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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

"Twinkle, Twinkle" Blog

I like this blog written by John Sanbach. Sanbach has a broad knowledge of techniques and describes them well. There are some opinions which I might not agree with (I don't have his knowledge of techniques so might change my mind with enough understanding), but there's no ooga-booga, no touchy feely. And that's nicey nice. The Get Help people are great, especially right now when the only thing you can do for many people is to stick a band-aid on it and stay afloat, but much of what they say depends on other peoples' needs to not know, and that always seems to describe a civilization in decline to me. Don't know why.

Sorry, John Sanbach, my praise for you turned into a rant for me.


Monday, August 30, 2010

A Solar Obsessed World

Went to the Panda Express for lunch yesterday. The line was really long and a lady behind me said that often it will lead out the doorway. I'm struggling with the Big D, was feeling some spikes, and was waffling with the idea of eating food that is fried in cornstarch. So, in my confusion I sort of forgot to keep it pleasant. I reminded the woman that the food there sucked and I wished I knew the neighborhood better so that I could get some healthy Chinese food. Maybe it's the Gemini Rising. Maybe it was my Capricorn Moon that took over? Conversations seem to end pretty quickly when that thing gets hold of what's wrong with a situation.

Anyway, we are talking about food here, aren't we? And we are talking about the business of selling food. People will eat just about anything in America, as long as you can find a way to market it to them. And what better way to sell food than to fry it in sugar, a double Heroin style of preparation for those of us who are vulnerable, and, then, to sell it really quickly so that the glucose-addicted customer doesn't have to wait for it. I knew I was going to eat there only after I drove past the sign.

And so, I stood in line. I ate everything on the plate.

And this is what my Fortune Cookie said:

"To Shine is better than to reflect."

The Sun shines. The Moon reflects. The Capricorn Moon? Well, that's another story.

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Full Moon City - 2011 Eclipses

There will be 6 Eclipses in 2011. That's more than the average 4. What's extraordinary is that three of the Eclipses will be Full Moon Eclipses. They'll all be in the signs of Gemini and Sagittarius. Wonder what that means for the publishing industry. A little religious zeal coming on? Admit it, you're craving Hummus right about now.

Because of the Full Moon flavor of these Eclipses perhaps it's good to invest in any businesses named after the Moon or related to lunar types of things: Mom, parents, housing, real estate, water, food, subconscious behaviors, withdrawing into your shell and pinching people with your big fat claws. Wonder what this all means for the Weather situation. And Oil and Gas. The Uranus-Neptune mutual reception will be over at any rate.

Childrens' education ought to be foremost of importance for the United States, but the immigrants will probably hog up the show. The media will be completely out of bounds. Guess these little ebook readers will bring back John Steinbeck. Hmmm, I wrote on here about the guy I met in the parking garage who was writing little computer programs for grammar school kids in the crappiest neighborhoods, no hope for these kids, and they were spontaneously combusting answers to High School Trig problems in their little sugar plum heads. Where did that guy go? He had gone through school with the Google guys and totally felt bummed about that. Anyway, so you get that guy to make a little program for the ebooks in time for the 3 Full Moon Eclipses in Gemini/Sagg, the kids eat it up, and the U.S. is back in the game.

Scorpio rises in the first two Full Moon Eclipses and the Full Moons will cross the finance houses so more shuffling of the markets. All Secret secret as Pluto is involved. Perhaps everything's in the research phase. Lots and lots of lies and seeking revenge and stealing of ideas. Oh yeah, Neptune's moving into Pisces, that should bring the corruption to the fore. Build an Institution and they will come.

Great for the Arts, finah-lleeeeeeee.

Water water all around yet not a drop to drink (that's the scary part).

Either way, if a Mutable Sign starts mouthing off uncontrollably just say either "You don't really mean that, do you?" or "I bet we could make a lot of money off of that thought." (and then try to be ethical about stealing the idea)

Capricorn Rises on the Last 3 Full Eclipse Moon in Dec, 2011. Uranus will Station Direct at 1 Aries opposing chart ruler Saturn. The U.S. might start showing some leadership skills again. Either that, or the pruning is going to be ferocious.

Dec. 21, 2010 (not really 2011 but the 3 eclipses occur within a year of each other)
4:13 am EDT, NY, NY

Sun 30 Sagittarius (H2); Moon 30 Gemini (H8); ASC 9 Scorpio; MC 17 Leo NN 3 Capricorn Rx

June 15, 2011 4:14 pm EDT, NY, NY

Sun 25 Gemini (H8); Moon 25 Sagittarius (H2); ASC 5 Scorpio; MC 11 Leo; NN 24 Sagittarius Rx

Dec. 10, 2011 10:36 am EDT NY, NY

Sun 19 Sagittarius (H11); Moon 19 Gemini (H5); ASC 23 Capricorn; MC 17 Scorpio; NN 15 Sagittarius


Saturday, August 21, 2010

I Believe

I believe that this video of from Natalie Tran's "communitychannel" show is very funny.


But, I laugh at everything. If you don't like that one try watching the one called "Embrace the Position."


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

New York's First Divorcee, Eunice Hawley Chapman

New York State's first divorce occurred in 1818. It was awarded to a Sagittarius woman with a Gemini North Node, wouldn't you know? The woman's name was Eunice Hawley Chapman and her story is written about in a book called The Great Divorce by Ilyon Woo. Er, actually I think that link, if it works, goes to the NPR show about the book: http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=129162937.

Eunice Hawley Chapman
b. Nov. 22, 1778 (NS?) Bridgeport, NY

Sun 1 Sagittarius; Moon Sagittarius or Capricorn; NN 22 Gemini

Many markers for divorce in this chart. A Sagittarius Sun is freedom loving. Having the Nodes on the Gemini/Sagittarius pole will indicate a flexibility which will thrive on multiples of anything in the life.

