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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Weird Coincidence on New Years

So, I just hammered down an entire bottle of Welch's Grape Juice, a $4.99 bottle from Trader Joe's which was recommended by a red-faced lady who was buying up practically an entire case' worth tonight (said that for 5 bucks it's an unbelievable deal).

And, so, like I said I was wondering.

You know Bernie Madoff, who "madoff" with everyone's money (heard that use of his last name from David what's his name, funny comedian, on the Tonight show I think). Anyway, Madoff has a list of 14,000 victims at last count. People and charities who he screwed out of zillions. Boy, and some of those charities, Capricorn Moon that I am, I just don't see it happening, but some of these other guys, they just go ahead and take.

Anyway, I started thinking about Madoff's list. And the idea of "list" sunk in and I thought of "Schindler's List." about Oskar Schindler. And so look at these guys' charts. They really line up. Born within a day of each other, same Mars sign (Gemini), same Saturn Sign (Aries). Maybe they even had the same Moon Sign (Aries) .

You can see how hard it is to read a person, let alone an astrological chart. Can't you? (probably not)

It all swings one way, or then it swings the opposite way. Good and bad. Both men are Taurus Suns concerned with business and greed. Either way, we can see how a Taurus Sun is concerned with finances and accumulations of said funds. When progressed Sun hits natal Mars in Gemini, dude gets overly clever and confident, does his own thing for good or bad.

Taurus rules the alphabet. Gemini rules categories and lists. So, I suppose that's the connection with lists. And with money.

But look at the Nodes. That shows the person's destiny/fate/whateverthehell you call it. Schindler has NN in Cancer conjunct Neptune opposing Uranus and squaring Saturn, maybe Moon. That's some real outer planet awareness of others. He had to have to think about doing good for humanity at some point.

Madoff had NN in Scorpio with Venus-Mars conjunct South Node, all squared by Jupiter in Aquarius. He just thought of the opportunity, the ability to finess, his personal magnetism.

Actually, well, both had Venus-Mars conjunctions, different signs, so they both even had that connection with each other. It helps to have charm. Schindler's NN was in Gemini, so his secretary was literally important to his personal path in life. He deferred much to Ben Kingley's character, if you know what I mean. Madoff's NN was in Scorpio so at some point he was going to deal with revenge.

Anyway, I don't have the answers. I'm just yapping away here with hopes that only intelligent people will read this and not mis-interpret it.

Happy New Year! Remember, what you think you know, maybe it's not true. Maybe a kernel of it is true and all the rest is silliness. Maybe all of it is true but there is nothing you can do about it (unless you're highly educated and well credentialed, so please go to school).

Please doubt yourself (Saturn), for the sake of humanity (Uranus). Please express yourself (Sun, Mars) for the sake of humanity (Uranus) as well. Use discernment to do the right thing (Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius).

We're all in this together.

Bless you.

Oskar Schindler
b. April 28, 1908 Zwittau, Czecholslovakia

Sun 8 Taurus, Moon 10 Aries (noon); NN 7 Cancer

Bernard Madoff
b. Apr. 29, 1939 New York, NY

Sun 9 Taurus; Moon 2 Taurus (noon); NN 29 Scorpio

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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2010 Approaching, It's All Angular

I'm sort of wigging out over this one. Doesn't help that I have to endure a year's worth of Eclipses on my Sun and Moon.

And Pluto is on my Saturn and squaring my Nodes.

Can we change the word "Angular" to "Angelic?"


Looks like everyone who ever wanted to be somebody is going to be taping explosives into their underwear.

May everyone in the coming year be sitting next to a Dutch Videographer who doesn't readily give out his birthdate.

Have you noticed how this Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron conjunction keeps throwing these incredible heros in our faces? We haven't had heros in a really long time so I'm enjoying it (I've got 3 planets in Leo and we really like heros).

There's Sully Sullenberger the way underpaid airline pilot who landed his plane in the Hudson. There's the two lady cops who pulled in that girl/woman who had been abducted in Berkeley. The mighty mouse cop in Texas who shot the shrink. Now there's the super cute Dutch guy Videographer. (Hans Brinker?) I need birth dates, I'm tellin ya.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Hey, I heard that the North Pole is completely underwater right now. That means that Santa Claus truly is a figment of the Department Stores' imaginations. Even a 3-year old isn't going to believe this story any more.

I sort of feel like this melting thing is so out of my hands. If mankind had anything to do with any of this then we figured it out too late. I think that what with the Pluto in Leos being in power right now and with their ability to lead without showing any real brains and with the Pluto in Virgos following on along looking at all the trees in the forest in high def, but without a clue where the path leads to we don't really have anyway to get out of this hell anyway.

So, it's time to turn to conspiracy theories. Why not? Some good old Neptunian/Plutonian I-told-you-so stories. I picked up an issue of this month's NEXUS magazine, always a great source for looking at conspiracy theories. People send in all kinds of Letters to the editor, sometimes they add their names to the letters, sometimes not. The editor seems to print them all. The letters always include all kinds of official looking dates and so I got sucked in.

So I looked up the conspiracy theory mentioned in the Letters about HAARP, the big Star Wars thingee up in Alaska. An Australian who says he works with Radio Waves said he's been picking up on some HAARP stuff that looks wrong. I believe anything an Australian says, don't know why. They just have such great astrologers down there.

HAARP was built by the U.S. Government to match what the Russian Government was doing over in a town called Visilsursk in Nizhny Novgorod in Russia. Man, all those town names right out of Tolstoy. I'm confused already.

The Russians built their BigUn in 1981. That's some good old Saturn-Pluto in Libra conjunction paranoia. It was still the Cold War.

The Americans built our BigUn, or at least opened it up for action in 1993 up in Gakona, Alaska. 1993 is after the Cold War. That's suspicious. 1993 indicates some good old Saturn-Uranus-Neptune in Capricorn conjunction stuff. They keep telling us this is for studying the Weather. I don't know anything about the Ionosphere so I have to just trust that it rules the Weather.

Wikipedia says it does this:
The ionosphere is the uppermost part of the atmosphere, distinguished because it is ionized by solar radiation. It plays an important part in atmospheric electricity and forms the inner edge of the magnetosphere. It has practical importance because, among other functions, it influences radio propagation to distant places on the Earth.

So, we're just trying to radio in some good weather and send it on over to the Russians. I don't believe it for a second.

Anyways the Russians called theirs "Sura". The Russians don't fuck around with the Weather story either but then again they built theirs during a realistic Saturn-Pluto conjunction.

We Cowboys and Cowgirls are calling ours "HAARP." We had to shut ours down because the Russians were saying we weren't playing fair.

Although HAARP stands for "High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program" and is supposed to screw around with the radio waves up in the Ionosphere, we were actually hammering Low Frequency Vibes into the ground. That's a literal take on "As Above, So Below" if I've ever heard it. It was probably knocking the Russians all whacky. I know I was running around talking to shrinks during that time and saying that it felt like my head was falling off, etc. due to low frequency sounds.

So, back to the Letters to the Editors of NEXUS magazine. Some guy down in Australia who didn't sign his name, (that's okay, I'm signing my name here as "Comet's Ass" so I won't be critical) said that he was the Director at WARO in Chittering WA. WARO reads "Western Australian Radio Observatory." This guy said that HAARP was pounding odd looking square wave pulses into the ground and he could record it from 180 degrees away on the Globe. The dates extend from Nov. 26, 2006 to Dec. 4, 2006. Sagittarius just loves a bass beat, I'm tellin ya.

On Nov. 26 there was an inner planet conjunction of Sun to Mars-Jupiter-Venus. There was a big outer planet contraption of Saturn in Leo opposite Neptune in Aquarius and trining Pluto in Sagittarius. Pluto was right on the Galactic Center. The Moon was in Aquarius and at some point during the day would have been on Neptune and so involved with the Saturn-Neptune-Pluto thing.

The North Node was at 22 Pisces Rx so it would have been heading in its backwards motion towards the Aries Point. This and the Pluto at the Galactic center thing shows some kind of desperate action to try to fix something on earth, seems to me.

The square wave frequency thingee stopped on the Full Moon on Dec. 4. The Moon-Sun opposition was squaring Uranus.

