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Monday, May 31, 2010

The Two Into the One.

Yahoo News posted an article celebrating the 100 year anniversary of the bra. Should have read through the whole thing to figure out how they come up with 100 years but once I figured that they weren't planning on giving dates I had to go somewhere else. I'd sort of like to think that the big wigs at Yahoo sometimes don't have their facts straight. Maybe they were just flumoxed by their subject. More likely I don't have my facts straight. Either/Or, Check this out.

The idea for the Bra in its relatively modern form was "born" in 1913 by a New York Socialite Mary Phelps-Jacobs. This was the year that Pluto was moving from Gemini into Cancer. In a sense, "the twins" had found a new "home."

Mary Phelps-Jacobs
b. Apr. 20, 1891

Sun 1 Taurus; Moon Virgo; NN 8 Gemini

Sun here is opposing Innovative Uranus. The NN in Gemini is also a signature of an inventor, especially when it's heavily aspected at the apex of a big t-square:

NN-Pluto-Neptune-Mars conjunction squaring an opposition of Jupiter 10 Pisces to Saturn 11 Virgo. The unaspected side of this square is Sagittarius, the sign that needs Independence. A Woman here would not be able to stand the constricted corsets of the time.

Bra Patented
Nov. 3, 1914 Washington DC

Sun 11 Scorpio; Moon Taurus; NN 3 Pisces Rx

This was a Full Moon, how appropriate.

Venus (women) in the Patent Chart was at 13 degrees in sporty Sagittarius. Venus wouldn't like to feel constricted in this freedom loving sign and she just happens "to fill out" the empty t-square of Phelps-Jacobs' natal t-square. Jupiter was in conjunction with Uranus in Aquarius. Can't find a more freedom loving combo than that.

Saturn was in conjunction with Pluto at 2-3 degrees Cancer, showing how the Twins were going Corporate in their new home.

Unfortunately Mary couldn't manage to sell her new product. Mercury was Retrograde on this date at 20 Scorpio.

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Adrian Ross Duncan on 2012

Adrian Ross Duncan's written a really fun and insightful article about 2010.



Sarah Palin's Backyard

Poor Sarah Palin.

Poor, Poor Sarah Palin.

I never thought I'd be able to say that and mean it but for the next 5 months I really do mean it. This is as far below the belt as one can lay a punch: A journalist-writer-guy, Joe McGinniss, has moved into the house next door to Palin's intending to write an unauthorized biography about her called Sarah Palin's Year of Living Dangerously. Don't know if Joe can see Russia, but, have seen the photos and Joe (not the plumber) literally has a view straight down into her backyard.

Isn't Summer mostly daylight up in Alaska? I mean, for 22 hours of the day that guy is going to have every type of spy-cam trained on to every inch of that house along with amplified microphones that will pick up every pin drop.

Sarah's a double Aquarius but her Sun and Moon are in her 4th House of Home. She's got Capricorn on the IC. I guess that means that homelife just tends to get straight under her skin. Either way, if you want to attack her then the thing that will upset her the most is going after her family and homelife. Maybe her Aquarius will take over and she'll just make friends with the guy and ask him to move in.

According to Wikipedia Joe was born on:

Dec. 9, 1942 New York City? or Massachusetts.

Hey, isn't that Pearl Harbor Day? Sort of seems like it might be. Ah, heck no, Pearl Harbor Day was on Dec. 7, not Dec. 9 and in 1941, not 1942. Guess the planets didn't rotate too much that whole year cause this guy is sort of stuck in attack mode.

Joe McGinniss, according to Wikipedia

Sun 17 Sagittarius; Moon probably in Capricorn (shit), maybe Sadge but I don't think so; NN 29 Leo

Can you imagine having a creepy Capricorn Moon move in next door knowing that he's watching your every move? Didn't Alfred Hitchcock already make this movie? Maybe McGinniss sort of thinks of himself as a dead Jimmy Stewart.

Seriously, on the surface Joe is just a silly Sun-Mercury-Venus conjunction in Sagittarius. A fun guy. That's a perfect combination for having strong opinions about all things of surface value. Joe was given this opportunity by his publisher, probably dreamt it up while he was drunk, and now he's going to run with it. Maybe he can even pull it off. Maybe a bear will eat him.

