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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

This Year's Caput Algol

Edit, I used wrong date, it's mat 26, Saturday.. Moon was in mid Leo and just rising into the 11th house. Jupiter is still unaspected on Algol, though. Found a birthdate for the victim, ronald poppo, which shows sun conjunct Algol and t. Jupiter. May 17, 1947. Am having trouble getting an Internet connection so can't correct this post. Am writing on iPad which I shouldn't attempt. So many stories of cannibalism right now. Meant to write about a bunch of beheadings down south as possible examples of how this Year's sun transited over ancient Arabic star Caput Algol. I've written before how I seem to notice that there is a gruesome story of a beheading when the sun passes over the last degrees of Taurus. This year Jupiter was passing over as well. Jupiter out of control will bring too much of something. Caput Algol is considered most of the most malefic Stars. I learned about it over at Bob Marks forum. Maybe they're discussing this story. On Sunday there was the gruesomest story out of Florida so far this year. And the way Florida is going this yeR that's saying a lot. On Sunday at around 2:00 some guy ripped off his clothes and chomped the face off of a homeless man who was passed out on the offramp of a street. The Miami herald has published an entire 18 minute video from a security camera on the Internet. Isn't that the length of a TED lecture? Anyways the guy only got 80 percent finished before a policeman walked up and shot him. Several people called the incident in. One cyclist gives a gruesome story about how he yelled at the guy to stop and he just look up and growled and swallowed. he was eating it like a zombie. First house rules the head and face. I looked up to see what was going on with the first house at around 2:00pm. Mars in Virgo was right at the ascendant and it was opposing Neptune-Chiron. That's a zombie aspect. I just wrote about how this opposition hitting the same asc/desc axis showed up in Lego theft videos. And bigger than this is jupiters transit. Jupiter was at 26-7 Taurus. That's conjunct Caput Algol although I don't know the exact placement of Caput Algol right now. Jupiter was unaspected, except c. Ceres, so was sort of out of control in the chart. May 28, 2012. 2:00pm about Sun. 8 Gemini; Moon. 7 Virgo; Asc. 18 Virgo; mc. 18 Gemini; NN 6 Sagittarius Jupiter. 27 Taurus h9 The moon is conjunct mars and is squaring the sun. This is a prelude for the june 5 eclipse which will yet again features a volatile moon, mars, sun aspect. We are in the middle of an eclipse set.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Legos Thefts Barcode Scams

Weird stories.  This was the Mars Retrograde where all the grown men got caught stealing Legos toys from Target Stores. Apparently this is the new hip crime which involves switching bar codes to lower the prices of the toys and then either saving them or reselling them on Ebay.  Whew, What's a Trekkie to do during a Double Dip Recession/Depression.  At any rate, this partially explains why all those Target employees are harassing me when I go into the store.  When I first saw the mugshots I thought it was a hoax and had a little anxiety attack because I know they're after me as well. 

I guess this isn't just happening in the Silicon Valley but it certainly seems as if these guys are working together.  They seem to have marked out their turf and don't steal from each other's stores.  This week the crimes became big news because a Vice President from a Tech firm, a rich guy, was caught and arrested.  Apparently the thieves print out labels at home and switch the labels in the stores and then get caught on videotape.  The guy from San Francisco is unemployed and only made a couple grand on his purchases but the Silicon Valley exec made about $30,000 over the last year.  Another guy in Oklahoma was also caught recently.

Here's a story about it. 

Had to look up the Astrology and the extended transit of Mars in Virgo to Neptune in Pisces really stands out. In the 3 event charts which I have all the information for this opposition is passing over the ASC/DESC pole.  This combination certainly could be related to crime as Mars is aggression, impulsive acts and also rules all things related to little boys.  Neptune rules deception and also self undoing.  So together they can be thought to represent some kind of theft, burglery and deceptive crime.  This year they have been opposing each other for an extra long time because of Mars' Retrograde transit, a once every two year event.

Mars has been in Virgo, sign connected with technology, details, marketing, employees.  Neptune has just entered his own sign of Pisces and he has been in conjunction with Chiron, Wounder Teacher/Healer imagery.

