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Sunday, May 31, 2009

World No Tobacco Day

The Sun is in Gemini, Save Your Bronchials.

The American Lung Association has sent me a notice that today is "World No Tobacco Day." Well, there's a conjunction of the Moon to Saturn in Virgo which could help to focus attention on Health Issues. Perhaps a couple of people could be encouraged to give up Smoking, an addiction that's compared with Heroin for its difficulty for quitting. This year, with all the unrest and stress concerning financials it's probably not the best time to be asking people to successfully try to kick a habit like this, though. And, with a conjunction of Venus to Mars in the Fire Sign of Aries I think a lot of smokers will use it as an excuse to stick 5 sticks in their faces all at once. Maybe pop a Prozac to make up for how scary it all is.

Both of my parents smoked 3 packs a day. They both were diagnosed with Lung Cancer as I was approaching my Saturn Return and they died when I was 30 and 31. As I had Bronchial Asthma all through childhood I know what it's like not to be able to breathe. But, apparently other people take this gift for granted. In most people it's an automatic bodily function. Right before she died my Mother said that although she had watched me gasping for air during the attacks she never had really understood how terrifying it is not to be able to breathe. She slowly lost her ability to breathe over a period of 4 years. She would have to cough relentlessly and after the Cancer spread to her bones her ribs would break from her coughing.

When you get Lung Cancer big sores grow on your lungs. They pus up and you drown slowly as they grow. I will repeat that, you Drown. It's like going down in the Titanic in super slow motion.

If you have Lung Surgery an incision is made straight across your torso from the front to the back and the entire half of your body is opened up and your lung is removed. My Mother decided not to have surgery because the Doctors couldn't tell from the x-rays whether the Cancer was connected to her spine yet.

My Father did have surgery. After surgery he developed an infection and his remaining lung went into arrest. He was kept on a ventilator in a drug induced coma for 2 months while the doctors tried to get up the nerve to tell us to unplug him. Once my StepMother found out that he had left half of his possessions to his children she started pushing for a cure and managed to get the Doctor to try steroids. Like a Miracle it worked, for a while. The body decays pretty rapidly while in a Coma. My Father's hips were melded together from the massive steroid dose. He got up out of the hospital bed and stayed alive long enough for one last trip to Hawaii and one last trip to the Lawyer where My Stepmother had him re-write his will.

So, there. Yet another gruesome story from the Cancer Annals. Every family who suffers from slow, insidious diseases has these.

Below are some statistical estimates from the American Lung Association's email. The money thing. Oh yeah, the reason why we finally did unplug my Father was because his Insurance ran out. He also had only 1/4 of one lung left to breathe on by himself. Those Ventilators and those Paddles that the Doctors use? They can keep just about anything alive. Just look at Dick Cheney. My Father was one of those old breeds of Fathers who was tough as nails. When they lowered his Morpheme dose he became completely alert and aware. Kind of difficult to think about unplugging someone in that state. Okay, okay, here's the numbers. People are so damn dumb:
According to the World Health Organization, by 2030, if current trends continue, smoking will kill one in every six people around the world, not to mention the financial toll that it takes.

In the United States alone, smoking cost $193 billion in 2004, including $97 billion in lost productivity and $96 billion in direct health care expenditures.


Saturday, May 30, 2009

World's Most Powerful Laser, Groovy Baby.

Yesterday the U.S. dedicated the world's most powerful Laser Beam Maker at the Lawrence Livermore Labs in Livermore, California. Turns out the United States has got some reserve Mojo despite the Recession. As a matter of fact, I think this means we have too much Mojo. If we ever use this thing for Defense purposes all the little boys from Sea to Shining Sea who are unfortunate enough to survive will grow up with 3000 testicles each and a penis the length of the Empire State Building. Shag that.

The Lawrence Livermore Laser, called "National Ignition Facility" or NIF, has the power of 192 normal laser beams and makes a Hydrogen Bomb look more like a mere firecracker, maybe just even sparklers. Thing that's really scary is that it is set to be fully operational in 18 months in 2010. Now I call that a Pluto-Saturn-Uranus t-square on the Aries Points, Baby.

NIF received certification approval by the Dept. of Energy on

Mar. 27, 2009, Washington, DC

Sun 8 Aries; Moon Aries; NN 7 Aquarius Rx

Hey, a New Moon in Aries (Military, Direct Action, Weapons) conjunct Venus Rx in her Detriment and squaring Pluto (Control, Revenge). How's that for a weapon called "National Ignition Facility?" Words like "Ignition" and "Target" really come into focus with strong Aries emphasis. Some of that good old Brassy U.S. Pluck? Don't think the rest of the World might like it but I could be wrong....

Not sure exactly what time the certification happened. So, don't have an exact placement for the Moon, but the Sun is conjunct Venus to the degree. Venus in Aries here is Retrograde and in Detriment by sign (opposite sign that she naturally rules). Venus rules Diplomacy and when Diplomacy fails we pull in the big guns and just take aim.

The Sun-Venus conjunction is further stressed by aspect. It and maybe the Moon is squaring Pluto. This square contains all the planets except for Saturn (Government and anything Authoritarian) which makes a handle to the Bucket Chart Pattern. So, where's angry old Mars since he's so strongly featured in indirect ways in this chart? He's opposing Saturn from Pisces.

Uranus, sign of unexpected Kabooms, is unaspected and ruling the North Node. This is also great for Science and Outer Space Discoveries.

Wish I could find times. These charts would be very telling in understanding how those 192 Laser Beams will be focused in the future.

Yesterday was the Dedication Ceremony for the Facility.

May 29, 2009, Livermore, CA; Time: Need to look for the length of Arnold Schwarzenneger's shadow in the photos in order to measure the hour.

Happened around Mid-day


Sun 9 Gemini; Moon Leo; NN 4 Aquarius

For the Ceremony, we've got Mercury Retrograde in Taurus and squaring the conjunction of Jupiter-Neptune and Chiron in Aquarius which features all 3 planets on the same degree. I don't know what that means with regards to pushing buttons, maybe a little slow and stupid on the trigger, but the news media (Mercury) is being very quiet about this facility. I guess if you're announcing how you're more powerful than anyone else in the World maybe you don't want to boast.

The Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron conjunction was in effect at the certification signing in March as well but yesterday both Neptune and Chiron were stationing. Neptune stationing Rx and Chiron stationing Direct. And both planets and Chiron were on the same degree. Yesterday, the people cutting the ribbon were thinking more in terms of Scientific discoveries. Kim Jong Il was blasting something like the 7th Nuclear warhead in 2 weeks over in Northern Korea.

This is just like the time in 5th grade when me and Mary MacKenzie mixed Lavoris with Baking Soda and Nitric Acid over a hot plate until it exploded over an entire corner of the classroom. We just had to keep adding ingredients until it exploded, it was our only purpose. Spent about 3 hours mopping the goop up and I've never wanted to see another explosion for as long as I live.