So, with all that Sadge, Joe's got all kinds of opinions about stuff that doesn't matter and he writes about them. Honest to God, he doesn't have a clue how he could stoop so low, because at one time, long long ago, like all the rest of us who went to College, Joe once had ambitions to be a serious journalist. At this point, though, probably even Rush Limbaugh is blushing in embarrassment over Joe's contorted ambitions. Joe's Sadge stellium trines his Leo North Node which is in conjunction with Chiron. He maybe has sort of just relaxed into settling for being a half-assed writer. Obviously it pays the bills.

The 3d house rules neighbors and it turns out that Joe's Sadge Sun-Mercury-Venus is in Sarah Palin's 3d house of neighbors. They were just meant to roast up some weenies in the backyard together on those fun Saturday afternoons -- just that Joe will be up in the 2d story window, drinking a beer, talking on his cell to New York, and filming Sarah and her kids the whole time. I bet he even blasts the stereo all night long. Has probably had special woofers and tweeters installed. The Gitmo attitude just plain old sucks. These creeps are out there. That's for certain.

The good neighbor bonding thing between the two charts goes even deeper. Sarah Palin's 3d house, my o my, the gift that keeps on giving. Sagittarius rules Sarah Palin's 3d House cusp and ruler, Jupiter, is closely conjunct her Descendant in Aries (within a degree). That ties her house of open enemies in with her neighbor situation. And, of course, it ties her in with the Sagittarians. And they are quite territorial people. And Aries is the God of War, no further explanation needed. But Sarah likes having Sagittarius types of neighbors. They are hunters. Just it's not real fun being the hunted. The Bears are more civilized, after all. Or, at least, it's legal to aim one's bazooka at a bear who's staring into your back yard. Sagittarius also rules Lawyers so I bet there will be a few of those attending the cook outs as well.

Sarah Palin
b. Feb. 11, 1964 9:43 pm Sandpoint, ID

Sun 23 Aquarius; Moon 7 Aquarius; ASC 16 Libra; MC 19 Cancer; NN 10 Cancer Rx

I already said that Palin's got Sun and Moon in her 4th house. Pretty interesting to notice that the July 11 Total Solar Eclipse will be right over her IC/MC axis which rules home, family and career. Looks like it's already taking effect. The transiting Nodes just passed over this same axis within the last couple of weeks and its very widely conjunct Pluto (power trips).

Hey Sarah, I hear that Joe's house in Massachusetts is empty this Summer... Maybe you could move in there. Sagittarians are anal retentive so it's actually not too difficult to mess with their heads.

Either way, for anyone who reads this please send Joe a valentine or something. The guy is seriously desperate for attention:

Joe Mcginniss (413) 230-306X 7 Pine Tree Cir, Pelham, MA 0X002-9765

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Monday, May 24, 2010

"Off With Her Head!!"

If you didn't see the latest remake of Alice in Wonderland then you certainly ought to. You can't go wrong with Johnny Depp as The Mad Hatter. But the person who stole the show was Helena Bonham Carter playing the most bizarre and evil Queen of Hearts you can imagine.

At any rate, when you hear "Off With His Head!" and you're interested in Astrology, often you just have to wonder if the 27th degree of Taurus is somehow involved. For some reason this year I was paying more attention than usual, maybe because I saw the movie. Fixed Star Caput Algol is at 26 degrees Taurus 10 degrees and when the Sun hits that degree you had better watch your throat.

I first heard about this Star when Bob Marks mentioned it on his Forum. That particular year there was an actual news story of a grown son who murdered his Mother and her pet Poodle ... and creepily ... he beheaded them. This year there was yet another story of a grown Son who beheaded his Mother. I seem to remember that the Sun was at early Taurus and there was some other planet at or very close to 27 Taurus.

Kind of interesting that Mother's Day is in May and comes about a week before the Sun hits this degree...

In addition to beheadings this Star symbolizes total evil. There's a better description of it here.


At any rate, I saw an incredible movie about Leo Tolstoy a couple of weeks ago, The Station Agent. The movie is about a huge change he had made halfway through life. Tolstoy was born a nobleman and became a famous writer and then in middle age he suddenly became a political reformer who sort of helped urge on the revolution in Russia. The movie shows how as an old man he was trying to live in both worlds, conflicted between his wife and family commitments and his loyalties to help fund "the Revolution." through his will.