Uranus, a major ruler of Divorce (rebellion, breaking status quo, equality), is prominently placed in Eunice's chart conjunct the Gemini North and also handle of a Sling Chart. Lilith, female agent of equality in relationships and bad marriages because of that need, is conjunct the South Node. And squaring these two is a wide square of Jupiter 23 Virgo to Neptune 2 Libra.

Libra and Venus's presence is always interesting to look at within divorce because they rule Marriage and the female side of relationships. With Mars (husband) conjunct Neptune in Libra it is interesting that Eunice divorced her husband because he drank too much and had withdrawn into the religious community of the Shakers which didn't believe in sexuality. This combination is more comfortable with the romantic notions of love and high idealism rather than the actual desire to make relationships work.

Venus in Eunice's chart is very strongly featured. It is placed at 15 Capricorn showing that this woman would not be bullied by Authority of any kind. She was a take charge type of lady. Venus is very prominent, both out of bounds (26 degrees, 04 minutes) and unaspected to other major planets, maybe conjunct the Moon in which both are unaspected. Can't comment on the Moon since I don't have a birth time. This could perhaps shows a very strong take charge type of woman, but perhaps a bit intimidating to be a relationship with.

Eunice's Progressed Venus had been Retrograding since around 1803-4. This could indicate the initiation of a long phase of low self esteem which could have led her into an abusive marriage. I can't find the year of her marriage.

The Placement of Saturn in Eunice's chart reiterates her very strong approach to her marriage, perhaps inherited from her Father. Saturn is placed at 20 Scorpio which shows strong leadership and executive skills. It is singleton in both Fixed Signs and Water Signs. Because of her strong Jupiter and Saturn influence she probably had more faith in going to the Legislature and Legal System for help in bringing about this huge change in the Law. More info here: http://ricefamilylaw.com/blog/2010/08/05/eunice-h-chapmans-legislative-divorce/


divorce proceedings begun, 1815

Divorce Granted
May, 1818

First of its kind in New York State, Possessions and Children included

In the transits there are major outer planet configurations during this month. There was a conjunction of Uranus 20 Sagittarius to Neptune 26 Sagittarius. This explains the need for Freedom and Rights not to the Husband's withdrawal into weird religious beliefs and booze (two go together like bread and butter, heheh). Eunice was born 2 years into the American Revolution so the word was flinging all around her. Uranus-Neptune was squaring an end of sign conjunction of Saturn, Chiron and Pluto (17, 25, 27 degrees respectively)in Pisces. Wow, how close is that to the Pisces-Aries cusp, major angle of the horoscope? Talk about letting things fall apart in order to give birth to a new age... Either way, pretty powerful transit, a little like current times.

The actual divorce took 3 years. The date in May alludes to the event where the entire town accompanied Eunice out to the Shaker village where Eunice's husband was keeping their children. This led to some of the first womens' rights laws after marriage.

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Monday, August 16, 2010

Spectators Injured at Off Road and Surfing Contests

Spectators have been injured during major sporting events twice in California this year. That seems unusual and sort of got my curiosity up as to what the astrology would look like for the events. I suppose this is a more valorous way of imitating the Roman Culture than sticking one's finger down one's throat after gorging on lots of food which is what my generation did.

First event I remembered from earlier this year: a couple of big waves rolled onto the rocky beach during the Mavericks Surf Contest. About 12 people were injured but no one died.

Second event occurred last week-end down in Southern California in the Mojave Desert when a truck at the California 200, an off road truck event, hit a group of the spectators killing 8 and injuring many more. I guess the spectators like to be as close to the trucks as possible as they go by. The driver of this truck, Brett Sloppy, hit a bunch of rocks called "the rockpile" about 2 miles into the race.


So, first thing I thought about was, wow, the guy's name is "Sloppy." Jupiter? Neptune?

The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction which was in effect for both events. Is this Uranus' farewell weirdness in Pisces speaking? This could indicate a larger than life event and some pretty crazy rough housing types.

Mars is interesting in these charts. Mars rules aggression and violence and so you expect to see it super prominent in big accidents and the like. In these charts, it's aspecting some stuff but isn't really prominent. I guess that makes sense I'm looking for charts that show what happened to the spectators. Mars indicates more the competitors and the athletes, the ones that everyone is there to see.

So, I'm supposing that the sign and planet that is opposite Mars would show up strongly in the charts. That would be Venus and Libra and House 7. Seems to match the idea of "Spectator" or "Audience." Just so happens that Saturn is in Libra in both charts within the same degree although they happened 6 months apart: 3-4 Libra (same place because of Retrograde). Saturn was Rx in February at the surf contest. But is squaring Pluto 4-5 Capricorn in both charts. That's a danger sign. The two control freak planets in difficult aspect with each other sort of shows how man learns his limits and what he doesn't have control over. This is a signature for a big "test" especially when added to the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction.

Pluto rules death and it is heavily influenced by whatever Saturn is doing because it is currently passing through Saturn's sign. I don't know the exact time that the waves came on short at Mavericks so can't pull up that chart. But Saturn in Libra is in the 7th House of the Off Road Truck event. It is conjunct Venus and Mars (Spectators, Sports). Mercury is also in that house, unaspected, and is just ruling the Virgo Descendant.

What is also interesting about these charts is that the Sun is opposing itself in the charts. It is close to the same degree on the Leo/Aquarius pole. Aquarius rules Crowds, and Leo rules Drama, Risk and Sports.

In both charts the Sun and Moon are also in strong aspect with Neptune (Out of Control)-Chiron (Wounding) in Aquarius (Group Events). At Mavericks, the New Moon in Aquarius is conjunct Neptune-Chiron. At the Off Road Tragedy, the Leo Sun is opposing Neptune-Chiron and the Moon in Scorpio was trining Neptune-Chiron-Ascendant (from the 8th House of Death).