Uranus in the ceremony chart is still unaspected in Pisces and is further enhanced as a singleton in Water. Schwarzenegger was quoting movie lines from Terminator while cutting the yellow ribbon. That's the Neptunian movie element. Neptune is the sign of self undoing. I heard someone, a Neptunian obviously, also say that it represents hidden resources. That's good for Team U.S. North Korea has certainly been sharing their hidden resources.

So this Uranus-Neptune mutual reception. Collective Unconscious? Forced Collective? How about Collective Unconscious obliterated. That's Pluto on the Aries Point shooting its wad.

Let me state in finality that all may not be lost just because I think it is. Lawrence Livermore Labs is set on a couple of earthquake fault lines. It is probably about 50 or 60 miles East of the San Andreas Fault Line. So it would be kind of cool if the Laser were set on motion detectors so that if an earthquake starts it will zap the fault line and merely singe the beard hairs off the hippies in Berkeley while nary a tipsy chandelier swaying in the land. In other words, maybe they can aim this thing into the ground at the right time and way lay an earthquake, or at least send the Shock waves over to North Korea. Maybe this thing could be useful in other decent ways. Who knows, it may be so powerful it can blast Dr. Evil and his Hairless Cat up into space once the Statue of Liberty is up to her waist in the Hudson from Global Warming. Maybe Hollywood can rent it out to etch-a-sketch Angelina Jolie's lips into the Moon. This is just so Outer Planety, my little Cancerian Sun just can't cope. I think I said before that I'm bad in a crisis. I get laughing attacks. Can't we just get Kim Jong Il a haircut? I mean, that's all that guy really needs anyway.

Extra notes:
Construction for the NIF broke ground exactly 12 years to the day of its opening celebration: Jupiter Return in Aquarius.
The Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron conjunction is one degree away from Kim Jong Il's natal Sun.

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Honduras Earthquake 7.1

A 7.1 earthquake hit offshore of Honduras early this morning. So far I've read about 6 deaths and 50 injuries and buildings that have been totaled. The Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron conjunction in Aquarius is exact today and Neptune is stationing Retrograde. I've noticed that Jupiter in conjunction with either Uranus or Neptune often happens during major earthquakes. Right now because Uranus and Neptune are in mutual reception with each in signs that are adjacent, Jupiter is basically going through one long Jupiter-Uranus-Neptune conjunction. I think the earth is just too happy right now.

At any rate, I've been wondering if the upcoming Total Solar eclipse on July 21-22, which will feature Uranus opposing Saturn and sort of squaring Pluto could make things get a little crazy on the Earthquake scene. The North Node will be at 1 Aquarius. Southern California tends to have Sun in Cancer earthquakes so this could be of some concern. Hopefully the Sun will remain asleep through all of this. I think Sunspot activity could affect earthquake activity just because it makes so much sense (and the Solar Arcs work really well for interpreting the Parkfield earthquake series.)

There will be a Lunar Eclipse (appulse) on July 7, 2009, two weeks before the Solar eclipse. I'm not sure where to set the time for the Eclipses. The New York location puts the Saturn-Uranus opposition on the angles for both charts. The Lunar Eclipse (Full Moon) will have Uranus conjunct MC and Saturn conjunct IC. The Solar Eclipse will have Uranus conjunct the ASC and Saturn conjunct the Desc. Pisces/Virgo seems more related to Health Epidemics and Politics issues but as I said I set those charts for New York which has dinky earthquakes only occasionally.

I haven't studied whether or not Eclipses have a reliable effect on earthquakes. The last eclipse on Feb. 9 had Sun conjunct Chiron-Neptune and today's earthquake featured Jupiter conjunct Chiron-Neptune in close to the same spot.

Today's earthquake:

Honduras Earthquake

May 28, 2009 2:24 am Island of Roatan, Honduras

Sun 8 Gemini; ASC 20 Aries; Moon 1 Leo; MC 15 Capricorn; NN 4 Aquarius

Some basic features I've noticed showing that this earthquake falls right in line with what we would expect:
  • Sun is unaspected to other planets but trining the North Node in Aquarius.
  • Uranus is a singleton in Water (H12). Only aspect is a trine to Moon in H4 (Environment)
  • Mars, the Moon and the Nodal Axis are right on the angles, rule the Ascendant and IC, are placed in the houses that they rule, and are involved in a t-square with Mars as apex. Mars is at 28 Aries (H1) conjunct Venus 22 Aries and ASC 20 Aries. Moon is at 1 Leo (H4) conjunct the SN. The North Node is in the 10th House.
  • Jupiter conjunct Neptune & Chiron at 27 Aquarius (H11) squaring Mercury 24 Taurus Rx. Mercury disposits the Sun.

  • Neptune stationing Direct.


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Stanford Solar Center

The Stanford Solar Center has an interesting blog about discoveries Science is making about Solar sciences. A recent blog shows the first photos and videos of the Feb. 9, 2009 Eclipse as seen from a Japanese satellite in outer space, not from earth. It could only happen during an Eclipse in Aquarius.


Frown for the Birdie

Seriously now folks, wipe that smile off your face.

New facial recognition software can't see beyond your dazzling smile so 4 states are now requiring that people not smile for their Driver's license IDs. (http://www.usatoday.com/news/nation/2009-05-25-licenses_N.htm?se=yahoorefer.)

How's that for serious old Pluto in Capricorn (don't show wrinkles and teeth) and Uranus-Neptune mutual reception (technology). Turns out that grinning makes a person unrecognizable to computer software recognition programs which makes for more Identity theft.

Capricorn rules Skin, Wrinkles, Teeth, and everything that's stuck between your teeth. Funny how everyone started grinning for photos when Pluto was in Cancer. Cancer rules lunacy and one thing you can say about lunatics is that they've got real nice smiles. Now that Pluto is in Capricorn we can all stop, though. This is going to run the Dentists out of business.


Logging Off - World's Oldest Blogger

This past week the World's Oldest Blogger passed away. Maria Amelia Lopez was 97. On her 95th Birthday Mrs. Lopez' grandson set up a blog for her and it became an online sensation with her takes on Life and the world. Her blog gives her birth information and no surprise Mrs. Lopez was a Capricorn, the sign of old age. To make things just a teensy bit more interesting the Sun is on the Aries Point at 1 Capricorn meaning that Age could play a part in Lopez's ability to come before the public. She found blogging to help her with her loneliness and her illness.

Pluto's passage through Capricorn might confront the problems of old age. There have been several of the Pluto in Gemini generation who found one last moment of productivity through their Blogs while Pluto was passing through Sagittarius and who have recently passed. The Gemini/Sagittarius pole seems very significant in Lopez' chart, along with the Aries Points. A couple of the other bloggers are mentioned at the bottom of this post.

Maria Amelia Lopez
b. Dec. 23, 1911 La Coruna, Spain

Sun 1 Capricorn; Moon Capricorn or Aquarius; NN 28 Aries Rx

I took a quick look at how the planets were placed at Mrs. Lopez' 95th Birthday to see what might indicate this late success. Without a birth time we can't find the Midheaven which would certainly show a big part of the story.