According to the Wikipedia Biography of him, one of the big events that changed Tolstoy's outlook was a trip he took through Europe where he witnessed a Beheading in France. By coincidence, this event happened to occur right as Tolstoy's progressed Sun was approaching Caput Algol. Can't really remember, think it may have been 26 Taurus and Algol is at 27 degrees. Too lazy to look it up.

So, then lately I began to wonder about how the Queen of Hearts would show up in Lewis Carroll's chart. I wrote a book report on Lewis Carroll when I was a kid and I seem to believe that he never married. A Moon in Taurus? Venus? I looked up his chart and .... no. I couldn't find a connection.

Lewis Carroll
b. Jan. 27, 1832 3:45 am Daresbury, England

Sun 7 Aquarius; Moon 4 Sagittarius; ASC 4 Sagittarius; NN 13 Leo; MC 2 Libra

So, I looked up the chart of Alice Liddell, the little girl for whom Alice in Wonderland is named. Turns out she was heavily Taurean with Sun 15 Taurus conjunct a huge stellium at the beginning of Taurus: Pluto 1 Taurus, Uranus 4 Taurus, Mercury 8 Taurus Rx, and Saturn 9 Taurus and then the Sun.

Alice was 10 when Lewis Carroll first told her and her siblings the beginnings of the story at a picnic on July 4, 1862. Alice's progressed Sun was at 25 Taurus. The kids spent the next 2 years nagging Lewis Carroll (Not his real name) to write it down which he had done by November, 1864. The book was published the next year in 1865, the same year that Alice's Sun was exactly conjunct Caput Algol at 27 Taurus.

So, that's the best I can do making a connection between The Queen of Hearts and Alice in Wonderland and Caput Algol. Go see the movie. It's great. Caput Algol also symbolizes great creativity.

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

This page will have google analytics.

I totally don't understand what Google Analytics is and can't make heads or tails of the directions. They obviously hired someone from Microsoft to create this stuff. Either way this page supposedly has Google Analytics embedded on it.

Peek a boo.

The Cosmic Bull's Eye - Our Solar System, Who Knew?

Explanation of the planets in our Solar System as presented in a sales email from the Teaching Company called New Frontiers: Modern Perspectives on Our Solar System. Man, I want this thing. Today it's being sold in a special packaged deal along with another set called "Cosmology: History and Nature of Our Universe" for $150.00 bucks plus shipping. (This isn't an advertisement, I just want it and figure I can't afford it right now and would probably not watch most of it -- but, what a great thing to actually understand what I'm talking about here, even a little bit). I will be carrying the 800 number around with me all day and have until midnight to decide (or I'll turn back into either a rat or a pumpkin).

Remodeling the Solar System

Not only does New Frontiers allow you to see the solar system with fresh eyes, it also offers you a new model to serve as an organizing guide. Gone is the familiar diagram you find in many old reference books depicting the Sun and nine planets forming a neat, straight line. Dr. Summers provides key points as to why this perspective is so outdated:

* A straight-line alignment of the planets occurs only every three quadrillion years—600,000 times the present age of our solar system!
* The distances between planets and their relative sizes compared to the Sun are wildly out of scale.
* Most importantly, there is so much more to the solar system than just these 10 objects.

You discover what Dr. Summers, an expert astrophysicist who headed the development of exhibits for the opening of the American Museum of Natural History's Rose Center for Earth and Space, calls the "21st-century solar system." He suggests that, instead of a straight line, the solar system is best seen as a bulls-eye with six concentric circles, each of which represents the six families of objects in our solar system. Working outward from the center, you have the following alignment:

* The Sun: The only star in our solar system.
* The rocky planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars. Composed of rock, they are close to the Sun and have few or no moons.
* The asteroid belt: A band of small, mostly rocky bodies between Mars and Jupiter.
* The giant planets: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. Orbiting far from the Sun, these large planets have gaseous atmospheres, rings, and moons.
* The Kuiper belt: The region beyond Neptune now known to be the reservoir of the short-period comets containing mostly icy bodies (including Pluto).
* The Oort cloud: The reservoir of the Sun's long-period comets, located almost a quarter of the way to the nearest star.