Mavericks Surf Contest - Spectators on Beach Injured by Humongous Waves
Feb. 13, 2010 morning, Half Moon Bay, CA

Sun 25 Aquarius; Moon 21 Aquarius; NN 20 Capricorn

California 200 - Spectators Killed and Injured by Giganormous Truck
August 14, 2010 Shortly before 8pm Lucerne Valley, Mojave Desert, CA

Sun 23 Leo (H6 c. DESC); Moon 2 Scorpio (H8); ASC 1 Pisces; MC 12 Sagittarius; NN 10 Capricorn

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Friday, August 13, 2010

Greenland's Petermann Ice Island (2010)

The biggest piece of ice to break off the Greenland Ice Sheet since 1962 occurred last week. Dubbed "the Petermann Ice Island of 2010" (to distinguish from the smaller piece that broke off in 2008) it's bigger than the island of Manhattan and is now threatening to collide with ships and researchers up in the arctic.

According to Yahoo the first image of the break was noticed:

Aug. 5, 2010 (Thursday) 8:40 UTC (4:40 EDT)

Sun 13 Leo; Moon 7 Gemini; 16 Virgo ASC; MC 16 Gemini; NN 11 Pluto

I may not be using the correct time zone so the Asc and MC may be a bit off, but it looks as if the huge t-square is again on the angles in this chart with Pluto-NN down at the bottom of the wheel in the 4th House. The Gemini Moon was up at the top of the chart conjunct the Midheaven.

Mercury is very strong in this chart as it is ruling both the Ascendant and the Midheaven and Mercury was in conjunction with the Ascendant. And it disposits the Gemini Moon which is conjunct the angle and most elevated, as I said.

House 4: Pluto-NN Capricorn
House 1: Venus 29 Virgo-Saturn 2 Libra-Mars 4 Libra
House 7: Uranus 1 Aries - Jupiter 4 Aries

No planets in Water in this chart which stresses the presences of the angular water rulers, Moon and Pluto, even more.

The last time a piece of glacier this big broke off was in 1962. I don't have a month to hone the date down for the 1962 break, but during that year Uranus passed between the cusp of Leo and Virgo and was in wide conjunction to Pluto in early Virgo. Jupiter was opposing the two from Aquarius to Pisces for the latter half of the year.

So, there is outer planet similarity between the two events. Perhaps Jupiter (big stuff) in difficult aspect with Uranus-Pluto can indicate when the Greenland Ice Sheet has big breakages? It could be the entrance of Pluto into an Earth Sign as well in addition to being in aspect with Jupiter and Uranus which could be an indicator of problems.

Saturn rules Carbon and the measurements of Carbon emissions for Global Warming were just beginning to be understood around this time. But Saturn wasn't quite connected with the other planets in 1962. (It was in major opposition aspect by 1965).

The Northern half of the Globe has been having unusual heat waves both in Canada and Russia. Pakistan is having massive flooding, declaring this their worst natural disaster, and China is having massive landslides.

Hey, hasn't Iceland built an Ark or something? I think that's where the seed bank is. Who knows, maybe the seed bank is in the glacier that's now roaming free range up in the Arctic.


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Robert Blaschke Predicts Some Enchanted Evenings

The Mountain Astrologer website has just posted an interesting article about a Venus-Mars conjunction cycle written by Robert Blaschke: "Aberrations in the Venus-Mars Cycles."

(In the event of typos here's the link: http://mountainastrologer.com/tma/aberrations-in-the-venus-mars-cycle)

Blaschke describes a cycle between Venus Rx and Mars which repeats a 77-month cycle (6.42 years) and a 32-year cycle between the planets. It seems that the invention of the pill and the feminist movement have disrupted the regularity of this cycle since the 1960s and things won't get back into the swing of things until the last half of this century.

But, that won't stop us from trying, now, will it? The sky is going to plant a new set of three love trysts between the two this next Fall and Winter. Maybe it's a good time to buy Stock in Condoms...

So, if single and interested, prepare to hit the Bars and/or Twelve Step Programs on these dates for A Good Time, especially if the following degrees hit your 5th or 7th Houses, or necessary planets:

HUBBA: Aug. 20, 1010 -- 14 Libra (whispering sweet nothings)

HUBBA: Oct. 3, 2010 -- 13 Scorpio (doing the deed)

HUBBA: May 23, 2011 -- 10 Taurus (massages, fine dining, fights over money begin)

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Monday, August 09, 2010

U.S. Supreme Court Sun Signs

Another woman was just added to the U.S. Supreme Court, Elena Kagan, a Taurus Sun. Kind of a bizarre set of Judges religio-wise. First of all there are no Protestants. This could be that Protestants don't feel guilt, or at least they don't like to talk about it. Or it could be that they don't get picked anymore. There are no Muslims. I wonder how long that will take? What I miss are the Buddhists. I don't think they believe in punishment, though, so we'd have the Buddhist Judge having hissy fits every day.

What I'm wondering is, isn't it strange how we live in a country where we are free to choose whatever religion we want but if we want to be a Judge I guess we just stick with whatever we were born with? Religion, Law, Philosophy and Choice all come from the same sign, Sagittarius. And yet, there are no Sadge's on the U.S. Supreme Court. There are now no U.S. Supreme Court Judges born from Virgo to Capricorn.

This seems to be the opposite of what Astrology would dictate, especially in the case of Libra (Justice), Sagittarius (Opinions, Law, Philosophy), and Capricorn (Judgment). Perhaps it is connected with the Outer Planet transits. The U.S. Supreme Court is full of people who are old enough to have had their Suns wiped out by a Pluto transit at some point in their lives. After that the only thing a person knows for certain is that we can't ever really know anything for certain.

David Souter is a Virgo, he just left. Two Aries just left, John Paul Stevens is just barely a Taurus. Sandra Day O'Connor is an Aries.

John Roberts is at the lead, he's an Aquarius.

Antonin Scalia and Ruth Bader Ginsburg are both Pisces Suns.

Clarence Thomas and Sonia Sotomayor are both Cancer Suns.

Anthony Kennedy and Stephen Breyer are both Leo Suns.

Samuel Alito is an Aries.

Elena Kagan is a Taurus.