Solino has that amazing Capricorn Sun. I looked up her chart curious to see how Capricorn and Saturn are placed in her chart. They represent Old Age and I expected them to be prominent. Capricorn as I said already is on the Aries Point which is supposed to mean that a person will come before the public. I never really believe that until I see this kind of thing. Saturn is at 14 Taurus Rx in Solino's natal chart and opposing Venus in Scorpio. She would have been shrewd and have had a reserve of energy which perhaps can hold out for a longer life.

Astrologers often say that Capricorn is associated with a late success in life. I have no idea if that is true or not. Solino was born with Mercury and Mars Retrograde in her chart. I don't think that has anything to do with a late success but I'm going to mention it here anyway. Both planets stationed direct while she was still young so I don't think this is important.

So, now for the Return Charts, really fun and possibly insightful. I looked up the Solar Return Chart for Lopez' 95th Birthday and mined some other significant Returns that were going on at the same time and could possibly indicate her new vocation.

Lopez' natal Sun is conjunct Mercury in Capricorn and opposing Pluto in Gemini. This shows a highly communicative person with higher than average intelligence which has deep insights into her generation. Her communications about relationships would be particularly shrewd. I don't understand Spanish so I can't read her blog but in the introduction she cracks a joke about how her Grandson is cheap for only setting up her blog for her on her birthday. That's Plutonian sense of humor.

First off, there was the Solar Return on the Aries Point in Capricorn. An older person coming before the public.

This also happens to the be the year that Lopez was going through a Pluto opposition from the signs of Gemini (natal) to Sagittarius (Transit). Most people don't make it to their Pluto opposition so this is a difficult transit to interpret. Gemini and Sagittarius rule Writing/Communication and Publishing/International Affairs/Opinions, respectively. The Pluto Opposition is also part of Lopez's Solar Return transit as her natal Pluto is opposing natal Sun and Mercury out of sign in Capricorn. Just for extra kickers, Mercury is conjunct Pluto in the Solar Return(transit) chart.

And to even further the punch, the Moon was in Capricorn and was enhancing the energy. Lunar Returns happen once a month which is very common. But, you've got to look at the Moon because it represents the Public and Emotional Reactions, something that I suppose a blogger wants. I've been finding the Moon to be important in blog popularity, at any rate in the few instances where I've looked). Without a birth time I can't say anything about her Moon placement (except that it may have been aspecting her natal Uranus-Neptune opposition which squares her North Node. That's a strong generational aspect which hooks into her personal destiny, but as I say, I can't say much about that.

Last but not least is the final Return that I noticed for this Birthday. As a matter of fact this would be most significant. Lopez's natal Jupiter in Sagittarius was going through a Return. Jupiter here is in its own sign and, as already stated, Sagittarius is the sign of Publishing, International Affairs, Opinions. Jupiter is also the planet of Luck.

One more thing I found that's interesting is in regards to Progressions in this chart. I've mentioned earlier that Lopez's natal chart has Retrograde Mercury and Mars. Both of these planets are making major hits in her chart while she is writing her blog. Progressed Mars is now conjunct her natal Pluto. Mars represents young men and it was her 35 year old grandson (that's not particularly young, am speaking from a 95 year old woman's point of view). Also, progressed Mercury (writing, communication, blogging) is at 26 Aries and is 2 degrees away from conjunction with the North Node in Aries (Destiny). Interesting how Aries disposits to Mars, which once again points to her Grandson as motivator in her life somehow.

So, after writing this I found that Lopez is one of a handful of amazing "Oldest Bloggers." There's a whole blog about them. Listed below are their names and birth dates (hopefully correct).

Ruth Hamilton, Died at Age 109 on Jan. 18, 2008

b. Apr. 21, 1898 Alta, Iowa

Olive Riley, died July 12, 2008

b. Oct. 20, 1899 Broken Hill, New South Wales, Australia

There are more, probably some skate boarding blogs written by Octogenarians. That would be cool.


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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Why God Created Mercury Retrograde

First there was the Word....

Then there were the Geminis who could figure out what to do with the word. Sort of make it interesting, pep it up, stick a hook on it so as to reel in a crowd....

And the Geminis got so Clever with their words that God said: Let's throw em a curveball.

Hence, God said: Let There Be Mercury Retrograde.

And as proof of how much fun Mercury Retrograde can be I present you with this:

The Knitting World's Own Yarn Harlot.

Yarn Harlot is a Gemini. She's funny. She's witty. Of course she writes the top knitting blog on the web. She's got manual dexterity and knits like a fiend. And in today's blog The Yarn Harlot is talking about going through a Mercury Retrograde.

Yarn Harlot's real name is Stephanie Pearl-McPhee.

(I think I may have figured out how to link.)


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Monday, May 18, 2009

The Montauk Monsters or "Why We Do What We Do"

Mars is squaring my Moon right now so I'm coughing up emotional hairballs. Here's a topic that's so gicky I've decided not to write about it but I've done a little research on dates for anyone with a hankering for the disgusting stuff.

On May 5 another Montauk Monster washed up on the beach in New York. A previous one washed up last Summer in July. These things look like Mad Scientist creations put together with one appendage from everything you can find in a barnyard. The one in July had a very unhappy expression on its face. Maybe it was just decaying weird, but I swear to God it had a huge beak on a pig's body and I think it had some fins and a tail and I hate to think what it's gender would be.

So, there are all kinds of conspiracy theories about what these things are. Is a Conspiracy Theory a Conspiracy Theory when even the most conservative people you talk to agree that the Conspiracy Theory is probably true? The Government has a laboratory on Plum Island which is I guess is in Massachusetts or Long Island or on its own little float. This place, called the Plum Island Laboratory, was set up in the 1950s by the USDA and an ex-Nazi Veterinarian, Dr. Erich Traub, who was into hoof and mouth disease in cows (and hopefully not Jews). Who knows? Maybe this is where Wonder Bread was born. Plum Island was taken over by Homeland Security around 2005. This place experiments on all kinds of animal diseases and has been blamed by some for the outbreaks of Lyme Disease and West Nile Virus and all kinds of Bio-Warfare types of problems.

Plum Island was opened about the same time that Area 51 was starting to be used for research into Spy warfare stuff. That's one reason for the conspiracy. One of the researchers involved with its beginnings was a Nazi veterinarian, Dr. Erich Traub, who specialized in animal disease and was maybe a part of "Project Paperclip", a U.S. program to hire Nazi specialists to "Plum" their brains, I suppose. There are other reasons for the conspiracy theories, such as an ex-employee who called the place "a biological 3-mile island."

There is a book written about Plum Island which has recently been taken over from the USDA by Homeland Security. Written by Michael Christopher Carroll, called Lab 257: The Disturbing Story of the Government's Secret Plum Island Germ Laboratory. I am suffering from all kinds of Contagion Parnoia right now. I stopped following Salmonella Attacks because they were popping up right and left across the country, too many to keep this Gemini Riser's attention. Turns out that the disease has blossomed in the food industry lately. We can't say why. So then there's the Swine Flu. And whatever happened to the TB Man? Was he real? And then there's the legion of nurses who volunteered to help the Octo Mom but who had TB. I don't think we need Conspiracy Theories. People are just idiots.

