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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Women Attacking Their Attackers in the YooHoo

Two awesome twin stories about women thwarting attacks by men by grabbing them .... where it counts. Both stories are from yesterday, Tuesday Dec. 30, 2008. The coincidence seems to good. There must be something to glean from the astrology.

Both attacks occurred on the West Coast between Northern California and Oregon so the area must be signficant in some way. Right now most of the planets are in the signs of Capricorn and Aquarius. The biggee right now is Pluto on the Aries Point conjunct Mars. Wanna ... play ball? The Sun is at 10 degrees Capricorn, Mars is at 3 degrees and Pluto is at 2 degrees Capricorn. Mars and Pluto together will indicate violence and attacks. Pluto is the higher octave of Mars and both planets represent willfulness. Pluto rules the genitals, tee hee. What's interesting is that there are two other connections between lower and higher octave planets. A conjunction of Mercury to Jupiter at the end of Capricorn. There's also a conjunction of Venus 26 degrees to Neptune 23 degrees Aquarius that's conjunct with Chiron 19 Aquarius. Astrologers love to underestimate Neptune which is annoying but this is a good example.

Two things really stand out in these charts. As I've already said, there's three innies hanging with three outies that represent the same energy in a higher octave. Mars represents the Male energy and Venus is the female energy. And Mercury-Jupiter is the capacity to think straight and scream bloody murder whilst under duress. The influence of the Mars and Venus stelliums is amplified because they are sort of Island aspects. They don't share major aspects with other planets. They do aspect each other with a lot of minor aspects (which would be a good exercise to study later on sometime). The Mercury-Jupiter conjunction is in a trine with Saturn in Virgo.

All these planets disposit to the Saturn-Uranus opposition. Don't know what time the attacks were, news reports only say "Morning." During much of the morning the Saturn - Uranus opposition was crossing over the 1st and 7th Houses. These, of course, are the houses that represent Attacker and Victim. Neither Saturn nor Uranus does well in the roles of Victim so it's really interesting how both stories show the victims turning the tables on the attackers. Uranus rules the 1st house and disposits to Neptune (which is possibly conjunct the Ascendant). The Sun rules the 7th House and is just past the Mars-Pluto conjunction (rage). Perhaps the men were reacting to something that they suppressed from a couple of days before when the aspect was exact. If Mars-Pluto tries to suppress an energy it will blow up eventually, ask me how I know.

At 10:00 am Aquarius was rising in both spots and the Venus-Neptune-Chiron conjunction was just passing over the Ascendant. Step aside Daddy, Mamma's in charge. There were reinforcement aspects on the 1st House in this chart. Ruler Uranus was placed in the 1st House and was opposing Saturn in the 7th. Also, Pisces was completely intercepted in the 1st House so it would be significant if its ruler, Neptune really was passing over the Ascendant at the time of the attacks. And, to repeat, it is conjunct Venus, symbol for women.

Troutdale, Oregon. This is such a cool story, well, not for the poor woman. An 88 year old woman was attacked in her home by a naked man who entered through the door. He grabbed her and shoved her face in a chair and she reached around and grabbed and squeezed. The Man, get this, named Michael Dick, ran off whining. He was caught. His age is given at 46. Here's the story: http://www.kgw.com/news-local/stories/kgw_123008_news_naked_robber.210ee85e.html.

Berkeley, California. A woman shopping at the Whole Foods was grabbed in the parking lot by a man.He punched her in the face. He aimed his gun at her and she grabbed his hand and tried to aim the gun down shoot off his yoohoo. When he kept trying to carjack her Van, she grabbed some scissors and started stabbing him in the face and throat. Then he ran off and tried to steal another car. He's thought to be between Age 40-50. http://abclocal.go.com/kgo/story?section=news/local/east_bay&id=6578422.

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Monday, December 29, 2008

More on the Santa Massacre

Regarding the horrible Christmas Eve Massacre that was mentioned in the last blog entry, I've found some Birth Data for anyone who is interested. The FindaGrave website has listed Birth Information for the Santa Killer and most of his Victims. To repeat, Bruce Pardo, an unemployed Software engineer whose Divorce was made final the week before in a court, dressed up in a Santa Suit, wrapped some guns in some Santa paper and went over to his ex-wife's parents' house where they were having a party on Christmas Eve. Pardo killed nine people, injured 3 others (I think it was 3), set the house on fire and then killed himself later on in the early morning Christmas Day at his brother's house. He had planned to escape to Canada but his Santa suit caught fire and burned him so that he was in too much pain to leave.

All Victims' deaths occurred on Dec. 24, 2008, Covina, California, beginning slighlty before or around 11:30 pm. The Murderer committed Suicide at some point hours later.

His chart shows classic Astrological signatures for the event. Pardo's Sun is at 3 Aries. This opposes his ex-wife's Mars at 4 Libra so they would have had a firey relationship, maybe a bit competitive or provocative. The Mars-Pluto conjunction on Dec. 24 was squaring these two points from ____ Sagittarius to 1 ________ Capricorn and was joined by the Sun at ____ Capricorn. Pardo's Aries Sun was being squared by the Mars-Pluto-Sun aspect with Sun dispositing to Mars. Overall a very volatile influence. The ex-wife (Cancer Sun), her Father (Cancer Sun), and one of the other victims, perhaps the wife's sister (Aries Sun)? were born with Sun in strong aspect to each other in an emotional square combination between Aries and Cancer.

Pardo's natal Moon was either in Aquarius or Pisces. His ex-wife Sylvia's was in Libra and could even have been involved in the Mars-Pluto aspect.

Pardo was going through his Venus Return in Aquarius. Venus rules Women and Relationships and Marriage. His natal Venus (women he's involved with) was heavily afflicted natally in conjunction with natal Saturn and square natal Neptune. Saturn-Neptune can provide sensitivity but also victim mentality. This was further highlighted and afflicted by transits as Pardo was just past his Neptune square and transiting Neptune was conjunct natal-transiting Venus in a sort of unaspected island figuration so the Venus-Neptune energy had no strong flow with the rest of the chart. The conjunction being in Aquarius highlights the unusual, sudden and shocking nature of the event.

Sylvia was born in 1965 during the Saturn-Chiron in Pisces opposition to Uranus-Pluto in Virgo. This is further complicated by a square from a conjunction of North Node-Jupiter in Gemini. Hopefully others born at this time are not being dealt such a difficult situation as they are going through the mirror opposition transit of Saturn to Uranus in the opposite signs.

Sun signs alone show a conflicting story. Since I'm not sure of the accuracy for this data I won't look in to the charts any further. May the victims Rest in Peace.


Bruce Jeffrey Pardo
b. Mar. 23, 1963



Sylvia Ortega
b. July 5, 1965


Michael Andre Ortiz
b. Aug. 23, 1991

Ex-Wife's Parents:

Joseph Ortega
b. July 3, 1928

Alicia Sotomayo Ortega
b. 1938

Other Adults:

Charles Ortega
b. Dec. 3, 1958

Teresa Ortega
b. 1957

Joseph Ortega, Jr.
b. Nov. 11, 1956

Alicia Ortega
b. Apr. 4, 1962

The dates are listed here: http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=32414678

Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Couple of Manifestations of the Mars-Pluto-Sun Conjunction?