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Delta Delta The Flight Attendant Just Cussed Me Out

JetBlue Flight Attendant Steven Slater had a bad day at work today. At around noon, just as Flight 1052 bound from Pittsburgh to New York was taxi-ing to a stop at the airport, a passenger bounded out of his seat ignoring the "Do Not Unfasten Seat Belt Sign", and began grabbing for his luggage in the overhead bin. There's always one in the crowd. The passenger is said to have hit Flight Attendant Stephen Slater in the head with his bag as Slater was asking him to remain seated. It must not have been Gucci because the two immediately started cussing each other out. Slater got onto the PA system and began to cuss the guy out over the loudspeakers. After bidding adieau with an "I've had it. That's it." Steven dropped the emergency shoot out onto the runway, jumped it, walked to his car and drove home. He was then arrested.

Arrested? What--eveeeer.

The chart is pretty cool. Today the Leo New Moon was just hitting the Midheaven at the time of the incident. Nothing say High Noon at OK Corral more than a Leo New Moon at High Noon. The Sun is conjunct the Moon at the very tip top of the chart in the Sign of Drama, Firey Emotions, Bossy Behaviors, and Noble Deeds in the 10th House of, shall we say, *****Major Career Decisions*****

The tense t-square that is currently plaguing the entire world, that is Saturn-Uranus-Pluto, is loaded up with extra planets right now. Venus and Mars are in conjunction with Saturn one the first degrees of Libra. Jupiter is conjunct Uranus at the beginning of Aries. And Pluto is conjunct the North Node in Capricorn.

The opposition part of the t-square is layered right over the 6th House of Daily Job Routine and Service and the 12th House of Self-Undoing and Martyrdom. They are squaring PLuto (power)-NN (destiny) in the 3d House of Transportation and, uh, Verbal Communications. However unplanned for, Steven Slater, decided to redirect the path his life was taking today with regards to employment status.

Jupiter and Uranus, which together rule the Airlines and Air Travel are in conjunction to the 6th House cusp of Daily Job Routine and Service. The closest time I can find of the incident is "around Noon". At that time Libra would have been rising at 27 degrees, so Venus would have ruled the chart (conjunct Saturn and Mars and the 12th House cusp) and Mars would have ruled the Descendant (Customer).

This can easily be considered a violent combination but placed within the Mutable Signs there's probably nobody who doesn't identify more with Steven Slater's plight than with the pushy customer. At Age 37 or 38 Slater is close to going through his Nodal Return right now. This would be a tough one what with it conjunct Pluto and squaring all those planets and all. More than other signs Capricorn can run into snags with providing Customer Service. When Capricorn says No, Capricorn means "No." Interesting how the argument was over safety issues which is a major Saturnian issue. It sure is a great expression of the Mars-Saturn conjunction square Pluto which generally indicates "emergency procedures."

Unfortunately, the 12th House also rules Jail and Slater was arrested at his home soon after the incident.

Flight 1052 - Flight Attendant v. Customer
Aug. 9, 2010 around Noon New York City, NY

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The DSM-5: Everything a Squirrel Can Do To a Clipboard

Probably the most anticipated publication of a book in modern times will be the publication of the new edition of the DSM, or "Diagnostic Something-Something Manual." This is the Bible of Modern Culture that categorizes the nuts and whackos into finely tuned #'s and ensures that at least half of undergraduates in the United States get degrees in psychology and have employment after graduation. So, next time you have to sit at your 8 to 5 job next to a hungover co-worker who goes on and on about how her child has the ADHD and her friend's kid have the Autism and her ex-boyfriend is a sociopath and her sister is a paranoid schizophrenic, you know where to go to read more.

There's a little newspaper freebie that's handed out in the Silicon Valley called The Epoch Times which hopefully is handed out all over the world and will be handed out more and more. The articles are great. The newspaper covers articles about worldly events written by people who live in those places and thus write about with a local sort of concern and perspective. The August 5 issue has an unbelievable story about how China is removing and selling organs from anyone who it jails for social re-activeness against their government. That's the important article, printed near the front of the paper, but towards the back there is a great article about psychiatry's newest Trojan horse. Apparently, the psychiatrists not only can treat only a handful of the disorders which they diagnose, but they are observing so many more which they feel ought to be included for future insurance company lawsuits. It's called "breaking down the patient into tiny little pieces so that he will never ever get away." After this thing is published psychiatrists will be able to diagnose their patients for disorders which they can sense will occur 20 years down the line. So young people will live under this hellish, dehumanizing umbrella for the rest of their lives. Well, if you can't help em, you might as well hurt em.

The article in the Epoch Times is called "DSM-5 'shrinks the pool of normality to a puddle'" and is written by The One Click Group: www.theoneclickgroup.co.uk/news.php?start=3760&end=3780&view=yes&id=5051#newspost.

I'm going to remind myself that this is the profession that's been dumping anti-d's down the general public and has only recently discovered that the curative powers of said med's are basically placebo. Meanwhile, they haven't quite yet admitted that there's a whole generation of folks with wrecked livers and gall bladders or whatever organ is responsible for the diabetes. Let us also not forget the environmental impact of these great experiments. The main pharmaceuticals that have been found to be currently poisoning the fish in the oceans are psychiatric drugs. Remember what goes in has to come out. Current filtration systems can't remove them. Meanwhile it turns out that eating what used to be fish used to help with mental disorders. (The DSM doesn't include a chapter on nutrition, so how could they possibly such a science exists?)

The "Get Help folks", oh my God. And yeah, the article says that anybody diagnosed as Eccentric in any way will now be diagnosed as Mentally Ill.

I think, but am not sure, that they are managing to do a positive thing. This new edition will stop saying that homosexuality is a mental illness. (What took so long?). Is the Task Force Gay? Are they doing for the straight people what the Gay Male Fashion Designers have done for Anorexic girls in society?

So, Facism's finest hour will be in May, 2013. There goes my theory that the Grand Trines of that year will form great new civilizations on earth.

There's a task force that's working diligently on the new DSM-5. Here's the link:


DSM-5's new leaders are David J. Kupfer, M.D. (Task Force Chair) and Darrel A. Regier, M.D. (Task Force Vice Chair). No birth date availability.