Lyme Disease goes back to a town in Connecticutt with that name. It was a disease known in Europe and was recognized in its current state in 1975.

West Nile Virus, spread by Mosquitoes showed up in New York City in 1999.

Plum Island opening Dedication Day Sept. 26, 1956 11:00 am Plum Island Mass. Sun 4 Libra; Moon 23 Gemini; ASC 24 Scorpio; MC 8 Virgo; NN 2 Sagittarius
  • Both Mercury and Mars are Retrograde in this chart. Mercury is 4 Libra Rx conjunct the Sun to the Degree. Came out of Rx by Secondary Progression 1965 at 28 Virgo;
  • Mars at 15 Pisces Rx; stationed direct 1970 in 1965.
  • Saturn is conjunct NN in House 1 over Scorpio/Sagittarius cusp and is squared by Pluto and Venus in Leo (H9). The Progressed Sun-SA Mercury are now in conjunction with Scorpio ASC and Saturn-NN.
  • The SA MC has just moved into Scorpio. Scorpio rules Research, Surgeries, Toxins. Also rules Conspiracy theories. Probably also rules Monsters. If this information is correct I suppose it figure that the Monsters would start floating up on shore outside the research facility at this time, especially if this is happening as a revenge or undercover.
Director was: Maurice S. "Doc" Shahan b. Kearney, Nebraska d. 1977, Age 78

Dr. Erich Traub b. June 27, 1906, Asperglen, Germany Sun 5 Cancer; Moon Leo or Virgo; NN 14 Leo
  • Sun is conjunct Neptune and Mars in Cancer.
  • Venus is opposing Chiron and the opposition is layered over the Nodal Axis. Hope he didn't have sex with the animals. Venus is a singleton in Fire and Fixed Signs.
  • Jupiter 23 Gemini conjunct Pluto 23 Gemini. The conjunction is conjunct to the degree and unaspected. How's that for communicable disease research in large animal husbandry? Only a Jupiter-Pluto person could write "Nazi" on his resume and still get a job post-WWII.
Plum Island's website: http://www.ars.usda.gov/main/site_main.htm?modecode=19-40-00-00

Their motto listed up in the right hand corner is "Why We Do What We Do".

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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Forcing Healthcare

The human will to live is a very strong thing. I lived in San Francisco for 11 years and some of the street people who I saw when I first moved there were still alive and living on Market Street when I left. They lived even though Western Civilization had no use for them.

I wonder what effects Pluto in Capricorn will have on the idea of the Human Will. This is thought of as a cold, uncompromising combination and people need to either temper that with warmth and generosity or look very deep into it in order to come up with a better answer for how things are. Not how things ought to be (that's the Sadgo's thing, so cute) but how things can be. As such Pluto in Capricorn can represent Super Intelligence.

The Pluto in Virgo generation is not necessarily a warm crowd and has given birth to the Pluto in Scorpio generation which is born to test the human will. If we don't fear how narrow minded we can be and lacking in generosity of spirit we will not take humanity to the next level. This aspect is excellent for survival, especially when applied to the Sciences. But is survival all we really want? Don't we want improvement? Pluto in Capricorn might suck at honoring the idea of Free Will and Freedom. That's my personal fear. Or, it can excel at understanding what really is will and freedom, if given the chance to make the conscious decision to do so. Decisions belong to both Scorpio and Capricorn. As do Excellence.

I expect to hear a whole lot of stories like the one about a 13-year old boy in Minnesota who suffers from Hodgkin's Lymphoma who was been ordered on Friday by the Minnesota Courts to seek Medical treatment for his Cancer. Capricorn is about pushing and forcing. Scorpio is the sign of willfulness. These two together might end up being the worst possible thing together. Capricorn rules both Government and Judgment and the strict side of parenting.

This medical case brings up some really important issues that need to be discussed in society urgently in my opinion. Does Western Medicine have the right to force itself on others? This is how it gained prominence in the early 20th century -- by bullying. The Rockefellers were wanting to unload their money on some Medical endeavor and, although Nelson (was it Nelson? I may be wrong) preferred homeopathy, the Allopathic Dr. (whoever he was) made a better sales pitch and got the money. It has pushed other medicines out of the way ever since by declaring them frauds and illegal although it often can't boast better cure rates.

If the healings that this boy's family believe in could work, who would know? They are now squelched. The only cases that alternative doctors get are the ones who are already declared hopeless by the bastards who have rendered them as such. People are afraid to die of Western medicine more than of anything. Chemo? If overdone, you melt like a Hiroshima victim, I've seen it personally.

According to Wikipedia, Hodgkin's Lymphoma is said to have a very high cure rate. This is cancer of the lymph nodes. Interesting that the 13 year old boy, Secondary Progressed Lunar Return leading into 1st Saturn opposition. Moon = Glands, Saturn = Authorities, Parents.

In Western Medicine Hodgkin's Lymphoma has a high cure rate. That's why the Judge and the Doctors are so bossy about this. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hodgkin_disease. Capricorn is a very wise sign, the wisest, as a matter of fact. But, sometimes the media is the message. I don't like the word "Oncologist." To me it just means "Big Fat Ego."

On the other hand, a 90-95 percent cure rate is really impressive. According to Wikipedia this is the first Cancer to have shown a great response to Radiation/Chemo. ("Radiation and Chemo" are pretty much the same as "Lobotomy" in my mind. So I totally get what those parents are talking about. Still, I might try to consider this one.

The thing about sending someone to an oncologist is that, once you have Cancer it tends to come back. They call it remission when it goes away and then they call it metasasis (spelling?) when it comes back. The "cure" rate is not really a cure rate. It's more like a wait rate, 5 years? 10 years? 20? This is a dirty secret that people who have known people who have died of cancer will talk about, the rest of the population is blissfully stupid about this stuff. I tend to think that Cancer is related to very deep human feelings. And, if these aren't addressed the person is never healed, he simply becomes uninsurable.

So, I strongly feel that this boy's parents are also on the right track in bringing in Native American healing. The Native Americans were and hopefully still are more connected with the land than anyone else. And the land in the U.S. is the most impressive thing I've ever personally seen.

And the problem with the way the judge mis-handled this case was by not accepting the parents' viewpoint, because they are right. You can't cure Cancer by breaking peoples' wills. You need to speak to their spirit.

So, I propose that, if the Judge really thinks that the 13 year old Boy needs to see an Allopathic Doctor then the Judge ought to at the same time be forced to see a Native American healer who can offer him the spirituality and broadmindedness he needs in order to do his own job.

I am very aware that Western Medicine has forced its way into existence by pushing out other modes of healing which the boys' family have been trying to follow. Forcing it on others is horrible. Suzanne Sommers conquered her Cancer by using non-traditional methods. I know of one other woman who did as well. For chronic illness Allopathic medicine is great for diagnosis but in my opinion really lacking in treatment. Too aggressive, too much concerned with quick fixes, too restraining and authoritarian.

