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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Playing the Lotto with Delma Kinney

According to a Huffington Post article, two time Lottery Winner Delma Kinney is a Sadge.

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter. And Jupiter is the Planet of Luck. And in the last few weeks Jupiter in Taurus (money) has been in trine aspect with Pluto (other people's money). Last week the two have been connected in a Super Lucky Grand Trine aspect with Mars in Virgo.

Lucky Grand Trine? No-o-oo-ooo Kidding?!!!!

This guy is showing us how it is done.

The articles don't seem to give a specific date for Kinney's wins. Last week, Kinney was at the Chevron Mini Mart buying cold medicine when he bought his happy ticket (natal Mercury in Scorpio in mutual reception with Pluto in Virgo).

Why can't we ever see the security footage for events like this? Video of some Sadge buying his second Million $$$ Lottery Ticket ... along with Date/Time stamp for proper Astroblab?!!!

Either way, looks like it was last week or the week before. Previous Win was in 2008.

Looks like Mr. Kinney will celebrate his 51st Birthday this week so he's under the influence of His Sagittarius Solar Return. He would have been 48 years old in 2008. (Wait, since his Birthday is so late in the year I may not have calculated the math correctly.)

Playing around with the idea of "What Planetary Cycle are You Currently Under the Influence Of?" we note that in 2008 it could possibly have been Kinney's Jupiter Return, or just after.

Now, at the big 5-0- Kinney is under the influence of his Chiron Return. They say that when you turn 50, you become a Golden Oldie. This guy is certainly rolling in the Gold.

Kind of interesting how the articles state that Kinney put money away to pay for his kids' education with the first win. Jupiter rules higher education. Now, he tends to give some money to charity. Chiron Returnish. Kinney is a single Father of 3 kids (but probably not for very long.)

Delma Kinney, two time Million Dollar Instant Lottery Winner
b. maybe Dec. 5, 1960 (don't know where, he is now in Atlanta, GA)

Sun 14 Sagittarius; Moon Cancer; NN 11 Virgo Rx

The Astrology is just much for me to handle. Kinney has an exact natal trine between Jupiter 9 Capricorn and Pluto-NN at 9 Virgo-11 Virgo. Those two planets bring success when they work together.

Kinney's natal trine of Jupiter to Pluto layers right over the transiting Earth Grand Trine of Mars at early Virgo to t.Pluto at 7 Capricorn and to t. Jupiter at 3 Taurus. And it gets even wilder than that because the Trine fans out into a Kite. Transiting Mars-n.Pluto-NN opposing t. Chiron 1 Pisces-Neptune 29 Aquarius-n. Chiron 28 Aquarius.

Also, connected with this Kite Axis figure is progressed Sun which is currently at 6 Aquarius.

AND also Kinney's Solar Arc Mars and maybe SA Moon are at 9 Virgo in conjunction with the transiting Mars and natal Pluto-NN. Kinney's natal Mars is Retrograde and Out of Bounds so it has exceptional powers. It's in Cancer maybe in conjunction with the Moon. Interesting configuration for a single Father of 3 to have. He probably likes to build swing sets and stuff. And he has psychic abilities. He could feel the vibe in that Chevron Mini Mart. He just knew he could manifest that Lucky Lotto one more time.

The astrology goes on and on. Natal Venus (Cash) is at 25 Capricorn c. natal Saturn 17 Capricorn opposing natal Mars 18 Cancer Rx.

Wish I had the date for the 2008 Win. At the end of 2007 Kinney would have had an extra long Mars Return because Mars went Retrograde over his natal Mars Rx. Right now his progressed Mars is on the Cancer Aries Point at 1 Cancer Rx.

At the end of 2007 there was a very lucky conjunction of Jupiter to Pluto at the end of Sagittarius.

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Monday, November 28, 2011

More Women Journalists Sexually Mobbed in Cairo Last Thursday

The more you try to change things the more they stay the same. Last Thursday two more female reporters were sexually mobbed in Cairo. I guess this means that the Egyptian Spring is for boys only.

I already wrote a post about Journalist Lara Logan who was sexually mobbed in Tahrir Square last February.

Epyptian born American Journalist Mona Eltahawy was beaten, sexually mobbed, blind folded and held for 12 hours. Her arms were broken. And this was done by the Egyptian police!