And there's some nut on the force who's last name is Wonkers! On no! I misread that. Someone's last name is Yonkers and the person right before her on the list is named Womack and I just immediately put the two together. Sorry, my bad, a Gemini Rising error, one of many. There's all kind of borderline psychiatry in the Task Force list, names like McNulty. Swedo. Skwado. You say Tomato, I say Tomahto. I doubt a patient would choose people with names like these as Doctors so no wonder these folks joined the Task Force (emphasis on the word "Force").

Okay, I don't have anger issues about how incompetent the psychiatric profession continues to be. Really I don't. (well, yeah, maybe I do) I just want to know who to blame this latest fiasco on. Is the DSM-5 going to be the fault of the Pluto in Leos or the Pluto in Virgos? (answer: Pluto in Leos, but with some major ass-wiping by the P in V's). The fact that they are diagnosing people for disorders that the people don't even have yet shows that authority is something which these folks really enjoy abusing. The last thing you want to do is to tell a Pluto in Virgo that he really can't see the Forest for the Trees. Virgo just doesn't want to leave anyone out so he could possibly include a diagnosis for absolutely everone on the planet (except himself, of course, self preservation is the Virgo's fighting song after all and if there's not a psych major out there who doesn't know how to blame others through that amazing b.s. called "projection" I haven't met him).

This tome will be the Frankenstein of the current inhumane t-square combination of Saturn-Uranus and Pluto in Control Freak Capricorn. It will be a reaction to what the Pluto in Cancer folks did in the psychiatric field, which actually was pretty good because some of those folks really did care about their patients. They were just too touchy feely. It's taken two generations to erase that song "Feelings" from all the elevator soundtracks. At any rate, the Pluto in Cancers took the electrodes away from the Pluto in Gemini's (God, was that fun or what?) and then I guess they either sent them down to Guantanamo or sold them to the Chinese for torturing their people into submission. Here's a description from the Epoch Times article "Organ Harvesting Witness Faces Deportation to China:"

I'd like to cry a little over man's inhumanity to man, but I can't anymore on account of what the DSM Task Force is doing. The story is about a guy from Dubai who was working as an executioner's assistant in China until he argued with his boss about how much a Kidney is really worth on the market. In China, they don't fire you, you flee the country. Just look at what the Chinese can do with all those old electro shock machines that were just gathering dust in the store rooms across America, so thrifty:

"I saw many scenes of torture ... an electrical appliance on women's genitals, deeply thrust into the vagina, the electric shocks, the scream." The guy's name is Nijat Abudureyimu. As I said, he's the real story in this edition of the paper. After all, the shrinks are here to help U & Me.

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Sunday, August 08, 2010

Dr. Franz Halberg - Chronobiology

Now that the Sun has woken up we can perhaps expect more problems with Heart Attacks. At least in Minnesota where Dr. Franz Halberg has spent more than 50 years studying Chronobiology in humans this might be the case. Working at the University of Minnesota Halberg has found that Heart Attacks occur on a 10.5 year cycle which correlates with the Solar Cycle. He has also found significant cycles in human healing relating to 7 days and 1.3 years and others.

A fascinating article about Halberg published in Minnesota Medicine (2005; 88(110); 26) called "Father Time" by Kim Kizer.

Dr. Halberg has doubled the cure rate of cancerous tumors simply by determining the best time to treat the patients. His wife was one of his patients. He has also found that chances for stroke can be greatly reduced by following individual blood pressure fluctuations in patients. Even treatment can be enhanced by following the individual cycles of a human.

“One of the big mistakes that’s made
is to believe that we can treat by clock hours,” he says. “We
have to treat by body times.”

Source: http://www.msi.umn.edu/~halberg/FaTime.pdf

Dr. Franz Halberg
B. July 5, 1919 Romania (no town given so I set chart for Bucharest)

Sun 13 Cancer; Moon Libra; NN 2 Sagittarius

I was looking for the Significance of Saturn in Dr. Halberg's chart, especially to see if Saturn relates to Pluto because I remembered that the guy who created the Atomic Clock had a strong Sun-Saturn-Pluto link. Well, that's wrong of course because we're not looking for Atomic timing (I'm not sure if it really is the Atomic clock, could be something else, is just very precise, I wrote about him somewhere on this blog). Anyway, with Pluto in Capricorn which is Saturn's sign of rulership I guess we will learn all kinds of things about timing and will return to the fine science of direct observation. Halberg has natal Sun in Cancer which is the sign opposite Capricorn and his Sun is conjunct natal Pluto in Cancer. So, that's the Sun-Pluto connection. That shows a caring Doctor who is receptive to his patients' needs (I think they've become obsolete these days) and who also excels at research. And his Saturn is in Leo so it disposits to the Sun.

Natal Saturn is conjunct Venus and is opposing Uranus. Now this makes sense. Uranus rules cycles and circulatory systems. Have to say that I don't understand Venus' relevance here except to say that Halberg has worked his whole life with the women in his family, his wife and his daughters. Venus rules harmonizing, balancing, etc. It's probably a very overlooked planet in researcher's charts.

Much of Halberg's research surrounds illnesses related to the heart which really shows the significance of his Saturn (Timing). He has 4 planets in the sign of Leo. Mercury is conjunct Neptune at the beginning of Leo and Venus is conjunct Saturn at the end of Leo.

Very interesting to observe the progressions of Mercury and the Sun. Because of a Retrograde roughly between the years 1947 and 1970, Halberg' progressed Mercury didn't leave Leo until until 1985. It was in conjunction with the Saturn-Uranus opposition in his chart for much of that time which could explain why he was able to concentrate so strongly on these specific observations. (It's an out of sign opposition, Uranus is at 2 Pisces Rx but has backtracked into Aquarius for his entire life). The progressed Sun passed through Leo for 30 years. It his Mercury-Saturn around 1967-68-69.

