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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Sacred and the *$&@%&#!

Happy Halloween! Time to be Scary again. Tear up the bed sheets. Wave your arms around. Steal some candy. Thing is you gotta cackle! Today's blog is about Nasty Words. Cussing. Swearing. Things that go bump in your mouth according to your Sign.

Before we start with today's bravado, let it be known that, according to all the generous psychologists out there who are diligently trying to mold us into conformity, Cussing and Swearing are good for Morale at work!!! (These guys get paid for this! Will wonders never cease?) Here's a link to an article called "What the Bleep" by Jennifer Waters on Yahoo Finance, Oct. 26, 2007 on how using profanities at work makes the little minutes just tick on by. http://finance.yahoo.com/career-work/article/103769/What-the-Bleep?mod=weekend.

I was going to write this Blog in celebration of Scorpio anyway. "Mercury" and "Pluto" rule Profanity according to the Rex Bills' book.

Over the years, now that my Wisdom has gone ancient, I've observed how many signs seem to cuss in their own way. They create their own "Style Swear Word Stigma". At least in my family this is so.

For starters there's my Scorpio Father. He was almost always silent but when he did swear he always seemed to use Scorpio Imagery. When he wasn't too pissed off, he would say "Judas Priest!" Just like a Scorpio to turn to use Traitor imagery first. Then everything after that was Genitilia Imagery. "Man, he really shot his wad!" "She's a Ball Basher." "Kick him in the Balls and he'll never come back." You know, Scorpio wisdom. It's right...to the...point.

Then there's my Virgo Brother. He speaks Spanish and likes to remind everyone that the Spaniards are the best Cussers because all their profanities are based on their diet, mostly Meats and Vegetables. I've never asked him for it but I'm sure I could get a nice, clean Virgonian list at any moment.

And there's the Pisces Cousins. Pisces like to be high and don't want to say anything that will bring anybody down. Besides they'd rather fart in public than swear just because they're so good with gas. Pisces always know how to dance around the subject so they may not say "Fuck" per se, but it is generally implied somewhere in their aura. They're not real communicative people and they feel really bad for anyone who is.

Then there was my Mother the Sagittarius. Society peaks out with the Sagittarian Expletive. For some reason, the Capricorns, next sign over, can only swear when they're grumpy, that's not cool. But the Sagittarians are Jolly Cussers. Anybody who has a Sagittarius Mother knows what I mean. Our childhoods were spent being led by the hand through stores while our mothers cussed out every salesperson they had dealings with. And, oddly, by the time we walked away the person was laughing and loving her and begging her to return. So Sagittarians get a lot of practice and start to develop their metaphors in order to really bring out the Art. 4 Letters are fine for certain occasions but the literary attempts are what it's really all about. Sometimes they're original, sometimes they take credit for others' originality, but they're always well-informed and up-to-date because they spend so much time competing with all the other Sagittarians while burning holes in their Bar Stools. Even when they're sober, they're great. They can mix the Concrete with the Abstract and the Sacred with the Profane. Think Mark Twain and Jon Stewart and you get the Genius of this sign. The more lovable a person is apparently, the better his cussing will be.

Then there was my Irish Grandmother, the Gemini. She was obviously the reason why my Sadge Mother was so well-educated in this regard. The Gemini's are so fucking god-damned observant, they immediately have to comment on all that is going wrong. Sometimes they lack the panache that the Sagittarians do, most of the time they are just really fun because nobody else would comment on that crap. My Grandmother was mostly into Social and Political Commentary. She'd bring in the Pope and the President at a heart beat, for example. There was that time that she, a loyal Republican, was listening to a speech on TV from the other room and started calling the guy an S.O.B. Finally she whipped the ladle out of the pot she was stirring and said "Who the Hell is that Idiot?" "Johnson!" Although she said nothing after that I found out that Gemini's can speak ((embarassment)) and ((silence)) aloud and as if they were swear words.

Tauruses are cool cucumbers. In my family we have only the Female variety. They pride themselves on being even tempered and kind. That's bull shit, of course. Nobody laughs harder at the Fucks and Shits that come out of the Gemini and Sagg mouths. My Aunt was constantly reminding us that we ought not speak badly of others in that way, but, man, her laugh lines were chiseled in pretty deep from a fairly early age.

My Step-Mother the Taurus is another story. Like most ruthless people, she would only say "poopy." She truly believes that she can avoid going to Hell by doing this. But God knows what's on your mind and her mind was nothing but "poopy." There's nothing worse than being a teenage girl trying to cook Thanksgiving dinner with the woman who's torn apart your family and, in order to impress you, is cackling uproariously about how most of the food reminds her of "nasties", especially with a limited vocabulary of only "poopy." She actually thought she could compete with my Sagittarius Mother on this one. I still gag while thinking about how she was flopping the Turkey neck around while my Father was watching football in the room next door.

Oh, then there's my Libra Step-Sister. Libra women don't swear, it's not gracious. And besides she, like my Step-Mother, thought she could avoid going to Hell. So our arguments were mostly her saying "You need to get the broom stick out of your .... you know what!" She couldn't even say that she had to go to the Bathroom because "Bathroom" is a nasty word. It was "Restroom." She wasn't going in there to pee, she was going in to rest. Now she works for Homeland Security. No wonder why nobody sent help to New Orleans. The place wasn't flooded with sewage -- those bodies weren't floating, they were resting.

And speaking of anal retention in Government: I used to work in a Law Library. Those EPA Documents would make Larry Flint blush if only he could understand them. 10 million ways to describe Shit in Latin derivatives and hyphenated words. Wastewater. Bio-solids. Fecal contamination. One day a Sagg librarian started giggling and giggling and said she was going to call up the Head of the Department of Waste Water Management just to talk dirty to him. I should have asked her for the list. Truth is, I can't remember any of the words that are longer than 4 letters.

Oh, and then there's my sign. The Sun in Cancers. That's right, I'm a Cancer. Fuck You if you don't like it. We're silly, goony and we laugh at ourselves and get hurt when other people laugh at us. We're extremely foul mouthed just because those are the easiest words to say. And having Capricorn on the other end of the axis usually means that we get caught. Think about George Bush swearing to Tony Blair and getting caught with the microphone on. Well, that's what you get for talking with your mouth full (literally and figuratively). I remember watching Johny Carson's last Tonight Show where Robin Williams, a Cancer, got chastised by Bette Midler for being a crotch grabber. He of the endless comebacks and innovations was completely struck dumb. He curled up like a bad little Cancer boy and didn't say anything for the rest of the night. And all that because Bette Midler of all people, the Queen of Raunch, was over-moralizing about his jokes. "Right in the Balls!" as my Scorpio Father would say.

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Top 10 Money (Taurus/Venus) Drains (Moon/Neptune)

This is a list of Top Ten Money Drains on a Person's Budget along with their Rulerships. No, your Ex- isn't on the list. Just stay away from Water and Mars if you're trying to stay on a budget. I always thought that Jupiter was the big symbol of the spendthrift. It doesn't come up at all in this little experiment. As a matter of fact Bills gives him Rulership of Budgets along with the 2d house.

Here's the link: http://finance.yahoo.com/banking-budgeting/article/103379/Top-10-Money-Drains

Here's the list:

1. Coffee - Neptune (Mars, Pluto)
2. Cigarettes - Neptune (Pluto, Mars)
3. Alcohol - Neptune, Pisces (Mars)
4. Bottled Water - Moon, Cancer, Neptune, Pisces
5. Manicures - Mercury, Venus
6. Car washes - Uranus, H3, Mercury, Gemini & Moon, Cancer, Neptune (Pluto)
7. Weekday Lunches Out - Moon
8. Vending Machine Snacks - Moon (maybe Uranus?)
9. Interest Charges on Credit Cards - Pluto? Interest Rates in Bills are: Jupiter, Venus, 2
10. Unused Memberships - H11 = Membership, Unemployment = (12)?


The Shuttle's Bad Joints

The NASA Shuttle Mission has been encountering some problems with installation of its new solar panels. Astrologers will say this is a Mercury Retrograde thing and at this point I agree. This Discovery Shuttle (STS-120) was launched during Mercury Retrograde and has discovered a problem with the joint that will keep the Solar Panels facing the Sun. This Joint was installed right after Mercury went Retrograde last time. Joints, according to Rex Bills, is ruled by Saturn and although Bills is talking about joints in humans I don't see why this can't be applied to Space Stations.

From the Wikipedia article I think I've discovered that the original joint was installed on the Space Station on June 17, 2007. This is a day after Mercury went Retrograde when it was at 12 Cancer. Mercury is not only Retrograde here but unaspected in the chart for this Space Walk (listed on Wikipedia as starting at 16:25 UTC). This was the flight (STS-117) where the computers all started to conk out right before Mercury went Retrograde and the Return was delayed due to weather. Saturn was also at its last pass through the opposition to Neptune and they were both at 22 degrees Leo and Aquarius respectively. The opposition was conjunct the MC/IC with Saturn at the top of the chart. And also, there's this damn Grand Trine between Saturn, Pluto in Sagittarius-Mars in Aries that keeps coming up in my blogs lately.

These dates are roughly coordinating with the "Protective Pit Bull" blog. completely different situations but similar story about how there's more news. This might be due to Mercury Retrograde or due to the fact that t. Mars hit the spot where the Mercury retrograde was. In the Pit Bull story, a woman was attacked by a man on the door step of her home. Her Pit Bull attacked the man in turn and the man ran off. The only evidence was the DNA from the blood on the Pit Bull's face which actually located the man who arrested last week.

In this case, NASA sent its Shuttle up on June 8 and let Mercury go Rx in the middle of the trip. Everything wrong, the flight full of problems. Now, on this trip, they are finding out what went wrong during that trip and I guess now there are new problems. Mercury is once again Retrograde. It was at 25 Libra during the Space Walk when they found the problem

During a space walk on Oct. 28 (begin time 9:32 UTC), one of the Astronauts found that the Joint is scraping off metal shavings which will limit its ability to rotate. Saturn is at 7 Virgo c. the South Node at 6 Virgo. Saturn rules Construction. Once I worked with a guy who did a funny skit on how he didn't even think of trying to repair simple problems at his home because they always ended up in all day calamities where parts don't fit right and one thing just leads to another and soon your entire week-end is wrecked. If the North Node were in Virgo instead of in Pisces things might be different.

Also on the shuttle, Mars was at 11 Cancer conjunct within a Degree the spot where Mercury was during installation. This was what happened in that Pit Bull Story. The woman's assailant was caught when Mars hit the Mercury spot of the attack.

Also, The Moon was close to the spot in Gemini where the Sun was during installation (Sun 18 Gemini / Moon 9 Gemini) and squaring both Saturn and Uranus.

At any rate, I just read that the Solar Panels are now ripped. Time to take another trip to the Home Depot to get them replaced.