Western Medicine is already unaffordable in the United States and as such is so bad at organizing itself into a usable and useful not to mention helpful section of society, maybe its practitioners ought to consider cleaning up their own mess. A little Self-Management, a little chemo performed in the profession, hey, a Lobotomy, before outward management (i.e. force) on others.

First Do No Harm. Figure out what that means. After the 10 years of going-without-sleep in your stupid Internships, how could you? In the end, keep this kid alive. Treat him and his parents with respect. Honor their presence. (I'm sure glad I don't have your job, it's too hard). And Thank You. (I sent my Father's oncologist a Christmas Card and his reaction was unbelievable. I'm sure he had received a ton of honors but I don't think he had ever received much gratitude).

Please pray for Daniel Hauser.

End of rant.

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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Birth and Death

No, this blog won't be some expose on the movies of Woody Allen. I just had a thought about yesterday's blog. The book that I'm looking at these days on the Body Clock. One of the bits of info I picked up on in yesterday's blog entry was that the most common time of day to die is around 6 am. That's vaguely around the time that the Sun Rises over the Ascendant.

While I was reading that Statistic I assumed, probably the way that most Doctors do, that the shock of waking up puts the extra added stress on the body and shocks the system, overloads the circuits, and turns the whole contraption off. Good Bye.

Then I remembered hearing from Astrologers that the Ascendant often describes the conditions of one's physical birth. Connection with physical death is just really interesting. And, while time marches on with the Sun rising over the Ascendant, the planets in the birth chart will progress in the opposite direction, counterclockwise. Is life a constant psychological progression of swimming up a stream against the natural flow of the current? Sure does feel like it.

The Ascendant represents the beginning of the Astrological Cycle just as it represents Spring, the beginnings of the Seasonal Cycle. It also represents the ending of the chart. Talk about a tough transition to make.

Cole Porter wrote about all this in his song: "Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye."

Everytime we say goodbye, I die a little,
Everytime we say goodbye, I
wonder why a little,
Why the gods above me, who must be in the know.
so little of me, they allow you to go.
When youre near, theres such an air of
spring about it,
I can hear a lark somewhere, begin to sing about
Theres no love song finer, but how strange the change from major
Everytime we say goodbye.

Birthing is also represented by Cancer and the IC which represents the egg.
Scorpio and the 8th House. Very interesting that those houses are associated with Death also. The 1st House just represents the physical body part of Death.

(Interesting to look at Cole Porter's chart with regards to his Ascendant. He was a Double Gemini with a Cancer Moon. His Sun was conjunct the Ascendant from the 1st House while a conjunction of Neptune-Pluto was conjunct the Ascendant from the 12th House. So the midpoint between Sun and Neptune-Pluto would have been very close to his Ascendant. Also, in 1944 when he wrote "Evry time we say good-bye" Uranus was transiting over Neptune-Pluto. )

Cole Porter: b. June 9, 1891 4:00 am Peru, Indiana (astrotheme)

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Friday, May 15, 2009

Book on Body Clocks

The Mercury Retrograde must be doing this. Library books keep jumping off the shelf at me. Yesterday a book called The Body Clock: Guide to Better Health by Michael Smolensky and Lynne Lamberg was flailing from its perch.

All kinds of cool info here. A really great ADD read because you can jump around from section to section. And there are a couple of cool Clock pictures on Pages 196 and 197 that look and act a lot like an Astrological Wheel. Page 196 is called "The Worst of Times" and shows various ailments that tend to flair up most during certain times of the the day. Page 197 is called "Health Around the Year" and shows various ailments that tend to flair up around the year.

Don't know how much I can write out here without violating some kind of copyright. They both show a lack of ailments flaring up in the bottoms of the chart. This corresponds to Noon, or the Midheaven (Sun highest) in the Times of Day chart. The only noontime problem seems to be Stomach ulcers. That makes sense because of lunch. In the chapter it says that people get sick soon after waking up.

The least amount of complaints in the Time of Year chart corresponds to the Sign of Cancer/IC. Basically, people have less flare-ups I guess when the weather is warming and there's more light. That makes sense. Maybe it helps that people are moody and crabby. Definitely it helps if the kids are out of school which is germ central. Don't know if vacations bring more or less stress or disease. Getting used to a new location always brings problems, as does flying on airplanes.

Interesting to study times of day that pain is worse for various parts of body. Inflamation would be related to Mars and Probably Sun and maybe Jupiter because they rule Fire. Maybe Water Signs are related due to Water Retention, especially Cancer.

Interesting that Heart Attacks seem related to Uranus/Aquarius, the sign opposite Leo which rules the Heart. Sexuality is spot on for when the Sun is in Scorpio. Diagnosis seems to be related to Cardinal Signs.

Cold & Flu:
Worst at 7 am
Most Common in January-February

Worsens in March
Worsens at 7 am

  • Growing pains peak 8-9 pm
  • SIDS deaths:peak in January
  • SIDS deaths peak: 3 am
  • Colic: most frequest 7 pm
  • Childhood diabetes onset highest in November
  • Bulimic purging peaks in January
  • Snacking adds most weight: 10 pm
  • post-lunch dip in alertness & arousal: 3 pm
  • Winter weight gain begins December
  • Spring weight loss begins March
attacks flare: 12:00 am - 1 am

Attacks worst at Midnight
Flare-Ups highest in April

Pain Intense: 6 pm

Diabetes: Control is easiest in June.
Childhood diabetes onset is highest in November

Blood pressure and cholesterol
Blood pressure and cholesterol are highest in December
Blood pressure highest 6-7 pm
Cholesterol levels increase 6 pm

Back Ache pain worse: 8 pm

Heart Attacks and Strokes:
Peak in February
Congestive heart failure symptoms peak: 2 am
Heart attacks & stroke peak: 9-10 am
Angina pectoris & sudden heart deaths peak: 9-10 am

  • Male testosterone & sexual activity peak in Oct-Nov.
  • Male sperm count peaks in Feb.-Mar.
  • First menstruation most common in October
  • Menopausal hot flashes most frequent: 9-10 pm
  • Testicular & cervical cancer diagnosis: most frequent in January
  • Premenopausal breast cancer diagnoses: peak in April
  • Postmenopausal breast cancer diagnoses: peak in October
Multiple Sclerosis:
symptons flare in June-July
Multiple Sclerosis fatique worst at 6 pm

Birth peak in U.S.: August

Asthma attacks:
most frequent in September
asthma attacks peak: 5 am
Highest reactivity to asthma triggers: 10 pm

Pain is worst at 8 pm

  • perferated ulcer risk highest in December
  • Intestinal ulcer rupture most frequest: 5 pm
  • Heartburn & peptic ulcer attacks flare: 2 am
  • Stomach ulcer rupture most frequent: 12:00 pm (noon)
worst at 8 am
Winter Depression begins November
Suicide peaks in April

Auto & Truck Accidents: Peak around 5 am

Tension headaches peak: 4-5 pm
Cluster/Migraine headaches start: 4 am

most frequent in February
most common at 8 am

Melanoma skin cancer peaks in September
Skin irritability & itching peaks: 11 pm

start 5-6 am

Bone Breakdown: Peaks at 3-4 am

Rheumatoid arthritis pain peaks at 8 am
Osteoarthritis pain worst 5-6 pm

Restless Leg Syndrome worst at 11 pm

Greatest likelihood of dying from anything: 6 am - Sun Up over the Ascendant (Body), also represents the Head and Brain (H1) and Getting Lost (H12)

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Big Solar Flare of 1859 and William Stanley Jevons

The other night on the news there was chitchat with experts about the Sunspot cycle that we are in right now. If we're in any cycle at all. As I said before people are beginning to think that the Sun has gone to sleep because he/she is not having any SunSpot activity.