It looks like this is how the conjunction of Mars-Pluto-Sun over the Capricorn AP have manifested two different ways. Since the Aries Points were involved one would expect this transit to have some very Public displays of violence and power tripping. In the last event, the power grid where the soon to be most powerful man on earth was staying was completely tripped.

Right on cue is the Santa Killer story in Covina, CA, a truly horrifying story. Bruce Jeffrey Pardo was an unemployed software engineer who was under stress to pay his ex-wife matrimony payments. He dressed up in a Santa outfit, wrapped up a couple of guns in a reindeer wrap and went over to a party at his ex's parents' house. A little girl ran up to greet him at the door and he shot her in the face. Then he let loose on the rest of the party and set the house on fire. Although it is thought that he was thinking about escaping the country to Canada, his Santa Suit melted on his skin causing too much pain. He went to his brother's house and killed himself. The last I read there are a total of 10 dead and 3 injured. The little girl who ran up to him is alive and released from the hospital.

Christmas, of course, happens just after the Winter Solstice when the Sun moves in to Capricorn. On Wednesday, Dec. 24 at 11:30 pm when the Mayhem began all the angles were on the last degrees of the Mutable Signs which is conjunct the Aries Points. Mars was at 29 Sagittarius conjunct the 29 Sagittarius IC and also conjunct Pluto 1 Capricorn and Sun 4 Capricorn in the 4th House of Family relations. Capricorn is the sign of fear of failure and the sign of karmic payback. Pardo had failed at his marriage and his job and even at his escape from his crime.

It didn't help that Venus was conjunct Neptune (ruler of the DESC and ruler of Self-Undoing). The only aspect this conjunction made was an inconjunct to Saturn in the 12th House of Self Undoing. In a way, the Judge in the courts and the ex-wife who demanded that an unemployed man keep making payments were also to blame (my opinion). I don't know the whole story, but, really folks, give a guy a break.

Santa Killer Event / Bruce Jeffrey Pardo seeks revenge on wife's family at Christmas Eve Party

Dec. 24, 2008 11:30 pm Covina, CA

Sun 4 Capricorn; Moon 11 Sagittarius (H3); ASC 30 Virgo; MC 29 Gemini; NN 10 Aquarius (H5)

The other event that has manifested is that the entire Island of Oahu where President Elect Barack Obama is vacationing suffered a power failure last night right at the moment of the New Moon in Capricorn. Was this a Power Failure, or an Executive Order?

Power Failure on Oahu

Dec. 26, 2008 First part of Power Failure at 6:45 pm. Honolulu, HI

The rest of the island lost power two hours later.

Sun 6 Capricorn; Moon 3 Capricorn; ASC 18 Cancer; MC 11 Aries; NN Aquarius

The Sun was at 6 Capricorn, Moon at 3 Capricorn, Pluto 2 Capricorn, Mars 30 Sagittarius. The Moon rules the Chart at 18 Cancer and Mars rules the 11 Aries MC. This stellium had just moved past the Descendant and was in the 6th House. Mercury 23 Capricorn was conjunct the DESC and Jupiter 28 Capricorn from the 7th House.

This time Cardinal Signs were ruling all the angles. The Saturn-Uranus opposition was straddling the 3d and 9th Houses so it appears that the grid would be under stress.

Saturn (rules Presidents, Bosses, etc. in general and rules the Descendant in the Chart) in these charts is interesting. In the Killer Santa Event Chart it is the only planet above the Horizon. In the Power Outage Chart it is the only planet on the left side of the chart. This chart is interesting for its Inner/Outer planet relationships. Moon is conjunct Sun (H6). Mars is conjunct Pluto (H6). Venus is conjunct Neptune (H8). Mercury is conjunct Jupiter (H7). Saturn is the only planet that relates by aspect to all of these combinations except the Moon-Sun conjunction (which rules the ASC/DESC angles).


Friday, December 26, 2008

The US Has An Increased "Albedo?"

Found a really interesting entry called "Half of the USA is Covered in Snow" on a blog titled Watts Up With That?

Apparently there is snow everywhere right now. Is Pluto in Capricorn icing it up or what? The blog says that the US is half covered with snow right now. And Canada is completely covered with snow for the first time in 4 decades. That sounds like the Saturn-Uranus opposition cycle over Virgo/Pisces messing with our heads. Anyway, this creates an "Increased albedo," or "surface reflectivity," which makes for a slower ice melt.

Link is here: http://wattsupwiththat.com/2008/12/25/half-of-the-usa-is-covered-in-snow/

Pretty interesting news for a new Moon conjunct Mars and Pluto on the Capricorn Aries Point!!!

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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Bah Humbug!

Scrooge. The Grinch. Bernie Madoff. My StepMother. Christmas: The Real Story.

Bah Humbug.

Well, first off let me state that I'm on my way to hide in a movie theater all day. I thought that I was going to hide at home and knit hats. But suddenly the inspiration is gone and the neighbors are booming their stereos so I'll go out to a darkened room with other pathetic types like myself who will probably be masturbating. I've heard that Bedbugs have taken over the movie theaters so I'll probably come out of that place with some real fine presents.

T. Pluto-Mars and the Sun are in conjunction with my natal Saturn in the 7th House and all week I've been experiencing the most unpleasant relations with people. A woman pushed in front of me at the check out line and I just started laying into her as only a Mercury in Leo with Gemini Rising and a Capricorn Moon can. I simply couldn't believe she didn't have any reaction. Turns out she didn't speak English and she was trying to get in line with her husband. (tee hee, blush). I gotta lay low, real quiet like but quiet isn't going to happen.

It's kind of one of those years where we really have to think about the materialistic side of Christmas what with all the Economists tanking the Economy and the Crooks getting caught. They're saying it's the slowest shopping season in 4 decades. I don't know how they got this number but the news said that the last time Christmas was this slow it was 1969. Teehee, where do they come up with this info anyway?

I may just be making this up but it seems like I'm seeing a lot of dirty people walking around with stuff crammed into plastic bags and I'm realizing that I'm in no position to help them. And there's all these stories of the criminals getting caught. Bernard Madoff's kids turned him in. I guess they wanted to avoid another Family holiday. That's 50B. The Bankers have managed to continue to screw the Taxpayers. They refuse to tell us what they're doing with the dough we are giving them. But, still, check your credit card statement. That's 750 B. Some Manager of a huge Electronics store in the area where I live has been caught bilking the company for Millions as well. The Capricorn Energy. You let that hoof step into one bad crack in the side of the Mountain you're climbing and blammo, you're down the hill. All the Sadge optimism in the world isn't going to compensate for what a jerk you've been. Well, actually my StepMother and StepSister and Brother are still at large, cashing in on my inheritance. But everyone knows, all's fair in Love, War, and the Combination of both which is Divorce.