Earlier in the year, Mars in Virgo was also strong because he was in a Grand Earth trine with the Jupiter (Toys) and Pluto (crime, theft). Thomas Langenbach, the executive thief apparently also collects the toys. The Grand Trine might represent thefts the men got away with.  Trines often bring Luck.

Eric Francis at PlanetWaves describes all the Mars transits really well here.

Mars into Virgo Nov. 10, 2011 until July 3, 2012

Mars Rx Jan 24, 2012 to April 14, 2012  Morales arrested on April 14.  First video of Langenbach taken Apr. 26.  Curtis arrested April 30, 2012.

Mars-Jupiter-Pluto Grand Trine phasing in and out most of this time.  Read Eric Francis' blog post for more info.

Mars opposing Neptune starting phasing in and out (within orb) while Mars was still in Leo back at the end of October (22) 2011.  The opposition has been extra long because of the Retrograde and also because of Neptune's conjunction with Chiron in Pisces and would have become very intense when the Sun passed over Neptune-Chiron Feb . 26, 2012 to about Mar. 18, 2012.

In the surveillance camera video charts the Sun is also approaching conjunction with Jupiter and Lilith in Taurus and is just past the Midheaven, highest part of the chart.  This puts the crimes into "The Limelight."

In all 3 of the charts for thefts which I was able to get time, date, and place, the Mars-Neptune opposition has been very close to the Ascendant/Descendant axis with Mars in the 1st house.  1st House will show perpetrators.  The other side shows victims.  I haven't looked up the chart for Target but do know that Neptune is connected to cameras and getting films and the men are being arrested because of videotape surveillance.

Sun is also conjunct Lilith and Jupiter (widely).  Boys just wanna have fun with toys.

Thomas Langenbach, Age 47

Cupertino Target Store:  April 20, 2012, no time.

San Carlos, CA Target Store: video of him stealing from same store

Apr. 26, 2012  2:07 pm

ASC 28 Virgo; Sun 8  Taurus (H9);  Moon 8 Cancer (H11);  MC 23 Taurus, NN 7 Sagittarius Rx

Mars 4 Virgo (H1) oppose  Neptune 3 Pisces (H7)
Interesting t-square over the Resources houses with Moon in H11 opposing Pluto in H5 and squaring Mercury-Uranus in Aries in H8

Mountain View Target Store:  May 1, 2012, no time

Arrested Mountain View Target Store, California
May 8, 2012  3:45 pm

Sun 19 Taurus (H8) ;  Moon 29 Sagittarius (H4) ; ASC 27 Virgo;  NN 7 Sagittarius Rx (H3)

Donald Morales, Age 44, caught San Bruno, San Mateo, Redwood City or Daly City

arrested April 14, 2012, no time, 

Arrested the day that Mars Stations Direct


Todd Franklin Curtis, Age 30, from Norman, Oklahoma

Caught Apr. 30, 2012  2:45 pm  Oklahoma City Target Store

Sun 11 Taurus (H9);  Moon 29 Leo (H12);  ASC 4 Virgo;  MC 1 Gemini;  NN Sagittarius (H4)

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sunday's Gemini Solar Eclipse panned out nicely with this story.  Gemini rules little kids, neighbors, communications, cars, trucks and trikes.  A 3-year old decided to hop on his tricycle and ride through a busy intersection in a North Eastern City in China on Monday afternoon.  (May 23, 2012).  The video shows him making it all the way through before a police officer rescued him. 

This Eclipse was in conjunction with Jupiter (Luck) and Mercury (Trikes and busy intersections). This doubles the Mercury and Jupiter energy.

A 3-year old has just completed cycles of all his inner planets (Moon, Mercury, Sun, Venus, Mars) and is going through the first square of Transiting Jupiter to his natal Jupiter.  This is a time of rapid increase of vocabulary and breaking through boundaries, adventure seeking, and testing one's lucky stars. I wonder how Jupiter is placed in this kid's natal chart.  He could star in his own Pink Panther movies.

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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Ibrahim Hassan al-Asiri

This kid has grown up to be every Mother's dream.  Al Qaeda's best bomb builder.