I think that Vladimir Putin was getting a little miffed. I don't blame him. What I have noticed is that the Polar Bears suddenly went into rapid decline. If you remember my post about them you will remember that most Polar Bears are born during December. They've been running around looking really cruddy in the National Geographic pictures ever since. I have regular crying fits over this. I have Sagittarius on the Descendant after all.

So, no Polar Bears, No Santa Claus, No North Pole. It's just high tech radio heads blasting them off the North Pole? Supposedly these Ionosphere Research thingees create a lot of heat. The Scientists involved probably aren't even worried about their jobs right now.

Because I would have to learn how to use Google Earth in order to figure out where these two spots are I don't have a clue how they relate to each other on the map. Suppose if you're dealing with ionospheric warfare you don't have to worry too much about that. Both installations seem to have been built on spots where two rivers meet. Maybe they really are trying to keep the poles from shifting...either that or they are responsible for messing the poles up.

Either way, I think it's interesting that everyone is going after the Radio Waves druing Saturn-Neptune-Pluto types of transits. Shouldn't they just have waited for a big unaspected Uranus situation? Anyways, this summer, Jupiter will hit Uranus on the Aries Point. What a fun zone.

I just want the Polar Bears to come back. And the Salmon. And the Bees.

From Wikipedia, the definition of Ionosphere:

"The ionosphere is the uppermost part of the atmosphere, distinguished because it is ionized by solar radiation. It plays an important part in atmospheric electricity and forms the inner edge of the magnetosphere. It has practical importance because, among other functions, it influences radio propagation to distant places on the Earth."

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Sanitary Sewer Overflows of The Late Great State of California

The Water Resources Board is filing a little interactive map of places where the "Sanitary Sewers" are overflowing in California. That's so cool.

Since I have a conjunction of Mars-Pluto-Venus in Leo/Virgo down in the fourth house of my chart I suppose I'm obsessively freaking out about this problem more than others. What does "Sanitary Sewer" mean anyway? Can we possibly have "Clean Shit?" I didn't know there was such a thing.

At any rate, I think what it means is that the Infrastructure of the State has completely crumbled underground. That's sort of gross in places where people mostly poach and boil their foods but in places where people fry all kinds of firey spices from their homelands it means that everyone gets to bathe in the shit and wash their clothes in it who lives next door. And that's where I am right now. And I can tell you, it's really, really unmentionably gross.

The stuff just doesn't wash away (Saturn-Pluto square?) because the grease has been building up for years or a tree root has clogged the pipes or the pipes are just broken. This is actually great news for the fish who would just keel over dead if these spices ever made it to their gills, so all is not lost. It could be a major reason why the Salmon refuse to swim back up stream.

So, the problem was officially discovered in September, 2004. That was when Saturn was in Cancer, the water sign associated with the 4th House. If the 4th house doesn't flow, then everything associated with it turns to a festering puddle of bacteria. And, well, then the rest of the wheel immediately clogs as well.

Back in that amazing September in 2004 which the Health Departments apparently didn't take seriously Mars was also in Virgo, the sign of Health. Some great master of detail turned his nose up to the air and said "Why does it smell like shit in here?" and then poked around a little and figured out why. God Bless the Virgos. Anyway, California is a Virgo Sun, and Saturn just spent two years in that sign while the Health Departments did nothing but fret and worry about the problem.

And so now we have the Saturn-Uranus-Pluto t-square hanging out in the sky and everyone's saying "Where the Fuck is the Infrastructure?" And even scarier, a lot of people who live here don't know there's an infrastructure and certainly aren't going to get involved with the community at large to fix it. That's not why they came to this country from their homeland, or state (mostly Connecticut, now I know why those folks walk around with their noses up so far in the damn air).

I was in a Borders bookstore the other day and some man was walking his daughter through the store saying "who's cooking food in here?" (Yes, it's that bad). The people who live here are doing nothing about the problem. I think it's an act of territorial blobbiness for them and they like it. They will call it racism. Or they will call it H1N1. I call it terrorism, but I have a Capricorn Moon and was Anorexic for years because of the discomfort of watching women cooking at home all day when I was a kid. Cooking was an unhappy lifestyle choice in the house where I grew up so I don't get it when people continue to make these messes as a political statement.

Funny how this is the area where biotech was born. We're cooking up a storm of bacteria, here, literally. Maybe this is an experiment to see how long a population can go bathing in raw bacteria, grease and spices before the whole place just perishes. It's actually amazing that people are as healthy as they are.

WTF, America?

Anyway, here's the interactive map.

I found a great laundromat up in Fremont that seems to have fresh running water so I'm relieved. This is only a 20 mile drive away.


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Sunday, December 27, 2009

"I Can't Fly This Plane"

OMG! I was reading about the guy who tried to blow up the Northwest Airplane and found this Twitter page, Basilsblog.

Don't know how long this Tweet will be on there, but it's priceless.
Terrorists try to blow up U.S. airplanes. So they throw Ivana Trump off a flight? http://bit.ly/6J6yjb
Yesterday (or day before) Ivana Trump was escorted off an airplane for yelling at some unruly kids. She's supposedly going through a divorce.

Just noticed that both Ivana and the Terrorist have Aries North Nodes which are ruled by Mars. Their natal Mars are also in the same sign, Pisces. Can't really find much else in common, although I didn't look too hard.


Saturday, December 26, 2009

Bowe Bergdahl, Come Home!

The Middle Eastern Terrorists decided to give the U.S. a couple of Christmas presents. At least, their style of presents which may be lost on Santa Claus, let alone Jesus or Buddha, or dare I say, Allah. The Terrorists may have sent a Nigerian man to blow up a airplane in Detroit. Other passengers somehow foiled the "bomb," it just let off some sort of a flash and a fart, and it sort of sounds like the terrorist simply managed to burn his balls off. The Sun was conjunct Venus and Pluto, so what did he expect? It's either that, or the clap with those aspects working together.

The Taliban also released a video of the only known U.S. soldier currently held in captivity. Bowe Bergdahl was captured last June, around June 30. The Taliban put out it first video of him of him on July 18 or 19. The Taliban was asking for his release in exchange for some of their men. Yesterday, Dec. 25, they put out another video of Bergdahl. No one knows if Bergdahl is still alive or not. I just saw the movie "Brothers" and so am completely wasted by this story. I'm sure that the Taliban is playing this up big time.

I send my best wishes to Bowe's family and friends and hope that he will be released and returned to them.

Don't know if this is accurate, but according to Wikipedia:

Bowe Bergdahl

b. Mar. 28, 1986 Sun Valley, Idaho

Sun 8 Aries; Moon in Scorpio; NN 2 Taurus

Natally Bergdahl has a real soldier's chart in many ways. it's really going through a whole lot of stressors right now. Perhaps the Army should avoid sending kids into combat who have very stressful planetary aspects on the Aries Points right now. They are being hit a little too hard by the current big t-square transit. Even if they were home working in Middle Management somewhere they would probably end up with PTSD.

Bowe's Sun is in the sign ruled by Mars, the Warrior. And his Moon is in Scorpio, ruled by Pluto which rules the higher octave versions of War. His Moon may be conjunct Pluto in Scorpio. This means that emotionally he is very self-contained and has a lot of holding power. His South Node is in Scorpio as well and is in conjunction with natal Pluto. This can show a lot of survival skills and staying power. Of course, it can also a darker situation.

Bergdahl's chart right now is set up for a difficult time. Natally he has a square between Aries Sun and Mars conjunct Neptune in Capricorn. This can show an impulsive personality that gets caught (Capricorn), which is quite the opposite of what all that Moon/Pluto says about his emotional reserves. This can also show a problem with addiction. Some of the reports surrounding his disappearance say that he was drunk. The whole disappearance story is so typical of Neptune. Nobody really will say when and where he disappeared, nobody will really say what he was doing either. Neptune rules Prisons and prisoners.

Mars the signature of the Warrior/Soldier is on a key spot in Capricorn on the Aries Point at 1 Capricorn in Bergdahl's chart. Right now it is being hit by the transiting Pluto-Saturn-Uranus t-square. That's a huge amount of stress and can show a lot of violence and ruthless behavior. Solar Arc Saturn is also hitting natal Mars which really compounds things further (3 Capricorn). Remember, this is all squaring Bergdahl's natal Sun in Aries.