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Monday, October 29, 2007

Around the Neighborhood with Marie & Pierre Curie

Great people are not known for success in household matters so it makes sense that Marie Curie wasn't real attentive as a Mother. She had bigger Fish to fry. Well, turns out frying the fish wasn't all she did. She was tracking radiation all over the house. She had no idea what the stuff really was.

Her daughter, Eve Curie recently passed away. Eve was known for writing a biography of her Mother. Her Obituary described how she felt guilty that she had somehow been spared an early death by radiation poisoning the way the rest of her family had. Boy, that's a Unique Experience. One wonders if she had Aquarius on the IC or Uranus stuck therein. Both her Mother and Sister, Irene, had died from exposure and it is thought that Pierre Curie would have also suffered from poisoning had he not been killed in a traffic accident. I apologize. This blog will be silly but I grew up in a community with a lot of scientists and many were my friend's parents. I never had a sense that things would be alright in people's personal lives because of it. The rules were always different, the conversations were always about odd but interesting subjects, and the expectations were always really really high. So this is why when I read that Obituary I wondered, Wow, is there an indicator for a Mom who will accidentally radiate her kids? As a kid growing up around these people, I know that these are the things that children of great people have to wonder these things on a day to day basis.

I know there are many intelligent presentations of the Curies' charts out there. (I found this one for Marie written by Michael D. Robbins: http://www.makara.us/04mdr/01writing/03tg/bios/Curie.htm.) It includes a copy of Marie Curie's chart which is visually astonishing because Uranus is conjunct her Descendant and is apex to a small triangle, a Kite, a Thor's Hammer. It's by no accident that this quadruple Scorpio would work tirelessly with her Husband to isolate Uranium.

But, back to the Domestic Situation. Marie Curie worked all the time. Eve said that she almost didn't know her mother until she had to care for her while she was dying. The Curies worked out in a shed with no protection from Uranium. Marie and Eve's older Sister, Irene, who also became a Nobel Prize winning Chemist, used x-ray machines in the first World War without protection. The whole house probably glowed. Have you ever seen that Kitchen by the artist Liza Lou? It's completely covered in little sparkling seed beads. That's how I imagine Marie Curie's kitchen to look. That makes for some nasty gingerbread, let me tell ya.

Marie Curie

b. Nov. 7, 1867 10:36 Varsonne, Poland

Sun 15 Scorpio; Moon 17 Pisces; 13 Capricorn Rising; MC 18 Scorpio; NN 11 Virgo

Marie Curie was born 4 planets in Scorpio. Her Sun in Scorpio was opposite Pluto in Taurus. This opposition was conjunct her MC-IC axis with Pluto conjunct the 4th House cusp. That right there shows a toxic household environment somehow related to the career. But this isn't just anybody's house. This is Marie Curie's house. And so what? All career women have to let the household go. This Sun-Pluto opposition was involved in a Mystic Rectangle and a house configuration that includes the Uranus-Descendant. I talked about Uranus's importance in her chart up above. Marie Curie's house was the, you guessed it, Outer Limits. Both of her daughters shared her Sun-Pluto aspect. Irene had a Square between the two planets. Eve shared the opposition.

Irene was born on her Mother's Saturn Return. She was a Scientist who won the Nobel Prize along with her husband, just like her Mother. She died from Radiation poisoning like her Mother.

Eve Curie was born on her Mother's Nodal Return when her Mother was 37. Her Father was killed in a traffic accident 2 years after she was born. Her Sun-Pluto opposition squared her Nodal Axis.

Both Marie and Pierre Curie were strong Fixed Sign people. Their Daughters both were Mutable Sign Suns. I'm listing some of this now just because it interests me. This would be a very interesting family to read after having read Erin Sullivan's book on Family Dynamics.

Pierre Curie died on Apr. 19, 1906. I'm sure the time of his death is listed somewhere but I don't have it. The whole day Pluto was unaspected at 22 Gemini. That gives off a bit of an "uh oh" sensation but alone it means nothing. Thing is, it was conjunct Pierre's natal Mars at 14 Gemini which was also unaspect. Mars, during most of the day, was also unaspected (except for a semi-square to Uranus) at 24 Taurus. This is conjunct Pierre's 25 Taurus Sun squaring his Nodes. Somebody really needs to reel these damn scientists back into an astrology practice. Unaspected planets become much more potent because they have no strong relationship with the other planets and can't share the energy. Pluto rules Death. Nodes rule Fate. Mars rules the Head. Sun rules the life force. Mars and Uranus in difficult aspect rule accidents. Curie was run over by a horse carriage and suffered fatal injuries to his head (Mars).

Pierre Curie

b. May 15, 1859 Paris, France

Sun 25 Taurus; Moon Libra or Scorpio; NN 26 Aquarius

Irene Joliot-Curie

b. Sept. 13, 1897 Paris, France

Sun 20 Virgo; Moon Pisces or Aries; NN 6 Aquarius

Eve Curie

b. December 6, 1904 Paris, France

Sun 15 Sagittarius; Moon Scorpio or Sagittarius; NN 14 Virgo

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Sunday, October 28, 2007

"The New Nostradamus"

Game Theory.

Rational Choice.

What's it all about?

Here's a link to an article called "The New Nostradamus" by Michael A.M.Lerner from the Nov/Dec. Good Magazine. It's about Bruce Bueno de Mesquita, a Political Science Academic who has made successful predictions about International Affairs using Mathematics.

He's friends with Condi Rice so I guess he's a Republican. Can't find his Birth Info which totally sucks.


I don't know anything about this but it looks exciting.


Girl 27 - Patricia Douglas

A new documentary called Girl 27 has been released about a Scandal and Cover-Up at the old MGM Studios. In 1937, a girl was raped at a party given by the Studio. She pressed charges but the Studio ran a smear campaign against her in order to cover their name. The Court dismissed the case in favor of the studio.

MGM had hired about 130 young girls for "a project," dressed them up like Cow girls and drove them out to a Barn. They had no idea they were going to a party let alone being prostituted. About 300 Salesmen walked in, got progressively drunker and eventually 2 girls were raped. One of them, 20-year old Patricia Douglas was beaten until her eyes were swollen shut. After having her Reputation destroyed by a front page article in the newspaper, she was destroyed. She married something like 3 times in 5 years and eventually became almost a recluse.

Then, weird thing, a reporter investigating a completely different story came across the news stories and eventually decided to investigate her story. At the time of the party/rape, Mars was Retrograde at 3 Sagittarius. It continued in Retrograde by Secondary Progression until 1990 when it Stationed Direct at 18 Scorpio. The Reporter, David Stenn, came across the Story shortly after that while researching a different story and officially decided to investigate it in September, 1993. Stenn spent 10 years working on this story eventually publishing an article in Vanity Fair magazine called "It Happened One Night...at MGM." He then made the DVD using an Interview with the Victim. He says she died the day after he called her (Nov. 10, 2003) to tell her that people were mailing him sympathetic responses to her story. Her reply: "Thank You. I can go now." She was 85 or 86 years old and had sat in Silence for 65 years, got retribution and died. This is so Scorpio. The Rape, the Power Struggle, the Confrontation, the Big Corporate Studio, Impotence, Silence, Research, the Vindication, the Death.

The Transits for the day of Patricia Douglas' Death are absolutely amazing to compare against the Event Chart of the Party.

For one, the Sun was at 18 Scorpio. This is the same degree that Mars was at when it came out of Retrograde in 1990. This Sun also was opposing the Sun of the Event chart. The Nodal Axis was layered over them, NN to Event Chart Sun in Taurus (Conjunct Merc Rx-Uranus) and SN to Death Chart Sun in Scorpio.

Second, transiting Pluto was conjunct the 16 Sagittarius North Node of the Event Chart.

Transiting Jupiter was conjunct the 8th House Neptune of the Event Chart. There's more but I'll stop here.

Another thing that interests me is a comparison with the Chart that I looked at on yesterday's blog called "Protective Pit Bull." Both charts have a Grand Trine between Mars-Saturn-Pluto. The planets are not in the same signs but are in the same houses (Times I'm using are probably accurate within 1/2 hour)! Mars in the 11th House trining Pluto in the 7th with Saturn in the 3d house. This is an extremely busy Event Chart with lots of aspects, 2 Grand Trines and a Grand Square but Mars has no challenging aspects, only these trines.

The Date of the "Party:"
May 5, 1937 Hollywood, CA

Girls showed up at Studio at 4pm for Make-Up and Costumes and driven to Party
7pm - Salesmen show up and begin drinking heavily and grabbing the Girls
10pm - David Ross, Age 36, and a couple of other guys grab Patricia Douglas, pin her down and pour booze down her throat. Ross eventually drags her outside and beats and rapes her.
11:30pm - Patricia Ross comes stumbling back to the Party beaten and raped.

Case dismissed by Court Feb. 9, 1938

Sept. 1993 Writer David Stenn decides to investigate Patricia Douglas's case.

Vanity Fair Article published: April 2003

Patricia Douglas dies Nov. 11, 2003, Las Vegas, CA

Link to Article: http://www.vanityfair.com/fame/features/2003/04/mgm200304

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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Protective Pit Bull

Looks aren't everything and neither is reputation. Here's a story of a Pit Bull named Maya who saved her Mom from an attacker. True to her breed, Maya's head looks like the Rock of Gibraltar and her instincts are to kill at a moment's notice. Sometimes that's a very good thing. http://www.mercurynews.com/valley/ci_7285789.

The crime happened on June 17, 2007 "as the Sun was rising". All Angular Houses are strongly populated in this chart. The Out-of-Bounds Moon was in Cancer (Home, Emotion) squaring Mars in Aries (Attacks, Assaults, Impulse). Both planets were in their own signs so their influence was very strong. Bob Marks says that Mars-Moon are one of the most prominent signatures for a violent attack.

(Just as an aside, this crime scene chart looks a lot like Goya's natal chart: Out of Bounds Cancer Moon, Saturn c. IC, etc. Think of his paintings, wish I knew how to add pictures)

The Sun in Gemini is in the First House opposing Pluto in the 7th of open enemies. Since this was the woman's Birthday Party, she's got to be symbolized the Gemini Sun and her Attacker by the 7th House Pluto. The Solar Return being similar to the Event chart also puts a lot of emphasis on this particular woman for the Attack.

There was no usable evidence left for the Police to work with at the 31-year old woman's home after a man jumped out from the bushes as she was returning home (Saturn c. IC opposite Neptune) from her Birthday Party (Solar Return). The Woman, being a Gemini, immediately thought to tell the man that her husband was coming home but he started strangling her anyway. Alas, Mercury was retrograde at the time.

The man tried to strangle her and at this point, Maya, the woman's pet, lunged at him and bit him. Mars rules Bites. Uranus rules Flashes and the color White. The woman describes seeing Maya run out like a "White Flash." Uranus was squaring Jupiter-DESC in Sagittarius.