According to Rex Bills Rulership Book, Uranus rules bombs along with Mars as a sub-ruler.  Mars rules weaponry like guns and knives.  Bombs are more complicated and require an Outer Planet influence I guess.  Uranus rules all group activities, including getting killed with others I guess.  Mars rules ignitions and sparks and Uranus rules unexpected and shocking events along with innovative flair. So, put them together and you go kaboom.

Asiri's chart has a sextile between these planets with a 2 second orb.  That's pretty precise.  Sextiles show talent in a natal chart.  These two planets have no other major aspects to other planets so they work as an island influence in the chart.

Mars is at 4 Libra Rx and Uranus is at 4 Sagittarius Rx.  Those Rx's show that one needs to look at his progressions to watch for banner years in this dude's life.  When they come out of progression, o boy.  No, make that O "Little Boy."

To add to this insulated influence in al-Asiri's chart, the world's best bomb maker has an Aries Sun.  So al-asiri's Sun disposits to his Mars.  That's a lot of fire energy.  He was also born during a conjunction of Saturn to Pluto in Libra which shows an innate sense of what is real and what is not.  It's great for scientific creations.  It's a connection that is associated with Loss and feelings of ruthlessness which can branch out in ugly ways that are not fun to party with later in life.  Saturn-Pluto is extremely hard working and determined.  Both planets don't give up a fight easily and they are reserved so one may not always know what one is dealing with.  They like to make plans and carry them out.  They like to manage and advise others.  Mars is merely trigger happy.  Saturn and Pluto want to make you remember what they came here for.  Means business, figuratively and literally.

Ibrahim Hassan Al-Asiri
b. either Apr. 18 or 19, 1982  Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Sun 29 Aries, Moon either Aquarius or Pisces;  NN  18 Cancer Rx

24/06/1402  Hijri Calendar

This source is the list of current al-Qaeda members.  Would be interesting to study at a later date although I personally might not want to get involved.

Al-Asiri is born with Mars at 4 Libra Retrograde.  This means that Mars is in the sign of its Fall, Mars is in the sign which opposes it's natural rulership.  Mars strikes out, Venus strikes back, usually with a desire for Peace or at least non-violence. They rule both ends of the Relationship Pole in the chart. They both want to Act because they both rule Cardinal signs.  Cardinal Signs like to start things.  If you build bombs you can destroy things rather than finish them if they start to annoy you. The Mars Rx shows al-Asiri and everyone else born within a couple of months of his birthday have a special experience in trying to resolve Mars in Libra issues. That's some heavy need to balance what one wants rather than what others want. There are zillions of ways they can do this, don't have to become bomb builders.  They might have bad tempers or attract people who do.  The progressed Mars in the U.S. chart is in this same Retrograde position right now.

In al-Asiri's progressed chart, Mars Stationed Direct back in 2005-6 at 1 Libra.  That's not only an Aries Point but it has been getting hits from the recent big outer planet t-square between Saturn-Uranus-Pluto.He's also also just completed his first Saturn Return, that's a time for making major decisions about one's role in the world.  He become top bomb builder.  As I said his natal Saturn is Rx in Libra in conjunction with Pluto Rx in Libra and widely in a stellium with Jupiter in Scorpio.  All this opposes his natal Aries Sun.

His attitude changed greatly when his brother died from a suicide bombing in 2009.  This is a few years after his prog. Mars SD at 1 Libra (Aries Point, comes before public).  Natal Mercury (sibling) is 6 Taurus.  Prog. Mercury in 2009 was at 14 Gemini which is that weird Gemini-Sagittarius pole connected with Arab terrorism (placement of the Saturn-Pluto opposition during 9/11).  He possibly has a natal trine with Moon and Saturn in Aquarius and Libra.  Moon and Saturn represent Family connections, Homeland, patriotism, tradition.  Progressed Mercury would have filled in a Grand Trine figure which would perhaps make him feel more motivated.  I'm trying to figure out what will show motivation in a chart.  A Grand Trine can seal off an energy (my trans of what I think Noel Tyl says) and can be connected to feeling like one has found one's calling in life.  It might be like a Vortex influence which sucks one down eventually into fanaticism.  Al-Asiri's Natal North Node is in Cancer so this shows that he would be drawn in this direction.  Too bad he doesn't use his natural talents in directing energy to develop a water purification process instead which is what the world needs in order to get along right now.  Somebody send him a book about Viktor Schauberger or something.