There's even another equally difficult aspect happening with regards to this Sun square to Mars-Neptune shown in the Solar Arc Directions. His chart is really getting slugged. Right now Bergdahl's progressed Sun is conjunct his natal North Node within a degree. Because Solar Arc Progressions progress at the same rate as the Sun this means that Neptune and Mars are squaring his Nodal Axis as well (prisoner of War).

I don't really feel there is much hope that this man could possibly still be alive but do see some Jupiter influences coming up so maybe Luck is on his side, maybe there's an opportunity for release.

First off, Bergdahl was just entering into his 2d Jupiter Return when he was captured. Natal Jupiter is in Pisces. One can only hope that this shows the "Angel on the shoulder" side of that aspect and not the "scoring for good Afghani opium" side which probably isn't favored much by the Taliban, let alone anyone else. His SA Jupiter is at 2 Aries right now. It's just past an Aries Point. From my understanding, Aries Points just show "coming before the public" and "major turning points" so all the Aries Point activity in Bergdahl's chart are working out no matter what.

Another Jupiter aspect: Berdahl's Solar Pluto is on the last degree of Scorpio and will enter into freedom loving Sagittarius (ruled by Jupiter) next year.

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Friday, December 25, 2009

Yuletide Sparks

Christmas is almost over, but I still have time to offer a little present.

On the knitting website that I'm addicted to (Ravelry.com) some members finally came up with a great thing that you can do with all that dryer lint. I knew that someday there would have to be a good use for it. Supposedly dryer lint is highly flammable so a couple of knitters were lamenting that it couldn't be spun into yarn. But a couple of other knitters said that, because it is flammable it makes awesome fire starter. They cram it into toilet paper tubes and stick it under the logs. I suppose if it's full of hair it will smell pretty bad. It's always something.

Happy Holidays.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Many Happy Sextiles Falling On Your Head

A Yahoo article says that snowflakes are only drawn correctly on Christmas cards if they are shown with Six sides, not five sides or eight. That means they are made up of Sextiles and Trines, the "easy" aspects in Astrology.

Kind of an interesting description of the Easy Aspects described as being formed from "low energy." Now that I think about it I'd hate to see what a snowflake made of squares and inconjuncts would look like. Certainly not something a Church or Santa Claus would let you see.

Snowflakes are made of water molecules that link up via hydrogen bonds. The best and most efficient way to arrange themselves is a hexagonal crystal lattice, Koop explained. So rather than eight sides, snowflakes are bound by physical laws to take on a six-sided shape.

"The resulting hexagonal crystal lattice is the lowest energy form of water at cold ambient conditions," Koop told LiveScience. "As the molecular building blocks arrange themselves into a hexagonal structure on the molecular scale, so do snow crystals exhibit this hexagonal symmetry also on the macroscopic scale."


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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Scientists find link between Parkfield Earthquake Series and Sun/Moon Alignment

Yeah, baby, the Scientists are coming round to our way of thinking way more than I could ever have imagined. An article published in Science apparently says that the alignment of the Sun and Moon causes the water underground to rise and fall just the way it affects the tides. That's my take on it and I could easily have misunderstood what I was reading. Article from Sfgate.com is here. (and down below if I didn't type the link in right).

Since the strongest effects were seen when the pull of the moon and the sun was aligned with the direction of the fault's break (Los Angeles toward San Francisco in the case of the San Andreas Fault), the researchers reasoned that water trapped deep underground was the likely explanation for the tremors, lubricating the rock to make it move easier.

The tremors so far have only been found in a relatively small number of fault zones, suggesting that underground water isn't found everywhere.

If the tremors have an effect on the earthquake zone closer to the surface, it's hard to find, B├╝rgmann said.

They are finding this is only true in the case of the Parkfield Earthquakes which are a series of earthquakes that occurs very roughly on a 20 year cycle in Parkfield, California. I wonder if they are finding this is associated more with times of expansion (Jupiter) or contraction (SAturn).

I've written about this series before and found that Jupiter seems to be a constant in these earthquakes. As a matter of fact I was just thinking about this last night. Jupiter is in Cardinal Signs in 100 percent of the Parkfield Earthquakes. That's a pretty substantial finding. I mean it's not great. It doesn't give an exact date or anything. But, I suspect the reason for that is that Jupiter is the big communicator link between Man and Nature. Just listen to double Sagg Beethoven's music and you'll understand what I mean immediately. At any rate, Jupiter seems to be a very prominent presence in the earthquakes that humans study. It was on the Descendant during the Earthquake that was successfully predicted back in the 1970s in China. There was that earthquake in Italy just this past year which was successfully predicted. Nobody believed the Scientist who predicted it anyway. Can't remember, but I don't think I found a big Jupiter link in that one. Should go back and check.

But, as far as Parkfield Earthquakes go. It doesn't seem timewise like this series is due, but it sure does look like we're moving into scary astrology. Jupiter will be moving into Pisces on Jan. 17-18, 2010. Pisces isn't a Cardinal Sign and usually Jupiter spends about a year in one sign, but this time it's moving pretty fast and first hits Aries in June, 2010. Jupiter will move into Aries then which is a Cardinal Sign. This would be an optimal time for a big earthquake somewhere because Jupiter will be in conjunction with Uranus and in the sign ruled by Mars. These two will transit together forward in Aries for a couple of degrees and then backward together into Pisces. It's totally freaky. Uranus rules shock, sudden events, shaking, rattling, rolling, things that can't be predicted. To make sure that nothing good happens, except maybe an alien invasion, Pluto will be in conjunction with the North Node in Capricorn and Saturn will be squaring/opposing. This is the big t-square in the sky. My Federal Reserve Chairman Boyfriend will finally admit that the economy is fucked. Somebody needs to put a suicide watch out on Geitner. This was one hell of a career move he made.

I'm personally ready for the poles of the earth to shift myself. Jupiter will move very fast this coming Spring and will enter Aries on June 5-6. That's at 1 Aries which is an Aries Point. The Moon will hit them as well and they will be squaring Pluto.

The Upcoming Eclipses in June-July 2010 are looking really bad. The Partial Lunar Eclipse on June 26, 2010 will feature a Grand Square of the Full Moon with a conjunction of Moon to Pluto and the North Node in Capricorn opposing Sun-Mercury in Cancer. This squares Jupiter-Uranus in Aries opposing Saturn at 30 Virgo. Bad Sign that Saturn is in an Earth Sign within a degree of the Aries Point. Mars will be at 11 Virgo trining Moon-NN. No squares for Mars. He may let loose unchecked?

I seem to remember that I was fearing January, 2011 for a big earthquake. Can't remember exactly why I was putting it off until that moment. Maybe I was expecting some huge cybercrime thing early on followed by an errant H-Bomb dropping. Then the earth would just say Fuck It and take us all down in one big gulp. Since the Poles are melting it sure does look like they're going to start flailing.

Partial Lunar Eclipse (Full Moon)
June 26, 2010 6:30 am EST New York, NY

Total Solar Eclipse (New Moon)
July 11, 2010 2:40pm EST, New York, NY

Total Lunar Eclipse (Full Moon)
Dec. 21, 2010 3:13 am EST New York, NY

(These times for these Eclipses are set for New York. They may not be accurate because I haven't updated my Solar Fire program in a while.)

The Eclipse energy is really going to hammer this Grand Square in because this Lunar Eclipse will be followed by a Total Solar Eclipse (New Moon) in July (July 11, 2010, 2:40 pm EST, New York, NY) which also features a Grand Square.

And then this set will be followed by a Total Lunar Eclipse on (Dec. 21, 2010 3:13 am EST New York, NY). Jupiter and Uranus will have retrograded back into Pisces at this point but will still be squaring the Full Moon/Eclipse. They will be traveling for a long time in pretty tight conjunction. This chart still has the Pluto conjunction to the North Node which is always bad news for absolutely everything. And Mars will be in conjunction. This will be a wet one,. maybe tsunami/floods?. Neptune-Chiron is trining the Full Moon.

I've said before that often Earthquakes seem to happen in the spaces between Eclipse sets. That sets up October for something bad as far as Northern California/Oregon coast goes because Libra/Aries are typically earthquake season for these areas. Cancer/Capricorn tend to be earthquake season for Southern California.