The woman did manage to enact her Sun opposite Pluto Solar Return aspect in a most effective way. She said: "That's when I grabbed him...where the sun doesn't shine."

He ran off. Neptune c. MC.

The police didn't have much to work with trying to locate the man but they did find a spot of blood on Maya's face. Bills says that (Moon) can represent "Visual Evidence." Mars in Aries (Bites) squaring Moon in Cancer (Visual Evidence).

"Blood, in General" is ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarius, Leo and Aquarius. Jupiter was strongly placed in its own sign of Sagittarius right on the Descendant at 5 am. There is, of course, a strong element of Luck that contributed to being able to find the attacker and Jupiter can only be held responsible for that. The article doesn't say what time the attack was, just before Dawn. Saturn in Leo was right on the IC opposite Neptune in Aquarius on the MC. All signs that potentially rule Blood were on the Angles.

As for rulerships of Dogs, Dogs are ruled by Mercury, Virgo and Jupiter. There's another aspect in the sky at the time of the attack that needs to be noted. This wild Mars in Aries was in a Protective Grand Trine with Saturn-IC (home) and Pluto in H7 (Partner). A Grand Trine between Mars and the two control freak planets, that's the ultimate Don't Mess With Texas aspect, IMO.

In the end, it was the Evidence that came back to bite the Attacker. Easly was located through DNA Evidence (Rex Bills doesn't give Rulership but I suppose that Saturn on the IC might be partly responsible). Last week, t.Mars was nearing conjunction with the Mercury of the Crime Event Chart. Mercury is Retrograde almost as if trying to move back toward Mars. Mercury was also Retrograde at the time of the crime and they say that Mercury Retrogrades will bring the past back to you. As a matter of fact, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto have barely moved forward at all due to Retrogrades. The Sky almost seems to have been holding things still for this Woman in order to get even with her Attacker (Sun opposite Pluto (Getting Even) and then Pluto trining Saturn( Time))

Since it was her Birthday, the Victim's chart is probably some time near June 16-17, 1976. This means that she has a conjunction of Uranus to her North Node in Scorpio trining natal Sun-Venus in Gemini. She's probably experienced a few of these types of criminal/sexual surprises in her life.

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Thursday, October 25, 2007

California Fires, Where's My Straight Jacket?

Gawd, the Full Moon's really tweaked my head. I'm soooooooo Sun in Scorpio. Pluto on the Galactic Center, that Comet Holmes is blowing up in the sky, I've maintained up until now....

Well, first of all, the Potrero Fire just happened to be in the spot where Blackwater wants to hole up. The first person declared dead was in this fire, a Navy engineer...

Two of the other fires were on either side of the Crane Naval Warfare Station's branch site in Fallbrook. Or at least I hope they were on either side. Because if they were right on the site, BLAMMO. This is the spot on the West Coast where the Navy stores its Missiles and leftover containers of Napalm from Vietnam. Wouldn't want that catching fire. Perhaps best to cover it up from all those satellite images with a bunch of smoke. At any rate, that might be Napalm and Chemical Warfare goop the San Diegans are breathing right now.

The Moon was conjunct Uranus as these fires were started, Mars angular in both cases. How do they get exact times for when the fires start?

Here are the Fires that are located in this area:

Rice Fire.
Oct. 22, 2007 4:16 am PT Fallbrook, CA

1 Cap Rising c. Pluto 27 Sagittarius
Venus 14 Virgo c. 15 Virgo MC
Mars 10 Cancer c. 2 Cancer Desc
Uranus 16 Pisces c. 15 Pisces IC

Of course, Venus-MC is conjunct Saturn-SN. And Uranus-IC conjunct Moon, NN close by.

Ammo Fire.
Oct. 23, 2007 11:49 am PT Camp Pendleton, CA

24 Virgo Rising. No Planets in 1st House. Venus 13 Virgo c. Saturn 6 Virgo, H12
23 Gemini MC. Mars 9 Cancer H10.
24 Pisces Desc c. Uranus 16 Pisces
23 Sagittarius IC c. Jupiter 18 Sagittarius H3 - Pluto 27 Sagittarius, H4.


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Arson in the California Fires?

CORRECTION: I should remove this post but I'm keeping it because it's kind of quaint how I had my Conspiracy Theory Flip Out right before a Full Moon in my 12th house while the Sun is in Scorpio.

Potrero is far away from where the Arson Fire was. The Arson Fire was the Santiago Fire up in Orange County somewhere.

At any rate, Potrero is right on the Border between California and Mexico. Suppose it's considered a heightened Security/Border type of thing to stick Blackwater there but I don't personally care to have their style of Security going on anywhere in the World, let alone in my own State. I know they'd be lousy neighbors to people in the town and I'd have a nervous breakdown if I started visualizing what they'd do while patrolling the borders.

Here's yesterday's rant:

Now the Fire Departments are looking into Arson in one of the Fires that is raging in Southern California. I guess this would be an arsonist's dream come true. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20071024/ap_on_go_ot/california_wildfires_arson.

I sort of wondered about the Potrero Fire, set Oct. 21, 9:30am Potrero, CA.
Scorpio Rising, Ruler Pluto in H1.
Mars in H8.
Ruler of H7, Venus conjunct MC along with Saturn-SN and opposite Uranus c. IC.

Suspicious, very suspicious...

Potrero is the town that has been fighting to keep Blackwater from setting up a major installation next door. http://www.sdreader.com/php/cityshow.php?id=1566


Lowering the Boom

We get to find all kinds of new ways to go about Aging as the Baby Boomer Generation Ages. Or shall we say "As the Baby Boomers Refuse to Age." Something tells me it's going to be very entertaining. Whatever the Pluto in Leo generation sets its mind to they do with great Theatrics and Panache. Saturn and Capricorn rules Old Age. Youth is ruled by Sun and Leo. Saturn represents Father Time. Sun/Leo represents Playing with Time. You put them all together, and it's anybody's best guess what will happen.

In ancient mythology there's a frightening myth about how Saturn got jealous of his kids and swallowed them whole. That's a good one to try to avoid -- don't mean to be a downer but it's a great cautionary tale.

It looks as if the Pluto in Virgo generation is getting in on the game now. I recently read an article that didn't just talk about Aging, it analyzed the different types of Aging into categories. I have no idea where I read it, but wrote down the list of things that can go wrong.

A Phys Ed Teacher of Geriatric Patients once told me that from her observations the Sagittarians age the best. So maybe Old Age is the best time to grab on to your Natal Jupiter and the workings of your Sagg House. Rex Bills gives rulership of "Wisdom" to Jupiter and Sun. I'm surprised that Saturn is left out but I suppose the Saturnians are the ones who are born Wise. Bitterness is ruled by Saturn and Mars. When you think about the Astrological Wheel you realize that Sagittarius and Capricorn are at the top on either side of the MC. It's much more fun to be at the point that's just about to peak than at the point that has already peaked.

Warning, this is just a rough study, words not engraved in stone...

The 3 types of Aging (and Rulerships from Rex Bills) are:
  1. Chronological Age (Age according to DOB) // Saturn
  2. Biological Age (Bio Markers) // Biology = Sun // Ultimate Disposition of Body = H4
  3. Psychological Age (Attitude) // Uranus, Aquarius (Mercury, Neptune, Mars, Pluto)
Biological Markers:
  1. Blood Pressure. High: Jupiter, Mars. Low: Jupiter
  2. Bone Density. Saturn rules "Bones" and "Density"
  3. Body Temperature Regulation. Temperature Changes: (Mercury) High: Mars Low: Saturn. Regularity: Saturn, but Regulation: Jupiter.
  4. Basal Metabolic Rate. Ones' Metabolism: (2, Uranus, Saturn, Neptune). Balance between Anabolic & Catabolic Phases of Metabolism (Pluto).
  5. Immune Function. Not clear in Bills. He gives (Uranus) for rulership of Immunity but doesn't indicate whether political or physical or otherwise. It kind of gets interesting here looking for other words in Bills. Boundary Lines: (Uranus), Susceptibility: (Neptune). I assume Pluto is the big ruler here because nobody thought much about Immune Disorders until Pluto hit Scorpio.
  6. Sugar Tolerance. Sugar: Venus, Jupiter. Diabetes: Jupiter, Venus, Libra (Virgo, Mars)
  7. Muscle Mass. Muscles: Mars (8). Strength: Mars (1, Scorpio). Bodily weakness: Saturn, Moon, Neptune. Fatty degeneration of: Jupiter. Breaking down of muscular tissue: Venus.
  8. Skin Thickness (amount of wrinkles). Skin: Saturn, Capricorn, Libra, Venus. Thickening, thinning, wrinkling: all Saturn keywords. Probably also Sagging, ahem...
  9. Sex Hormone Levels: not listed! Viagra for the men (Uranus). KY Jelly for the Women (Neptune).


Some more ideas with rulerships from Rex Bills.

Arthritis: Saturn (Pluto).

Senility: Saturn

Dehydration: Water distribution: (Aquarius), Water Transport: Moon. Water: Moon, Pluto, Neptune. Vital fluids & forces: Sun. Vital fluids in nerves (Mercury)

Humor: Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, (Moon)

Looseness: (Neptune)

Somersaults: (Uranus)

Joviality: Jupiter

Joy: Venus, Sun.

Vitality: Sun


Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Southern California Fires

From CNN I've come up with a list of the Fires that are ravaging Southern California, when and where they started and how much under control they are. Hope it's accurate, am a little short on time. I'm from San Diego and have heard that people are packing up to evacuate who rarely have to worry about this type of thing.

The charts are interesting in that there are so few negative aspects. This is an example of the bad side of the Grand Trine Aspect, the situation is perfect for letting things spin out of control. The Nodal Axis is prominent on the MC/IC axis. Also it is aspected by Venus and Saturn on the SN end and Uranus on the NN end. There is also the square between Jupiter and Uranus.

Malibu Fires:

The 1st Fire was the Ranch Fire. The Angles are going Ape Face.
ASC 29 Gemini.
Ruler is Retrograde in Scorpio conjunct the Sun in Libra in H5. Mercury disposes to Pluto which is conjunct the Descendant.
Sun-Mercury is in a Grand Trine to Mars 9 Cancer in H1 and Uranus 16 Pisces c. MC 10 Pisces c. NN 6 Pisces.
Therefore the Nodal Axis is hanging over the MC/IC axis with Saturn 6 Virgo c. SN 6 Virgo c. Venus 12 Virgo c. IC 10 Virgo.
The Moon was at 20 Aquarius c. Neptune also at 20 Aquarius in the 9th House. They dispose to Uranus. (Surprise, Unexpected events).

Canyon Fire: began Oct. 21 4:50am PT , Malibu Canyon

Buckweed Fire: began Oct. 21 12:55 pm PT, NorthEastern Los Angeles

Ranch Fire: began Oct. 20 9:42 pm PT, near Castaic

Santiago Fire: began Oct. 21 6:00 pm PT, Irvine, CA

26 Aries Rising.
Ruled by Mars 9 Cancer just past conjunction with 16 Cancer IC.
The rest of the Angles not heavily populated except for:
Sun 29 Libra conjunct DES conjunct Mercury 3 Scorpio.
The Nodal Axis with planets crossing the H6 and H12 cusps.