Friday, May 21, 2010

World's First Synthetic Cell

The Genome guy, J.Craig Venter has succeeded now in creating the world's first manmade DNA (or, at least that's how I'm trying to understand it). What a great announcement for Science to make while there is a conjunction of Jupiter to Uranus in Pisces. This will hopefully lead to new forms of fuel, ways to clean polluted water, and even faster vaccines.

There's mention in the article that there is concern over how this new Frankenstein creation could be used for destructive purposes. The astrology shows that there is a need to feel concern over this. The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction is squaring Pluto and opposing Saturn. The Government (Saturn) is concerned about how much regulation is needed to keep this knowledge out of the hands of idiots. With Saturn and Pluto squaring each other this might be a legitimate concern.

When Saturn and Pluto work together they can show the kind of ruthless energy that is needed to fight pollution. But they can show plain old ruthlessness and a genuine need for strong guidance in the ethics department. Come to think of it I think that Venter has a Saturn-Pluto square in his natal chart.

Kind of a tough day for thinking about ethical issues. The announcement was made on the same day that Wall St. made its biggest crash of the year and a Paris Art Museum suffered one one of the biggest art heists of all time. The Moon was in conjunction with Mars (volatility) and opposing Neptune. And Venus was opposing Pluto (more volatility).

The Aries Point action is unbelievably interesting for bringing news out into the world about giving birth from out of nothing. Venus was at 1 Cancer yesterday. Think of the great Botticelli painting of Venus born out of nothing but foam. This was squaring Uranus 30 Pisces. That's the actual birth degree of the Astrological Wheel. Uranus rules human enlightenment and innovation.

Hmmm, I bet Venter would be a really great psychic if he weren't busy with all the rest of this stuff.

"Scientists say they made world's first synthetic cell" by Lauran Neergaard in San Jose Mercury News, May 21, 2010, p. A6.

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Pots of Gold at Ends of Rainbows

Painting Rainbows all over the City of God.

A Dutch firm called Hass&Hahn has transformed a Brazilian slum, at least visually, in order to uplift the community.

This has got to be a manifestation of the Uranus-Neptune mutual reception where Hopes and Dreams play out on a Global Scale.

In addition, Hass&Hahn developed their idea of transforming poverty through "Favela Painting" back in 2006. That means that the Saturn-Neptune opposition between Leo and Aquarius had something to do with this. That aspect is sometimes thought to bring all those Neptunian Fantasies and Compassion for the Less Fortunate down to earth and workable in real time. Just think of all the people who will actually want to visit this area.


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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Check Out George Washington

Those New York City Librarians are real sticklers for borrowers who don't return their books. New York's oldest library, the New York Society Library, was going through their old circulation ledgers and found that The Father of Our Country, Mr. W., checked out a book on Oct. 5, 1789 and never returned it. The noive! The Story from Yahoo!


Well, Washington was a Pisces so he probably just lost the book somewhere or forgot to return it or lent it to someone else who didn't know it had to be returned. Who knows where things go once a Pisces takes possession. Pisces aren't supposed to believe in materialism.

The President had a Capricorn Moon so of course everything he did comes back to haunt him. That's a major guilt trip Moon. Remember the stupid Cherry Tree. The guy was always having to confess. At any rate, George Washington's official library down in Virginia has replaced the book, The Law of Nations by Emer de Vattel, so all's good.

But, wow, what's the Astrology look like? Guess we start by taking a look at Mercury (books and libraries) and pan on out from there.

George Washington
b. Feb. 22, 1732 10:00 am Wakefield Corner, WA

Sun 4 Pisces; Moon 17 Capricorn; ASC 16 Taurus; MC 28 Capricorn; NN 27 Sagittarius

The President had South Node in Gemini in the 2d House of possessions. That shows the problems related to Books and Libraries and Telling fibs and of being accused of stealing things. The Sadge North Node wants to read the heady stuff but the Gemini South Node, to be honest, gets a little bored.

Natal Mercury is 7 Aquarius up in the 10th House conjunct the Midheaven. That explains the telling of the Little White Lies coming out into the public and cleansing the masses in an Honest Abe style Aquarian fashion. (It also means that he was pretty smart and would have actually understood what a book with such a boring title would be talking about).