Mars' placement is sort of curious. You expect him to be strongly involved but he's sort of hovering out of the way from the t-square. Mars like his indepedence so that might be a good thing for him, pacifatory-if-you-will. Either that or he is given too much free reign and just has non-stops tantrums in Leo for the next 6 months. He is doing one of his long Rx's through Leo. He will station direct around Mar 10 at 1 Leo. He'll be opposing the Moon so watch your heart on that date is you've got Sun at mid degrees Fixed. Mars goes into Virgo beginning of June, I think it was the 6th. That's an earth sign. That's going to be one bad transit for me, personally, that's all I can say. So I'll stop here.

Oh, well, Mars just SRx on Dec. 21 at 20 Leo. He will return to that particular spot again on May 17-18-19. We'll see if that means anything. On July 30, 2010, Mars will be in conjunction with Saturn at 1 Libra and opposing the Moon-Pluto-NN and squaring Jupiter-Uranus. That's ugly. The Sun will be at 17 Leo which is close to the Mars Station Point.


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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Winter 2009 Solstice

Feeling as if the earth is tilting maybe just too far to one side right now? Well, you're right. The Earth yesterday tilted as far away from the Sun as it could. This means: shortest day of the year.

Winter 2009 Solstice

Dec. . 21, 2009 12:47 EST (17.:47 UT, 5:04 GMT)

Washington, DC

Sun 1 Capricorn; Moon 28 Aquarius; ASC 17 Aries; MC 10 Capricorn; NN 23 Capricorn

Great commentaries over at Robert Wilkinson's blog and at Jude's blog Stars Over Washington.

With Aries Rising the Washington Winter Solstice Chart has a "natural chart," or whatever you call it. Aries naturally rules the Astrological Wheel. This means that the planetary energies will likely express themselves as the signs that they are in for Washington DC. The good part of that is that the weirdo Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune conjunction in Aquarius is in the 11th House. The Moon is joining it there which adds an extra whacko energy. Perhaps the American people at large will all be in their garages trying to invent the next new big thing. Too bad about the addition of Chiron.

Right now we've got too many Pluto in Virgos out there at peak age. One thing I can't stand about my generation is our need to reinvent the wheel. Have you noticed how many varieties of shopping carts and baby buggies and suitcases there are out there? They're all on skateboarders wheels and that's great but, man, move on, P in V's.

Why can't we invent something good? Like why can't we invent coke machines that don't drop the can so that the stuff spurts out all over the place? Better yet, why haven't we just ban coke although I'm totally addicted to it (the diet stuff, they say it fries your brain and this blog is certainly proof of that). We could also invent a dirt truck with a lid so that the dirt doesn't flail all over the freeway. The paint on my car is totally sand-blasted because I always pull up behind those things while listening to NPR and can't remember to pull around. See what I mean? Us P in V's just look at the details. Right now we need the bigger picture, but in an earthy kind of picture, not that Leo Show Stopper stuff.

Anyway, in addition I think we could invent a high-speed rail system for the country. Yeah, get rid of the wheels. And Uranus is a singleton in this chart in Water. So maybe California will get the Feds to fix her busted plumbing and salty water. Desalination, anybody? Oh hey, maybe that's it. The astrolocality lines hook us up big time with the Australians. Maybe they'll come over and build us a couple of plants. Better than drinking reconstitude pee the way that the astronauts do. If the desalination plants won't do it, we could always bring Mystic Medusa to the States. And Alice McDermott, whatever her real name is. The Aussie Astrologers are hot. The American Astrologers apparently are all grumpy old White Men. Did you see the speakers at the upcoming NCGR conference? Wow.

The Sun in this chart is at 1 Capricorn and is conjunct Venus in Sagittarius in the 9th House. That's a Beethoven aspect, for sure. Too bad it's conjunct Pluto on the other side of Capricorn and is squaring Saturn in Libra down in H6. Constipates the Hell out of things. Guess that explains the passage of the Health care bill. Pluto is conjunct the Midheaven which is Government. The 9th House rules Lawyers, so maybe it also rules Legislation (Rex is out in the car so can't check it so don't quote me). That's good for transportation. Did I put in my request for high speed rail yet on this post? Better yet, some of Viktor Shauberger's anti-gravity Jetson's cars. That'd be cool.

The ruler for this chart is Mars and Mars just went Retro at 20 Leo in the 5th House of Fun, Children, Speculation, Risk. Mars is opposing the Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune-Moon conjunction. This is a lot of energy put into the Resources Houses (plus the Sun-Venus conjunction). So America is trying to procreate and proliferate and be all fixed signy (like, wooo, not falling apart even though the "recession" isn't anywhere near over yet), what's the word I'm looking for? Prosper? Good thing we have a Leo President. He'll make it look easy.

We're getting in touch with the Progressed U.S. Mars which is also gone Retrograde back a few years ago. That's throwing our productivity for a loop I guess. One step forward, two steps back, throw in a couple to the left and one to the right and guess we do the hokey pokey.

So, yeah, into every life a little rain must pour (one of my Mother's five thousand phrases which she could use at the most amazing times).

Time for:

Bad news.

This chart has Sun conjunct Pluto in Capricorn and squaring Saturn in Libra. Interesting observation by Wilkinson that last year's Solstice also had Sun conjunct Pluto (not squaring Saturn yet though). The square aspect will emphasize the feelings of loss and grief associated with this transit. The Middle East might act up. I think they like to get all ballsy during Saturn-Pluto transits. Squares give energy. Use it wisely, America. Just don't trust your intuition to do it all. Intuition is really clumsy without training or practice.

And Good News about the Bad News is that the square is off the angles. Well, just barely. Maybe we just squigged past.

I looked up Astrolocality lines, but if you want the real scoop hunt down Dean Bensics on Noel Tyl's forums. The Sun-Pluto-Saturn lines run through Chicago, Miami, and Cuba. Maybe Chicago will bomb Washington? No that doesnt' sound right.

Either way, California's running right on cue. A Chiron line runs through L.A. and a Lilith line runs through San Francisco.

The 10th House Mercury-NN in Capricorn is in the 10th House of Government, leaders, Fathers and whatevers. Since we've got a communicator for a President, maybe that's a good way to translate this aspect. In the astrolocality chart these lines run through London and down through Africa. There's another one running through Vancouver, Canada. Will be interesting to if there are some good TV shows (Mercury) coming from those places. Since Mercury also rules Virgo this could show major emphasis on the Health care debate.



Sunday, December 20, 2009

Young Actress Brittany Murphy Passes Away

Hope this isn't disrespectful, or basically just too premature an interpretation, but 32 year old Brittany Murphy apparently had a heart attack this morning and died. I always found her to be a bit more striking than most of the young actresses. That makes sense, of course, because Brittany was a magnetic double Scorpio with Pluto conjunct natal North Node at 14-16 degrees Libra. I don't have a birth time for her so don't have the complete horoscope.

Brittany Murphy

b. Nov. 10, 1977 Atlanta, GA

Sun 19 Scorpio; Moon Scorpio; NN 14 Libra

You sort of expect anyone with Scorpio and Scorpio's ruler, Pluto, prominent in their charts to have more crises going on in their lives than the average person. Pluto rules Sex, Death and Taxes, and most ideas that are difficult to articulate....

The Wikipedia entry about Murphy show a typical super stressful Plutonian lifestyle. Her parents divorced when she was 2 years old. Her Father is a convicted "mobster." Her Mother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer when Murphy was 15 years. Murphy got her first acting job when she was 14 and needless to say realized a very successful career in singing and acting from an early age. She was probably a very focused, determined person with a strong drive.

Because of my studies with Planetary Return Cycles I was immediately attracted to the fact that Murphy was 2 years old when her parents divorced. According to my studies this hooks her into Mars energy throughout her life. That describes boldness, youthfulness, being first, impulsiveness, creativity, and all other Mars characteristics. I'm finding for now that these kids often blame themselves for their parents' divorce.