The influence of Dr. Halberg's Uranus is further emphasized in his chart as it is the handle of a Sling Chart. Solar Fire distinguishes between sling charts and bucket charts I guess. It looks as if Uranus is set off from the rest of the planets which are within a bundle. Either way, this puts an emphasis on innovation, new thoughts, futuristic thinking and, within the body, the circulatory system and cycles and also the shins and ankles. He also has no planets in Earth. We tend to be attracted to whatever our charts lack and this is perhaps why such a futurist stuck with Western Medicine and Science. It sounds as if nobody is disputing his research, they're just more interested in making pills these days than in figuring out how to administer them. Halberg's Venus is just coming out of Retrograde this year in the sign of Virgo so perhaps the damned AMA will finally come around.

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Saturday, August 07, 2010

Dangerous Space Station Repairs

Two astronauts are tethered to the Space Station right now in the 1st of a 2-day long mission to switch out a busted 780 pound Ammonia Pump which has crippled the Air Conditioning on the Space Station.

With Pluto conjunct the North Node I suppose, but won't commit to the idea, that things can go wrong in outer space for earthlings. That's because of previous research and that amazing article about the Challenger over at Learning Curve on the Ecliptic blog. Pluto and the North Node are in a difficult t-square aspect to the Saturn opposition to Jupiter and Uranus and these planets are in prominent places at the Beginning of Cardinal Signs on the Astrological Wheel.

The Sun is in Leo today and the Moon is in Cancer. I have to look up what rules Air Conditioning and cooling systems. Circulatory Systems are ruled by Uranus. Coolness would be indicated by Earth and Water and I'll have to find Rex Bills to know what else specifically.

And I also need to know what the Space Station's sign is.

The Heroic Astronauts who are doing today's job are both Fixed Signs and their natal Sun are being challenged by the transiting Sun. The Sun is courageous and likes a Challenge and an Adventure. Both astronauts have Moon either in Leo or Virgo. Leo for keeping things upbeat and Virgo for doing a good job.

Douglas H. Wheelock has a natal Grand Earth Trine between Jupiter 4 Capricorn Rx, Mercury-Venus 2-3 Taurus and Pluto 4 Virgo. Today's Pluto is conjunct his natal Jupiter and so it and the rest of the transiting planets in the t-square are testing how much such and good luck Wheelock can have.

Douglas H. Wheelock
b. May 5, 1960 Binghamton, NY

Sun 16 Taurus; Moon Leo or Virgo; NN 23 Virgo Rx

Tracy Caldwell Dyson has an interesting transit right now. She is not only going through her Uranus Opposition (innovation, space travel, electrical, gadgets) but she is going through a Jupiter Opposition. That is, Dyson has a natal conjunction of Jupiter-Uranus at beginning degrees Libra which is opposed right now by the transiting Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Aries. Since a person going through this aspect would feel like he is walking around in anti-gravity boots anyway it's pretty awesome that this astronaut is doing it for realsies. I used to have a great roommate named Tracy who shares Dyson's birthday.

Tracy Caldwell Dyson
Aug. 14, 1969 Arcadia, CA

Sun 22 Leo; Moon Leo or Virgo; NN 23 Pisces Rx.

Dyson has a natal conjunction of Pluto 24 Virgo to South Node 23 Virgo which is reflected in today's aspect.

Her progressed Sun, Mercury and Uranus are also at the beginning of Libra and connected into the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction. That sure does add to the imagery of electrical tape and monkey wrenches. This squares progressed Mars at 3 Capricorn. She has a lot of progressed planets which have just changed signs so she's definitely entering a new phase of life.

The Cancer Moon today is passing over Dyson's natal Venus-Lilith conjunction. Doug Wheelock has a conjunction of Sun and Venus at 4 degrees Cancer. This hooks into the t-square transit and the Moon as well. They are covering each others' backs right now. They are probably talking about how much they miss real food and their families. Of course, that's where the Moon is according to us earthlings. I have no idea where it is from the vantage point of the space station.

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Thursday, August 05, 2010

Circadian Rhythms Indicate Children's Emotional Development?

Some researchers of Circadian Rhythms claim that babies who follow a regular schedule when they are one month old will have less anxiety when they are 10 years old.

The researchers say that this could be related to Circadian Rhythms that develop in the body, maybe from genetics or from hormonal settings from this age (and probably other reasons that I don't understand).

I wonder if some of this could be explained by planetary progressions in some way. A baby will have his first Lunar Return at roughly 29 days. I sort of assume that this is a significant time in his development for all things related to emotional self reliance. The researchers had the parents record daily schedules from the first month and then followed the childrens' emotional development up to Age 13. Age 13, conveniently, is roughly a child's first secondary progressed Lunar Opposition. Age 10 is just after the child's first Lunar Node Opposition. Oppositions in Cyclic Returns are naturally going to be times of greatest tension. Anything related to the Moon is going to show emotional tension.

Also interesting is to note the babies who were followed in the study were born in 1990 and 1991 which was when the big conjunction of Saturn-Uranus and Neptune occurred in Capricorn. This is the sign which opposes Cancer, the sign which rules the Moon. Capricorn is also the sign which rules anything having to do with time and timing and rhythm. And, being an Earth Sign, it really does need to have a set schedule. Perhaps if the researchers were to test the kids born with Pluto in Sagittarius and the Uranus-Neptune mutual reception they would find kids who naturally prefer chaotic and unpredictable schedules. In the quote that follows one can see how the balancing act between Saturn self control and management and Lunar emotional reactions. Also, interesting that these are the two planets that rule parenting.

Greater regularity in daily activities may increase the predictability of an infant’s demands, leading to enhanced parental perception of the baby’s cues and increased parental confidence in meeting the infant’s needs, the researchers say.

More confident and perceptive parenting, in turn, supports the development of an infant’s emotional regulatory capacities. A baby’s ability to self-soothe and self-regulate are important emotional regulatory skills.

“Further, cognitive skills, such as directed-attention, or the ability to concentrate, also are likely involved in emotion regulation,” says Linnea Burk, clinical assistant professor at the University of Wisconsin and a co-author of the study..

