars at 1 Gemini is exactly conjunct the IC and exactly square Venus at 1 Virgo in the 7th house conjunct Saturn.

Plus, Bonds' natal Sun in Leo-Moon in Aquarius Opposition were straddling the ASC-DESC line.

A little irony in the fact that the kid in the Grand Stands who caught the ball is a die-hard Mets fan from Queens. Some astrological solace in the fact that he's 22 years old, same amount of years that Barry Bonds has been a professional ball player.

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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Chicken Little, California and the Upcoming Eclipses

Have been reading the Top Ten articles about how the Solar Eclipse on Sept. 11 feel that I must share my findings regarding California. As I said a few days ago, al-Zawahiri will be celebrating his Mars Return on the Solar Eclipse and can't say that I've really taken a shine to that guy and his accomplishments. And you remember that Israel did to Lebanon on their last Mars Return... Hopefully somebody else who's better at interpreting can take a look.

Here's what I've found for California. The Data is from Noel Tyl. I don't know if this is his time or someone else's.

b. Sept. 9, 1850 9:41 am San Jose, CA

Sun 17 Virgo (H11); ASC 6 Scorpio; Moon 4 Scorpio (H12); MC 12 Leo; NN 15 Leo (H10)

Natal Chart info: California has one of those "Butterfly" shaped charts, wouldn't ya know? Planets run predominantly from H6 to H11 & 12 if this time is accurate. Both Bob Marks and John Townley provide great descriptions of chart shapes on their websites.

California's Chart has a conjunction of Venus-Moon with the Scorpio Ascendant from H12. Opposing this is an exact conjunction of Pluto and Uranus at 30 Aries in H6. Saturn is 10 degrees earlier in Aries (H6) opposite Mars and Mercury in Libra right on the 12th house cusp. Guess it was more than just Kismet that the "Summer of Love" happened in this state during a conjunction of Uranus-Pluto in Virgo to Saturn in Pisces!

California has a conjunction of North Node in Leo conjunct the Leo MC. Gold Rushes, Law Suits, and Blond Hollywood Bombshells, that's how the World sees us. Nobody will believe for a minute that we've got a Bible Belt running up and down our state that could put Alabama backwoods to shame.

California's Sun and Jupiter both make minor aspects to the Uranus-Pluto conjunction but are otherwise unaspected in the 11th house of the natal chart. So, when these planets receive transits and progressions, the energy could be explosive. Thing about explosive is that one never knows if it will be a good explosion or a bad explosion. In California one must always think positive. With all this Uranian emphasis in the chart one can see why earthquakes are such a big deal.

The Partial Solar Eclipse: Sept. 11, 2007 1:31 pm London, England
has a Sagittarius Rising with Jupiter and Pluto in the 1st house. Saturn will be conjunct the South Node squaring the Ascendant. And it will contain almost a Grand Square. (None of these eclipses coming up have an exact Grand Square, the Jupiter-Pluto midpoint is involved, both Planets are out of orb.) Damn, I pulled up the Eclipses for London. How many hours is California behind?

The California Sun will receive 2 major hits during this time. First off, this is 2 days after California's Solar Return which already owns the Grand Square between Sun opposite Uranus square Mars opposite Pluto and Jupiter. The Eclipse will add the Moon in conjunction with the Sun at 18 Virgo to this t-square. These will not be on the angles if chart used is correct, but will be in the Resource-Fixed Houses. The economy in the Silicon Valley is starting to boom again so don't know what this means. Mars will be in the 8th House opposite Pluto in the 2d house which looks a little menacing. The Saturn-Neptune opposition will be in the 3d to 9th houses, ugh that's transportation.

As for trines to balance things out. Saturn will trine Pluto and Mars will trine Neptune; neither trine is really reassuring. Transiting Venus will be at 17 Leo conjunct the NN 15 Leo and MC 12 Leo and opposite natal Neptune. That once again repeats the emphasis on money and speculation, but mostly on glamour and deception. If they bomb us we simply won't pay them any heed in typical Venus-Neptune fashion. You can take away our tall buildings, you can cut off our electricity and bust our damns, but we're still Californians -- we're Happy, God Damn It!!! (sick sense of humor). The Sun in the Solar Return Chart is in a Grand Trine with the Chart's ASC and MC which is a positive sign, I hope.

During the Eclipse Chiron will be exactly conjunct the Aquarius IC.

Lunar Eclipse

Aug. 28, 2007 11:37 am London, England

Sun 5 Virgo (H10); 2 Scorpio Rising; Moon 5 Pisces (H4); MC 13 Leo; NN 8 Pisces (H4)

The Lunar Eclipse on the Aug. 28 before has the same Ascendant and IC almost to the degree that Noel Tyl's chart has so this could be very interesting.

This chart has heavy H4-H10 emphasis. The Moon will be in its own house (H4) conjunct the NN and Neptune and opposite t.Sun conjunct t.Saturn. This will be on the transiting Nodes. The Sun will already be squaring Mars opposite Pluto but not quite opposite Uranus yet.