Mercury is in a wide Grand Trine with Neptune and Jupiter so Books and Little Indiscretions just seem to get lost in a rosy little vortex for this guy. No worries, they spin out of the cycle when the public is ready to receive them and we're are cleansed in a mass purification of good will and forgiveness. Really, George, God Speed, Peace out.

So, now we move on to the date that George Washington made eye contact with the Librarian at the New York Society Library who was probably gushing and blushing and giggling and practically ready to pee from excitement.

Book checked out
Oct. 5, 1879 New York City, NY

Sun 13 Libra; Moon Aries or Taurus; NN 22 Scorpio

Wow, wonder what was going on with George on this day aside from his visit to the library. I wonder where his head was really at. He was just passing out of conjunction of t.Neptune to natal Pluto in Libra. That's what Noel Tyl calls "Wipe Out." It's more of a time for reading something written by Thich Nhat Hanh or at least a 1,500 NASA manual for how to build a spaceship that's designed to leave the solar system. One wouldn't really be copacetic with mere Laws of Nations, I don't care how outre Francois the writer was.

The Sun was conjunct George's natal Jupiter which was widely conjunct natal Pluto in Libra which maybe explains that something big was brewing.

Mercury was at 7 Scorpio opposing the Moon in Taurus. This would have been placed over Washington's ASC/DESC. That's why the Librarian has such a long memory (Moon) about what Mr. President checked out (Mercury). Venus was also in conjunction with the North Node in Scorpio which was in conjunction with Washington's natal Mars in Scorpio. Transiting Pluto was squaring all of this. So that makes me think that after the Library there was a trip to the Brothel and that's where the book got lost, so to speak. Maybe he was feverish and got a new set of teeth that day and the book was lost at the Dentist's office.... How would I know?

Progressed Chart is very interesting. Progressed Sun had just changed signs from Aries to Taurus so his ego was switching over onto a different platform than General Major General in Aries and was now getting interested in what the Bankers were doing. And progressed Mars had just stationed Rx in Sagittarius and was conjunct Uranus. Was the Revolution over by this point? George was just gearing up. Can't think of what that would mean regarding the damn book but am interested to see what was going on in Washington's personal life around this time.

That went too far. Now we look at the Return Date which was yesterday.

Book returned
May 19, 2010 New York, NY

Sun 29 Taurus; Moon Leo; NN 15 Capricorn

Sun in George's first house. That's a good start.

The North Node hit Washington's self punishing Capricorn Moon along with Pluto and we clear up some old karmic faux pas. Whew, what a relief. You know he's been waiting for Pluto to hit this spot ever since he got to Heaven and had control over such things.

Mars was in Leo, the same sign that it was on the day that the book was checked out. Good aspect for doing noble deeds like returning library books 221 years too late.

And Saturn was opposing natal Saturn. And Saturn right now is doing the heavy in a big outer planet t-square opposing Uranus-Jupiter and squaring Pluto. The Rules is the Rules and President Washington knew this as well as anybody.

And t. Mercury, ruler of Libraries and Books, is at 5 Taurus, sign which rules money. That's in between the spot where Washington's where progressed Sun and prog. Mercury were at the time that he checked out the book (1 and 12 Taurus respectively).

If Washington were not dead and were obligated to pay late fees he would owe the New York Society Library more than $300,000 in past due fines. Good thing the Librarian isn't trying to be a Banker which is what Taurus is all about. She/he isn't collecting the fines. That would be cause for dismissal.

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Jupiter Loses a "Cloud Stripe"

A recent set of photos taken of Jupiter show that the Jolly Old Guy has lost a Cloud Stripe. How appropriate is that? considering that Jupiter is in the sign of Clouds, or of Cloudy thinking at any rate. Jupiter is also in strong aspect with the t-square of Saturn-Uranus and Pluto. These are the 3 signs that create trauma and loss when they are working together. Jupiter's really stressing right now. He's also been traveling really fast.

Article from Yahoo is here: http://news.yahoo.com/s/space/20100513/sc_space/jupiterhaslostacloudstripenewphotosreveal

I think that whatever scientists learn about Jupiter right now will be very useful in learning to predict major earth events like earthquakes and volcanoes.

