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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Solomon Northrop, 12 Years a Slave

Just saw "12 Years A Slave," a movie about Solomon Northrop a free black man born in New York who was kidnapped and sold into slavery.  As the title of the movie suggests Northrop was held for 12 years by various slave owners and then was freed with the help of his friends and the Governor of New York.

Since 12 years is a Jupiter return I was curious to see what sign Jupiter was in for the time of the kidnapping and the release.  Wikipedia offers some dates but I don't have exact dates.  Turns out that Jupiter was in its own sign of Sagittarius for both events.  Kind of difficult to explain for the kidnapping but definitely works for being one of the few kidnapped slaves who found freedom.  Sagittarius is the sign of freedom.  Also rules the law and legal affairs.  Northrop was born with Neptune, the planet that rules slavery at 3 Sagittarius so this planet may have been triggered.  Northrop was lured to Washington, D.C. With the promise of a well paying job and then was drugged and chained.  Neptune rules deception and druggings and Jupiter rules boundless optimism.

He also had a conjunction of Saturn to the North Node in Scorpio.  This corresponds to the same aspect which occurred this year just as a movie about his struggles and survival skills comes before the public.  The movie won a golden globe award this year.

According to Wikipedia, Northrop was born July, 1808 in Minerva, New York.  He was kidnapped and sold into slavery in 1841 when he was 32 years old (this means he would have been kidnapped before July).  Northrop was freed in January, 1853 when he was 44 years old.  Circumstances surrounding his death are unknown.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Burglary at FBI offices leads to exposure of Cointelpro program.

Cointelpro was a secret program run by the government.  Most of the documents were destroyed in 1973 in order to avoid scandal and accountability.  It maybe never would have been known about at all if documents weren't stolen from FBI offices back in 1971.  A recent NEw York Times article says that 5 of the thieves have come forward since the statute of limitations for their crime is expired.


"Burglars who took on FBI abandon shadows " by Mark Mazzatti. Jan 7, 2014. NYTimes

The astrology for the theft is pretty interesting.  There was a conjunction of Jupiter to Neptune in Sagittarius on that particular night.  That shows a great energy put forth to seek freedom and truth.  It's interesting that current whistleblower Edward Snowden was born in 1983 when Neptune was still in Sagittarius and Jupiter had just cycled back to that sign.  In his chart, however, Jupiter is in conjunction with Uranus in Sagittarius.  His whistleblowing encouraged the thieves of the FBI files to come forward.

Secret papers stolen from FBI office
March 8, 1971. Media, Pennsylvania.

I don't have a time for the theft.  Scorpio was rising at 11:00 pm, so I suppose that's a great place to start.  Mars 29 Sagittarius was squaring Pluto 29 Virgo to the degree.  Excellent aspect for committing a crime.