I sort of got carried away clicking on to links on Wikipedia of Great Solar Scientists of the Past to see if they are all Leos or what. I mean, everyone knows if you sit around staring at the Sun all day you see spots.

Anyway, the Expert (sorry I have no name, it was CNN, they said he would be back, stay tuned) said that there was a great Solar Flare back in 1859 which stopped the telegraphs and knocked out some other electrical instruments and said that this could happen again, say in May 2013 when Predictions have been made that the current Solar Cycle (#24) is expected to peak. I though O My God that's when the Big Un will hit! My interest in this is trying to see if I can see a link between the Solar Cycle and Earthquakes. If I keep getting waylayed by Wikipedia links I may never know, though.

What I did find was the old 19th Century Economics guy who linked Solar Cycles with Economic Crises. So, Economics Crises - Earthquakes - same difference. Funny thing about this guy whose work would be awesome to get hold of was that the big Solar Flare of 1859 happened on his Birthday, Sept. 1. I so totally expect that this is what sparked his interest (pun intended). That's one big candle to have to blow out for sure.

William Stanley Jevons

b. Sept. 1, 1835 Liverpool, England

Sun 10 Virgo; Moon Scorpio or Sagittarius; NN 4 Gemini

Big Solar Flare that knocked out the Electricity, in England at any rate

Sept. 1, 1859

Sun 10 Virgo; Moon Libra or Scorpio; NN 20 Aquarius

So it turns out that these two charts have a whole lot in common. Not only do they share a Solar Return with each other, which is so fitting for the subject matter, but they share a Mercury Return conjunct the Sun, a Venus Return widely conjunct Mercury and the Sun, and a Jupiter Return in Cancer. Mercury is Retrograde in the Solar Flare chart. The Solar Flare chart represents Jevons' 24th Birthday which is, as I've said, closest to the Jupiter Return year. It is also related to the first square of Uranus to itself. Flash of insight, awakening, Age 24, ah those were the days, wouldn't want to go through it again for a hundred million dollars.

Moving on with more similarities:

Both charts also have conjunctions of the Nodal Axis to Chiron. It's in Gemini for Jevons and in Aquarius for the Flare. ( They are both in conjunction with Lilith as well). Both Nodes are in Air Signs and both are wadded up with an asteroid

This NN-Chiron conjunction in both charts is also in aspect to a Mars-Saturn conjunction in both charts. Jevons' Mars-Saturn trines his NN-Chiron. The Solar Flare's Mars-Saturn is conjunct the South Node on that day.

There's my Mars-Saturn aspect again. Mars-Saturn conjunctions are often described as "Driving with the brakes on." Interesting that they coincide with a major Power (Mars) Outage (Saturn). I'm not sure if the outage was felt worldwide. In 1859 there probably wasn't a whole lot of electrical things to knock out. Sorry, I didn't even read that much about this.

Last but not least, we can't forget to look at Uranus in the event of any weird and unexpected events that knock out electricity. God forbid we should not find Uranus prominent. I've mentioned before that I think that Uranus is strongly linked with History and Historical events and Return cycles. With his weirdness and quirkiness he seems to understand that 1) you never set foot into the same river twice but also that 2) there's nothing new under the Sun. Two ideas that are both very true but describe opposite viewpoints of reality. I think they're both from the Greeks. (The Greeks worshipped their Sun God, Apollo, most of all, and, of course, the Greeks worshipped themselves more than anything.)

In Jevons' chart Uranus is squaring his NN-Chiron and was just finishing up his first Uranus square at the time of the flare.

Uranus is at 29 Aquarius in Jevons' chart and he's at 8 Gemini on the Solar Flare Day. Basically, Uranus is placed at, or close to, to spot where the North Node is for each chart. I have no idea how to interpret Chiron in these charts but his presence certainly seems important.

Uranus' aspect to the North Node is going to show bolts of lightening for Jevons at certain times in his life in whatever format. It's interesting that his chart is so sympathetic with this one event which seems to have affected his ability to Intuit (Uranus).

Sunspots have been followed since the 1750s (so says Wikipedia). A Scorpio named Heinrich Schwabe announced discovery that they seem to follow about an 11 year cycle. An English Gemini named Richard Carrington's name is used to describe the Cycles. If the Sun ever wakes up we will be in Carrington Cycle #24. And in between all that an Irish Libra named Edward Sabine showed that sunspot numbers correlates with geomagnetic fields.

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Woofers and Tweeters

Since much of my adult life has been involved in trying to avoid neighbors with stereo systems I thought I'd take a look at the beginnings of who invented my problems. I suspect that, as with guns and other anti-social spillage, the main problem is not with the equipment but with the people. And as always I blame Pluto. Sorry, Pluto. (I actually like Scorpio Suns a whole lot.) It's just that controlling power trippy thing really puts in you the forefront of society even though you like to get there through the background noise.

The Pluto in Leo generation just seems to have liked their music amplified. Loud.

The Louder You Are, the More People Will Have to Pay Attention to You.

The Pluto in Leos could still hold a tune, though, but they didn't care if you knew what the lyrics were. So, as consumers they would have gobbled up the noise. And the Pluto in Virgo generation, well, we are sort of just like a huge professional audience (mostly of critics). We didn't like the static so our goal was to make the really loud noise but to remove the flaws. The power is in thinking that someday, someday, we'll be able to crank that thing up to 11 on a 10 maxed-out dial. Then they liked getting the noise so loud that they could tune everyone else around them out. Then they dressed like sullen misfits Courtney Love-style and slam danced their way through the 1980s and then turned themselves over to Kenny G and the Martha Stewart Collection in the 90s. No static in Kenny G, also no brains, heart or soul, but that bass shit just goes for the gonads anyway (told you it was Pluto). Perhaps the Pluto in Libras were best for balancing out the distortions.

Turns out the inventions for the parts of the Stereo Sound Systems that I particularly don't lie pretty much match my life dates. Obviously I was born in the wrong time.

The Tweeters, high pitches, on Stereos were apparently first introduced for sale to the public in 1958, the year before I was born. The Woofers, which reproduce the low frequency surround sound crap were introduced in 1974, the year of my parents' divorce, the biggest negative event in my life. I'll now delete certain memories around what stereos meant to my divorcing parents. Stereos in modern American society have become like the cradle that rocks the damaged soul/broken heart into the second baby-hood and then into the second adolescence that comes with divorce. The therapists are taking credit for this but it's actually the stereos who have been doing all the work (along with my ears, spine, even toes because I can't block that crap out).