San Diego Fires:

These began the next day and have an upside down version of the Malibu Fires.

30 Scorpio Ascendant.
Ruler of Chart is Pluto in H1 with Jupiter. (Mass Destruction)
The Nodal Axis: Uranus and NN conjunct the Pisces IC. Saturn-SN-Venus conjunct the MC.
Mars in H8 in Grand Trine to Sun in Libra-Mercury in Scorpio in H11 and NN in H3 conjunct IC cusp.

Harris Fire: began Oct. 21 9:30am PT, Potrero

Witch Fire: began Oct. 21 noon PT, between Romona & Santa Ysabel

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Monday, October 22, 2007

Give It Up for Sun in Scorpio

The Sun will be in Scorpio tomorrow conjunct Mercury Retrograde. Not the greatest transit for whispering sweet nothings into your Lover's ear, but that's not what this transit is about.

Here's a blog written by a woman who studies Bonobos.


Bonobos have sex all the time. Unlike the Snowy Plovers and the Prairie Dogs, they inhabit all the Signs in the Wheel and have probably added some of their own. Happy Sun in Scorpio.

Oh, and by the way, Saturn's conjunct the South Node in Virgo. That means what goes around comes around. If you're already attached, remember you're a person, not a Bonobo. (And check your bank statement for errors).

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Cram It Clown!

Here's a quote about the Urban, or "Suburban myth," that seeded in my generation. This is a true Pluto in Virgo generation myth:


From Los Angeles Times, 1994: "One of the prevailing urban myths among '60s Southern California youth was that, on one televised Bozo show, things got out of hand. A child playing Bozo Buckets reputedly accompanied a missed shot with a choice swear word. To which Bozo replied, "That's a Bozo No-no." To which the child then reportedly responded, "Aw, cram it, Clownie!"

Critical, caustic, realistic, and cynical. Born that way almost immediately after evacuation from the womb. Alas! We are the era that killed off the Clown.

When I was growing up, this story was huge. I actually remember my big brother pointing to one of the wild skateboarder boys at school and saying, "They say he's the one that told Bozo to cram it." And we snickered and we sniggled and our little childhood fangs grew another millimeter long. From the mouths of babes....

And when you look at the astrology of the long line of Bozo's who became syndicated and franchised and McDonaldized you realize how this came to be. Yessiree, it was a kid's world. A diet of Instant Breakfast, Tang, Cheez Wiz, Triscuits and TV Dinners and off to beat up the Clown at the TV Station we go.

The first Bozo was a Virgo:

Pinto Colvig
b. Sept. 11, 1892 Jacksonville, Oregon.

Sun 20 Virgo; Moon Taurus or Gemini; NN 10 Taurus

Pinto was an actor. Originally the voice of Pluto in the Disney animations, he cut some records with the clown suit on in 1946. "Bozo's Circus" was aired on Friday nights starting in 1949. Pinto had both unaspected Sun and Rx Jupiter, aspects that totally befit a Clown. He was born during the Gemini conjunction of Neptune to Pluto, as befits a Clown. And he had a t-square of Uranus-Mars and Venus with apex Uranus in Taurus conjunct his North Node.

Pinto's Son took over as Bozo on the first TV Show on Jan. 5, 1959. He was a Pisces and the show started just as Pluto was making its first baby steps into Virgo:

Vance Colvig, Jr.
b. March 9, 1918 San Francisco, CA

Sun 19 Pisces; Moon Capricorn or Aquarius; NN 28 Sagittarius

Vance had a Sun-Mercury conjunction in Pisces that was Unaspected. His Uranus in Aquarius was also Unaspected. It takes a lot of Unaspected energy to become a Clown, I guess. Vance was voice of Goofy in the Disney Animations. He looks to be a bit darker version of a Bozo. He had a t-square of Pluto-Mars and Chiron aspecting his North Node in Sagittarius. You can see how the planets seem to be ganging up on him and maybe he felt over-shadowed by his Father.

It is very interesting that Vance's (Bozo #2) unaspected Sun opposed his Father's (Bozo #1) Sun. At any rate, Vance gave up his Clown Suit in 1964. This was right before Saturn hit his Sun and opposed the Uranus-Pluto conjunction that was forming in Virgo. Mid-60s is when "they who know" guess that the foul-mouthed kid made his miracle 1960's appearance. The shows were shot live and apparently the tapes weren't kept. Nobody is saying which Bozo was the Victim. I hope it wasn't Vance.

At any rate, there was another Bozo in Chicago who claimed that he was the best Bozo of All Time (competitive).

Bob Bell
b. Jan. 18, 1922 Flint, Michigan

Sun 28 Capricorn; Moon Libra; NN 12 Libra

His Sun is in Capricorn conjunct Venus, and, you guessed it, unaspected. Wow. What a Bozo. He wasn't competitive so much as Vain. And his Sun is widely conjunct the Show's Sun so no wonder he felt that he embodied the best Bozo.

The Chicagoans really liked Bozo but even they had to put him to rest. The last Bozo show aired there on June 12, 2001. The Saturn-Pluto opposition was widely forming at that time indicating a loss of some kind. An interesting aspect is that this is close to the time of the Uranus Opposition for the Bozo Show. The natal Uranus was in Leo. In 2001, T.Uranus was in Aquarius (in its own sign) and conjunct the original show's progressed Sun as well.

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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Parallel Women in Power Struggles: Double Venus Cycle?

I found an amazing coincidental correspondence between the lives and charts of two female Political leaders who are currently in heavy power struggles to improve their countries. I hope to be able to communicate this information.

In the charts of the two women I'm going to discuss, both have Suns are in the last degrees of Gemini (on or damn close to the Aries Point of Cancer which equals home and homeland). Both have Libra Moons. Both have Venus in Taurus (within a degree of other). This means that both their Moon and Venus signs are ruled by Venus. Both have natal Venus square Pluto. the fact that both women and their countries are now in the news in very drastic situations might be an incredible example of how the Double Venus Return cycle works. (Please link on the "Venus" or "Returns" label down below to read my other blogs about this).

Transiting Pluto now opposes these women's Suns. Oppositions show, well, "opposition" and often indicate relationship struggles. Pluto and the Sun are all about power so they are currently in passionate, under-handed Plutonian struggles for power. Both women were elected Prime Ministers of their countries in 1988-89 as Uranus-Neptune and Saturn were opposing their Suns. It looked for a short whilelike both countries would open up to Democracy but both women were driven out by the old guard immediately. It's interesting to note that Neptune, Uranus and Saturn were just finished passing over the Galactic Center as the women won their elections and Pluto is in that position right now.

I'm still not saying who they are and if you scroll down you'll lose this next bit of information.

Saturn, Neptune, Uranus cycles are hooked into a larger 500 year cycle of planetary returns that has been studied for its affect on Civilizations across the World. In particular there is a correspondence between the Neptune-Uranus midpoint and Saturn that linked up in December, 1988. The previous one was in 1488. I'm going to try to blog about this cycle later. It's available in an old, probably out-of-print, pamphlet published by the American Federation of Astrologers c.1974, written by Everett Blackman called: "Astrology: Worlds Visible and Invisible." This cycle is reduced to smaller cycles of 13 years & 39 1/2 years. The women and their countries have struggled now for half of the latter of these cycles which is considered an important cut-off point. It's interesting that in these two charts, both women have a Saturn-Neptune aspect. Benazir Bhutto of Pakistan, even has a natal conjunction of Saturn-Neptune squaring of Uranus. The other woman, Aung San Suu Kyi of Myanmar has a Saturn-Neptune square. I blabbed their names.

Their charts aren't all they have in common, their stories are almost parallel. Both were raised in countries in political turmoil. Both born to important political families with Fathers who were leaders in their countries and who were executed. Both educated in Western traditions, both at Oxford University. Both married with children. Both elected as Prime Ministers in their countries and then jailed/exiled in 1989. Both back in the news right now as t. Pluto opposed their Suns, the political strife in their countries worse than ever. Both preach Love and Pacifism against brutal Military regimes that have managed to oppress them. Both are very popular with their people and with the International Community. (Well, Benazir Bhutto's has had problems with accusations of money embezzlement by the Europeans, her unaspected Jupiter may have gotten the best of her).

So remember, these women seem to be representing the Double Venus Return cycle which is said to perhaps bring Women into power. Also Pluto passing over the Galactic Center and opposing their Suns is bringing them back into power that they earned when Neptune, Uranus and Saturn were passing over that point. Plus, they seem to be hooked into the 500 year cycle that shows rise and fall of cultures across the Globe. They are both Pacifists trying to bring Democracy to their countries, fighting against old regimes. They were both elected by their people as Prime Ministers who are oppressed by great Militant anger, old regime and unrest in their countries. (well it sort of looks like Bhutto and her husband might be a little corrupt). At any rate, this really is amazing.


Aung San Suu Kyi, Prime Minister of Burma

b. June 19, 1945 Rangoon, Burma (Myanmar)

Sun 28 Gemini; Moon Libra; NN 10 Cancer

Sun conjunct Mercury over the Cancer AP. (Words gain into Public, famous speech: "Freedom from Fear")

Neptune squaring Saturn-NN in Cancer (Moon may be conjunct Neptune?) (loss, compassion)

Jupiter in Virgo square Uranus in Gemini (reformation)

Venus 13 Taurus-Mars 6 Taurus square Pluto in Leo (volatility, willfulness)

Suu Kyi has been held in house arrest off and on by the Myanmar (Burmese) militia since 1989. She has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for her passive resistance (1991).

Suu Kyi's Father negotiated Burma's Independence in 1947 and was assassinated that year. Her Mother continued in Politics. She was educated at Oxford and University of London. Married with two children but husband died in 1999 in the UK. She did not go to be with him because she would not be allowed back into the country. She returned to Burma in 1988 to take care of her sick Mother and Military violence broke out. A Pacifist who follows the teachings of Ghandi, she was working to negotiate Peace she was put under House arrest on July 20, 1989. Her progressed Sun was conjunct her natal Pluto. She was elected Prime Minister in 1990 but couldn't act as such because of arrest. Was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1991. Was due to be released in 2006 but still hasn't been released.