“These attention-directed processes may help to adjust emotional arousal and aid children in managing overt behavior when emotions are less well-regulated by other means.

“Children with a well-developed ability to direct attention in a variety of situations likely use less cognitive effort, and therefore may have more cognitive resources available to aid in regulatory processes.”

The study supports the potential importance of the circadian system and its development in the life of the child, and possibly suggests a genetic basis that the researchers will explore in future work.

Source: http://www.futurity.org/health-medicine/babys-irregular-rhythm-may-grow-into-anxiety/

Timothy Monk from University of Pittsburgh and Linnea Burk from University of Wisconsin

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School Bus Crash in Missouri

A big collision between two school buses, a semi-truck and a SUV occurred on a highway in Missouri. Two people were killed and many, up to maybe 50 people, were injured. I just warned in yesterday's post to drive safely. The School Buses were loaded with High school band members on the their way to an Amusement Park. As I understand it, the driver of the SUV crashed with the Semi-truck and then the School Buses hit them. The SUV driver was killed.

source: http://www.cnn.com/2010/US/08/05/missouri.bus.wreck/index.html?section=cnn_latest

I send my condolences to the friends and families of the dead and wish a speedy recovery to the injured.

Maybe we should just plan on closing the Highways for the next few days. Accidents happen every day but this many aspects working together could make for extra difficult circumstances.

The Venus-Mars-Saturn conjunction which I mentioned yesterday was just passing over the Ascendant. All the angles were on the Aries Points with 1 Libra Rising. This means that the big t-square is placed right smack dab on the angles in angular signs.

Mars in difficult aspect to Uranus is a big indicator for accidents and this was placed over the ASC-DESC axis and accompanied by Venus-Saturn (ASC) and Jupiter (DESC).

The 3d House of Roads, Cars, Local Trips and School Children was empty so I wouldn't have been able to predict this. Pluto rules the House showing crises and death. And Sagittarius is intecepted in that house and opposing Moon in Gemini up in the 9th house, other house of transportation. The Moon is outstanding in the chart because it is intercepted, out of bounds and traveling fast. Actually I set the time of the accident for 10:15 and the article says that the accident occurred between 10:15 and 10:30 so Pluto was just passing into the 3d house.

School Bus Crash With SUV and Semi Trucks in Missouri
Aug. 5, 2010 between 10:15 am and 10:30 am

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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

When You Wish Upon a Star

Boy o Boy, Jiminy Cricket must be singing his brains out today. It's a Good Day for making a Wish. It might materialize by 2013. Then again it might not, and maybe once you get your Wish you won't want it, but that's life. And be sure to drive safely and don't trust machinery. (Sorry, scaredy cat Cap Moon speaking).

Saw this article on Yahoo. Venus in Virgo and Mars in Libra are in conjunction with Saturn over the next couple of days. The article says they will shiny bright up in the sky. Well, doesn't hurt that the Sun is in Leo.

Because I probably screwed up typing in the link here's address:


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Monday, August 02, 2010

Danger! Danger! Will Robinson! Pluto c. NN in Capricorn

So, have you ever been in that really obnoxious spot where a Saturnian person is telling you that your life is fucked up and you're being a pain in the ass? And you get all defensive and feel bad that you have a problem. And then afterwards you think about the Capricorn/Saturn person's life and realize that the Capricorn is more fucked up than you are and is basically just taking the blame out on you? Well, here we go. This rides lasts through the end of the year, just in time for the Capricorn's next birthday.

I've been saying that the Saturn-Uranus-Pluto t-square would bring issues regarding infrastructure. Turns out everything's falling apart. Well, not everything. And things fall apart no matter what. They just seem to really stand out when you've been expecting it to happen for the last 2 years or so.

Kind of interesting how the things that are falling apart are connected with things that are creating the most pollution on earth. That old Butter Commercial saying "You can't fool Mother Nature" keeps popping into my head these days. If any planet reminds me of that saying it would probably be Pluto. Pluto is so deeply connected with the deep underworkings of nature. Capricorn doesn't hurt, of course, being an Earth Sign, and also having the difficult pictogram of a Goat who tries to climb to the very peak of earth's mountains but is stuck with a fish's tail which hooks him into the deepest parts of the waters. That's the Capricorn guilt thing. The higher you go the farther you have to fall unless you give everything away. Other people aren't concerned with these problems, they don't get caught, but the Capricorns get busted if they don't follow the script.

So, there are so many infrastructure collapses lately this is just really dazzling. I keep saying that we really need to advance into the Jetson's age. Just leave the infrastructure behind and let everyone levitate. Of course, I have no idea how we're going to do that, but might as well dream. Right? The asphalt, the railroads, the exhaust engines. Good bye. Wouldn't it be nice?

Funny how with Pluto conjunct NN in Capricorn all the spillage and sewage is just fighting back at us. We've lost control of how we handle our toxics and wastes. Once Saturn and Jupiter move on there will just be this long Uranus-Pluto square passing back and forth. I doubt that's good for the arts but it sure will provide incentive for innovation and design. And Jupiter and Saturn will be doing a Grand Triny thing so there will be some sort of social awareness of sorts. As I'm not a real advocate for mass mentality and peer pressure situations I don't know how that will turn out. Sort of sterile innovation and design but some people like that. And it might actually be clean if we keep the Virgos employed by the droves to do a perfect job (so the Virgos brag, at least)

The International Space Station is having some emergency problems. Where's Will Robinson's robot right about now? One of their air conditioning units blew a fuse late SAturday. Love how these news reports don't mention the actual date so you have to fumble back and forth with a calendar and sort of guess. I suppose NASA will eventually have an actual time for the circuit breaker trip (so Mars-Saturn-Uranus). Anyway, remember the connections between Space stuff and Pluto-Nodes. Learning Curve on the Ecliptic wrote a great piece about the Challenger Disaster. And that one Astronaut early on saw aliens on one space flight. They'll be ok but they're having a stressful week. There are articles on the Internet discussing how the Space Shuttle blast offs and air conditioning are major polluters of the ozone.