Mona Eltahawy
b. Aug. 1, 1967 Port Said, Egypt

Sun 9 Leo; Moon Gemini; NN 3 Taurus Rx

(Sun c. Jupiter 14 Leo; Mars 7 Scorpio c. SN; Venus 13 Virgo; Pluto 19 Virgo; Uranus 23 Virgo opposing Chiron 30 Pisces)

Also on Thursday, a French female journalist, Caroline Sinz, was mobbed by about 70 teenage boys and men. I don't have her birth date.


I don't have the times of the group rapes so I'm just looking at the general transits for last Thursday to try to understand what set things off.

Sexually Mobbings of Female Journalists covering the Rebellion
Nov. 24, 2011 Cairo, Egypt

Sun 2 Sagittarius; Moon Scorpio through most of the day, became a Sagittarius New Moon in the evening.; NN 15 Sagittarius Rx

Scorpio is related to anything having to do with sex and crime. Sorry, Scorpios, the other signs all commit crimes too, but Scorpio is just the sign that handles all things that are taboo within society (like Taxes, hee hee).

So, it's interesting that the Moon is in Scorpio on this day. Moon is a singleton in Water, (except for Chiron in Pisces) so it contains all issues having to do with Feelings and Emotions. That usually indicates an extreme of some sort.

Moon is also traveling very fast by 4:30 pm at 15'. I don't know what that means really except that Moon rules Women, Feelings, Lunacy, Crowds, and Mobs. I think that when it travels fast things happen which are beyond comprehension.

By evening there was a New Moon in Sagittarius in conjunction with the Sun 2 Sagittarius. Literally, something exceptional about Women (moon); International Affairs (Sagittarius) and Journalism (Sagittarius). Sagittarius is also the sign of the centaur and I've studied a little bit before about how centaurs are often connected with rape. The Centaur is half man and half horse. Definitely Chiron is interesting to look at on this date which I'll point out down below. I'd expect that Jupiterian types of women would be more vulnerable to rape because they need freedom and independence and so would end up in places which makes them more vulnerable.

Mercury and Venus are also in Sagittarius at whatever degrees they were at, near the end of the sign. They are in conjunction with each other and both are Out of Bounds. Venus is also in mutual reception with Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius.

Venus rules Women and, again, Sagittarius rules International Affairs and Journalism. Mercury also rules News Reporting and Communication. (Venus out of bounds at 24 deg, 37 min; Mercury out of bounds at 24 deg, 45 min.) Mercury is stationing Retrograde on this day which immediately points to some sort of blip in communications. Nothing says I can do anything I want to you quite like rape, although gang stalking comes close.

There's a Grand Earth Trine occurring in this chart between Mars 7 Virgo, Jupiter 3 Taurus and Pluto 7 Capricorn. So, one could expect that men were feeling a little too lucky during this aspect. Mars rules Men. Mars is Lead Planet of a Locomotive chart. This was one Hell of a Train Wreck, that's for sure.

In addition to all this, there's Chiron. On his website Bob Marks said that some astrologer had told him that rape is often shown when Mars is in difficult aspect with Chiron. There was an opposition between the two last week that was squaring the Sun-New Moon.

Mars 7 Virgo opposite Chiron 1 Pisces squaring Sun 3 Sagittarius-Moon at night.

I haven't looked up the other Centaurs. There's one Centaur who is not generally connected with rape but the others are. I wrote about it a long time ago and just can't dig around for it right now.

I wish much healing for Mona Eltahawy and Caroline Sinz (and Lara Logan and all the other victims).

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Saturday, November 26, 2011

What the Hell Was He Thinking?

Story in the news last week about a guy who identifies as a woman and who pretended to be a doctor, a plastic surgeon, but who really belongs to an underground plastic surgery ring. This guy/gal, performed butt enhancement surgeries on women by injecting them with a special spackle made of cement, superglue, and flat-tire sealant.

There you go, no matter how hard you try to dress the guy up like a gal, you just can't take Home Depot out of his stupid sorry ass. There was no mention of Duct Tape in the article; maybe that's just "too 90's."

Thinking about this makes me want to throw up. It also made me feel mean and want to look the freak's birth date up in the cloud. This is probably not correct birth date, but I'm putting it out there for anyone who's curious. The chart is pretty amazing.