Benazir Bhutto

b. June 21, 1953 Karachi, Pakistan

Sun 30 Gemini; Moon Libra; NN 6 Aquarius

Bhutto was schooled in the West, studying at Harvard and Oxford. Her Father was Prime Minister of Pakistan and was executed on Apr. 4, 1979 for allegedly conspiring to commit murder. She was elected as Prime Minister first in 1988 and removed after 20 months on corruption charges by the President (no trial). Elected again in 1996 and removed once again on corruption charges (no trial, but she has been tried in Switzerland and found guilty). She is married and has 3 children. Lived in exile in Dubai since 1996 and returned Oct. 17, 2007 to Pakistan. Last week, Oct. 17, she returned to Pakistan and was her life was immediately imperiled. A suicide bomber murdered 143 people and injuring more than 400 in an attempt to kill her. She says she won't let the Militants scare her off. She is currently going through a Mars Return and over the next year, Pluto is opposing her Sun-Mars conjunction on the Aries Point. Her progressed Sun is conjunct her natal Pluto to the degree (squaring natal Venus). She needs to be careful.

Sun c. Mars 5 Cancer, unaspected (Warrior qualities projected to Public over Aries Point, patriotism)

Jupiter unaspected in Gemini (international appeal, intellectually opinionated).

Venus 14 Taurus square Pluto 22 Leo (willfulness in relationships, strong emotional undercurrents)

Strong t-square: Apex is Saturn 21 Libra-Neptune 22 Libra-Moon in Libra squaring opposition of Uranus 18 Cancer-Mercury 25 Cancer opposite Chiron in Capricorn. (strong outer planet aspect conjunct inner planets. Saturn-Neptune same as Suu Kyi).

Moon maybe conjunct Saturn 21 Libra Rx and Neptune 22 Libra Rx

So there. I hope this makes sense. It's really remarkable.

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Friday, October 19, 2007

Terry Lamb's Article about the Spanish Influenza

Here's a great article called "Planetary Miasms: The Astrology of the 1918 Influenza Pandemic" written by the Queen of Astro-Healing: Terry Lamb.



More About the Double Transit of Venus

The Teaching Company publishes Brilliant College Lectures about all kinds of heady stuff. I've ordered a few of their lectures, listened to even fewer of the lectures, and hate to think how little I understood. This means that they send me their brochures which advertise all their other lectures. Today I received a Science and Mathematics catalog with an excerpt from the Series: "Understanding the Universe, 2d Ed." by Brilliant College Lecturer, Alex Filippenko. It discusses how Astronomers first learned to measure the Universe from observations made during the Double Venus Cycles in 1761 and 1769 when Venus passed in front of the Sun. Here's a quote:

"A key to getting the distance scale was a transit of Venus across the face of the Sun. This is kind of a rare event. It happens about eight years apart, and then not for over another century. It happened in 2004, and it'll happen again in 2012. But prior to that, it last happened in the late 19th century; and prior to that, it happened in 1761 and 1769. Those two transits provided a key to the determination of the physical length of the the astronomical unit." www.TEACH12.com (1-800-832-2412).

This is awesome. Venus is equated with methods of proportion, measurement, and scale. Her Cycle is 8 years long and is made of of 5 retrograde stations that repeat themselves on almost the same spots in every cycle. As I learned in the Abelard & Heloise blog, these double transits are sometimes thought to bring power to women in society. But Venus is also associated with the Golden Mean in Art and Balance and Harmony. It's so appropriate that this information about measuring distance in the Universe would come from observing her during one of these double whammy transits.

I took a look at the people who made these observations. They English Explorers who had to, of course, get the Hell out of England in order to see the sky. Both men responsible were born in 1728. That's interesting to look at for outer planet placements. They both had Neptune in Gemini. Captain Cook's Neptune was within orb of the Sun-Venus conjunction which he observed. Both men felt they hadn't found the information they were looking for at the time. Very Neptunian. Also interesting because many people feel that Neptune is the upper octave of Venus.

The first set was a pair of surveyors/astronomers (how appropriate for Venus):

Charles Mason

b. April, 1728 Gloucestershire, England

ARGGGHHHH! No DATE!!!! And a Mars in Virgo, fie!

Sun Aries or Taurus; Mercury Aries Rx or not; Venus Pisces or Aries; Mars Virgo; Jupiter Taurus or Gemini; Saturn 24-26 Aquarius; Uranus 22-21 Scorpio Rx; Neptune 7-8 Gemini; Pluto 7-6 LibraRx; NN 13-11 Pisces Rx; Chiron 17-19 Aries.

It would be interesting if Venus were conjunct Mason's Sun in his natal chart which reflects in the transits that he observed.

Jeremiah Dixon

b. July 27, 1733 Cockfield, County Durham, England

Sun 5 Leo; Moon Aquarius; NN 30 Scorpio

These are the actual Surveyors who measured out the Dixon-Mason line in the U.S. that separates the Red Coats from the Blue Coats in the U.S. Dixon worked as an assistant to Mason on the Venus observation thing. They both observed the first pass of Venus in front of the Sun in 1761 down in Cape Town, Africa. Then they buzzed up to the States, measured off the land. Charles Mason worked alone from an Observatory set up in Caran, County Donegal, Ireland in 1769. They/he spent months observing the sky before and after the transit.

According to Richard Nolle's site (www. astropro.com/features/tables), these are the dates for the conjunctions: Notice that Pluto is in Sagittarius and then Capricorn. Pluto is having a return for this Double Venus transit as well!!!!!! (I'm stoked.)

June 6, 1761 5:39 AM GMT? 15 GE 36 Venus Rx

Stellium in Gemini of NN-Mars-Mercury-Sun-Venus (1-17 Gemini) as Apex of a small triangle to Moon in Leo trine amazing conjunction in Aries of Jupiter 1 Aries-Uranus 9 Aries-Saturn 10 Aries. Pluto in Sagittarius.

June 3, 1769 10:02 PM GMT? 13 GE 27 Venus Rx

Applying New Moon! Moon 8 Gemini, Venus and Sun at 14 Gemini
Pluto in Capricorn opposite Saturn in Cancer.
Jupiter in Scorpio opposite Uranus in Taurus.

The other explorer was the famous explorer/navigator/cartographer Captain Cook who observed the 2d pass from Tahiti:

Captain James Cook

b. Oct. 27, 1728 11:27am Marton, England (from Astrotheme)

Sun 5 Scorpio; ASC 24 Sagittarius; Moon 22 Leo; MC 30 Libra; NN 30 Aquarius Rx

This is an exciting chart. I was hoping Venus would be prominent in these charts and this one certainly is. It is conjunct Mercury and Uranus in Scorpio to the Degree. This conjunction is apex to a t-square, squaring Moon opposite Saturn in Aquarius and is sesqui-square Jupiter in Cancer. In 1769, Jupiter was passing through Scorpio and was widely within orb of conjunction with natal Venus-Mercury-Uranus.

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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Saturn in Virgo / Prince Philip and Prince Charles

Have been struck dumb by the photos that are on the Internet of Princess Diana's last moments. I came across some of them accidentally and have to say I'm impressed by what Vultures these photographers are. And now I am lamely following the Inquest into the car crash that caused the Princess's death. It's taking place at the relentless 10 year request of Dodi Fayed's Father who is blaming Prince Philip for organizing the crash. Father blaming Father sounds a lot like some Saturn issues. I had to take a look.

Saturn rules the Father, Authority and Government. Both Men have strong Sun-Saturn connections, Philip has a square and Mr. Fayed has the conjunction.

And Saturn is very strong by transit here. It has recently passed into Virgo and both Prince Philip and Prince Charles have Saturn in Virgo natally. So, they are going through their Saturn Returns. Even if these Gentlemen had nothing to do with Princess Diana's death, they are forever in Karmic Debt to her unhappiness in the Public Eye.

Virgo is an interesting sign. It rules day to Day matters, realism and usually comes out squeaky clean in public on matters of dishonesty or sabotage or worse. But, what the Virgos don't want anyone to know is that they're never really that far away from flipping over into the Piscean side of things when under stress. At the drop of a hat, they complain about being martyrs, and then blame everyone around them. Virgo's know exactly what they can get away with at any given moment and then they move on without giving it a second thought. They are forever the Innocent Virgin. (And usually they really are innocent, well sort of... I have Virgo siblings).

Prince Charles is going through his 2d Saturn Return right now. The Day of Diana's crash, the Sun was conjunct his Saturn so it's very interesting that he is under the gun now after 10 years. This Return is extra heavy transit as t.Saturn is conjunct the t.South Node. That puts Fate (Nodes) and Karma (Saturn) together into one big happy package for him. Talk about the past coming up and biting you in the ass. On the plus side, Prince Charles has a well-aspected Saturn natally. It's in a Grand Trine to Moon- NN in Taurus and Jupiter at 30 Sagittarius (Aries Point). I suppose if he's involved he'll glide through this with nary a scratch.

On the other hand, in about a year from now, Prince Philip will go through his 3d Saturn Return. His 19 Virgo Saturn is afflicted, conjunct his NN at 20 Virgo. This Saturn-Node conjunction is squaring his Sun-Mercury conjunction meaning that he has managerial skills but he may suffer from cold-heartedness and cruelty at times. Managerial skills are great talents to have but, remember bin Laden and al-Zarqawi had similar squares.

At any rate, I wouldn't want to be the subject of an Inquest at any time let alone during a Saturn Return. Look what happened to Martha Stewart during her last Saturn Return.

So then, for curiosity's sake, one looks at Dodi Fayed's Saturn. Why not? This is conjunct his Descendant in Scorpio. It disposes to and squares 4th House Pluto. This can be an indicator of being born into a family where power games are very prominent. 4th house rules beginning and end of life and Pluto rules death, power games and also Fame. He did after all become famous after his death. His Father has struggled in grief and terror (Saturn square Pluto) for 10 years to set things right. He should have taught his Son to use a seat belt, Saturn afflicted can't get away with not using a seat belt.

And now we look at Dodi's Father's Saturn. Mohamed Abdel Moneim Fayed is an Aquarius. This puts his Sun at 8 Aquarius conjunct Saturn to the degree. This conjunction is unaspected by Ptolomaic aspects so it is a very prominent influence in his chart. It combines Vitality/ego and Determination. This is what is needed to spend 10 years of fighting the British Government to find the truth out about his Son's death. His Sun-Saturn conjunction is pitted against Philip's Sun-Saturn square. Mr. Fayed's conjunction does have a Sesquiquadrate (keywords: ill-omened, choice, readjustment, resolve) aspect to Mars-Jupiter in Virgo. Mars aspecting Jupiter is sort of a Racehorse aspect. It took 10 years but he's taking this Inquest to the Finish Line in order to get Unbiased (Aquarius) facts (Virgo).

Transiting Saturn is aspecting Mr. Fayed's (Father) chart strongly as well. It is conjunct his n. Neptune-South Node conjunction in Virgo at 10 and 8 degrees respectively. So it makes sense that he would feel victimized by Philip and Charles and their Saturns. After analyzing the facts (Virgo) he will finally be able to grieve his Son.