So I thought I would check out just Mars in Murphy's chart to see if it could bring any sense as to why she would die young and unexpectantly. Murphy's natal Mars is heavily afflicted in her natal chart. It is apex of a t-square to an opposition of Venus 1 Scorpio to Chiron 3 Taurus. It is also squaring her natal Uranus Scorpio and possibly her Moon. These three planets working together rule unexpected events. Murphy died of a heart attack and her natal Mars is Leo which is the sign that rules the heart.

I don't know what her Rising Sign was so I can only wonder if any of these planets are ruling her Ascendant which describes her physical body. This could further explain her death, as well as her 4th, 8th and 12th house rulers.

The Mars problems continue in Murphy's chart. They seem to have been piling up on each other through the progressed chart and solar return charts.

She had just celebrated both a Solar Return in and was in the middle of an abnormally long Mars Return. And Mars is going through a very long transit through the sign of Leo just now. It just stationed Retrograde so was promising a long stressful square to her natal Scorpio planets.

Transiting Mars is also mirroring her Progressed Mars which has just stationed direct in Leo as well at 12 degrees. That means that both transiting and progressed Mars are stationing on or close to her natal Mars. And this, according to me and my work with cycles, would be a soft spot for self awareness due to the early trauma at age 2 (1st Mars Return).

The transits just keep piling up here. Today the Moon was opposing Brittany's natal, transiting, progressed Marses and moving into conjunction with transiting Chiron (woundings). These are in close sextile/trine with her natal Pluto/North Node (Fate-Destiny) in Libra.

Her most recent Solar Return (Nov. 10) and Lunar Return charts (Dec. 12) also show Mars in stress aspects as it is opposing Jupiter and squared by Moon (both transiting). There are many more indicators going on in this chart. I sort of wonder if malnutrition due to Anorexia is not involved. Jupiter in Cancer Rx is lead planet of a bowl shape chart. Sagittarius and Cancer combo's can often underlie Anorexia when combined with a chart that otherwise shows a lot of self control and reserve. All those Scorpio planets would show a controlled temperament which would express through self-denial, as well as a compulsive personality of some sort.

I send my condolences to Murphy's family and friends.

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Friday, December 18, 2009

Athlete of the Decade

The Associated Press has suddenly decided to declare an Athlete of the Decade now that we're closing in on ending the first 10 years of the 21st millenium. It's sort of amusing to see how after all the year 2000 lists we are ending this decade with almost no lists, no greatest of all time lists. At any rate, the Athlete of the Decade has been declared Tiger Woods who as everyone knows, is a golfer. I was fascinated to read the list of all the finalists which included Lance Armstrong (cycling), Roger Federer (tennis) and Michael Phelps (swimming). I believe there was a football player in there. But all the biggest names were, well, they were all men, of course, and they were also single players. I don't know if this is a sign of the times or if team players have their own lists. I'd certainly think that there is a huge difference between team players and single competitors. It will be interesting to see if other lists come out.

I looked back to see if AP put out a list for 1990-1999 and didn't find one. Some other Sports group listed Barry Bonds as Player of the Decade. That's just really funny at this point.

It's just amazing to see how much incredible sports was played. Of course, I wasn't watching much of it.

To get a little astrobabble in here I just noticed how prominent Virgo is. Lance Armstrong has Sun and Moon in Virgo. Tiger Woods and Roger Federer have have Virgo Rising. Maybe this only applies to sports which are played on land. Michael Phelps doesn't seem to have this prominence unless he's got a Virgo Rising (I don't have his time). He's a Water Sign in a Water Sport.

Tiger Woods
Dec. 20, 1975 10:50 PM Long Beach, CA

Sun 9 Capricorn; Moon 23 Sagittarius; ASC 25 Virgo; MC 24 Gemini; NN 21 Scorpio

Lance Armstrong
b. Sept. 18, 1971 12:00 pm Plano, TX

Sun 26 Virgo; Moon Virgo; NN15 Aquarius

Roger Federer
b. Aug. 8, 1981 8:40 am Bale, Suisse

Sun 16 Leo; 12 Virgo Rising; NN 2 Leo

Michael Phelps
b. June 30, 1985

Sun 9 Cancer; Moon Sagittarius; NN 18 Taurus

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Links of 3 - Borromean Rings

This seems to be happening a lot for some reason. A thought from 40 years ago is just now being proven. Here's a really cool example from Science. Some Scientist theorized that Quantum Mechanics could prove that in a ring of three, if one ring falls apart, the other two will fall apart as well. It has to do with the energy of the number 515, or multiples thereof. And the article says that the idea was first theorized by Afghanistan Buddhists in the 2d century AD.

So I'm wondering if this is a Saturn-Uranus opposition thing in the signs of Virgo-Pisces. Makes sense that this combination would express itself through a combination of science and mysticism and numbers and the web of life. Rex Bills is out in the car, so I suppose I should look up what is thought to rule the number 3. Saturn?

Yow, well, I was wrong at least in part. I looked up to see what was going on outer planetary wise back in 2d century. It turns out that this is a Pluto thing. Pluto was passing from Virgo to Libra back in those days. This is a Libra AP thing which really makes sense since it studies the interrelatedness of everything.

When physicist Vitaly Efimov heard his theory had finally been proven, he ran up to the younger scientist who had verified it and gave him a high five.

Efimov had predicted a quantum-mechanical version of Borromean rings, a symbol that first showed up in Afghan Buddhist art from around the second century. The symbol depicts three rings linked together; if any ring were removed, they would all come apart.

Efimov theorized an analog to the rings using particles: Three particles (such as atoms or protons or even quarks) could be bound together in a stable state, even though any two of them could not bind without the third. The physicist first proposed the idea, based on a mathematical proof, in 1970. Since then, no one has been able to demonstrate the phenomenon in the lab - until recently.

A team of physicists led by Randy Hulet of Rice University in Houston finally achieved the trio of particles, and published their findings in the online journal Science Express.


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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

American Student Convicted for Murder of Roommate

I've been ignoring the Amanda Knox case. She's the girl from Seattle who went to study in Italy and has now been convicted, along with two others, for murder of her English roommate Meredith Kerchner. Amanda has been convicted along with her boyfriend at the time, native Italian son of a Doctor, also a student. His name is Raffaele Sollecito. Another man has been convicted as well, Rudy Guede. Guede, I don't believe is a student. He is an African immigrant who very likely had sex with Kerchner before her murder.

It's unclear to me who knew whom in this scenario. The media has been publishing all kinds of bizarre storeis. It's very clear that Amanda Knox's weird behavior after the murder has helped to convict both her and her boyfriend. Knox kept changing her stories.

It's very strange that no one called the police at any time after hearing Meredith's screams and finding the house broken into and blood spattered all over, so there was a cover up. Rude Guede, (the immigrant) says that he was listening to his ipod and didn't hear the scream. He fled to Germany that night. Knox apparently confessed under police pressure and then says that she covered her ears during the scream. The neighbor says she heard it. Knox and her boyfriend were sitting outside the apartment when police happened to show up after finding her and Meredith's cell phones in a neighbor's yard. There's another guy who was taken in and held for two weeks because Knox accused him of having committed the crime. It's difficult to know because Knox may have been too young, she may not have been able to speak Italian very well, she may have really succumbed to the police interrogation.

First of all, this case sounds like nobody in Italy calls the Italian Police for help when it is needed. I traveled through Italy when I was 18 and from what I saw I can understand why nobody would call the Italian Police but that was a really long time ago and figured that things would have changed by now. The murder happened just as Saturn moved into Virgo. Virgo rules the Police and Saturn generally messes up anything that isn't very well organized when it hits the sign of rulership. After watching Nancy Grace the other night to find out what this case was about I heard how the police screwed up on the evidence. Nancy always says that the police screwed up, though. That's why I love Nancy.

Saturn is in detriment in this chart because he was conjunct the Nodal South Node at the time of the murder. That's a real Devil is in the Details aspect so the details are probably where the problem lies. I can't really answer for Amanda Knox's weird behavior except that she's a Cancer Sun like me and we're totally useless in an emergency. George Bush Jr. is a Cancer Sun. Look what he did to a whole country after 9/11.

If you look at the 4 charts of the crime, the 3 who are convicted and the victim, you will notice that it looks a bit like the Victim is the Killer. Meredith had the nasty Mars-Pluto-South Node in Scorpio conjunction. Some astrologers would convict a nun if they saw this aspect. Actually, some nuns ought to be convicted, but, if I go off on that I'll be acting as dopey as Amanda Knox.