Phoney Dr.

July 10, 1992 Carteret, NJ

Sun 19 Cancer; Moon Scorpio or Sagittarius; NN 1 Capricorn

Sun 19 Cancer c. Venus 27 Cancer. Mommy and Beauty.

The Sun-Venus conjunction is opposing Uranus 15 Cap Rx - Neptune 18 Cap Rx. Sun-Venus opposite Neptune has overly idealistic view points of women, especially when Sun and Venus are in the sign of the Mother, Cancer. Add Uranus in on the mix and you've got total weirdness. This is why we need to add art class back into the classroom. This chart would thrive in art class. It's ok to be dumbed than shit in art class, it's actually desired. Creativity comes from making mistakes and veering from the norm, just not in this way.

Grand Fixed Square between Mercury-Mars-Chiron-Saturn-Pluto: Mercury 15 Leo-Chiron 11 Leo opposes Saturn 18 Aquarius Rx. Square Mars 19 Taurus opposing Pluto 21 Scorpio Rx. That's showing some real stress coming from childhood.

Commentary on this thing could go on for eons. Mercury shows the thinking process. Well, he got caught because of a "surgery" he performed in May 2010. That's Saturn Return stuff. Mercury c. Chiron doesn't help. Progressed Mercury in Rx doesn't help either.

He's not the only one out there. That's scary. If this chart is accurate, the 1 NN on the AP of Capricorn brought this guy out before the public. Unfortunately, not until after the Saturn-Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto t-square hit it for the last 2 years.

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Prayer

Close your eyes.

(no, I mean it, close them, well, not until you've read the rest of this shit)

Inhale. Exhale.

Inhale more. Exhale.

Inhale a lot. Hold it. Exhale.


Wish for something.

Open your eyes and look around and say thank you for the beauty in front of you.

Monday, November 21, 2011

The Failure Bell

The Stock Market could have tanked a lot more than 2-- points today. The Super Committee admitted that it can't agree on how to fix the budget problems. That seems sort of serious to me. I think they should consult with more New York City taxi drivers on this one, they are said to have good answers to things, but what do I know?

I suppose the timing was good for making the announcements. Thanksgiving is on Thursday and lots of people who trade are taking the short work week off. Tomorrow might be a bitch, and Wednesday. Capricorn is rising just as the Market opens these days which sticks Pluto 4 degrees from exact conjunction with the Ascendant as the Markets open. This will get closer and closer to the Ascendant through the week. Pluto represents Crises, but also a desire to control Crises through Power and Confidence.

Ruler of the chart, Saturn, is 1 degree past conjunction with the Midheaven. Saturn likes to think that everything can be fixed, or becomes a poor sport. Saturn and Pluto working so close together in this way show some sort of loss. The SuperCommittee can't fix it. Neptune conjunct Chiron in the 3d House of announcements along with Neptune in Sagittarius in 12th house shows the announcement and the confusion connected with it. Usually an unhappy loss and feeling of grimness.

Good news is that this chart has a Grand Trine in it. Mars-Jupiter-Pluto seems like a lucky combination. Mars 6 Virgo is in the 8th House of borrowed money. That's actually sort of feisty. He's trining Jupiter 3 Taurus Rx and Pluto 6 Capricorn (H1). It sort of looks like the bottom feeders are sitting around just looking for a new buying opportunity. That could go either way. Grand Trines are pretty lucky. Earth only deals with what works. Sometimes luck makes you lazy and stupid.

With 2 t-squares this chart is showing people where the missing elements are that are causing all the tension. T-squares are 3 points of a square which feel a strong lack of whatever the 4th corner of the square indicates.

In this case, One t-square has apex Sun 29 Scorpio (H11). The Sun is squaring Mars 6 Virgo (H8) which opposes Neptune 29 Aquarius-Chiron 1 Pisces (H2). Those are Resource houses. That combination sort of looks like delusional thinking. H2 = money, banks. H8 = other people's money, taxes, sex, death. H11 = Hopes, Wishes, Groups. The missing element here is the 5th House of Risk, Play, Childlike abandon, Fun. The Stock Market is no fun right now. The Circus has left town.