His Aries Sun, which as I said disposits to Mars is strongly placed in his natal chart.  It is opposing Saturn 19 Libra Rx, Pluto 26 Libra Rx, and Jupiter 7 Scorpio Rx.  Oppositions show relationships and balancing acts and a person who will engage with others.  In this case, al-Asiri feels naturally connected to the politics of his time as shown through Sun opposing Jupiter and Saturn which represent political and social affairs.  Pluto opposite Sun will show power plays with others. 

By Solar Arc this opposition is hitting his natal Uranus in Sagittarius.  With the upcoming 2.5 year long mutual reception of Saturn and Pluto along with the transiting Uranus-Pluto square I hope we don't see al-Asiri's finest hour.  Currently he's having his Saturn Return which is opposing natal Sun and in conjunction with n.Saturn-Pluto-Jupiter.  His prog. Sun is at 29 Taurus and will be opposing natal Uranus 4 Sagittarius Rx over the next 5 or 6 years.

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Neptune-Pluto Sextile Stuff

I just realized a couple of things about outer planet transits.  This would be a big doi for most astrologers I guess but I'm just catching on.

When you have a long term planetary aspect this means that no one born during that time will have an unaspected planet in his or her chart.

Am wondering how that works out for all of us who are born during this long Neptune-Pluto sextile.  It moves in and out of orb and has changed signs but so many people born within the last 50 or so years share it.  Because of their long orbits no one on earth can experience a full cycle of either of these planets.  It's sort of as if we have "talent" (sextile) for understanding what most generations before us thought was mystery.  Kind of interesting how our generations aren't producing any original art, Religion has been given backseat to Science, and We are extremely materialistic.  All the natural Neptune-Pluto interpretations seem to not exist.  The Pluto in Leos have strong belief in Astrology but the Pluto in Virgos and Libras don't seem to.

Lots of ways to translate this.

Both Pluto and Neptune rule Water signs.  Water is becoming the biggest concern with global warming. There's a study from out of a school in Wisconsin about how the tap water supplies in Wisconsin (maybe it was Minnesota) and California has fecal contamination because the underground plumbing infrastructure is broken. Just try going into a Health or Water dept to explain this.  You will get nothing but denial.  Actually the reaction is so Neptunian it's unbelievable.

The other planet which rules Water is the Moon.  This functions at the completely opposite side of the life span cycles in humans.  The Lunar Cycle is the first cycle a baby completes.  It's the shortest cycle and humans have way more Lunar Cycles than any other planet. I know, the Moon isn't a planet, it's a Moon.  Curing first year of life, Babies have at least 10 Lunar Returns before completing any other planetary cycle if they happen to have their first Mercury Return at its earliest which is 10 months.  Learning how to receive Love and to reflect it back is the most important human survival skill maybe.  Maybe we just need to develop ability to process hydration in our systems before anything else.

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Sunday, May 06, 2012


I use the Firefox browser because I thought it was more secure than using Internet Explorer.  But, if I'm reading this right, Firefox has been giving out an extension to their program which enables anybody to walk into a wifi hotspot and get a list of all the activity that everyone who is connected to the server is doing.

Firefox also apparently gives out an extension which can block others from doing this.  I'm finding out about this 2 years after the fact and after I've almost driven my car off a cliff because people have been tracking me pretty much everywhere online and in person.  

Thanks so much Firefox.  What enabling is.

Here's a link to the article.  It's at boingboing.net.

There's something called the Tor project.  What's that?  www. torproject.org

There's a place you can download the Firefox extension to block people from using the Firefox extension that is used to spy on people.  www.eff.org/https-everywhere.

There's something here about safety using


Saturday, May 05, 2012

Kentucky Derby Day

The Kentucky Derby runs today.  And there's also a Supermoon tonight.  That's a Full Moon that's close to earth.

So, the Kentucky Derby today has the full Moon within 2 degrees just barely entering the 1st-7th Houses. I mean, just barely, so whatever people put their money on (H2-H8) may not be the winner.  That's craziness. 