So, gee, thanks, Stereo Inventors. Noise Pollution to go along with Cap'n Crunch and Yukka Mountain.

The first commercial Tweeter was introduced by a guy named Ed Villchur in 1958. I don't mind Ed. He was simply trying to make a beautiful melody. If you are playing just a melody in your house your neighbors probably won't know about it. Melody doesn't usually represent the collective voice though. It usually just represents one little voice playing around above the rest. That's why Aries make such great singers. That's why the first flautist and violinists in the symphony orchestra usually act like the bad side of Aries and nobody likes them. The Pluto in Virgos don't really have any sense of melody in music. Lyricism seems sentimental to them and hence distasteful.

At any rate, in 1958 the high pitches became extra sweet in the amplification sound. In the electronics this became known as the Tweeters, named after the original Tweeters, the birds. And if you notice, the song birds have been dying off and only the crows can stand to live around people so I suspect that we should be absorbing the birds' demise and realize that we may not be doing this the right way. There is a huge flock of menopausal women in the Ooga Booga world who praise the crows. They are actually trying to get in touch with having no self identity after their kids leave the nest. I think they see Crows are being Wise. All I know about Crows is that they eat Roadkill.

The first Tweeter was known as the AR-3 Dome Tweeter. (source: http://www.classicspeakerpages.net/IP.Board/index.php?s=8983d240caafef76045842c6bc671fea&showtopic=2025&st=0&p=61754&#entry61754)

Next came the Bass improvement. These were named after the Dogs, hence their name. Woof, woof, woof. It's all dog whistles to me, that's for sure (bad joke). The first commercial Subwoofer was used in a recording in 1973 for Steely Dan's album, Pretzel Logic (Wikipedia is my source for all of this). Woofers were first used in 1974 for their surround sound effects, the ability to completely envelope a room in vibration in a movie fittingly called Earthquake. And Woofers were manufactured for public sale in 1974.

In 1974, there was a Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Libra. I've mentioned before that I think that really offensive loud sound is probably related to bad aspects between Saturn-Pluto & Mars. That combination was prominent in the charts I looked at of people who suffer from Tinnitus. Saturn and Pluto working together represent really deep fears and intense need for control. They also represent sewage. Often Pluto will bring to you the things that you fear the most. Saturn just likes to slip you a mickie Karma-wise and tell you that your suffering will make you wiser (he's usually right). At any rate, that conjunction in Libra shows that the control issues would be directed toward others in a way that is supposed to be used for aesthetics and balancing. Libra isn't known for violence but that's just because it has other methods. Libra is often prominent in charts of people are in the Government. The Government routinely uses sound for crowd control and torture. You think the neighbor's dog has a bad bark and bite, try the subwoofer that blasts microwaves (hugs from the U.S. Navy).

As for the supreme control thing, I never understood why anyone would want a Woofer on their stereo system until I got a small set of speakers on a new computer. Once you turn those things on you can't hear anything outside of your own wall of sound. Assuming that you want the wall, that is. I think that Jupiter and Neptune and Uranus types want the walls and have decided to think that their preference is socially perfect. I've noticed that leaders like Hillary Clinton and Al Gore who have spotless records as humanitarians are usually hated by these types. Clinton and Gore have Saturn-Pluto conjunctions. Yet the Feel Goods are the ones who like the Stereos. Neptunians and Uranians want people who they can feel good with, people they can share their new stereo system with. Hence the Astrological Wheel just keeps having to spin around....

Ken Kreisel, invented sub woofers in 1969 for Miller & Kreisel Sound Corp. His friend, Jonas Miller, sold the speakers through his store in Beverly Hills, Jonas Miller Sound. I don't have their birth dates. This is more of a personal bitch fest than an astrological blog post. So be it. I would really like to see their charts someday, though, although I realize that their customers are the ones with the problems.

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Monday, May 11, 2009

Suburban Sprawl

Yet another book jumped off the shelf at me the other day as I was walking past the stacks in the library. Funny how that happens and also how it always seems to turn into astroblab.

This is its title. Published year 2000.
Suburban nation: The Rise of Sprawl and the Decline of the American Dream
by Andres Duany, Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk, and Jeff Speck

When thinking about the American Dream it's always great to think about the Ticky Tacky Houses that rise up out that dream. Huge stucco neighborhoods that people drive in and out of like Fischer Price toys. The book mentioned above talks about the beginnings of Urban Sprawl and it's causes. Surprisingly Sprawl's beginnings track back to very good and well-intentioned bits of legislation. By coincidence these bits of legislation which were trying to guarantee Quality of Life are interesting in light of the current Credit Crunch and Mortgage Crisis. Turns out that the Federal Reserve Bank Sun isn't the only one who is going through a major Pluto transit right now.

Legislation is great because it gives Astrology fanatics neat, clean little dates to leap all fairy brain off of. The first bill or law or act listed in the book has its roots in the Great Depression and is the Federal Home Loan Act (FHA) of 1934. The second is related to the VA Loan Program that was begun in 1944 in order to help Servicemen coming home from World War II.

The Astrology is interesting here. The Legislation for both of these Aid Programs was signed while the Sun was in the early degrees of Cancer. This is great for anything having to do with making sure everyone has his own home. What's a drag is that Pluto is now opposing the Sun for these programs. These bills have basically been reduced down to Mortgage and Loan programs, Lending Programs, Credit Programs. But the people for whom they were made are mostly long gone and the new guard could only use them for reckless consumption. Sun in Cancer might be one of the signs associated with that kind of thing, gee, as a Cancer Sun trine Jupiter how would I know about reckless consumption?

Roman Overconsumption aside, these Mortgage Programs are going through the same Plutonian Crisis that the Federal Reserve is going through and at the same time. Pluto's doing its pruning and cleaning out of old dead wood. Sometimes throwing out the Baby with the Bath Water maybe, but sometimes that Cancer Baby is just so damn huge...

Perhaps someone should suggest to the Legal Law Politician Writers to stagger when they put these things into effect so there isn't so much Outer Planet wipe-out all at the same time. The Federal Reserve, the FHA and the VA are all doing wipe out at the same time. Funny how predominently Cardinal Signy these all are. Pluto's going to be mean to them, boy o boy.

Perhaps we could reincorporate the Federal Reserve Bank during a Taurus Sun and Wall St., what's left of it, could have a Scorpio Sun. And, of course, we don't want to do it right now while Saturn-Uranus and Pluto are playing push me pull you with each other. If we re-write Housing Bills, well, with Uranus and Neptune doing the mutual reception thing all we can really rely on right now are UFOs anyway, so forget about it.