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Saturday, May 08, 2010

Big Foot Sightings!!!

Neptune rules the feet and Jupiter is currently in that sign. Since Jupiter enlarges everything it touches I sort of have been paying attention to what Fashion Designers are doing to people's feet. They're making em big! A double Pisces fashion designer, Alexander McQueen designed some huge shoes last year called "Lobster Shoes." They literally look like lobsters. They are huge. And they've really caught on. Turns out that McQueen was a double Pisces. Tragically, he committed suicide earlier this year just after Jupiter entered Pisces. The Saturn-Uranus-Pluto t-square would have been hitting a huge opposition in his chart that includes the Nodal Axis, Sun, maybe Moon, Chiron, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto. His Mother had just died the week before. That's really sad.

I love big shoes, wear clogs all the time, so I began to wonder if there were currently more Big Foot sightings this year than in previous years. Big Foot is the hairy guy/media sensation who is seen every once in a while through his footprints or in photography. He is said to be 6-10 feet tall, weighs 500 pounds and is covered in hair. Sounds like those two containers of yogurt I put into the refrigerator last Spring. Maybe one of my Mother's old boyfriends from the 70s. Either way, I think he's a hoax. He doesn't seem to show up during Jupiter in Pisces transits either which is a real clue that he's not genuine (only my opinion of course).

There's a database which lists BigFoot sightings around the U.S. and Canada. http://www.bfro.net/GDB/ It looks from the Stats like Big Foot took a road trip through the U.S. last year, 2009. Perhaps an unemployed computer programmer? That costume is probably tax deductible and so is the gas. Jupiter was in Aquarius last year.

The Big Foot story has been around in the Pacific (I literally first typed Piscific) Northwest since the olden days. The Native Americans had a story. Stories like these are great to tell to the kids. It keeps them from getting up in the middle of the night and wandering off. Anyway, I wouldn't put it past the dark scary trees up in the Northwest to be containing a couple of these critters. There's room for all kinds of things that go boo up in those forests.

Then the lumberjacks came along. Some guy named Raymond L. Wallan had one of his friends carve him some big feet and he had himself pulled along the back of a truck to help him get a big stride. He was said to be a real practical joker. Anyway, this Big Foot footprints were discovered by other loggers around August 1958 in Del Norte, CA. They took plaster footprints and everything. Who knows?

Raymond L. Wallan
b. Apr. 21, 1918 Clarksdale, Missouri

Sun 1 Taurus; Moon Leo or Virgo; NN 26 Sagittarius; Jupiter 12 Gemini

Sighting Aug. 1958, Del Norte County, CA

Sun either Leo or Virgo; NN 2 Scorpio; New Moon in Leo around Aug. 14, Full Moon near end of Month in Virgo-Pisces

Well, Wallan's Jupiter was in Gemini and I'd assume that would be a great placement for a person who wanted to tell Tall Tales. Plus, he had natal Sun conjunct Mercury Rx squaring a conjunction of Saturn-Neptune in Leo. That's a lot of repressed creative talents, for sure. This guy was his own little Hollywood movie.

In 1967 two guys photographed Big Foot. They were named Roger Patterson and Robert Gimlin. The film has always looked phoney to me and I was around 7 or 8 years old when I first saw it. A friend of Patterson's said that it was Patterson in an Ape Suit and I believe the friend.

That Sighting and Filming:
Oct. 20, 1967 either 1:20 pm or 3:30 pm Bluff Creek, CA

Sun 27 Libra; Moon 24 Taurus; ASC 10 Capricorn (1:30pm); 16 Aquarius (3:30pm); Jupiter 1 Virgo

There are discrepancies about the timing of the event. I'm delighted that we even have a choice. Which is the best Ascendant for an event that describes a guy walking around in an Ape's Suit? Capricorn or Aquarius? I pick Capricorn. Aquarius would dress up like a Gray and dash off in his UFO. However, when we look at Patterson's chart with the idea that he was the dude in the suit, we gonna pick Aquarius.