So, upshot is: I'm thinking a lot about Ebenezer Scrooge. Can't really say what his sign is. He's Charles Dickens' character from a Christmas Carol. A greedy Banker or Landlord or something. Turns out Dickens published A Christmas Carol in 1843 while Neptune was in Aquarius conjunct Jupiter and conjunct Dickens' natal Sun at 18 Aquarius. Voila. The Neptune's Return to Aquarius and we're in the same damn boat. Only difference is that Dickens, a good Aquarius, has been replaced in modern society by Dick Cheney, a bad Aquarius. I guess it's a sign that blames others better than apologizes for its own mistakes.

Like magic, The Scrooge Character seems to have been born of Dicken's Saturn Return as he was around 31 years old when it was published. His natal Saturn is in the 4th House in Capricorn. So, the Capricornian fall from power, or in this case the extreme wisdom that a few of the best Capricorns have access to brings the rise and the ability to transcend the rise and distribute back down to the masses. Such a Saturn-Uranus story. And, hey, those two are in their big aspect to each other in the signs of Virgo and Pisces, the two signs that I'd personally associate with Tiny Tim more than any others.

I wonder if a writer's strongest characters come to them when they are going through major transits to their 7th House cusp as that rules Partnerships. At one point I had a list of artists and their muses to see what kind of an association there is but somehow lost track of it. I think I resented that all the artists were men and all the muses were women.

Natally Dickens has a conjunction of Venus to Pluto on his Pisces Descendant which squares his natal Moon-Neptune conjunction in Sagittarius. This is a very strong angular square as it brings Moon-Neptune and Venus-Pluto into prominence with Dicken's Angles, these planets oppose/square his natal Virgo Ascendant and Gemini Midheaven. Those are both ruled by Mercury, the planet of the writer. By interesting coincidence, Dicken's progressed Sun was at 20 Pisces which would have just passed over his Venus-Pluto-Descendant.

Venus Pluto conjunctions have a natural affinity in some way with money as both planets rule the Money Houses. On the Descendant in Pisces, which has a natural affinity for the downtrodden and weak, of course Dickens would have understood the power and even better the transformational power that the Rich have in society. In Dickens' chart transiting Pluto had stayed in conjunction with progressed Venus. And progressed Mars would have just passed in to Taurus in the 8th House, sign of the Banker.

I can personally tell you that with Pluto transiting through the 7th House you become very aware of how selfish and power hungry other people are. Dickens would have had this aspect during his entire childhood. By interesting coincidence his progressed Venus travelled along side of transitsing Pluto for the entire time. By the time of his Saturn REturn, when he would have written "The Christmas Carol" the two were in the 8th House of Other People's money. And progressed Mars was just changing signs and was on 1 degree Taurus, the sign of Money, Bankers, Values (and, in many cases, basic Good Will and Kindness)

At any rate, with the New Moon conjunct Mars and Pluto, I strongly recommend avoiding the Shopping Malls this week-end. Yeah, I know we need to show our patriotism by going out shopping, but there will be some real screwballs out there. And they will own guns. And they will have good aim. Sun-Mars and Pluto represent the Human Will which can swing to great heights and to great depths. With the Moon and Capricorn, one should just try to not depend on the kindness of others, though. Keep busy, don't stay in one place for too long, and pray to get through the week in one piece.

A little Neptune in Aquarius Wisdom from Tiny Tim: "God Bless Us, Every One."

Charles Dickens
b. Feb. 7, 1812 7:50 pm Portsmouth England (from Astrotheme)

Sun 18 Aquarius; ASC 19 Virgo; Moon 13 Sagittarius; MC 16 Gemini; NN 10 Virgo

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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Airplane Crash on Take-Off at Denver Airport

An Airplane veered off the Runway yesterday at the Denver Airport yesterday and burst into Flames. The Firefighters say it's a Miracle that no one was killed. Why not? I took a quick look.

Flight 1404

Take off Dec. 20, 2008, 6:20 pm, Denver, CO

Sun 30 Sagittarius; Moon 19 Libra; ASC 23 Cancer; MC Aries; NN 11 Aquarius

The crash and the Fire is very clearly shown because the Sun is currently sandwiched in a conjunction between Mars 26 Sagittarius and Pluto 1 Capricorn. Mars rules the Aries Midheaven which is a fire sign. This volatile conjunction is placed in the 6th House and Mars is squaring the Saturn-Uranus opposition which is crossing the 3d and 9th Houses of Transportation. Maybe the fact that they are past the angles and in the mutable houses is a sign that the energy wasn't strong enough, but mostly I don't know.

Lucky Jupiter was angular, conjunct the Descendant and trining Saturn in the 3d House. The quick reactions of the pilot may have saved the plane.

The House of Death is really amazing because it's loaded and nobody died. A little Momento Mori action saved by a Miracle? The North Node (connected with Fate) is conjunct the Aquarius cusp along with Venus 16 Aquarius, Chiron 18 Aquarius, Neptune 23 Aquarius. Aquarius rules Airplanes, doesn't it? Probably along with Jupiter I guess. (Rex is in the car.) Venus rules the IC which shows the end of life so this is a really interesting chart to look at in this regard. If a plane can be Diabetic this one certainly would have been. Venus-Chiron-Neptune sounds like an angelic influence. (Maybe the Press just made this story up for the Holidays.) The passengers are certainly blessed.

Anyway, the cause of the crash and why the plane burst into flames isn't stated yet. The chart is ruled by the Moon with Moon angular in its own 4th House and squaring the Ascendant. So somehow the Moon is involved. Does a plane have Breasts? Perhaps something to do with the lungs, er, air flow? Emotions? Women? Public? 4th House emphasis shows a stay at home attitude so maybe the plane just wasn't in the mood to leave the airport. Perhaps this just shows a very protective force at work.

The Moon is squaring Mercury in Capricorn (H6). Mercury rules the 3d House which reemphasizes that House's influence. With Saturn heavily afflicted in the 3d House it would seem that mechanical failure would be involved. With the square to Mars the brakes or gears could have jammed. Saturn in Virgo in H3 could indicate an icy runway?

At any rate, Congratulations to the Pilots and Crew who are no doubt Incredible Heroes and to the Passengers who all survived.


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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers - The U.S. Car Companies

The Bankers, the Mortgage Lenders, Wall Street. They always do themselves in because of Greed and, like Lawyers, they are simply going overboard on behalf of their clients who are also greedy.