The second t-square has Pluto for an Apex. Pluto is part ruler of this chart and Pluto = Sex, Death, Taxes, and cleaning out waste so that the real gems can grow out of the compost. We're seriously composting right now. Pluto (Power) is squaring an opposition of Moon (Introspection, The People) 9 Libra (H9) to Uranus (Groups, Innovations, Hopes) 1 Aries (H3). That's kind of hysterical and I don't know why there wasn't more of a crash. Guess Saturn on the MC really does like to keep things stoic. Moon in Libra usually internalizes its anxieties into physical problems I have found. Haven't actually ever heard anyone else say that, I just used to know a bunch of them. They never actually discuss their problems because, well, how do you access deep emotional turmoil anyway? Moon opposite Uranus means that everyone's prostituting themselves and the H3 to H9 influence sort of reinforces that. This t-square points to Cancer on the Descendant. That shows the public and the poor and the people who feed us and Real Estate and land. The recent announcements that Global Warming is happening much faster than expected ought to alarm everyone. We forgot to work with the land. And people who nourish have been walked all over (by people who talk too much). Oh yeah, and there are the Occupy Wall St. kids. Oops, forgot that we were supposed to provide them with a future. There's a serious need to look back at the past right now in order to figure out how to handle the future.

Sun rules H8 of this chart. That house has Mars in Virgo in it. That sounds a little bit like Geithner's influence.

Uranus rules H2 of money of this chart. The Bankers might be working on some innovations. Maybe they'll all shut down all at once. Well they've been occupying Wall St. for longer than the protesters.

Venus and Jupiter are in mutual reception. Venus is in the 12th House in conjunction with Mercury and the North Node in Sagittarius. Jupiter 4 Taurus Rx is down in the 4th House in conjunction with the IC. People who don't paid taxes, more bottom feeders.

On Wednesday, the Sun will move into Sagittarius so people are supposed to invite strangers into their homes and share the holiday. With Pluto conjunct a Capricorn Ascendant I think the bird will be a little dry this year. I heard some strange statistic on the radio that about 80-90 percent of all the turkeys are artificially inseminated. Man, the world could let off a whole lot of heat just by letting these poor schmoes enjoy themselves every once in a while. The tryptophane has been replaced by fire retardant, that's for sure.

SuperCommittee Budgetary Crisis Bell
November 21, 2011

Sun 29 Scorpio (H11); ASC 2 Capricorn; MC 29 Libra; Moon 9 Libra (H9); NN 15 Sagittarius (H12)


Saturday, November 12, 2011

Hotspot Shield

Computer Hotspots apparently are not secure at all. In the Silicon Valley it's a joke. If the place doesn't ask for a security code every bored jerk in the world will be into your business.

So am interested in an article in the paper today called "CEO puts online privacy in users' hands: Anchor Free Hotspot Shield enables users to access blocked websites." by Levi Sumangaysay.

The article is about Hotspot Shield which is a free downloadable privacy app. It's free if you can handle advertisements. You have to pay if you don't want advertisements and faster access. The CEO of the company is David Gorodynansky who at age 29 is going through his first Saturn Return in Libra.

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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Guy Fawkes and His BFF Tim Geithner (that's a joke)

This won't be a long post. (Oops)

I'm trying to write a post about how nobody ever gives Tim Geithner any credit. I don't hold much against him because the astrology right now pretty much says we're in a long term phase of financial depression that repeats the similar problems of the Long Depression that occurred at the end of the 19th century. That one lasted 20 years. I don't expect things to get better real fast this time, but I'm such a pessimist my opinions can be said to err on the down side. In other words, what do I know?

It's amazing to me that Geithner has managed to keep the stock market up at the high levels as it is. It hasn't really gone beyond a certain point, but it keeps heaving up and down, kind of like it's on a ventilator in a chemically induced coma. Just enough to let the 401ks juggle things around a bit.

Clearly Geithner's staging this stuff (strong Leo influence in his chart). It's a magic trick and an illusion.

But, right now, because no one ever gives Tim Geithner enough credit, everyone is giving Guy Fawkes a bunch of credit. Plus, the recession/depression has gone on too long. And some eco-marketing firm up in Canada had the brains to inject our instincts for mobbing into generally more constructive avenues. And there's some illusion in this as well. Magic Federal Reserve Chairman Boyfriend Ben Bernanke said he doesn't really blame them, the Occupy Wall St people. Some of them are sort of dumb and are burning small businesses down.