Roger Patterson
b. Feb. 14, 1926 Wall, South Dakota

Sun 26 Aquarius; Moon Pisces or Aries; NN 24 Cancer

Those crazy Aquarians! Patterson was going through his Neptune square from Leo (N) to Scorpio (t) to the degree. Nobody believes anything anyone sees or does during their Neptune Square. This was a big one (so to speak) too! for Patteron because Neptune in his chart is involved in a big t-square opposing Sun conjunct Mercury and with apex Saturn in Scorpio. This is another Mercury-Saturn-Neptune connection. Hmm.

So then we bring in Patterson's but, a Libra, Robert Gimlin, who's basically celebrating his upcoming Solar Return.

Robert Gimlin
b. Oct. 18, 1931 don't know where

Sun 25 Libra; NN 5 Libra; Moon Capricorn or Aquarius

Gimlin also has a conjunction of Sun to Mercury. These guys all seem to have Sun-Mercury conjunctions. He was approaching a Jupiter Return and a Nodal Return so it was time for him to do something really fun.

Patterson had natal Jupiter in Aquarius and Grimlin has Jupiter in Leo.

Jupiter was at 1 Virgo that day in a Grand Trine with Mars and the NN. So, we're not finding my Jupiter in Pisces anywhere involved. That must be when BigFoot hibernates. Sounds plausible. But we sure are finding a lot guys with Sun in strong aspect to Mercury and Neptune and that means ... I don't believe anything they say!

On the days of this sighting, the first filming, Mercury was stationing Rx in conjunction with Neptune in Scorpio and opposed by Moon at some point during that day. So the Sun-Mercury-Neptune connection is represented in the event chart as well.

In 2007 a Hunter named Rick Jacobs also filmed a Big Foot. This one looks pretty real. What can I say, the animation's getting better.

Big Foot filmed again
Sept. 16, 2007 Ridgway, Pennsylvania

Sun 24 Virgo; Moon Scorpio or Sagittarius; NN 6 Pisces; Jupiter 13 Sagittarius

This is the most believable of the charts. There's a t-square with apex Sun squaring an opposition of Mars to Pluto. That's Big Scary, Monster stuff. Jupiter was at 13 Sagittarius and that's real close to my Descendant, though, so I may just be getting charmed by a fib, once again.

No birth chart for hunter Rick Jacobs. His lucky day. Maybe he's got the missing Jupiter in Pisces. They are so elusive. You know Neptune.

A Zoologist Dr. Fahrenbach says that he's gotten so close to Big Foot while on hiking trips that he could smell him. Ugh! What could be worse than the perfume lady at the department store? Answer: smelling BigFoot.

Here's a very legitimate report written by Fahrenbach about BigFoot's characteristics. http://www.bigfootencounters.com/biology/henner.htm

A 15.6" long foot. Wow! That's one hell of a big sock you'd have to knit. Buy me an extra skein! Wish Alexander McQueen were alive to design the BigFoot collection. Maybe he already did. Rest In Peace.

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Monday, May 03, 2010

Water Main Break near Boston, Massachusetts

On Saturday Morning a major water main broke and spewed tons of water. 2 million residents have been without potable drinking water. Had to take a quick look at the chart to see if the problems associated with infrastructure as seen by the Saturn-Uranus opposition would show up. It was amazing! I made my first accurate chart off of this thing!

Water Main Break, 2 million without potable drinking water in Boston Suburbs
May 1, 2010 10:00 am Weston, Massachusetts

Saturn was at 29 Virgo Rx opposing Uranus at 29 Pisces. Right there shows a problem having to do with public health and water and infrastructure. Jupiter is in conjunction with Uranus showing a problem with excess. This opposition hit the IC/Midheaven exactly at 10:03 am in Weston, Massachusetts where the break occurred. Ic rules underground / MC rules overground. The break was reported at 10:00 am according to this report (http://abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory?id=10529674).

At that point Cancer was Rising and Pisces was on the Midheaven. Both water signs. Pluto was over in the 6th House of public health, doing the pollution/crisis thing.

No one knows the cause of the break yet. The pipes are relatively news, only 7 years old. But 7 is a number which is related to both Uranus and Saturn. It is about the time of the first Saturn square in the Saturn Cycle. And it is the amount of years it takes for Uranus to run through a sign. Uranus would have been around the end degrees of Aquarius when the pipe was first installed.

Moon, ruler of chart, was in Sagittarius in H6. Disposits to Jupiter adding to the exuberant overflow, so to speak.