The American Car Manufacturers did themselves in for more interesting reasons. They refused to innovate. It seems they may have been sort of led to the slaughter by Opec which gave them gas, gave them gas, gave them more gas on which to build huge ugly clunkers that they could charge a whole lot of money for. The temptation was just too great. Bush avoided having to admit to a financial crisis for most of his Presidency by fighting for Oil for most of his 8 year term. Then along came Neptune and Chiron to the North Node in Aquarius and Opec raised the price of Gasoline to beyond American's wildest dreams and the car companies tanked. No Blammo to the Destruction, the Leaders of OPEC finessed this War in subtle, socially acceptable Uranus-Neptune ways, the Car Companies just became Wounded and Dissolved. I don't know if in the end this is great for OPEC because those big fat vehicles need their only product but it has convinced Americans finally to get off of their oil. I guess the OPEC countries have a good 10 years left to play with us. Meanwhile the U.S. is desparate to raise a new Henry Ford but we were too busy driving our kids to Soccer Practice than to just let them run off and play and innovate on their own.

The United States. Land of Opportunity. In need of an energy efficient, environmental friendly way to get around. The answer is Viktor Schauberger (spell?).

But I guess we don't need answers here. We need problems. Plus, in California where alternative energy businesses are blooming the car industry is buzzing and people are hiring. So it's probably ok to let the Midwest go. They should have raised their kids to appreciate weirdness I suppose, because weirdness is the future. That's Uranus' territory and Neptune will instutionalize whatever and whomever goes overboard.

Just a quick, look at the car companies.

General Motors was founded in 1908. This is a Pluto in Gemini (Pluto 23-26 Gemini) company. I don't have a date beyond that but Cars are ruled by Gemini and 3d House and Transportation is ruled by Gemini and Sagittarius. So the U.S. was right on track in getting its biggest industry going in a field of which Pluto was hankering to express himself anyway. The founder of General Motors was William C. Durant, a Sagittarius born Dec. 8, 1861, Boston, Mass. I haven't looked at his chart beyond his birth date because I don't have time right now but the Sun Signs are definitely showing a lot of information anyway. It looks like Durant built the Company while Pluto was opposing his Sun. And the Company is falling apart just after transiting Pluto passed those points. Sometimes you rise up out of what seems like ashes with Pluto transits. My own personal saying is that if Pluto doesn't make you stronger it will kill you, though. (I'm not a real healer type.)

The current CEO of General Motors is in deep doo-doo. He says that the failing car companies are a sign of the times (OPEC getting powerful). Yahhh----Raiiiiiggghhhht. G. Richard Wagoner, Jr. is an Aquarius, b. Feb. 9, 1953, Wilmington, DE. Aquarius is one of the Fixed Signs and is one of the signs that rules Resources. Aquarius rules innovation but I guess this is one of the weirdo Aquarians whose not in touch with his Creative side. This guy seems to be expressing the part of Aquarius that rules Political B.S., and Determination (why doesn't this guy just quit?). And, besides, t.Neptune passing over your Sun is tough. You can't see straight. You can't shoot straight. Well, Dick Cheney aimed and still managed to hit his Bullseye Lawyer while Neptune was on his Sun but he's a born killer and aims to always shoot straight. (He was aiming straight into the setting Sun, do you know how difficult it is to see anything while looking straight into the Sun? Another Weird Aquarius Story.)

Chrysler is also planning on going Bankrupt I guess. The Tax Payers are lending money to these Companies so that they can fire their employees gently but once they go bankrupt they won't have to pay off their loans (????????). I really don't have the faintest clue what's going on here.

Chrysler is a Gemini Company founded June 6, 1925. It was founded by Walter Chrysler, an Aries, born Apr. 2, 1875, Namego, Kansas. I wonder where he's buried. The ground must be swelling and churning all over the place.

Interesting that both GM and Chrysler are both Gemini-Sadge companies founded by Fire Signs. Now that's what I call the Va-room Factor. The current CEO is another Fixed Sign. He's a Taurus. Boo Hoo. Robert Nardelli, born May 17, 1948 Old Forge, PA. Good with money but probably best for selling bumper cars or golf carts. There's some other guy in charge, a committee, that explains a lot. This guy, Thomas La Sorda is another Fixed Sign, a Leo born July 24, 1954 Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Well at least he's a Fire Sign but, really, the Canadians don't understand how to make anything move.

Ford is the only company that seems to be able to make it through this. If they can keep their suppliers in business after the other two tank they should be ok. Their timing was good. They borrowed money a couple of years ago and got good interest rates and supposedly can hold out for another couple of years.

Ford is a Gemini Company, founded on June 16, 1903. It was founded by Fire Sign Leo, Henry Ford, born July 30, 1863 Dearborn, Michigan. Current CEO is Alan R. Mullaly, also a Leo (and also a Fixed Sign, but at least he's Fire). Mullaly's birth date is Aug. 4, 1945, Oakland, CA.

Interesting that Ford was founded with a Sun-Pluto conjunction in Gemini. I'd imagine that's a pretty good combination for making a Company that builds Cars. It has survived the opposition from transiting Pluto so far.

But, really, I don't understand why we can't all set up a UFO factory in Roswell and take our civilization to a better level.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ghosts of Christmases Past

Right now Pluto is passing over the very tippy top of the Astrological Wheel. That's just like having all a Nuclear Waste Plant exploding from off the top of Your Christmas Tree. In the Spirit of the Season I will now add a link to what is one of the most horrifying remains of Christmases Past; things which should have been thrown out 30 years ago -- and that is --

The Ugly Christmas Sweater.

Thanks to knitting site Ravelry.com I have found a whole list of these awful things on Ebay. Check em out at the link below or simply Google "Ugly Christmas Sweater Ebay". I think that Pluto got rid of the Fruitcakes the minute it hit Sagittarius but maybe some of them are also listed on Ebay, circa 1973.



What Sign is Butter?

As usual Rex Bills is out in the passenger seat of the car and I'm sitting in a cafe reading parts of The New York Times that someone else was kindly enough to pay a god awful amount of money for. So Rex isn't available for consult on Keyword Rulerships. I'll probably have to fix this later.

The Dining section of the paper, the one I grabbed for first, of course, has COOKIES on the front page with the title "Butter Holds the Secret to Cookies That Sing" by Julia Moskin. The Experts are outing cookies over the Holiday. The Article's description of the way Butter behaves is below.

I wonder what sign Butter would be ruled by. Cancer rules Cooking although Virgo ought to. I think that Fat would have a joint rulership of Cancer with Jupiter. Add Venus/Jupiter for Sugar. Add Mars for the Baking part. Gawd, I'm Sun in Cancer trine Jupiter with Mars in the 4th House and I LOVE COOKIES!!!!! Cookies, Chocolate and Beer. Really, who needs anything else? (Actually, my blood sugar has forced me to tone down in recent years).

"Butter is basically an emulsion of water in fat, with some dairy solids that help hold them together. But food scientists, chefs and dairy professional stress butter's unique and sensitive nature the way helicopter parents dote on a gifted child.

Butter has that razor melting point," said Shirley O Corriher, a food scientist and author of the recently published "BakeWise: The Hows and Whys of Successful Baking." (Scribner).

For mixing and creaming, butter should be about 65 degrees: cold to the touch but warm enough to spread. Just three degrees warmer, at 68 degrees, it begins to melt."