Bernanke loves a committee. Somehow I get the feeling that Tim Geithner doesn't. That's why Ben Bernanke is so loveable and why I keep forgetting to look at Geithner's chart maybe? Uranus loves a committee. Oh well, I won't go there.

I couldn't really figure out why the Guy Fawkes stuff is so popular right now, the Occupy Wall Street movement has only questions and no answers,


Then a gang stalker walked by me today (they stare extra long with a taunting we've got you bitch, you should see what I've just done to your car and your credit score and everyone you know). This guy had a Guy Fawkes beard, like he had dressed up like all the rest of the Guy Fawkes fans on November 5, and he was clearly pissed off with me for being white. Then it hit me. Sort of. It's the Catholics. The Catholics are protesting.

(edit out the stuff about religion)

Geithner has a conjunction of Sun-Mercury-Uranus to the NN in Leo which explains the big forehead and mass of hair. He might also be grouchy because his thinking is erratic and he expresses himself verbally in ways that sometimes shock people. This stellium is unaspected except for an inconjunct to a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction (both retrograde) in Capricorn. That's lots of potent energy that doesn't flow easily. It helps that both signatures show high intelligence of some sort so Geithner is not going to be as at odds blending these energies as some of us might be.

Inconjuncts are minor aspects and their connection is very odd. The keyword for inconjuncts is "Adjustment." The signs that are connected don't share similarities which means they are difficult to express together. Both signs, Leo and Capricorn do rule talent for leadership. Geithner seems to be trying to fix the problem, but the problem may be outdated (Jupiter-Saturn in Capricorn Rx). At any rate, that Jupiter-Saturn thing shows that Geithner was born during a year which socially represents the top of the heap. There's a sense that we are falling backwards or down instead of upwards towards a common goal. Well, the Guy Fawkes people want to revel against the system too.

Sun-Mercury-Uranus-NN in Leo shows a lot of intuitive brains. It wouldn't be enough to hack Geithner's computers, you'd have to also hack his brain. And you'd have to be really really fast. The Leo and Capricorn shows that perhaps he doesn't like to work with others. It's partly that lack of flow thing I mentioned earlier. It's partly that he's got a Hero complex. It's partly other stuff which I'll continue to babble about.

People like people who flow. They make you feel like you're not stuck anywhere. Guy Fawkes had flow. At least his astro chart did. He had one and possibly two Grand Trines in his chart. AT execution time he jumped off the stage before he was hung in order to avoid the final humiliation.

I remember reading that Geithner didn't hire staff for a long time after taking his job as whatever his title is. This would be a very Leo/Capricorn kind of way of doing things. Leo has a Hero complex and Heroes tend to stand out by themselves.

I was just thinking the other day about how a Democracy is exactly the wrong type of political philosophy for getting countries out of the deep do-do that we're currently in. Everything takes too long by committee. Tyrants can get things done and that's not always a bad thing, except that sometimes they turn mean. Ben Bernanke likes committees. We all like Ben Bernanke. Ben is very smart, he's super cute, I tend to think that I'm watching a guy playing baseball rather than a world economy tanking, but Bernanke's forehead isn't as big as Geithner's. Interesting that both men are Fire Suns with Water Moons.

That's a lot of steam.

Back to Guy Fawkes. Guy Fawkes was a rebel. That's how history talks about him right now at any rate. According to an astrology blog that was posted which I can't remember the name of, _--------- (it was British and it was really good), we don't know Guy Fawkes' birthday. He was christened on Apr. 16, 1570. People say he was born on Apr. 13, 1570 but nobody knows for sure.

My computer program says that Fawkes was a Taurus, not an Aries, because he was born during Old School calendar, same as Leonardo da Vinci. Taurus would explain why his name comes up in discussions about finances.

Taurus rules finances and art. Fawkes is known for his pointy chin goatee which seems like a Taurus thing since Taurus rules the lower jaw and neck area. Most people think he's an Aries Sun which he could be. Obviously I don't know, but isn't it interesting how people never assume that a person is a Taurus, have you ever noticed that?. I don't know what Old School and New School calendars mean. Someone once told me but I forgot. Something which has to do with what the Pope wanted. Funny how this post is supposed to be about people who are dealing with finances of our times and keeps turning intostuff about religions (which I've mostly edited out by now).