Of course, often a victim's chart will look like a killer's chart. There's just some scary propensity for violence indicated here. One could be violent or attract it or become it because of having attracted it. Either way, both roommates had Mars-Pluto aspects. Kercher had the conjunction and Knox has the square. This could certainly have added an additional problem with willfulness which could include rape and murder, sex crimes, dressing up like a vampire because it's the day after Halloween.

On Nov. 1, 2007, the night of the murder (around 11:00 pm? in Perugia, Italy) the Sun and Lilith were both in conjunction with both roommates' natal Plutos. As a matter of fact, the two men involved in the crime had Pluto around the same spot as well.

The event chart shows a more complicated story here as the Sun-Lilith conjunction is squaring a Moon-Chiron opposition. The reason why I looked at the charts in the first place was because I wanted to see if Moon and Chiron were heavily aspected because I believe that these two working together might indicate being falsely accused, or of making false accusations. It certainly is prominently placed in this chart as the Moon-Chiron opposition is conjunct the Asc-Desc of the 11:00 timing of the murder. So, this does describe something related to the murder. Chiron rules Teachers and Wounds that can't be fixed. The Moon rules Women. It also rules Amanda Knox's chart as she is a Cancer Sun with Mercury Rx and Venus in that sign as well. She also has Lilith at 26 Cancer. Transiting Mars was passing between her natal Mercury Rx and her natal Sun at the time of the murder. It is said that she had dressed up as a Vampire for Halloween the night before. This was definitely a good transit for convincingly dressing up as a Vampire. To see if someone is really wigging out you want to see the Moon and maybe Uranus involved. Uranus and Mars were in a Grand Trine with the Sun-Lilith conjunction. This Grand Trine was affecting the Pluto of both women's charts.

Mercury in the event chart is also very prominent. It is conjunct the IC (root of the matter and the home) and it is just stationing direct in the sign of Libra. The moment that Mercury comes out of Retrograde can often indicate a log jam of snafus. (So says Bob Marks). It certainly describes Student Housing, Neighbors, faulty thinking, miscommunications, police error, lies, media lies. It could indicate why Amanda Knox couldn't get her story straight. Don't know why she was doing cartwheels during police interrogation. (She could be heavily affected by all things lunar. Her natal Moon placed at noontime (which probably isn't correct) is moving extremely fast and is placed way out-of-bounds up at 28 degrees and something. Also her chart is a Seesaw shape so she is probably always playing a balancing act, her natal Mercury is Retrograde so she probably doesn't talk straight too much of the time, and she has no Air in her chart, so she's a bit of a space cadet.)

What's interesting is the amount of Cardinal Sign prominence in the charts of those involved. I don't have an explanation for this other than to observe that birds of a feather flock together. Kerchner and Rudy Guede (who she had sex with) were both Capricorns with Sun conjunct Neptune. Amanda Knox is a Cancer Sun with Moon either in Sagittarius or Capricorn. Raffaele Sollecito is an Aries with Moon either in Capricorn or Aquarius. There is the possiblity that all 4 have Cardinal Moon signs as well. As Cardinal Signs tend to be the Starters of the Zodiac maybe what happened is connected with not finishing something.

Knox and Guede both have Aries North Nodes which are Cardinal as well. Sollecito (the boyfriend) has Sun conjunct Amanda's North Node. Bet that's one relationship they both regret having entered into.

Anyway, with the weird stories that people have been giving it would be impossible to know what happened. It looks like the evidence wouldn't convict Amanda Knox if only she hadn't been changing her story every 5 seconds and doing cartwheels during police questioning. But, then again, the Italian Police are said to be a really strange bunch. It looks like Rudy Guede really did have sex with Meredith Kercher and it also looks like Kercher was trying to fight her killer off. So, he's certainly implicated. There is no mention at all of where the other two roommates were at the time of the murder.

Kercher's death is certainly described by that Mars-Pluto-South Node in Scorpio conjunction. My understanding obviously doesn't go much farther than that.

Murder of Meredith Kercher
Nov. 1, 2007 around 11:00 pm? Perugia, Italy

Sun 11 Scorpio; Moon 9 Leo; ASC 8 Leo; MC 26 Aries; NN 4 Pisces

Meredith Kercher (Victim)

b. Dec. 28, 1985 Southwork, London, England

Sun 7 Capricorn; Moon Cancer?; NN 7 Taurus

Amanda Knox

b. July 9, 1987 Seattle, Washington

Sun 18 Cancer; Moon Sagittarius or Capricorn; NN 7 Aries Rx

Raffaele Sollecito

b. Mar. 26, 1984 Giovinazzo, Italy

Sun 6 Aries; Moon Capricorn or Aquarius; NN 11 Gemini

Rudy Guede

b. Dec. 26, 1986 Abidjan, Cote d-Ivoire

Sun 5 Capricorn; Moon Libra or Scorpio; NN 17 Aries

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Monday, December 14, 2009

Tiger Woods Wrecks His Life A Little

Big Sports Stars and their Sex Lives. I couldn't care less, you're not hearing this from me, mind you, wouldn't want to get all Mercurial and gossipy here about this, but I had to look at Tiger Woods' chart to see why suddenly his sex life is being presented to us the public at this point in time. I know that sports stars and celebrities have sort of a weird peer pressure thing to do this conquest thing with the ladies. They say it's for their image. They're doing it to impress each other. They build this rich fantasy life that goes along with their celebrity. Woods has Mars conjunct Gemini Midheave (reputation as athlete). Mars opposes Moon (public, women) and Neptune (fantasy, deception).

So, Tiger is a Capricorn. Capricorns tend to get caught because they are ruled by Saturn and Saturn rules guilt and regret and life lessons. That's why Capricorns are really smart like Sagittarians but also wise and clear headed. It's also why they're so grumpy and intolerant of bad behaviors in others. They know from experience that if they hang out with a jerk, they'll eventually get blamed for everything that goes down. I don't know why this is. Must be something related to the Father because Capricorns tend to think of their Mothers as the Virgin Mary. Really, they put off some super power innocence thing on the Mother.

I sort of remember something about Age 33 and the Solar Return cycles culminating at that age. I'll mention it although I don't see how it happens in Tiger's chart. He's 33 years old which supposedly means that the Sun in his Solar Return chart has cycled all the way through the houses and has returned to its birth spot. There's something happening like that.

At any rate, Tiger's Capricorn sun is in a pretty intense t-square aspect with H1 Pluto and H7 Lilith. These are on the angles so are very potent. His Sun is in the 4th House of family, parents, and home. Lilith and Pluto like to do the taboo. Pluto likes to have some privacy while doing the nasty. Lilith couldn't care less, she'll do it anywhere. Interesting that one of Woods' Gal Pals, Rachel Uchitel, is said to have been born on the same day as Woods. This would give her the same t-square. Don't really know how to explain why that might be, just think it's interesting that these two would hook up and then their affair would be such a drag. Getting caught like this exagerrates the kinky just the way that Lilith might like. It reminds me of how Monica Lewitsky's affair was Bill Clinton's biggest blunder and they had matching Sun and Moon signs. It sounds so German Romantic doppel-gangerish to see these big celebrity men getting caught by their astrological twins, at any rate. (And I don't know if that's Uchitel's birth date for sure).

On the other angle, Tiger has a really incredible opposition of Moon to Mars hanging over his IC/MC axis. His natal Mars is prominent because it's out-of-bounds and Retrograde. And his natal Moon is traveling fast. That explains why his eyesight is so damn good. Sure does explain his extreme skill as an athlete. Mars rules the physical body and competitiveness, and Midheaven rules one's public life. The Retrograde Progression means that Mars has been in aspect with Wood's Midheaven for a really long time during his life.

And, right now, the Saturn-Uranus opposition has been not only squaring this double opposition but has been passing over Woods' ASC/DESC. And his progressed Moon is right there in Pisces (family, women, Mother, needs and feelings) (18 Pisces) and is closing in on Uranus and the Descendant. So, his angles are shot to shit. And the angles specifically rule relationships (H1 and H7) and career and homelife (H10 and H4).