"Once butter is melted, it's gone," said Jennifter McLagan, author of the new book "Fat: An Apprecitation of a Misunderstood Ingredient, With Recipes" (Ten Speed Press).

Warm butter can be rechilled and refrozen, but once the buterfat gets warm, the emulsion breaks, never to return."

Yeaaahahhhh! That's definitely a Sun in Cancer!!!!!

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Bernard Madoff

Boy, Bernard Madoff is the guy who has been running the50B $$$ Ponzi ring on Wall Street since Only God Knows When. I saw that this guy was born the same year as my Bitchy Ex-Step-Mother, and I wondered how close in time their Birthdays would have been.

Bernard Madoff

b. Apr. 29, 1938

Sun 9 Taurus; Moon either in Aries or Taurus; NN 26 Scorpio

Well, on the Step-M front, same Sun, but a Month's difference. Purty dang close. Really arfin similar only she would never admit her guilt.

Interesting how both this guy and the Blag Governor Guy in Illinois both have Scorpio North Nodes and are getting caught right now. I've heard that Scorpio North Node is the most traumatic and it certainly seems to be panning out in that regard at this point in time. Is Pluto in Capricorn somehow affecting them with a little Payback time thing? Or are they such workaholics that the only way for them to take a vacation is to do jail time?

I don't know because no birth time, but Bernard Madoff could possibly be a new Moon "Baby" in Taurus. That would be interesting from an Astrological Point of View because Taurus is associated with Money and Banking. (If he has an Aries Moon then he would also have that in common with the Chicago Governor.) Scorpio is associated with Investments and Other People's Money. So the Sun, possibly Moon and North Node would all be putting Madoff in this category and would explain his natural attraction to this area of life.

And that's not a bad thing, necessarily.

Madoff's ability to shmooze is shown in a number of aspects. It's shown in his conjunction of Venus in Taurus to Mars in Gemini. That's especially good for anything involving Money and Values and Markets. His Venus is conjunct his South Node and squares his Jupiter at 29 Aquarius. This ties this "charm" aspect to his Fate. And charm often leads to the ability to get away with stuff, depending on a person's upbringing, the rest of his chart, etc.

Another good Shmooze aspect is the trine between Uranus 14 Taurus and Neptune 19 Virgo. Madoff's Taurus Sun is conjunct his Uranus. I'd expect that to be a super friendly combination, for sure. Taurus is easy going, so is Uranus. They're both Friendly. This seems to be the "BIGGEE" aspect that has tripped Madoff up through progressions and transits. Madoff's Solar Arc Neptune is conjunct to the degree of his Natal North Node. Neptune rules Pisces and Twelfth House which rules Self-Undoing. Nobody would have caught him, they were all "glitzed" by him and his magical money making abilities. Uranus and Neptune work express themselves according to what large amounts of people do. The people in charge apparently were making too much money off of him to really care about how he was doing what he was doing.

As I said, Madoff's North Node was in Scorpio which is a very difficult North Node to deal with as it is. As I said, Solar Arc Neptune is conjunct it. In addition, Transiting Neptune is approaching a square to it.

Checked Progressed Neptune. Don't know if this matters but natal Neptune progressed out of (natal) Rx position in 1960s sometime just after he opened his business. Perhaps it had something to do with how he started to get off track in his business dealings.

Finally, and probably most significant, then there's the big Saturn-Uranus opposition that's currently transiting the Sky. Transiting Saturn is hitting Madoff's natal Neptune 19 Virgo. Uranus is opposing.

Natal North Node is also heavily aspected. It is opposing Venus (and Mars); squaring Jupiter; trining Pluto; inc. Chiron 28 Gemini; inconjunct Mercury Rx 27 Aries.

On the news last night Christopher Cox admitted that mistakes were made in tracking Madoff since 1999. An interesting astrological association might be made as there was the big once every 20 year conjunction of Juipter to Saturn in Taurus in the first part of 2000. This would have been conjunct very close to Madoff's Sun. This made his ego bloat more out of control, gave extra power especially in financial services. And all his activities would have been veiled by all the Neptunian aspects. Neptune finally caused the self-undoing, he lifted his own veil.

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Friday, December 12, 2008

Illinois Gov Gets His Piece of Deep Dish Pizza Pie

You don't want any Chicago Deep Dish Pizza on your Birthday. That's one piece of pie that you don't want a part of. The soon to be ousted Governor of Illinois had one Hell of a Solar Return and I wonder what he wished for when he was blowing out the candles. I'm not saying that Rod Blagojevich is a Nice Guy, or a Good Guy, or even a Guy with a Well Shaped Head. I've never even heard of him. But, when you look at Rod Blagojevich's Astrology Chart you sort of feel for him. It seems that he's going through the kind of transits that only a Buddhist Monk could handle well, and maybe only the Dalai Llama or Thich Nhat Hanh at that.

Rod Blagojevich

b. Dec. 10, 1956 Chicago, IL

Sun 19 Sagittarius; Moon Pisces or Aries?; NN 29 Scorpio

Wull, so the Gov was arrested on Tuesday, Dec. 9, 2008 for trying to sell President Elect Obama's Senatorship. He was released later that day. The next day was his Birthday. You could look at his chart, see that he's got Scorpio North Node squared by Pluto and stop your reading right there. This guy's got some heavy Karmic stuff to deal with, especially concerning money, control and, spying.

Hey Rod, SURPRISE!!!! The FBI came to your party.

That's one nasty Solar Return (Mercury Return as well) I couldn't figure out what exactly he did until John McCain was on David Letterman, the media really is that bad at reporting stories these days. John McCain said that Blagojevich was told that his phones would be tapped and he continued to hawk the Senator seat anyway. I think he was taking bids to sell it for $500,000 or something like that. He's got Mercury in Capricorn, so, man, I don't really get this. The Cap Merc people are usually pretty brainy and generally have to leave that sort of brash stupidity to us Leo Mercury's. I don't get it. (He's also a Sadge Sun maybe with Pisces Moon like Ben Bernanke and not at all cute so, well, my hormonal monitor maybe indicates that he's got an Aries Moon or something.)

So I was curious to look at Blag's Mercury, of course. What kind of aspects can make a Mercury in Capricorn dumb beyond words? Saturn mistakes always come back to haunt you (with the idea that you can fix them) and Mercury rules Telephone Conversations.

"Blag's" natal Mercury in Capricorn is very close to an Aries Point which means that he can really pro-ject to the outside world through his Communication Style. Capricorn Style can either be very polite or overly harsh and rude. So what set off Blag's Mercury in it's own special direction? It is apex to a t-square of Mars 3 Aries opposing Jupiter 30 Virgo. Jupiter is considered conjunct the Libra Point because it is within the 1 degree orb.