Then, of course, Diana's Virgo planets hook into Charles' Saturn. She has a stellium of Uranus-NN in Leo with Mars-Pluto in Virgo. T.Saturn is now conjunct her angry, willful Mars-Pluto conjunction which is conjunct Charles' Saturn. What awful synastry. On top of this, the Car Crash happened on a day when the Sun was conjunct their Saturn Pluto conjunction (and the rest of Di's planets). Saturn & Pluto together, the Marriage that just keeps on taking. Last year's endless Saturn-Neptune opposition was stationing on Diana's Lilith in Leo which provided the kick-off for the inquest. Lilith was the original screwed over ex-wife in mythology.

Another thing: both Prince Philip and Prince Charles share an opposition of Jupiter to Uranus. Although not afflicted by deep dark motivations these two planets working together could indicate a problem with needing Freedom and Independence at any cost. Prince Charles' opposition is on the very public Aries Points: Jupiter 30 Sagittarius opposite Uranus 30 Gemini. At this point, his Prog. Venus and t. Pluto are close to conjunction with his natal Jupiter. Hopefully, he's innocent and will be vindicated. Either that, or he will kill Camilla too. A very emotional time for him either way.

Prince Philip's opposition is: Uranus 10 Pisces opposite Jupiter 11 Virgo. It's pronounced in his chart as these planets are the boundary planets to a bowl shape that expands out into a "Boat Shape" (where the two planets are linked by a series of sextiles on one side of the chart). This opposition is pronounced by current transits as the transiting Nodes are layered on top and Saturn's fast approaching. Also, Prince Philip's progressed Sun is at 12 Virgo on top of Jupiter.

And that's not all. Philip just had his Uranus Return last year over at the other end of the opposition. And there have been a series of Eclipses hammering on him. What a year. There have been Eclipses on or near these Pisces/Virgo points for everyone involved.

According to Rex Bills, Murder is ruled by Pluto, Mars (H12). Conspiracies are ruled by 12, Neptune, Pisces (Uranus, Pluto).

When Diana died in 1997, Philip's progressed Sun and Mercury had just entered Virgo on the spot where Saturn-SN are right now. So, he's being help responsible for what happened then. Transiting Pluto was squaring them in Sagittarius. His Progressed Mars was conjunct his Natal Neptune which is maybe conjunct his n.Moon in Leo. That does look a little conspiratorial. This Moon-Neptune conjunction is in Charles' First House very close to his Ascendant. I don't have a birth time for Prince Philip so don't know his Ascendant or exact Moon placement.

Diana's death has been discussed. The Sun conjunct her Pluto-Mars plus multiple other aspects on different levels.

Prince Philip

b. June 10, 1921

Prince Charles

b. Nov. 14, 1948 9:14pm London, England

Dodi Fayed

b. April 15, 1955, Alexandria, Egypt

Mohamed Abdel Moneim Fayed

b. Jan. 27, 1933 Alexandria, Egypt

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Tragic Modern Love

I know I said that I wouldn't look at any more Artists' charts during my search for the secret to True Love but this story was too Romantic and Sad to pass up. Let's face it, Love between Lawyers, Accountants, and Brick Layers just never seems to make the Headlines. True Love is fueled by Romance and Imagination. And Artists never have health insurance so it's kind of convenient when they don't live into old age anyway.

Theresa Duncan was 40 years old when she overdosed on July 10, 2007 in New York City. A week later her lover, Jeremy Blake, walked into the Atlantic Ocean and drowned. He was 35. They had been together for 12 years and never spent a night apart. They were successful computer artists in the New York and Los Angeles Art Worlds. Their story is here: "Conspiracy of Two" by David Amsden: http://nymag.com/news/features/36091/.

Theresa Duncan
b. Oct. 26, 1966 Lapeer, Michigan

Sun 3 Scorpio; Moon Pisces or Aries; NN 17 Taurus

Jeremy Blake

b. Oct. 4, 1971 Fort Sill, Oklahoma

Sun 11 Libra; Moon Aries; NN 13 Aquarius

The couple originally met in 1994 in Washington, DC but began dating in the Fall of 1995. This was Theresa's Saturn Return (in Pisces) and Jeremy's Jupiter Return (in Sagittarius). By coincidence they ended their lives on Jeremy's next Jupiter Return; which was a Return for their relationship. Jupiter in it's own sign of Sagittarius.

This couple's charts are both out of Balance by element. And they seem to have filled in for their lacks through each other. That is often an indicator for attraction. Either Like attracts Like or Opposites Attract. At any rate, Teresa's chart was mostly Water and Earth and Jeremy's was mostly Air and Fire. Without a Birth Time I can't say how their Moons were placed or aspected, of course. Maybe they both had Aries Moons. Teresa is described as very firey and strong willed which suggests the Aries Moon. If her Moon was in Pisces, it could have been conjunct Chiron, SaturnRx, and Lilith. That's quite an emotional load and it's easy to see why she would have gravitated to Jeremy for balance as he had a big stellium in Libra, which is an Air Sign. Jeremy may also have had a conjunction of Moon and Chiron in Aries opposing his Libra stellium. The noontime chart shows middle Aries placement so it was definitely in Aries. Couples with same Moon Signs often get along, it's good to have a matching subconscious with your partner, especially during arguments. Aries Moons can be a bit argumentative so it's good when they are both emotionally on the same plain this way.

What really stands out is what seems to be the negative Plutonian nature that their relationship had descended into. Apparently they thought they were being spied on by the Government and the Scientologists. Well, that's actually not paranoia in this day and age....

So right off the bat it makes sense that Teresa was a Scorpio, Pluto's sign, they live on deep levels and suspect all motives. Her Sun was conjunct Venus in Libra over the cusp showing her incredible social skills (and probably also love of perfume). Jeremy's Sun had progressed into Scorpio and his entire Stellium had arced into Scorpio, so he was under strong Plutonian influence as well.

It seems that the Paranoia began when the couple moved to L.A. in 1999 just as Teresa was going through her Pluto square (and Bush was coming into office). This is a big deal because Teresa was born during the Uranus-Pluto conjunction in Virgo at the time that it was opposing Saturn in Pisces. So the Pluto square was very heavy for this generation. (It is interesting that Bush has been able to get away with his shenanigan's while these folks were peaking as adults). She also had Mars in Virgo at earlier degrees, so Pluto would have squared that right before hitting her natal Opposition. And her Mars was unaspected in her chart which means that it has to absorb all the energy of a big transit. This explains her very firey personality.

In the story linked above it's really incredible to read about how the paranoia seems to have shifted from Teresa to Jeremy in sync with their Pluto Squares. Jeremy was in the middle of his Pluto square when the couple died. His natal Pluto was on the last degree of Virgo. This is the Libra AP which explains the publicity that surrounds this couple. Their Double Suicide has become an Urban Myth for Modern Lovers. Jeremy had four planets in Libra (Mercury, Sun, Uranus and Venus) and would have been faced with transiting Pluto squaring them all very slowly over the next few years.

In addition, Jeremy had an opposition of Saturn RX at 7 Gemini to a conjunction of Neptune and Jupiter in early Sagittarius. These two planets working together can be great signatures for artists who can apply the practical business/marketing skills to their artistic talents. But it can also bring depression and loss, maybe fueling the paranoia about Government (Saturn = Government and Neptune = Institutions). (The Saturn-Pluto opposition, a big sign of Government conspiracy and Terror happened in the same signs, although in later degrees.)

Jeremy's birth opposition was echoed in last year's Saturn-Neptune opposition which occurred right on Jeremy's natal Nodes so I know it would have been a stressor, especially as he had n.Mars conjunct his NN (c. t.Saturn). And stressing things out even more, his Progressed Sun was in Scorpio squaring the natal Nodes-Mars aspect and transiting Saturn-Neptune opposition.

I suspect that Neptune is also related to paranoia. According to Rex Bills it rules Conspiracies. The couple's composite chart has a conjunction of Mars with Neptune. Teresa had Mercury conjunct Neptune in Scorpio which can give a vivid imagination but would be very vulnerable to Mental Illness. Emphasis of Libra in Jeremy's chart shows that he could lose himself to his Partner.


This is an irrelevant add-on. I've read that Jeremy's Father died when he was 17. In 1988, Jeremy would have been going through his Jupiter opposition which means that Jupiter was conjunct natal Saturn and opposing n.Neptune-Jupiter. Also, there was a conjunction of Saturn-Uranus in Sagittarius pretty much on the degree where Pluto at the time of his Father's death was when Jeremy died.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Truly Expensive Love

My search for the secret to True Love as foretold by a birth chart is really getting quite stressful. Not that I won't figure it out -- eventually. I just need a break. Here's a link to Forbe's article entitled: "By the Numbers: The 10 Most Expensive Celebrity Divorces" http://www.forbes.com/business/2007/04/12/celebrity-divorce-hollywood-biz-cx_0412divorcelander.html.

This article lists numerically Celebrity couples according to how expensive their Divorces were. They are only Celebrities and they are only Divorces from the last 25 years. In Astro terms this means that many have Neptune in Libra and Pluto in Leo. I think that Pluto in Cancer and Scorpio might tend to battle to the very end of such things.

This has turned out to be quite a good learning experience. I've checked the Husbands' charts since they were the Breadwinners for very easy indicators. Out the of the 10 charts it appears that only one of the women seems to be a true Gold Digger so I'm impressed by that. The other women were officially married to the Men while the Men raked it in and that in my opinion makes them entitled.

I've only checked the Husbands charts as most of the wives' birth information isn't available. Looked at 4th (Home life), 7th (Marriage), & 8th (Shared Finances) Houses and found that often these houses are empty. Suppose this means that these areas of life aren't where interests lie and so this shows a vulnerable spot in life? In the charts where time is available, you can see that Moon, Sun and Venus rarely figure in these houses which indicates that these people look for mostly business/excitement in their relationships. They like women who will help them with these aspects of life rather than the personal needs nature of the missing planets.

Also checked Venus as she rules both marriage, women, and money and found that their Venuses are often afflicted or unaspected (by Ptolomaic aspect). Advice for the Golddiggers: Venus in Libra, unaspected by major aspects and Mars in Leo seems to be a good chart to look for in a financial pushover. Advice for men with these aspects: Pre-nup, no matter what.

Also checked ASC/DESC when birth time available. Found that Neptune aspecting/ruling the ASC/DESC line is common, gives one magnetism to succeed as a celebrity but indicates the wool get pulled over the eyes regarding partnerships. Maybe makes it easier to Divorce for money as Neptune can make a guy a "stray cat" and "alcohol-drug dependent." Those are always good arguments in Divorce Court.

Lastly, checked Uranus, the planet that's thought to rule Divorce, and found that often Uranus is strongly aspected to other outer planets. That may show that these are men who appeal to their generations. Success often leads to complicated, erratic relationships as powers shift and trust is unreliable. Uranus brings emotional distance which is great for business and risk taking but a little weak on the intimacy scales.