First we want to celebrate the Horses because they are so damn lovely.  Here's a list.  The experts have picked their favorites but as I've said before the real way to pick the winner is to go down to the Paddock right before the race with your Sagittarius Mother and see which horse looks her in the eye.  Sagittarians have special affinities with animals.  Animals like a Happy Person, or at least a lucky person, or at least a person who feels lucky.

Most of the women at the Derby wear big hats so I don't know if they are Sagittarians.  I'm pretty certain that this scares the horses.  It scares me, especially since Uranus, planet of weirdness, is in Aries, the sign of everything that goes on the head.  There might be some weird feathers stuck on today's chapeaus, probably whole turkeys.  And last I heard it's raining in Louisville so there will be sagging feathers, woddles, and plastic bags.  Ugh. How can the horse see your eyes if all that crap is in the way.

Kentucky Derby
May 5, 2012  6:24 pm  EDT, Louisville, KY

Sun 16 Taurus (H7);  Moon 13 Scorpio (H1); ASC 20 Libra;  MC 23 Cancer;  NN 7 Sagittarius (H2)

Kentucky Derby is always in May so is always a Taurus event.

Neptune (H5), planet of big climatic issues involving water, is squaring the Nodal Axis (H2-8).   Today's practice was cancelled because the track was soaked from last night's storms.  This aspect works out into a t-square because Mars at 7 Virgo is opposing Neptune-Chiron.  Mars is up in the 11th Houses of Wishes and Hopes and is opposing the planet of Dreams.  This aspect has been in effect for a really long time over the past couple of months because of Mars' Retrograde.  There might be spectacle or deception with regards to money and risk taking and hopes, etc.  Neptune rules big animals but I think that might be big animals who live out in the wild.  I think that Jupiter rules horses but probably nobody else does.

Mars rules the 7th House of the chart so it represents either the Jockeys or the Horses or whomever takes poo.  Must be the Horse because the Jockey holds the reigns, which is a first house thing.  Actually, with Venus ruling H1 and Mars ruling House 2 we have a reversal of the natural rulers.  Both Venus in Gemini and Mars in Virgo disposit to Mercury and Mercury is conjunct the Descendant.  So, the horses will be truly running around and around in a circle trying to figure out who's going to drive this thing.  And, actually, it won't be that confusing because Mercury is opposed by Saturn/ASC and that shows that someone with solid concentration will be holding the reigns.

Saturn represents timing and delay, and professionalism and going ahead with bad ideas that ought to be delayed.  So, the horse that can run in mud best will win.  I could have told you that just by reading the weather report. The Jockey will have to be cautious and pushy and have good timing.

I'm remembering a song my Sagittarius Mother used to sing with her Ukelele.

went something like:

The horses run around
Their feet are on the ground
Oh who will wind the clock while I'm away, away?
Go get the axe there's a hair on baby's chest
Who put the shore so near the ocean, the ocean?.

There's more.  I pretty certain I've scrambled the lines.

Don't know how to determine who wins a race. I think that the rulers of the fire signs represent sports.  That's Mars, Jupiter, Sun. and H1-5-9.  All these planets are in earth signs today and are placed in H5,7 and 11.  Jupiter represents Good Luck so is probably most associated with a winner.  Jupiter is placed in the 8th House which probably represents placing a bet.  He is in conjunction with the Sun (risk) and Lilith (even riskier). 

The Ascendant/H1 cusp would show the starting point especially in sports requiring a rider and a ridee.  The 1st House of this chart contains both of the rulers of both the IC and MC which are Moon 13 Scorpio and Saturn Rx at the end of Libra.  Moon and Saturn are natural rulers of the IC and MC which are the top and bottom of the chart so this angle receives extra attention.  They represent tradition, Mom and Dad, genetics.  Saturn conjunct the ASC could show good bone structure.  Moon could represent horse reacting to crowds or to my Dead Mother who I'm sure will be floating around in the paddock to see if anyone can see her ghost.  To be honest, I think they've bred the life out of the race horses so they are just sort of tired and depressed.  But, Saturn in H1 can give good rhythm and opposing Mercury will show something having to do with focus and concentration. And, any horse that gets any extra love or sugar cubes right before the race will do much better than the others.