Mercury-Mars-Jupiter is the prototypical aspect for someone prone to exagerration and lack of impulse control in everything having to do with release of flammable elements from between the two lips. It also colors the general thinking process with a tendency to overdo and drive ideas into the ground. NPR yesterday was discussing how what Blag was doing really wasn't that odd. It's just that his style of doing it, his language, was hard on the wiretapper's Puritan ears. Maybe I didn't hear that right, Politics really isn't my thing for this reason.

Natal Mercury in Blag's chart is also Out-Of Bounds at 25 degree 40' 9"S. This magnifies whatever his Mercury is up to. If you're going to have the gift of Gab, you've got to also have been raised with regular visits from an Irish Grandmother (TerroristMatriarch) to scare the Bejesus out of you when you overdo.

Transiting Pluto (the Spy), of course, is conjunct Blag's natal Mercury. That's a Red Flag to be a little paranoid when somebody tells you your phones are about to be wire-tapped. Mars-Jupiter just doesn't get it. (I know, I've got the square.) Bold Strokes, Baby. Bring it on! Words are Swords! Famous Last Words! (that type of thing, for good and mostly for bad) I guess the trine to natal Pluto made him sloppy? Can we blame it on that? At any rate, Blag's natal Pluto is squaring natal Scorpio North Node which it rules so big Karmic Crises are in this guy's cards. Also, anything having to do with Plutonian issues, like the FBI, will not work on one's behalf. And Pluto transits would figure in his life path very prominently as well.

This guy also has no planets in Air. Maybe that's why his head looks like a helium balloon. And that's why there's nothing to tether his out of control Mercury. And he's probably pretty burned out from his Chiron Return which has been receiving company by t. Neptune and the North Node. His progressed Sun is passing over this conjunction as well, can you imagine?

The Corruption stuff shows up very strongly in this chart. I look at Blag's aspects and think, yeah, I'd screw up too. Well, actually so many Astrologers see themselves as the Second Coming and probably would think they could handle it just fine.

Mars is impulse control, lack of. Natally Blag has a really wild Mars. It's is Aries, it's own sign. Very impulsive, very aggressive. It's also in a Grand Fire Trine with Saturn 7 Sagittarius and Uranus 7 Leo. Funny how he's managed to pull himself down during a Saturn-Uranus opposition. John McCain said that Blag had visited him in order to talk about fixing regulations in the government. I've discussed before how I think that Saturn-Uranus combo's may have to do with the struggle between Regulation and Anti-Regulation in society. If that's true this guy really is concerned with all things having to do with Regulaltions. It's interesting how his intentions were good and he got hung up by his own agenda. And I wonder what the real story is here, especially since the media has been doing such a bizarre job of reporting the story.

Here comes the corruption part, in addition to the Grand Trine with Saturn and Uranus, Mars in Aries (impulsive, aggressive) is also apex of a Yod to Neptune 3(?) Scorpio sextile Pluto 1 Virgo. This, of course, is being set off by Pluto's transit at 1 Capricorn right on Blag's natal Mercury. Mars, Neptune and Pluto together just don't know right from wrong. Neptune and Pluto don't think about boundaries, they are water. They are Mystical and Wonderful and great for Cosmic Consciousness but not related to Reality. Adding to the stress, 2dary progressed Mars just moved in to Taurus and is opposing natal Neptune. Taurus rules money and this transition might indicate a sudden shift in energy like this could enhance one's greed factor. Wanting to get a bigger piece of the pie.

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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Asthma in Children According to Time, Place and Style of Birth

Yahoo just published a New York Times article on how babies born in the Fall are 30 percent more likely to get Asthma. Researchers haven't figured out why but nobody thinks that the answer could be attributed to Astrology. Go figure. There is discussion about how, in addition to time of year, place of birth and type of birth make a difference. Cesarean births are much more likely to develop Asthma. Don't deprive those little Scorpios of their first primal scream or all Hell will pay. Scorpio Mothers are probably more likely to have to have a Cesarean due to Uterine troubles. At any rate, Surgery is a Plutonian topic. Hey, I wonder if they're researching Pluto in Scorpio babies or Pluto in Sagittarius babies.... I know, I know, Astrology has nothing to do with it...

"Scorpios more likely to get asthma, but Astrology isn't to blame." by Tara Parker-Pope.


Monday, December 08, 2008

SOS and "The Bystander Effect"

Last month another one of these weird events happened where someone was in trouble and a bunch of people were witnessing the event and did nothing to help. In this particular case, a 19 year old boy killed himself while broadcasting his death via a Webcam. 181 viewers watched the event and did nothing for him until it was too late. Many of the witnesses were actually goading the teenager, Abraham Biggs, Jr., on; perhaps thinking that he was playing a joke.

There was an interview on NPR radio last Friday (I think) about this event in which the topic of "The Bystander Effect" was brought up. This case was related to a famous murder which occurred in New York City in 1964 in which a woman, Kitty Genovese, was brutally murdered and then raped outside of her home while her neighbors did nothing to check on her screams for help. Because of the dates I was wondering if this type of event is connected with the Saturn-Uranus opposition in Virgo-Pisces in some way. These are the signs that I think of anyway when issues of "Volunteerism" and "Bystander" come up.

Right now Saturn is in Virgo and Uranus is in Pisces. In 1964 at the time of Kitty Genovese's death, Uranus was in Virgo and Saturn was in Aquarius, not yet in Pisces. These aren't leadership signs known for their valour. They don't rush in to hurt people and they also don't rush in to help either. They survive by staying out of the limelight. On the other hand, they have to deal with this as a weakness and we all must deal with awareness of this frailty of human nature when situations like this occur. These types of crimes happen every day but perhaps come to the fore and are noticed when the Saturn-Uranus oppositions occur in Virgo-Pisces. Oppositions talk about dealing with relationships, "the opposite or other".

The 1964 murder-rape is connected with living in an apathetic urban environment. The 2008 suicide of Abraham Biggs, Jr. is connected with the Apathetic and Faceless Internet environment. (The first Internet Suicide was actually committed in 2003 in Phoenix, AZ. This was the death of Brandon Vedas who was also goaded on by Internet viewers.) These events seem to lead up to the Saturn-Uranus oppositions. And by the time of the actual Virgo-Pisces opposition of the planets occurs the topic is a major problem which people are ready to face. Questions of issues pertaining to "The Bystander Effect" and "Civil Courage" and "Volunteer Dilemma" come to the forefront. The tendency of "Apathy" is probably also. It's a distant emotional state that expresses the cursed side of living within in a large community of people/strangers. Uranus brings emotional detachment. Saturn always brings difficult Lessons with regards to whatever he touches.

I'm going to post the crime information and Kitty Genovese' birth date because it is given on Wikipedia. There are some interesting coincidences in the charts. Venus, surprisingly, is involved. She is unaspected in both event charts and passing through the 3d House (of neighbors, community). She is also in the same sign with Jupiter (Jupiter rules the 9th House opposite the 3d house so maybe connected?). Venus was out of bounds during Abraham Bigg's death as well, another emphasis on her influence. When he announced his intentions and started taking his "medications" (diagnosed Bipolar, 2 previous attempts, who the hell was his idiot shrink?), Libra was rising so Venus ruled this event chart. The police entered Biggs' Jrs' Father's home and found him about 12 hours later right around the time that Libra would have been on the opposite angle, the Descendant. (Just for the record, I've said many times before that I think there is a connection between Venus and Suicide, usually in contact with a Sun aspect.)