Wow, I wonder if the Silicon Valley pipes will ever get fixed. Try washing your clothes in that water, let alone eating food that's been washed in it.

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Sunday, May 02, 2010

Boy Hackers and Girl Sailors - The Amazing Uranus-Neptune Conjunction Generation

As Pluto is entering Capricorn and moving up to the spot where the big Capricorn conjunction of 1989-1993 was it's interesting to see what the kids who were born around that time are up to. They had to do something spectacular early on in life. Capricorn is born old so it makes sense that these kids would have a head start. Saturn, Uranus and Capricorn all rule the signs and section of the chart that is most aware of how society works on a large scale. On the heels of that conjunction, Pluto might back track a bit into Scorpio vibes, but Pluto rules Fame.

I found out about the first kids because the company who runs my virus program sent me an email saying that there is a new worm or virus or thingee whatever it is running around that nobody can do much about. My program tells me how many attacks I get per day/week/and month and the numbers have escalated since I filed my taxes online. So, gray hair girl here is gonna wrinkle pretty bad over this. I believe this thing is called a "Trojan." It's called a P2P worm, or thingee, I certainly don't know the difference, but right now I'm not feeling like I don't have Odysseus on my side. P2P means peer-to-peer. That's so Uranus-Neptuney.

At any rate, one of the people who made the original P2P worm, virus, trojan thingee was a kid. He was 19 when he was caught (Pisces Node Return, self-undoing). Obviously a genius. When the Feds caught him they only gave him 5 years' probation because they needed to hire him to work for them. The thing he created was the Nugache worm. I think what I'm worried about now is the Heloag Trojan but can't be real certain about that.

While studying this kid I found another kid over in New Zealand who did the same thing. He was caught and was also hired. Interesting that both boys were born in 1989 right as the Uranus-Neptune conjunction in Capricorn along with Saturn. They were born in early stages of the conjunction.

Both boys are said to have Asperger's Syndrome and so have very introverted personalities. They had to leave school early because they couldn't fit in. And they sat at home on the computer teaching themselves programming. Meanwhile they became a huge presence anywhere they wanted to in the world.

Jason Milmont (Nugache Worm) was working out of Cheyenne, Wyoming. Owen Walker, hacker, was working out of New Zealand. Jason Milmont's birthday is maybe Mar. 8, 1989.

In 1989, Saturn and Pluto were both very strongly placed in their own signs. When these two work together there can be a tendency to apply too much force in some way. That's great when they are working on the right side of the law.

On the other end of the Spectrum (no pun intended) there's another set of Uranus-Neptune conjunction kids. Adventurers who are taking the physical world on. And fun thing is they are female!

These are two 16 year old girls. This brings new meaning to that old Sweet 16 and Never been Kissed Motto. Both girls have been attempting to sail Solo and Nonstop around the world. One is from the U.S. and one is from Australia.

Abby Sunderland of Thousand Oaks, CA has had mechanical problems with the autopilot on her boat and is being forced to stop so she won't break the record. But, it looks like Jessica Watson of Australia really will complete her goal. There's a 14 year old girl in Europe who plans to set out next year to try to break Watson's record.

Both Sunderland and Watson were born in 1993 while Uranus and Neptune were in very tight conjunction at 20 Capricorn and 22-23 Capricorn respectively. They both have Saturn in Aquarius. Pluto is still in Scorpio. Both have Sun in strong contact with Jupiter in Libra. Free and independent thinkers who've got a good dose of luck.

I think the girls have been sailing in opposite directions of each other. Watson is finishing ahead of schedule, having gone towards the East. Sunderland has been struggling. She even managed to be out on the ocean during the tsunami warning from the Chile earthquake. And as I said, she has to stop to get some equipment fixed.

Abby Sunderland
riding "Wild Eyes"

b. Oct. 19, 1993
Sun 27 Libra; Moon Sagittarius or Capricorn; NN 5 Sagittarius Rx

Date of Departure
Feb. 6, 2010 Cabo San Lucas, Baja Mexico

Jessica Watson
riding "Ella's Pink Lady"

b. May 18, 1993, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
Sun 28 Taurus; Moon Aries; NN 15 Sagittarius Rx

Date of Departure
Oct. 18, 2009 from Sydney, Australia, eastbound.

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