Plus, the Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune conjunction is happening in his 5th House of Romantic liaisons so he's got the Happy Happy like Governor Sanford of South or North Carolina. Woods' progressed Venus has been passing over his natal Sun which adds to the overindulgent leisure lifestyle thing. He's probably been going through some weird feelings of not knowing what to do next with his life, hope he's not suicidal over this, it's actually about his grief over his Father and stuff.

Interesting aside about Tiger's progressed Mars. It was Retrograde when he was born at 18 Gemini and Stationed Direct around 1995-1996 at 15 Gemini. During that same year, his wife Elin's progressed Mars stationed Retrograde Motion at 16 Virgo. These spots all square each other on the Astrological Wheel. It's almost as if she somehow picked up on his Mars vibe, or he picked up on hers and they share this link.

Anyways, it sounds like Tiger's got a problem with drugs. The Chiron-Jupiter-Neptune conjunction has been hitting his progressed Sun which is at 14 Aquarius. Since it's moved on now he might be able to come back down to earth. Otherwise, he's going to end up in an old piano bar competing with good old Governor Sanford for every old cougar who walks in.

Tiger Woods

b. 12/30/1975 10:50 pm Cypress, CA

Sun 9 Capricorn (H4); Moon 23 Sagittarius (H3); ASC 25 Virgo; NN 20 Scorpio; MC 25 Gemini

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Friday, December 11, 2009

United States of Bar Flies

According to a study done by the National Institutes of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism we can now choose whether we want to live in a State according to whether or not it has high or low alcohol sales. This is thought to show whether or not there are more drinkers in these states. Turns out the story is more complicated. The drunkest state, New Hampshire, has a very large revenue for alcohol sales because lots of people come in from out of state to get their beers. No wonder all those New Yorkers like to drive on up to Vermont. They can pass through New Hampshire on the way up.

So, it's sort of interesting that conservative States have the lowest sales and lack of tolerance for sales of booze and the liberal states have the highest. And, actually, gun sales have nothing to do with it. Montana, Wyoming, Nevada, Alaska and Colorado win spots in the top 10 for drunkeness. Alcoholism seems to be excellent for low crime rates apparently, as these states (except for Nevada) are probably considered among the least populated. Nobody moves there because they're afraid of being shot in the head by a flaming drunkard.

Utah wins as soberest state. That's no surprise due to the Mormon population.

New Hamphire wins as drunkest. Maybe the cold? Maybe the Robert Frost poems?

The actual reasons are interesting. In New Hamphire it's due to ideas about taxation (which is a Scorpio pluto thing). In Utah, of course, the influence is due to Religion (which is a Jupiter thing). I wanted to check the charts of those states to see if those signs and their rulers are prominent. And also I wanted to check for other indicators for drunkeness (Neptune and Jupiter, of course) and for moderation (Saturn, probably earth).


admitted: Jan. 4, 1896 Salt Lake City, Utah

Sun 14 Capricorn, Moon Leo or Virgo; NN 7 Pisces

New Hampshire

admitted: June 21, 1788 Concord, New Hampshire

Sun 1 Cancer; Moon Capricorn or Aquarius; NN 17 Sagittarius

Well, first of all, we've got Suns in opposing signs so it's just dandy that both these States have an opposing view of their candy. Utah is a dour Capricorn. New Hampshire is sloshing around in good old Water Sign Cancer, four planets in Cancer, as a matter of fact with Sun conjunct Jupiter who definitely enjoys over-doing whatever it's doing, especially if it can have a party at the same time.

Both States have Mars in Leo. That means nothing in particular, probably, except that they might have strong opinions about what they will and will not do whilst partying. And Mars is currently going through a long passage through Leo due to the Retrograde coming up. And anything Mars in Leo will currently stand out, except for moi, who is ever pummeling downhill on my Regulus, if you know what I mean.

So, Utah is a locomotive shape chart with lead planet in control freak Pluto. New Hampshire is a seesaw chart shape which I guess means that it enjoys being tipsy.

Both States have strong Neptune-Pluto aspects. That indicates issues surrounding elevated States of Consciousness. Utah has a conjunction of these two super psychic, spiritual types (in Gemini). Wow, so they really can't handle the booze because their minds are already as altered as they can humanly go. New Hampshire has the two planets involved in a Kite. Well, my Grandmother always said she couldn't fly on one wing. What she really meant is that she was higher than a kite. (Ah hahahahaha, I crack myself up sometimes). Get this. Neptune and Pluto and Chiron (wounded hahaha healer) are balled up in a Grand Trine. Chiron is conjunct the Nodal Axis at the center of the Kite shape. It all points to a Sagittarius North Node and, as I said, Sagittarians like to, uh, party.

New Hampshire has no planets in Scorpio, the sign of taxation. Maybe that's why they don't have taxes. Who knows?

Anyway, I'll stop here. This game can go on and on forever and there are 48 more States charts to look at.

10 Least drunk:

10 - Ohio
9 - Alabama
8 - West Virginia
7 - North Carolina
6 - Oklahoma
5 - Kansas
4 - Tennessee
3 - Arkansas
2 - Kentucky
1 - Utah

10 Most drunk:

10 - Colorado
9 - Alaska
8 - Wyoming
7 - Delaware
6 - North Dakota
5 - Wisconsin
4 - Montana
3 - District of Columbia
2 - Nevada
1 - New Hampshire

In case I was drunk while writing this and didn't get the link right:


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Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Saturn-Uranus-Pluto T-Square and the Beginnings of PTSD Therapy?

Uranus rules Shocks and Pluto rules Trauma, so it would make sense that these two working together in a difficult way in a person's chart would set him up for a vulnerability to PTSD, especially if the planets are combined with the Moon, which rules memories. From what I'm learning in my Child Development Research (and trust me I'm the last person on earth who should be talking with authority on Child Development since I'm seriously stuck on every cog of that wheel myself) I think that Venus through rulership of Taurus is also related to memories through the fact that is causes strong attachments to objects which can cause anxiety. Anxiety in Gemini format is the next sign down the wheel from Taurus).

It's really interesting that a psychologist? at New York University, Elizabeth Phelps, has discovered what she believes is the beginnings of a non-drug treatment for fear related memories. She has found that a person's memory can be reprogrammed if the person is reminded of the memory and then somehow treated (method not described) within a certain time frame. Interesting how Saturn works into this as Saturn is the 3d element of the big t-square that's going on right now. And, actually, Cancer is in a way also involved as it is the missing sign element of the t-square.

I actually think that this could be a combination of the Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron conjunction working in tandem with the difficult t-square. I sure hope it has created enough high hopes and discoveries into the unknown and hopeless that it will get us through next year in many more positive ways. Otherwise, let the guns and the lawsuits begin.



Tuesday, December 08, 2009

A Shot of Arctic Air

This sounds funny for anyone living in a genuinely cold climate but we're having one of our annual psycho freezes in California this week. We are nearly at our wits ends, of course, worrying about frost bite and what to do with our succulents which shrivel up like balloons that have lost their air.

Today has tied for coldest December 8 on record along with December 8 in 1994 when the Mercury dropped to 31 degrees in the morning hours. Well, I certainly wish I could say that it froze the broken sewer pipes back together so that I don't have to bathe in my neighbors' greasy meats, but that, of course, is impossible. Glad to know that the neighbors are well fed with heartily seasoned foods that I suspect are keeping away the locusts ... Either the stuff doesn't attract Rats, or you just don't notice it over the damn spice smell.

I checked the astrology for 6 am on both dates to see why perhaps this would be considered the record setting cold days on these dates. This puts beginning degrees of Sagittarius on the Ascendant with the Sagittarius Sun in the first house. Sagittarius is a fire sign which is Hot so I suppose there is no significance in that. Most Polar Bears, though, are born in December, thus Sagittarians, and they hang out on the North Pole so maybe extreme frost tolerance is a Sadge thing. Maybe the Sadge influence just emphasizes all things that exaggerated and bigger than normal. Maybe it's just Nature's way of charming the snowflakes as they fall on the ground.

Also interesting in the heat department is the fact that Mars is in Leo on both dates. Both Mars and Leo rule Fire. Perhaps the Jupiterian idea of the chart and the Mars in Leo simply signifies record setting, doesn't care if it's sports, weather, kisses or food.