Another interesting coincidence was the conjunction of Sun-Mercury and Mars in both charts. That sure is an aspect which signifies SOS or Screaming for Help. In addition, Sun and Mars together is violent. Mercury adds the "neighbor" and "community" theme. It ought to add the "Communication" theme, but in both of these cases that part failed. Both conjunctions were heavily afflicted. Biggs, Jrs' Sun-Mercury-Mars (event chart) was apex to a t-square to Moon opposite Chiron-Neptune. Genovese's Sun-Mercury-Mars (event chart) was conjunct Chiron-Sun and opposing Uranus-Pluto in H8 of murder. It was also layered over her natal Saturn-Neptune opposition.

In Biggs, Jr.'s event chart Sun-Mercury-Mars is crossing the cusp of Scorpio (Sun-Mercury) and Sagittarius (Mars). In Genovese's event chart, there was a huge stellium in Pisces, Sun-Mercury-Mars-Chiron-Moon which was opposing Uranus-Pluto in Virgo. This was layered right on top of Genovese's natal Saturn in Pisces opposition to Neptune in Virgo. In both cases the conjunction was placed in the 2d House opposite the 8th House of Death and Murder. Notice that both event charts just happen to be set for 3:15am, just an interesting coincidence.

Another coincidental connection between the two charts would be the contacts between Moon and Chiron. Moon = the Public and Chiron = not being able to heal a wound. In Biggs, Jr.'s case the Moon was in Leo opposing Chiron (and the North Node). In Genovese's case, the Moon was in Pisces conjunct Chiron (and everything else).

Another coincidence was the presence of unaspected planets in the 3d House of neighbors and community. Unaspected planets literally don't have a relationship with other planets (only ptolomaic aspects considered, there are minor aspects in both cases). This is literally represented by the actual events. In Biggs, Jr.'s case, Pluto was unaspected at the time of his announcement. I wonder if he actually expired as Pluto was passing over the Ascendant. The Witnesses said they noticed that he had stopped breathing around 4 hours or so into the "Event." Venus was conjunct the IC and moving into the 3d House. In Genovese's case, Both Venus and Jupiter were unaspected and in the 3d House. Both victims were screaming for help and not getting it.

Kitty Genovese's chart is almost a prototype for a chart related to a horrible crime. The Saturn-Neptune opposition in Virgo-Pisces would certainly be connected with being a Victim. As I said earlier it was heavily afflicted by transit. She was 28 years old not yet having her Saturn Return so would possibly have been having a Secondary Progressed Lunar Return. Genovese also had a natal t-square with apex Mars in Libra squaring Pluto-South Node opposite North Node in Capricorn. This is a key signature for vulnerability to violence. There is an interesting story connected with her first Nodal Return. Her Mother moved the family out of New York City and up to Connecticut after witnessing a Murder. This was in 1954 when Genovese was 19 (Nodal Return). Her Sun-Nodal Axis was passing over the ASC/DESC angle as she was attacked. I think she was also going through a Nodal opposition. There's really a lot to look at in these charts and I'm not getting to it all.

Abraham Biggs, Jr. was 19 which is an indicator that he was going through a Nodal Return in Aquarius but I don't have his birth time. The conjunction of Neptune and Chiron to the North Node could certainly be an impetus for the public to demand that the psychiatrists dispense their damn pills more responsibly but who's going to listen to me?

May both of these Victim's Souls Rest in Peace. May we all feel their loss deeply and learn to improve our attitudes to the pain of others.

Abraham Biggs, Jr.

Suicide: Nov. 19, 2008 announced intentions over Internet 3:15 am; Pembroke Pines, Florida

Sun 29 Scorpio; Moon 21 Leo; ASC 8 Libra; MC 8 Cancer; NN 13 Aquarius


Kitty Genovese

b. July 7, 1935 Brooklyn, NY

Sun 15 Cancer; Moon Virgo or Libra; NN 23 Capricorn

Murder/Rape Event:

Mar. 13, 1964 3:15 am New York Mills Gardens, NY

Sun 23 Pisces; ASC 16 Capricorn; Moon 14 Pisces; MC 12 Scorpio; NN 9 Cancer conjunct DESC.

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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Message In A Bottle

Yahoo has an interesting story of a guy who found an old Bottle with a Message in it while walking around on the beach in North Carolina with his 3 year old daughter. The Message said to contact a Fire Station in New Jersey if found. Since then, Mark Ciarmello of Downingtown, PA has contacted the North Haledon Fire Department. Nobody knows for sure who tossed the message into the ocean but it is assumed that the guys did it as a joke during a fishing trip off the coast. The Yahoo story even talks about the guy who everbody figures must have tossed the bottle. At any rate, whoever tossed the bottle into the message was kind enough to date it so I had to take a look to see if there were any Astro Clues. The Astrology is really amazing.

Message Put Into Bottle and Tossed Into Dah Bright Blue Sea

Aug. 17, 1969 off New Jersey Coast; Barnigan Ridge, NJ

Sun 25 Leo; Moon Libra; NN 22 Pisces

Bottle Found in North Carolina Sand Dunes, "Outer Banks"

October, 2008 (I used October 15 because I don't have an exact date and that's the middle of the month)

This gives a 39 year time span which is too long for a Nodal Return. But the North Node is in a water sign, Pisces, which rules the Ocean.

Ruler of Pisces, Neptune, is squaring the Sun on this day which adds to the Ocean imagery. The bottle is very close to approaching it's Neptune square. (Event Neptune is 26 Scorpio. October Neptune is 22 Aquarius.) And, of course, Neptune was in conjunction with the North Node and Chiron in October.

On top of that Mercury, ruler of messages, is strong in its own sign of Virgo and is opposing the North Node. It is conjunct Pluto and the South Node which certainly gives a Fated theme to the story. As a matter of fact, Mercury is aspecting the two planets that with the strongest survival skills, conjunct to Pluto and trining Saturn.

October (of this year, 2008) was the beginning of the Saturn-Uranus opposition and Lo! Behold! transiting Saturn was at 17 Virgo conjunct the Event Mercury 17 Virgo, Pluto 24 Virgo, South Node 22 Virgo. Transiting Uranus, planet of Return Cycles, was conjunct the North Node in Pisces.

The Progressed Chart for the Event is also really incredible. The bottle was tossed during a conjunction of Uranus 2 Libra and Jupiter 6 Libra. That's a festive combo. Jupiter and Uranus together in that sign show that the beer was very much enjoyed.