In July in the U.S. two Dams broke

Tempe Town Lake, AZ
July 20, 2010 shortly before 10 pm a loud bang was heard

Something about a rubberized dam blowing apart

Pisces was Rising and the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Aries was in the first house. Suppose that conjunction and the Pisces Rising could indicate Rubber. This was opposing the Mars-Saturn conjunction in H7 and squaring Pluto-NN up in the 10th. So the big t-square was on the angles. Chart ruler Neptune was in the 12th House and was stand out as a singleton in Air. But the big singleton was the Sun 29 Cancer in H5. The Sun was unaspected by major aspect to other planets in both house placement (succedent) and element (Water). It was in a Grand Trine with the Moon 3 Sagittarius and the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction.

In Iowa much greater damage was done at Lake Delhi. This was caused by 10" of rain and a breaching of the dam walls. Kind of interesting that the chart shows an absence of planets in Water signs. The Dam was built 1922-29 so it was going through a Uranus Return.

July 24, 2010 Delhi, Iowa Water Cascading 10:30 am

This chart is sort of an upside down version of the Tempe Arizona Chart with Virgo Rising and with the Mars-Saturn conjunction on the Ascendant. Jupiter-Uranus is in the 7th and is squaring Pluto-NN and even Moon in Capricorn down in the 4th House (Moon is widely past conjunction with Pluto but I'm not sure if this is the actual time of the break).

Interesting that there was a witness who saw this whole thing from 150 feet away. His name is Fred DeShane (52 years old?).

So here we go. China said that it had contained its oil spill by July 26 but China is a Libra and paints a rosy picture so now we've got some new bulletins saying that they're having problems too. So, the U.S. and China are both Cardinal Sun Signs and now we get to see what happens to Cardinal Sun Signs during a Pluto transit (no one's going to kiss these ough-ie's).

China - Xingang Oil Spill, Yellow Sea off coast of Dalian, Liaoning province

July 16, 2010 6:20 pm 1st pipeline exploded. Triggered 2d pipeline explosion. Source.

Sun 24 Cancer (H7); Moon 29 Virgo (H8); ASC 8 Capricorn; MC 3 Scorpio; NN 12 Capricorn

The Pluto-NN conjunction is right on the Ascendant.

The Sun is one degree away from the spot where the Moon was (23 Cancer) during the Deepwater Horizon Spill.

Don't know if this is significant but this points to the two Solar Eclipses for this year. The Jan. 15 Solar Eclipse (Annular) had a conjunction of Sun-Moon at 26 Cancer. The July 11 Solar Eclipse (Total) had a Sun-Moon Eclipse at 20 Cancer.

Mercury for the China Oil Spill (called the Xingang Port Oil Spill) is also conjunct within a few degrees the spot where Mars was in Leo during the Deepwater Horizon (Gulf) Oil Spill.

I can't get the image of the employees covered in tar out of my head. It's heroic but I wish it hadn't happened.

Of course, the Saturn-Uranus/Jupiter-Pluto t-square is going to be involved here. This shows breakdowns in infrastructure. Uranus 1 Aries is conjunct Jupiter 4 Aries. Interesting how it doesn't seem to matter that their exit from Pisces, which rules Oil and Oceans, doesn't seem to make much difference.

Perhaps a big part of these Oil Spills is the Pluto-NN conjunction in Capricorn (peak of civilization, beginnings of the Fall, structures). In the Xingang Port Oil Spill Pluto is conjunct the NN and they are hovering right over the Ascendant. Pluto rules both of the recent Solar Return Charts that I mentioned.

Also, Pisces, sign which rules Oil and Gas is enclosed in Houses 2 and 8 in this chart. Neptune is still in Aquarius (manmade inventions) but it is in conjunction with Chiron (things man can not help) on the first degree of Pisces. Lilith is also there. Don't know how to interpret that other than to say that Lilith is always "there." Kind of interesting to note Venus's connection in both Deepwater Horizon Chart and Xingang Port Oil Spill chart. Venus is squaring Lilith-Neptune-Chiron in the Gulf Oil Spill. And she's opposing that same combination in the Chinese Chart.

The Moon in this chart is conjunct Saturn the chart ruler and Mars. They are in the 8th House. Saturn is on the same degree spot (30 Virgo) in both charts, but he's Rx in the first chart.


The U.S. doesn't want to be out-done, of course, in anything, let alone disasters. So to accompany the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill we have added some others recently. This is obviously a Terrorist Plot.

I think I mentioned this one:

Red Butte Creek Oil Spill (rupture pipeline)
June 11-12, 2010, Salt Lake City, Utah

Sun 22 Gemini; ASC 7 Capricorn; Moon 18 Aquarius; MC 3 Aquarius; NN 11 Capricorn

New Moon
Pluto c. NN c. ASC in Capricorn
Ruler of Chart, Saturn in House 8
Jupiter-Uranus in H3

Talmadge Creek Oil Spill
July 26, 2010 9:45 (am?) Kalamazoo, Calhoun, Michigan (Ruptured pipeline)

Sun 4 Leo; Moon 10 Aquarius; ASC 11 Virgo; MC 7 Gemini; NN 11 Capricorn

Full Moon houses 5 and 11
Mars c. Saturn, big t-square on angles
Chart ruler Mercury in H12 opposing Neptune-Chiron-Lilith

Bartania Bay Gulf of Mexico (tugboat collision with Orphaned Well).
July 27, 2010 1:00 AM Jefferson Parish, LA

Sun 5 Leo; Moon 18 Aquarius; ASC 18 Taurus; MC 3 Aquarius; NN 11 Capricorn

Just after the Full Moon,
Sun conjunct IC
Mars 28 Virgo c. Saturn 1 Libra opposing Uranus 1 Aries
Chart ruler Venus unaspected by major aspect to other planets. We're going to have to blame the mermaids for this one.

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