(I like the Buddhists. Remember the Buddhists? My Father said that Buddhism is the best religion but Buddhism doesn't work in the markets and that's why people don't embrace it. Well, except for Steve Jobs.)

Like I said, Fawkes would have had a lot of flow because he had at least one Grand trine. He could probably get away with more in life than most people can. Or at least he thought he could get away with more and then he got caught. He was born during an outer planet Grand Trine in Air. Jupiter 15 Aquarius trine Saturn 18 Libra Rx trine Neptune 20 Gemini. This Grand Trine is activated right now because this chart (Fawkes') is going through a Saturn Return.

The Apr. 13 date also gives another Grand Trine, this time in Earth, which would be activated by transiting Pluto right now. Sun 3 Taurus would be trine NN 6 Virgo trine Uranus 4 Capricorn Rx. Uranus rules rebellions, Sun rules Risk, so there you go. The guy was unpredictable and inspirational. And I think that Grand Trines are great for spies so he probably was good at working people.

Fawkes' Virgo NN might show why the Pluto in Virgo generation has a strong fascination with this guy. I'm sort of embarrassed to say that the V for Vendetta phenomenon began with a comic strip which is the best art form of my generation and a source of great embarrassment to me. Virgo seems to be strongly connected with the markets and material world and so is better with the graphics arts than with the "high arts". If it is great art nobody will want it until 100 years after you are dead and what smart Virgo is going to go along with that kind of pain? Oh well, power to the people who do crafty crap. And people who live in the middle class.

Kind of interesting that the Middle Class has pretty much disappeared from the Pluto in Virgo generation. That's a discussion which could go on and on so I'll avoid it. The anonymous hackers have found that they have a talent which they can get away with no matter how much pain it causes others so they are finding a great outlet in Fawkes and not Geithner the Leo who represents the old school idea to them. Geithner's chart shows a strong Romantic side so I think his generation sort of bugs him.

Right now Fawkes is going through a Mars Return in Leo. With Mars in Leo, Fawkes had a noble side as well as a foolish side, as do all Mars in Leos. He wanted to be heroic. He wanted to do the right thing. The New York Occupy people haven't killed anybody but there have been some problems in other places like Oakland and Oklahoma. Does it have something to do with place names that begin with the letter O, long form? Oakland always riots and the truth is this is because the people who live there are mean.

I wonder if this is mostly a 25-year old Boy thing overall. Especially White Boys. The government is trying to get them to perk up because they aren't eligible for Affirmative Action and they commit suicide a lot when they get older. Uranus is at 1 Aries which shows that the spark has to come before the plan. That's interesting. That's a lesson that Saturn has to learn.

Fawkes also had a square of Neptune 20 Gemini to Pluto at 23 Pisces. So he was born during a time when mysticism would have wreaked havoc amongst the peoples? There is probably more than the usual amount of stuff that people feel that they can't explain when Neptune and Pluto are in bad aspect with each other. They would have really struggled with things like Religions which are trying to explain it all away with some story about Virgins and a guy who will forgive for torturing him to death. Today with this long winding Neptune-Pluto sextile that keeps phasing in and out we are finding out about more mysteries through Science. Healers are still self professed and sometimes that gets a little stupid.

Back in Guy Fawkes' day, people probably did have mystical powers and it wasn't because they were trying so hard; or at least they figured they needed to develop mystical powers in order to deal with what life was throwing at them. People can never really fully know the powers of either Neptune or Pluto because we will never experience a full return of those planets to our natal charts. It sure is interesting that during the Age of Aquarius many of us can expect to live through our first Uranus Return, Age 83-84.

Right now, Fawkes' chart is also going through a Chiron Return conjunct Neptune. Chiron is at 27 Aquarius. That's an extra mystical Chiron Return which involves crowds of people and mobs. I'm just finishing that one up and I have the same Chiron placement within a degree. I got to be gang stalked by the scum of the earth who is now running around in Guy Fawkes' masks.

Weirdness, Geithner is also entering his Chiron Return. They have chiron in different signs. Fawkes in Aquarius. Geithner in Pisces. And, of course, it's just plain weird that I'm comparing their two charts in one blog.