The Progressed Mercury for the Event Chart is currently very close to this pair at 10 Libra and it is Retrograde. The Mercury Retrograde is very significant and are said to bring back messages and people from the past. The Progressed Mercury Rx is a very long lasting event so this would not be significant by itself if not transiting Mercury had also been in Retrograde from Oct. 1-16 at 21 to 8 degrees of Libra. I wish I knew what day the bottle was found. It would be really incredible if it had been found in the beginning of October instead of the last part while transiting Mercury RX was in conjunction with Progressed Mercury Rx.

As the Moon was also in Libra that day and the Moon likely represents Bottles (I'll have to double check that with Rex Bills) it would be triply interesting if the prog. and t. Retrograde Mercury's were in conjunction with the time that the bottle was tossed. The Noontime chart gives a middle Libra degree so it's very possible if the men were fishing in the morning.

One last thing. The part about the Firemen throwing the bottle is represented here. Mars represents Firemen. Mars was at 12 Sagittarius. That's a Fire Planet in a Fire Sign. Mars is also special in this chart as he is out of bounds at 25 degrees 22' 58". That certainly indicates a long distance toss. 400 miles and 39 year long throw. Sagittarius rules long distance. And Mars indicates physical strength.

This is so much fun. It goes on and on, even without the birth dates of the people involved. There were 3 Lunar Eclipses in 1969. The one closest to the event was on Aug. 27, 1969. It was the last Eclipse of Saros 108. Someday, maybe that will have some meaning...

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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Monday's Stock Market - 4th Biggest Crash

On the old PBS show headed by Louis Rukeyser, I once remember hearing a financial analyst say that you have to organize a company so that a Monkey can run it -- because eventually a Monkey will run it. That's pretty much what's happened to America. The Shit has risen to the top. I sort of worry that this is the negative side of the Pluto in Leo generation putting on the Circus and the Pluto in Virgo Generation passively letting them do it. Hopefully, President Elect Obama will show a different side of what Pluto in Virgo can do. As anybody who's ever been to a Faith Healer (or Psychologist) knows, telling people to change is a waste of everybody's time and is much different from actually lighting the fires under people's asses. I always like working for Leo's, though, because they're good at this singular talent, the lighting of the whatsits, so Obama's got an Astrological advantage...

So, back to the theme of the Monkey House. The Stock Market suffered its 4th greatest loss ever on Monday. (Drop around 680 points). Chalk this up to the conjunction of Venus-Jupiter and the Moon. These are all planets that overdo. The local yarn store said that they had the best year ever so there really was shopping fervor. Knitters of America may be holding up the economy with their sheer compulsive shopping behaviors.

Astrologers usually think sweet nothing about this Venus-Jupiter-Moon combo. Har. The Drop doesn't seem like a big deal at this point because this is just old news. Financial experts sapping last bits in weird moves. The Market had risen a lot the week before in order to artificially get America out there shopping over the long Thanksgiving Week-end. This is to show faith in American Retail.

Right now, prudent Capricorn is rising in the Opening Bell Charts. That's a restrictive influence. Anyone who doesn't spend foolishly or at least knows how to stomp all over others in order to get what he/she wants in life, will fare much better than those who bulk up their credit cards.

Ruler of the chart Saturn is in the 8th House of Investments as the Market opens. That doubles the restrictive side and is just downright depressing. The opposition to unpredictable Uranus in the 2d house just showcases the erratic and unpredictable influences. Saturn and Uranus working together sort of know what they are doing. They want to keep things steely and dry-eyed. Interesting to see them working together in a sextile/trine with goopy, uncontrollable Moon-Venus-Jupiter in this way. It seems I keep hearing analysts say that the True Value of the Stock Market is around 8100 or 8200 points. It seems they all know this.

Pluto, ruler of Investments and Crises and all kinds of related stuff, is now up in the 12th House. On Monday he was unaspected by major aspects which he seems to be doing a whole lot these days. He's unaspected a lot these days. (That is about to end with a bang.)

The Interesting part about Monday's Fall was that the Recession was officially announced. (Sun conjunct Mercury and Mars in Sagittarius). Apparently the country has been in a Recession since last December. Interesting that this is when that nasty long-term opposition (almost 6 months?) from Mars to Pluto was. Mars has now come half circle and is about to pass over Pluto right on the Aries Point. This will happen the last couple of weeks this Month. The Sun will be in conjunction with Mars in Sagittarius. This will square the Saturn-Uranus opposition on/around December 14. Then the Sun and Mars will pass over into Capricorn and hit Pluto. And the Moon will be in conjunction with that set as well. This will happen on the 26th.

So, anyway, this upcoming Sun-Mars-Pluto thing on the first degree(s) of Capricorn could be a real drag. I wish I could put plugs in women's uteruses so that we don't have to live with all the little school shooters who will be born on this day. Or at least we could build special families to raise the kids so that they can be raised in controlled environments without too much stress, an emphasis on ethics, creativity, nutrition and exercise. Because this is a strong willed combination, sometimes a bit volatile, a lot of creativity and drive that needs to be focused.

At any rate, anyone thinking of going to after Christmas Sales, bring your Bazookas -- everyone else will. It's self-defense. Hopefully the last 2 weeks of December won't bring any extra geological problems or terrorist attacks. Everyone needs to be on their best behavior. Bake the local cops a quiche or something, they may be busy. Anything with sugar will send them over the top as well.

What I'm really worrying about is when Saturn moves in to the 6th House of the Opening Bell charts. That's when the Lay-offs begin.

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Monday, December 01, 2008


Maybe with Pluto traveling through Capricorn we can go back to having moments of silence. Sagittarius is generally such a noisy sign I've definitely been craving this for a long time. Since 1996, as a matter of fact. Anyway, I went to a Library book sale and books with the word "Silent" in them kept grabbing my attention. Silent Spring by Rachel Carson, Silent World by Jacques Cousteau, all those old classics that one ought to have read by now, if only one had had a silent moment without the tweeters and woofers and screaming neighbors.

Moon-Venus-Jupiter conjunction in Capricorn

There is an amazing conjunction of Moon-Venus-Jupiter at 23 Capricorn today. I found a link to a blog that shows a picture of it as it is seen in Australia, thanks to "Alice McDermott" on Noel Tyl's forum. Alice says it looks like a smiley face.



Yahoo Article on Investing for Retirement.

How to Invest for Retirement. Article from Yahoo. A comment was left mentioning how people can't afford to retire now and how that seems like a Pluto in Capricorn thing.


Worrying about Inflation.

Saturn in Virgo Psychology Study, For Sure...

Here's a link to an article which says that researchers have found that clean people are less judgmental. Virgo is the sign of the Super Clean and Saturn is the planet that rules Judgment. There's something called a Macbeth Effect where people clean themselves constantly in order to purge themselves of Sin. I wonder which sign(s) and planetary placements we're moving into with that subject matter....


This study was preceded by a study which found that physical warmth makes people generous, or warm people are the most generous, or something like that. I suppose that's a Saturn, a cold planet, in fire sign Leo publication.. Maybe even written while Jupiter and Pluto were in Sagittarius.