ASC/DESC aspect for afflictions
Nodal Axis for afflictions
Houses 7 for Marriage, House 8 for Shared Finances, House 4 for Domestic Hell
Venus for Marriage
Uranus for Divorce
Mercury for Contracts
Mars for Husbands' Attitude

#10) $15-25 M: Mick Jagger & Jerry Hall.
Mick Jagger:
House 7: empty / Jupiter rules
House 8: empty / Saturn rules
House 4: Mercury, Jupiter-Pluto conjunction to IC from H3 / Sun rules
Uranus in Gemini conjunct ASC.
Venus in Virgo (H5) square Uranus & ASC/DESC line.
Mars afflicted. Squares the MC/ASC, squares Jupitier-Pluto-IC, squares rulers of ASC/DESC.

#9) $20M: Lionel & Diane Richie.
Lionel Richie: No House information available due to lack of birth time.
Venus in Cancer squares Neptune in Libra and Nodal Axis, NN in Aries.
Sun in Gemini conjunct Uranus 1 Cancer, that's right over the Aries Point. Publicity over Divorce-Contracts-Homelife.

#8) $45 M: Michael & Diandra Douglas.
Michael Douglas:
House 7: Uranus c. H8 cusp (conflict in marriage w/ finances, divorce) / Venus rules
H4 empty / Uranus rules
H8: Saturn in Cancer / Mercury rules
Venus in Libra in H12, unaspected by ptolomaic aspects. Rules DESC.
Pluto squares ASC / DESC from H9
Uranus in Gemini is in H8 of Joint Resources.

#7) $50M: James Cameron & Linda Hamilton.
James Cameron: No Houses available due to lack of birth time
Venus in Libra unaspected by ptolomaic aspects
Venus squares Nodes, Capricorn NN
Uranus (Divorce) conjunct Jupiter in Cancer (homelife) squaring Neptune in Libra (marriage).

#6) $60M: Paul McCartney & Heather Mills.
Paul McCartney:
House 7: empty / Jupiter rules
House 4: empty / Neptune rules
House 8: empty / Mars rules
Neptune conjunct Ascendant, rules H7
Venus in Taurus square Moon and trine Neptune
Neptune trines Saturn conjunct Uranus in H9.
Mercury rules ASC & MC, is in Gemini semisquare Mars-Pluto in Leo. (Temper/Ego can harm in Contracts)

#5) $80M: Kevin Costner & Cindy Silva.
Kevin Costner:
House 7: Mars / Neptune rules
House 4: Empty / Jupiter rules
House 8: empty / Mars rules
Venus in Taurus (H9) squares Moon in Leo. CHECK
Neptune afflicted in H2 as apex to t-square to Sun opposite Uranus.
Sun opposite Jupiter-Uranus in Cancer squaring Neptune in Libra in H2.

#4) $85M: Harrison Ford & Melissa Mathison.
Harrison Ford:
House 7: empty / Mars rules
House 4: empty / Saturn rules
House 8: empty / Mars rules
Venus in Gemini in H9. Only major aspect is sextile to Mars. Venus rules ASC & Mars rules DESC
Neptune conjunct ASC from H12.
Uranus ______
Mars in Leo (h11)

#3) $100M: Steven Spielberg & Amy Irving.
Steven Spielberg:
House 7: Neptune / Saturn rules in H2 c. Pluto.
House 4: Empty / Mercury rules
House 8: empty / Uranus rules
Afflicted Venus-Jupiter in Scorpio squaring Saturn-Pluto in Cancer (H2) and inconjunct Uranus in Gemini in H11.
Moon in Scorpio in H5 is also squaring Saturn-Pluto.

#2) $150M: Neil Diamond & Marcia Murphy.
Neil Diamond:
House 7: conjunction Jupiter-Saturn / Mars Rules
House 4: Sun-Mercury / Saturn rules
House 8: Uranus / Venus rules
Venus rules chart, Mars rules DESC.
Interesting that Neil Diamond gladly gave the money to his ex saying "She was worth every penny." One can see the importance he places on partnership and home from the planets placed in respective houses.
Venus in H3 trine Jupiter-Saturn. Moon in Capricorn.
Sun opposite Pluto squared by Saturn-Jupiter.

#1) $150M: Michael Jordan & Juanita Jordan.
Michael Jordan:
House 7: Moon in Sagittarius / Pluto rules
House 4: Mars in Leo / Sun rules
House 8: empty / Jupiter rules
Venus in Capricorn (H9) well aspected to Pluto, Neptune, Jupiter.
Neptune in Scorpio conjunct DESC and afflicted as apex to t-square Mars opposite Saturn.
Sun opposite Uranus c. Pluto.
Pluto rules the DESC. Venus rules the Chart.

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Monday, October 15, 2007

Carol Anne Gotbaum

This story has been all over the news. Carol Anne Gotbaum was a well-respected New Yorker who died while in Police Custody in the Phoenix Airport on September 28, 2007. She had reportedly developed a drinking problem within the last 3 years. I remember hearing that her Father passed away around that time so that may have been the trigger for her downward spiral. She was on her way to a rehab center in Tucson and had missed her first flight, had had to wait for a second flight and missed that flight as well. When she was denied onto the second flight she flipped out and started screaming. The Police were called. Here's a link to an article that gives the story along with times: http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2007/10/05/national/main3333570.shtml.

Carol Anne Gotbaum's obituary says that she was born in 1961. This is all the Birth Info I can find for her. This may narrow her Birth Date down to being between Sept. 29 and Dec. 31, 1961 in South Africa (Cape Town?). During these 3 months, Jupiter passed from Capricorn to Aquarius and Uranus moved from Leo into Virgo which doesn't make interpretation any easier. It does look like Saturn's transit into Virgo was affecting her Uranus. She would have had Saturn in Capricorn and Neptune in Scorpio. This means that she was going through her Neptune square which is a time when one can be very vulnerable to developing a Drug & Alcohol problem. It also means that as she was sitting in the Airport waiting for the flight, her Saturn was passing through the 1st house of the event chart. I suppose this isn't the best location for Saturn to be in when one is "waiting" to catch a "delayed" flight while on the way to seek treatment for a "socially embarassing condition". Saturn passes through this spot every day but this would be the time when one is most vulnerable to depression and feeling like a failure in society's eyes.


1:06pm - Gotbaum arrived late at Gate for 1st Flight after doors shut.
1:06pm - 0 Capricorn Rising
2:49pm - Police get a call about a Loud, Screaming Woman at another Gate (2d flight)
2:53pm - Police tackle Gotbaum to the ground while placing her under arrest.
3:05pm - 0 Aquarius Rising
3:29pm - Gotbaum pronounced dead while in police custody.
around 6pm - Husband Noah Gotbaum notified that his wife had died.
6:01pm - 0 Aries Rising

The event chart is loaded. It has a Mystic Triangle, a Yod and a Grand Trine. The Pisces NN is involved in all 3 configurations. Pisces rules imprisonment, drugs, alcohol, and victims (and film, media attention). Saturn is conjunct the South Node in Virgo. Virgo rules Police and Saturn rules Lessons and overbearing use of Authority and the South Node shows that Virgo traits (cold analysis) need to be constantly balanced out by Pisces (empathy) traits at this time.

The Sun in Libra is squaring the Mars-Pluto opposition and is passing through the 8th House while Carol Anne is detained and dies. This is a very violent aspect, people are short tempered and impatient and use of force could be extreme. It also could indicate suicide, certainly she would have been at danger. Mars is also on the Aries Point passing from Gemini to Cancer as this event happens. The situation comes to the public's attention.

There are 3 oppositions. The one that stands out is the opposition between Mars and Pluto. Mars is also squaring the Sun (Sun out of orb to square Pluto). This placement shows violence and use of force and it is conjunct the ASC and DESC axis as Carol Anne was denied access onto the first flight. This explains why she would have overreacted but it also indicates that probably she wasn't treated very kindly at the Gate. Some days you can handle that, when you're on your way to Rehab, it's not so easy. This opposition was passing through the 6th-12th house axis as she was arrested and had just passed into the 5th-11th house when she was declared dead.

Noah Gotbaum, Carol Anne's husband, was not told about her death by the Police until 2 hours after she died. He was told around 6 pm just as Pluto hit the MC and Mars hit the IC and Aries was rising at 1 degree! The Aries Point once again. The story caught on like wild fire. The Sun was opposing the ASC from H7 and squaring the Mars-Pluto opposition from the 7th house (husband)! The Sun during this whole time was also apex to a Yod inconjunct to the Pisces NN on one leg and the Moon on the other leg. What a wild configuration to learn about the death of one's spouse! This makes one wonder what the police did to cover things up. Neptune, Chiron and the NN were in the 1st house.

The 2d opposition is between Venus in Leo and Neptune in Aquarius. Venus was in the 8th house along with Saturn when Carol Anne was denied her first flight. This describes a feeling of deep desperation and loneliness. Venus passed into the 7th House as she was denied the second flight and also while she was detained and died. Neptune, opposing that Venus, was of course in the 1st house along with Chiron during Carol Anne's last minutes. This indicates some chance that she had taken drugs or alcohol while waiting. Considering her Neptune was squaring Neptune opposite Venus shows that she was extra vulnerable. This also shows the media publicity and popularity of the arrest video.

The 3d opposition was the opposition of Mercury at 1 Scorpio opposite Moon at 4 Taurus. Taurus rules the neck and Scorpio rules death, murder, would probably be involved in strangulation or choking. Mind and Emotions were not harmonizing. Nobody involved was using their heads. The woman at the Gate was unsympathetic to her customer's needs and called the Police at 2:49pm and by 2:53 the police had knocked Carol Anne to the ground and had her in handcuffs. No one tried to calm her down or probably explain what was going to happen if she didn't calm down. She was probably not acting her best in the first place. "Warnings" I suppose would be Saturn's job. He was in the 7th House but conjunct the South Node which I suppose means that only his Authoritarian side came out. At this point, Capricorn was rising so Saturn ruled the chart. All this and the flight Gotbaum was supposed to be on hadn't even left yet.

At 3:06 pm Aquarius was rising. I'm not sure of her time of death but it would have been around now. The Police chained Carol Anne up and left her screaming and when she went silent they went to check on her. Then they claimed she strangled herself with the chain (which was linked to her handcuffs which were behind her back). Ruler Uranus was in the 2d house. That's Taurus's house which rules the neck. It could also indicate that she choked. She may have vomited and aspirated while screaming and no one paid attention. Uranus is in Pisces which rules imprisonment so one wonders what other bizarre circumstances have been happening in the jails.

The Aquarius influence certainly does describe Carol Anne's death. Headlines are full of Uranian keywords: "Bizarre Death," "Death Shocks Cops" "Puzzling Death" and all happening at a Uranian place, the Airport.

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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Prairie Dogs

They're just so cute I had to see what signs the Prairie Dogs are. Previously I've studied the signs of the Snowy Plovers who are mostly Gemini's and Cancers. Prairie Dogs also tend to be born during certain very special months. There are two different types of Prairie Dogs as explained here: http://www.desertusa.com/dec96/du_pdogs.html. As they live in different types of environments they are born at different months and so belong to different signs.