Moving on, the coldness part might come from the Virgo Midheaven in both charts. Virgo is a cold, earthy sign. It represents all things that are pure as the driven ... in this case, snow. The Moon was in Virgo this morning conjunct the Midheaven. Back in 1994 it was down near the IC in conjunction with Saturn in Pisces.

Pluto is squaring Saturn in both charts. Back in 1994 it was on one of the last degrees of Scorpio in conjunction with Jupiter and the Ascendant. This morning it was in conjunction with Mercury just at the beginning of Capricorn. So it seems to be on the cusp at either end of Sagittarius which might somehow tie in with the Sagittarius chart in a way that I can't explain.

Also interesting is that the rulers of Scorpio and Capricorn are Saturn and Pluto. And, as I said, they are squaring each other in both charts. That combination likes to keep things a little desolate.

Maybe this is related to Eclipses. I'm too lazy to look that up right now. It's just too much damn chart reading.

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Sunday, December 06, 2009

The Souls of the Feet

They say that the eyes are the Windows to your soul. That's where people tend to think they can see whether or not another person is lying. But, according to a Dean of Psychology at the University of Manchester, Geoff Beattie, one looks to the feet to figure out whether or not a person is lying. Apparently people will hold their feet very still, almost as if to ground themselves, when they are lying. That's so Neptunian. He says that people will also hold their hands still and gesture less. Lying is often most attributed to Mercury and Neptune in astrology and they just happen to rule hands and feet.

Beattie also describes other "unconscious behaviors" (so Neptunian) that people will communicate through their feet. Women will show sexual interest in men by moving their feet away from their bodies. Beattie says this isn't true for men who will use a head tilt posture of some type. Men will show nervousness through their feet, however.

Now I know how those Pisces women get lucky. I always thought it was those beautiful Elizabeth Taylor eyes.

Interesting this information comes out during a conjunction of Jupiter to Neptune.



Thursday, December 03, 2009

It's Not My Imagination

Well, the newspaper has included a story about how the tap water is being polluted by overflow from the sewers up in the towns North of where I am but it includes no information in the towns south of those towns. There's no reporting on how widespread the problem is. Yet, when you walk down the street you can smell extremely pungeant food smells coming out from under the sidewalks. Apparently, according to the West Bay Sanitary District anyone who drinks the water or bathes in it is exposing themselves to "Chemicals, bacteria and viruses, 'posing a serious risk to fisheries, wildlife habitat and human health.'"

People still manage to remain blissfully unaware. Human nature is so unbelievable.

Apparently the people where I live are completely oblivious to the fact that brown gunk is coming out of their water. If you drape a white towel over a faucet and let it drip slowly for a couple of hours you can make a really cool radiating pattern of brown grease on the towel. It even stinks like whatever cuisine has just been dumped down the drain.

Yet, I can find absolutely no laundromat to clean my clothes within 30 miles of where I live. I have been buying bottled water to brush my teeth with and to wipe myself off with. The H1N1 Virus is nothing compared with what this has the ability to turn into. Not understanding where the smell was coming from I have been gassing everything madly with Febreze to the point that I had fevers for 2 months. Then I went down to Monterey in order to do my laundry. A 60 mile car drive in order to sit in a laundromat. This year is the year that my progressed Mercury and Venus both fall on my natal Pluto in the 4th House (same degree). I've become fascinated by how many different types of Sewers there are. There are plain "Sewer" Manhole Covers. There are "Storm Drain" Manhole Covers. And there are these weird Manhole Covers that say "Sanitary Sewer." I guess that's the Virgo conjunction. I just love the idea of saying that there is clean shit in the world. It's really Republican. Howard Hughes would agree with me.

I realize that not everybody is as lucky as I was to be raised by my Amazing Irish Jewish Mother who was constantly screaming: "If I've told you once, I've told you a thousand times, Don't throw the God Damned grease down the drain! You'll clog up the plumbing." You should have heard her screaming about keeping fingers out of electrical sockets. The first thing I ever said was "Don't Do That!"

People, read this and quit flushing grease down the drains. Write to your local congressmen and complain. Isn't this amazing? Home prices are among the highest in the country here and the people who live in them are among the filthiest. Come visit the Silicon Valley but be sure to get your Dengue Fever shots in advance.

Sorry I'm being rude but this is just too damn much.

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Funsies Wunsies Crashing White House

The first State Dinner at the White House was sort of a reverse Look Who's Coming To Dinner fiasco as a very blond looking woman and her husband are said to have crashed the party. Nobody knows if they were invited or not, whether they were loaded with oozies and ammo, and how much more peroxide can that woman dump on her head without all her hair going up in flames?

Anyway, so blondee and her hubby (her Facebook page says her b-day is Oct. 1. So she's a Libra and that means that she truly uuly seriously did want to go to that thing, and she didn't upstage the First Lady so who really cares?) were allowed to play around at the reception before the dinner, apparently because he has a far-off Eastern last name and it was a dinner honoring the East Indian community. It seemed Kosher. But they weren't allowed to go to the dinner even though Senator Harry Reid's place at the table was empty.

The media has painted the couple as just another couple gunning for reality TV show fame, kind of like the balloon boy's dad. It's the old Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune in Aquarius conjunction all over again, this time in a High Security Setting -- like the White House -- because Saturn is squaring Pluto and nobody's feeling safe this year.

According to Chatterbox website (highly reliable source, of course, this article) the couple arrived at the reception at 6:30 pm on Nov. 24, 2009 Washington, DC. Their name was on the list of arrivals so they were let in. At the time it seemed okay but now nobody knows how their name got on the list. They toodled around the room gumming for photos with Joe Biden and a bunch of guys in uniform and then left.

I wanted to look at the chart to see if this was a real accident, or a security breach, or just some funny people having some fun. A blond, a red dress, and Joe Biden's picture is involved so I suspected the latter. But, who knows? they could be spies. Remember Valerie Plame? She was blond. Oh yeah, she was on our side so who cares? It was Dick Cheney who was the bastard. Anyway, with Saturn squaring Pluto people should not even think of having fun. I don't care if Jupiter and Neptune are still in conjunction or what. Hide in your hole and keep your plastic surgeries to yourself.

At 6:30 pm Mercury was still ruling the chart, but barely, as Gemini was Rising over the Ascendant on its last degree (30). As Gemini rules telephone calls it sort of looks like maybe there were some unofficial words happening in addition to the ones written in emails/text messages at earlier times in the day (a refusal had been sent that morning at 8:46 am, a Thank you was sent the next day at 1:38 pm).

Chart Ruler Mercury was in Good Ole Sagittarius trining Mars, so, what the heck, lettem in, it's some good Holiday Karma. And Mars is in Leo opposing Jupiter so somebody's going to just have to take it as far out as it can go. Mars-Jupiter always overdoes everything. That's its nature. The stupid lady had to show up in a Red Dress, of course, couldn't just keep it mellow.

Mercury was in the 6th House of clerical stuff. So maybe the person who goofed was the staffer. It sort of looks that way. It wasn't really a goof, it was just that he/she got caught. Chiron is goofing up Jupiter and Neptune right now. And even bigger than that, Saturn is squaring Pluto near the Aries Points bringing all ruthless people and to the fore right now.

Anyhoo, Pluto was conjunct the Descendant. That gives power to "The Other." But how do you really interpret that? That means that somebody was spying on somebody and somebody was building resentments about somebody else. So I suspect that much worse power pooery was going on behind the scenes at this thing. And Saturn was in the 4th House and Uranus was up in the 10th. So, with all this angular stuff going with the Big Old Outers I suppose there's a lot more politics going on than meets the eye. Harry Reid and his wife didn't show up. But, I checked and I guess Har' doesn't like these things, he even dissed the Queen of England. Maybe he doesn't like eggplant.

And now we're picking on Reality TV Socialite contestants who have to pay for their dental work somehow? Come on? Where's the Holiday Good will?

Anyway, the Midheaven was at 8 Pisces and the Moon and Neptune had just passed over it. The First Lady looked like a fairy Princess. She was unbelievably beautiful. Was she having a Venus Return or something? Don't know. Something was seriously trining in her first house, that's all I can say.

Obama was looking a little worn out. Saturn (President) in the 4th House thing?


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