Chart ruler is Venus 23 Gemini.  She's in H9.  So the horse from the foreign country, or the jockey from the foreign country wins.  Or the horse with the best manual dexterity wins.  Or the most logical horse wins.  Or maybe Mr. Ed will be there.

A horse is a horse
 unless of course
 you talk to Mr. Ed.

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Mercury, Venus and Mars Retrogrades of 2012, 1st half

People with major points in their charts at Mid-Mutable signs are catching the brunt of some tricky energy this year from the Venus and Mars Retrogrades.  Mutable Signs are about refining things and finishing things up.  Mutable Signs are closers.  Probably even the Geminis if you can keep them from getting distracted or chain them to some Scorpios or other Fixed Signs.

Mars stationed Rx on  Jan 23, 2012 at 24 Virgo and then stationed D on  Apr. 13, 2012 at 4 Virgo.  It will return to its point of Rx, 24 Virgo on June 19, 2012.  This means that 4 through 24 degrees of Virgo are probably a little more impulsive and inspired than usual. Mars usually has a retrograde aspect about every 2 years, I think its slightly more than 2 years but don't quote me and I'm not looking it up.  Virgos may be feeling like they are getting picked up by the nape of their necks and pulled along at very fast speeds right now.  The other Mutable Signs might be feeling like they are getting pushed

A major aspect of any Mars Retrograde is that it includes an opposition from Mars to the Sun.  This occurred this year on March 3 with Sun at 14 Pisces opposing Mars at 14 Virgo Rx.

The last Mars Rx was in Leo-Cancer and included an opposition from Pluto over the important 1 Cancer/Capricorn points.  This was right around the time that the Saturn, Uranus t-square would have been forming.  

March 3, 2012  between 3:00 pm and 3:24 pm EST, NY, NY

This Sun-Mars synodic cycle might promise Success for those afflicted ro affected as Mars was in a Grand Trine with Jupiter in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn.  At the time of the opposition Mars was in the 2d House and Sun was in the 8th House.  This doesn't seem like the world's most ethical combination but it does seem lucky.  

I remember reading once, but can't verify the truth of, that Mars has the most erratic cycle of all the planets.

All the planets outside of the Earth's orbit will have an opposition like this.  This is called a Synodic Cycle.

The two planets which are inside the Earth's orbit, that's Mercury and Venus, will have conjunctions to the Sun instead of oppositions.

Venus is currently traveling through the sign of Gemini.  She will go retrograde on May 15.  She will then be in conjunction with the Sun on June 5.

Venus and the Sun have a very regular cycle in which they are in conjunction every 18 months.  This is a very interesting cycle because of all the cycles it is the most precise.  5 of these cycles in a row puts them back almost in the same spot in the Astrological Wheel.  This cycle makes up a star pattern on the wheel which looks like a pentagram.  This Venus Rx is the end of an eight year cycle which is rare.

Venus will be in conjunction with the Sun on June 5 this year at 16 Gemini.  It will square Mars at 17 Virgo and widely trine Saturn at 24 Libra Rx.

June 5, 2012  about 9:13 pm EDT  NY, NY

Marketing angst.  Mental Angst.  Communications Angst.

Angst.  Angst.  Angst.

I would assume that Gemini's are getting some extra help by this Venus transit but I'm certainly not.  And a composer-artist I used to know who was born on June 5 or 6 committed suicide last year.  Venus and Sun together can often have that effect.  At least that's my observation, but most astrologers would probably like to say that this is a great time to get married.  June is a big month for marriage.  Why not wait until October this year?

And speaking of Angst.

Mercury, that nervour little beast, was in Rx in March and April. and was in conjunction with the Sun at 2 Aries.  It was also in conjunction with Uranus.  The rewiring of the world.

March 21, 2012  3:13 pm about, EST  NY, NY  

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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Meet George Jetson...

I've got Gemini Rising and Aquarius Midheaven and the rulers of both of those poles are in conjunction in my 3d House.

And I can not tell you how excited I get watching this videoof a concept car made by Volkswagon in China.