I've heard many times that Prairie Dogs are considered as intelligent and socially sophisticated as the Dolphins which puts them far above and beyond the Humans. They till the ground with their constant burrowing and tend the grasses on the prairies in such a way that the grasses are actually more nutritious. Other animals like Buffalo and deer prefer to graze on lands where Prairie Dogs live because of this. Their only defense against predators is to raise a verbal alarm and disappear quickly. They have very sophisticated communication skills and make distinct sounds for each different predator. I've also read that they have very sophisticated underground communities.

The Black-tailed Prairie Dog lives mostly on the Plains. They mate in January and are born in March and April. This means that they're Pisces and Aries. Aries sounds the Alarm and Pisces is good at disappearing quickly.

The White-tailed Prairie Dogs live at higher altitudes and hibernate in the Winter so they don't get around to mating until March-Aprilish. This means they are born in May under the signs of Taurus and Gemini. This accounts for their highly advanced vocabulary and community planning skills.

I just love the Prairie Dogs.

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Breaking the Sound Barrier

Ha! It looks like Mercury Retrograde ate my post. This was about Chuck Yeager's historic flight where he broke the Sound Barrier. Either Blogger has konked out or my new Virus spyware is monkeying around with my posts. Looks like the thing has disappeared into thin air. Guess that's appropriate.

Anyway, Yeager broke the Sound Barrier while Saturn-Pluto and Mars were conjunct his natal Neptune and opposing his Sun in Aquarius. He did it with two broken ribs and lots of competition and controversy. Steve Fossey, who just vanished into unknown regions while flying over the similar part of the World is also going through a similar conjunction, I believe. T. Pluto on natal Neptune or vice versa.

Well, Blogger and/or the Spyware ate my post.

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Friday, October 12, 2007

Down to a sunless sea

"Kubla Khan," written by Samuel Taylor Coleridge in an opium-induced dream, is one of the great Lyric poems of the English language. One of the articles linked by Wikipedia calls it a "Metaphor for Opulence."

"Lyricism" is ruled by Venus and "Opulence" is ruled by Jupiter, so says Rex Bills. This hooks into Coleridge's chart sweetly as both planets rule major parts of his chart: Venus rules his Sun and Jupiter rules his Ascenant/Chart. In addition Coleridge had a Leo Moon and every Leo Moon I've personally known has actually lived in a "Pleasure Dome". Opium and Dreams are ruled by Neptune, Pisces, and H12. Coleridge's progressed Sun and Mercury had just moved into his 12th House when he wrote the poem in the Fall of 1797 or Spring of 1798.

Samuel Taylor Coleridge

b. Oct. 21, 1772 10:45 am Ottery St. Mary, England

Sun 29 Libra; ASC 13 Sagittarius; Moon 21 Leo; MC 13 Libra; NN 20 Libra

Coleridge was born during a Grand Earth Trine of Outer Planets (like Beethoven and Rembrandt). This is Capricorn Pluto trine Uranus in Taurus trine Neptune in Virgo. Nobody ever really discusses Earth Sign's roles in creativity very much but it is evidently quite remarkable. Either way, Coleridge is a Pluto in Capricorn Baby so he'll be having a Pluto Return. Maybe it's a good time for the rest of us to invest in poppy field real estate.

Neptune, one of the first places one looks for Poets, Artists and Dreams, is in Coleridge's 9th House of exotic, long distance travel and conjunct Saturn and Venus in Virgo (he's having a Return of those two planets as I write this). Venus rules the Arts and Saturn-Neptune in aspect together is known for bestowing ability to give form to spirit. Uranus (instant enlightenment) was transiting over this conjunction at the time that Coleridge wrote "Kubla Kahn." I guess whatever your methods of 9th house travel, whether via Virgin Atlantic or Opium Pipe, you're gonna be flyin on all propellers with an aspect like this.

Coleridge's Mercury was conjunct his Libra NN in his 10th House. Of course, that's perfect for a poet. His Sun in Libra was also in his 10th house. At the point that he wrote "Kubla Khan" his progressed Venus, ruler of Libra was a couple of degrees away from his Libra MC. All this Libra/Venus emphasis is just mind boggling to me but makes perfect sense.

Coleridge's Solar Return Chart for the year that he wrote about Xanadu is also very interesting. In the Natal Chart, the Nodes were transiting over his natal ASC-DESC axis squared by t. Uranus and the natal conjunction of Neptune-Saturn-Venus. They were of extra strength because they were hitting this Angle.

Then, in Coleridge's Solar Return Chart, the Nodes were layered over the other angle, the MC/IC axis. They were involved in a Mystic Rectangle trining/sextiling an opposition of Retrograde Mercury in Libra opposite Retrograde Jupiter.

That's RETROGRADE Mercury opposite RETROGRADE Jupiter. And they say nothing good comes out of a Retrograde Mercury....tsk, tsk.

There's more.... Where's his Moon & Pluto?

Oh well, forget about Moon & Pluto, drink from the River of Lethe and come drift away down the River of Alph... Here's the first stanza of the poem. Enjoy:

In Xanadu did Kubla Khan
A stately pleasure-dome decree:
Where Alph, the sacred river, ran
Through caverns measureless to man
Down to a sunless sea.
So twice five miles of fertile ground
With walls and towers were girdled round:
And there were gardens bright with sinuous rills,
Where blossomed many an incense-bearing tree;
And here were forests ancient as the hills,
Enfolding sunny spots of greenery.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Scholarly Love - Abelard & Heloise

For years I've been running across the correspondence of Abelard and Heloise in bookstores and never knew much about them except that they are held up as examples of True Love. Now, of course, I am drawn to them. I have a dark sense of humor and I'm a bruised "Child of Divorce" so I know I'm looking through a darker lense than most with this True Love stuff, but, man, it can be a real drag. And, I assure you, Abelard if not Heloise would agree with me.

Instantly Enlightened by the Wikipedia article on this couple and a few other Internet snippets, and, well, actually, Abelard wrote about his misfortune in Historia Calamitatum which is available on the Internet, my idiot's version of the story goes like this.

Abelard was a prodigy. The premier philospher of his day, interested in the Sciences and logic, a poet, a composer, success came very early in life for him. Back in his day, a philosophy student learned by arguing with his teachers. With almost no training Abelard managed to knock down his teachers one by one, giving lectures that surpassed their skills. He started his own school at Age 22 and drew all kinds of crowds. He peaked out around Age 36 which is around the time that he was hired to teach Heloise, a young girl with an incredible mind for ... learning. Abelard admits to seducing Heloise and she became pregnant. Abelard sent Heloise to live with his Sister in order to hide his misdeed from the public so his career wouldn't go down the tubes. While living with Sis, Heloise gave birth to a son who she called, get this, Astrolabe. The instrument that had just been brought over from Islam. Remember this is Scholarly Love and Scholars have no obligation to show good taste in choosing baby names. Astrolabe was born around 1118 from what I can gather, Heloise was maybe Age 17? Abelard maybe Age 38? Sis adopted the baby and Abelard managed to have Heloise placed in a Monastery where she was very successful as an Intellectual in her own right and as a, I forget what it's called, Abbess? At any rate, she was very smart and very competent and thrived no matter what happened to her. Abelard also went to a Monastery but somewhere in there Heloise's relatives sought revenge, dragged him by the you-know-what's and castrated him. That's right. They were pissed. So, Abelard who was a very independent soul and it seems quite "cocky" struggled forever after with the oppressive environment of the Monasteries. His Freedom and his Sex Life -- gone. He continued to be a productive Genius but was miserable ever after. And He and Heloise continued to write to each other and related on a Mental Level, which in their case existed way up high probably in the Ether.

No birth dates or even solid years for either so this is really conjectural b.s., but, just suppose...

Peter Abelard
b. 1079 in Palets, 10 miles south of Brittany, France

Jupiter: VIR to LIB; Saturn CAP to AQU; Uranus AQU; Neptune GEM; Pluto PIS; NN CAP; Chiron AQU

b. 1101 in Paris (near Notre Dame), France

Jupiter: CAN to LEO; Saturn SCO; Uranus TAU; Neptune LEO; Pluto ARIES; NN SCO; Chiron Taurus

Hair-brained Observations:
  • 1st: Abelard's got Uranus in it's own sign of Aquarius and this seems to be a strong influence. The Uranus square happens when one is around 21 and that's the age that Abelard first shocked everyone by opening his own school at such a young age. He was also 22 years older than Heloise so there seems to be some kind of Uranian connection with regards to that cycle. Plus, their Romance is considered Modern which seems Uranian. The May-December element seems more Saturnian. His Saturn could be in either Capricorn or Aquarius depending on when he was born. Chiron would have been in Aquarius as well.
  • 2d: There's a chance that both of our Lovers had a conjunction of Saturn to their North Nodes. Abelard's in Capricorn and Heloise's in Scorpio. That sure would explain the collision with Fate; Saturn is Karma and the Nodes are Spiritual Destiny, imagine what a joy people with this conjunction have on their Nodal and Saturn Returns. The whole affair started when Abelard was around 36 and Astrolabe was born when he was around 38. This would have been a Nodal Return for Abelard. Just a thought. He is said to have reached the peak of his Fame around 1115, Age 36. Does sound Capricornian Mountain Climby. Once you get to the top, what do you do?
  • 1st Redux. The 22 year time span thing is just interesting. It's associated with a special Venus cycle by the Mayans. It is also associated with a Sunspot Cycle (11 years, 22 years) and a Magnetic Oscillation of the Sun (22 years). But, this just sounds so Venusian. There's also a Progressed Tertiary Venus Return around this age.
I found a really great article by Nancy R. Fenn called "Venus Transits & Powerful Women" at www. skyscript.co.uk/venustransit.html. Ms. Fenn discusses the Love Affair of Abelard and Heloise but mostly the power of Heloise as a woman during one of these Cycles where Venus passes in front of the Sun in stead of behind it. I've discussed them briefly at "You've got it. Yeah Baby You've Got it" where I linked to another great article (nobody give a rat's ass about the link, do they?). We're in the middle of one these 8 year periods right now. Venus likes to, get this: work in pairs. The conjunctions come together, but 8 years apart. In the U.S. we are definitely enjoying an upswing of leadership by women in our otherwise cruddy Government. Bad cycle for going to War apparently.

Ms. Fenn in her article relates Heloise to the Nov. 23, 1153 conjunction as a sign of Women's empowerment through these cycles. I think there's a nasty Saturn-Pluto square that was aspecting it. Abelard was dead by then but Heloise was alive. There was a pair of Sun-Venus conjunctions in 1032 and 1040 and then the cycle missed a transit in 1145. Abelard wrote his Historia Calamitatum in 1136 in between the first and died before the "missed transit" cycle but I can't find any other correspondences between the relationship and these cycles.

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