Chiron in Aquarius: Healing and Failure of "The People." That's a universal problem for all of humanity to deal with. The Catholics have consistently failed to deal with this but they keep on waving their incense burners. Problem with the Catholics is that, as I said before, everywhere they go an Inquisition follows. I'm not fond of Religions because they separate people for no reason, but when you fail at money you tend to turn towards God so what else can a person do? The Catholics are probably actually rebelling only because Oprah went off the air. They need to be told that everything can be healed.

So, this brings me back to Tim Geithner who nobody gives credit to. Saturn and Jupiter Rx. His Father never gave him credit? He's strongly Leo so he's got more than the usual amount of confidence?

Problem with Leo is that the Stars never stay the same and the Sun constantly progresses and Leo Sun have it bad in that respect. You're all shiny and unselfconscious and then your Sun takes on the flavor of Virgo which sits there feeling embarrassed for everyone else. Then it moves into Libra and doesn't know what end is up. Do you want to drive or shall I? Do you want to open the window, or shall I? Libra can see all sides. That's only because Leo opens the heart and Virgo brings a sense of servitude. By the time they become shrinks later on in life Libras can pretty much articulate everything that bothers another person.

Geithner's Moon would be the real kicker in his chart and I can't really place it because I don't have his birth time. At noon it's in middle degrees Scorpio. At that point it's in conjunction with Neptune in Scorpio. Scorpio rules shared finances and very often that equals: Crises. People don't really like to share finances, if you want to be honest about it and that's one of Scorpios' little challenges.

Scorpio, like Leo, is a fixed sign so combined as they are here shows that Geithner has staying power. Unlike Leo Scorpio likes to rule from behind the scenes.

If Moon is in conjunction with Neptune, this combined with Mercury c. Uranus in Geithner's chart shows two strong psychic connections of very different styles. Mercury-Uranus is very quick and intuitive, but Moon conjunct Neptune in Scorpio shows a highly psychic person whose feeling levels defy speed, but who is probably not good at explaining what's going on in his mind. That's why Geithner's head looks like the popcorn is just about ready.

People don't like what they don't understand and if Geithner has both of these aspects together people might feel that they can't trust him. Oh well, end of rant.

Guy Fawkes
b. maybe Apr. 13, 1570 christianed Apr. 16, York, England

Sun 3 Taurus (maybe); Moon Cancer or Leo (Maybe); NN 6 Virgo (pretty much)

Tim Geithner
b. Aug. 18, 1961 Brooklyn NY

Sun 26 Leo; Moon Scorpio; NN 28 Leo

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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

2005 YU55 Is In The Neighborhood

"The 2005 YU44, an asteroid roughly as wide as the length of an aircraft carrier, is due to cross Earth's path today. It's the closest approach of such an object in a generation."

This sounds like a Woody Allen joke, right?

It's not.

It's from the front page of today's Wall Street Journal in an article called "Today's Close Encounter." The asteroid is about 1,300 feet wide. That's big. The newspaper shows a picture of the asteroid in comparison with the U.S. Nimitz which is 1,092 feet long. That means it's big enough to host a presidential visit.

Maybe this is the 2d coming. Maybe a 3d asteroid will hit on 12/21/12. The 3d coming. Anyone thought of that? Oh hay, I never realized that those numbers, the 2012 date spell out like that, with the 1-2 numeric sequence. This month we have 11/1/11 and 11/11/11.

This thing, the asteroid, will swing by earth so close that it will be inside the Moon's orbit from 201,700 miles away. Amazing how it manages to avoid the Moon's orbit.

In the article, there's a graph of a bunch of Asteroids of varying sizes shown, they're all lined up in rows, big to small. Looks like an abacus. It reminds me of the astronomy book that my brother had when we were kids. We couldn't read so we looked at the illustration of the Moon and the Earth being spun off from the Sun. And my Virgo brother said, "That's a picture of the Sun shitting out the Earth and the Moon." Then I said, "Ha Ha, a slow motion picture of pooping."

I looked up the astrology last week to see what kind of b.s. I could bake up regarding why such a big asteroid is cruising by earth today. There was something but I don't remember what it was.


Thursday, November 03, 2011

"Father-Daughter Dance Medley" While Saturn is in Libra

Libra = Marriage


Saturn = Fathers


I don't think that

Saturn was Retrograde

When the Girl in this Video

Got Married.

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