Hopefully I'll get back to talking about Urban Sprawl because that's much more interesting story telling. Also, I had an architect Father who was honestly trying to figure styles of urban planning that would bring quality of life and aesthetics to the American Dream. He's not mentioned in the book so I know the authors have missed a bigger picture. Of course, he died young while being sued because all California homes during his time were built to last only 20 years and lower income building materials will pretty much guarantee their failure. It's a lot like the crap you buy at Ikea and Target. Poverty is a tricky thing, lower income is maybe even trickier because people are still trying.

The FHA Loans were first started as a solution to the Great Depression and the VA Loans were created to help servicemen coming back from World War II.

National Housing Act of 1934

signed June 27, 1934

Sun 6 Cancer; Moon Capricorn; NN 13 Aquarius.

The Sun in this chart may be unaspected, depends what time it was signed. Either way, Pluto's going to be opposing this Sun for a few years so now would be a great time to figure out a new way to prune and re-do how we give out money to lower income people. I suppose we could just go back to requiring a down payment and checking income but that might be too simple. We could also encourage designers to work with the land and the environment and the people's needs rather than against all these. And now that we've paid the psychologists so damn much money to tell us how miserable the poor are we could perhaps turn that money over to hiring real designers, not drones, to build the houses. And real builders who refuse to skimp. Wouldn't that be a gas? An Ikea cupboard that can hold onto its cabinet doors for more than a year, imagine that.

After looking very quickly I noticed that Solar Arc Uranus was passing over the Sun of this legislation about 7 years ago. That would be around 2002. When did the mortgage lenders start going ape face? That's back when I was looking for a house and the market was already rising in value. I dropped into a really bad depression from the competition. I remember one house I looked at, the Real Estate agents had hired a Stagers (oh, those Pluto in Leo Real Estate agents, don't get me going about staging) to make the interiors look great. A shredded cloth hanging over the window just so. A faux Asian vase and a chair artistically sitting in the corner to show off the light. The house really did look great. It was built over a cliff and was tilting in that direction. That's what I noticed. And the guy was so frustrated from looking at houses that he paid $100,000 more than asking price for it.

There really was a bizarre vibe about needing to "get in," very Uranian and Jupiterian. Peer pressure.

We might have to provide Health care and Higher Education to all (even the white kids who are U.S. born, imagine that) in order to create equality in the country. We might have to return to studying humanities and the arts in order to turn the kids into creative thinkers. They might actually peel themselves away from the computer screens on their own if they think they can make a difference elsewhere.

Then there's the VA Loans. They began as an overall helpful policy to help Servicemen returning from War:

Servicemen's Readjustment Act of 1944 (GI Bill of Rights)

June 22, 1944 Signed? Washington DC? time?

Sun 2 Cancer; Moon probably in Cancer; NN 29 Cancer

This chart is close to being a New Moon in Cancer chart conjunct Saturn and squaring Neptune. You can't find anything more concerned about giving helping the deserving but unfortunate types of the world with a well-constructed get back on your feet, we love what you did for us type of plan (Saturn). Unfortunately, Pluto here is at 8 Leo widely conjunct the North Node which is out of sign back in Cancer. That has Ka-Blooey written all over it. I could go on and on about why that happened but that isn't my place.

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Jamie Leigh Jones - Gang Rape Victim

Today there is news in the media about an American Soldier from Texas who raped/murdered a 14-year old Iraqi girl and her relatives. He has been found guilty. He was considered the "ring leader" of a group of 4 (I think it was four, maybe I'm wrong) soldiers who plotted to rape the girl. This soldier then killed the entire family and he and one of the guys raped the girl, shot her multiple times and then tried to burn her body.

As horrendous as this crime is it reminds me of a case I also read a while back which is being handled on a much quieter basis by both the Government and the Media. A Texas woman, employed as a contractor employee by Halliburton, was gang-raped by her co-workers on the fourth day of her employment while over in Iraq. For some reason, Americans don't seem to care as much as seeking Justice for their own women.

Jamie Leigh Jones was sent to Iraq where she was given living quarters in a male barracks. 4 days into the job the guys handed her a drink. She remembers having a couple of sips. When she woke up she was bloodied between the legs and covered with bruises. One of the guys admitted to her that she had been gang raped. I suppose as a way of further getting her to behave, Jones was then held in a storage box for a day until she was able to get a cell phone from one of her captors and she could call her father. She was taken for medical attention and her rape was documented in a rape kit. The rape kit then was taken away by Halliburton security and disappeared for a couple of years.

The Government ought to publicly be trying Halliburton in this case along with the eleven or so other females who have since come forward about similar treatment. I think it's just really creepy that the soldier who raped the Iraqi is being put on show while the contractor monsters are walking around free.

Jamie Leigh Jones, b. 1985 no other information available

Hired by KBR, a Halliburton company on July 21, 2005.


Date of the Rape: July 28, 2005, Camp Hope, Bagdhad, Iraq

Sun 6 Leo; Moon Aries or Taurus; NN 8 Aries

This chart is classic for a violent attack of some sort. There was a Sun-Saturn conjunction in Leo (abuse of authority, being too full of ones self, arrogance, control, domination) that was squaring a Moon-Mars conjunction in Taurus (emotional violence). A Sun-Saturn conjunction in Leo is a classic aspect for something having to do with Government and Military as Sun and Saturn represent leadership. A Moon-Mars combination can always indicate emotional volatility.

This square expands out into a Thor's Hammer configuration with apex Pluto in Sagittarius pointing to the square from Sun-Saturn to Mars (and possibly Moon)(Sagittarius = Overseas, and Pluto = rape, and probably co-rules Gangs). At this link (http://www.evolvingdoor.ca/glossary/glossary_pq.htm) Thor's Hammer is described as being "a little bit like holding a hand grenade."

Sure would be nice to know Jones' birth info to see if her Pluto and Nodal Axis are in aspect to that fixed sign square.

I don't have a time for the attack, I sort of figure from the amount of injuries that Jones' suffered that it went on for a very long time. She was drugged the whole time and doesn't remember any of it. That's shown perfectly in the chart by a Mercury Retrograde (thinking/communication mix-ups) opposing Neptune (forgetfulness, confusion, lost). This case, in addition to referring to a reprehensible crime, is also a blatant cover-up story which is also indicative of the MercRx-Neptune opposition. There can be no criminal trial without needed information from the rape kit which has been retrieved but with photos and Doctor's notes missing. Interesting to see how this aspect plays out on so many different levels here.

Just for kickers, I flashed through a couple of the shorter term Mercury progressions to get an estimated time of when they went direct and wondered if these would indicate major events in either remembering the incident or getting the media attention for it. Progressed Mercury in all cases stations direct while conjunct the spot where the Sun-Saturn conjunction in Leo (Government) is in the event chart between 2 and 6 degrees Leo. Mercury's Station Point is at 9 Leo. They represent different progression cycles of differing speeds.

(Robert Blaschke says in his book on Progressions that the Tertiary Progression affects a person on an Emotional Level. The Minor Progression (fastest moving) affects a person on a Mental Level. And the Secondary Progression affects them on a Physical Level. I talked about these cycles briefly in a previous blog but one should read Blaschke's book if interested in knowing more.)

The Minor Progressed Mercury stationed direct around May, 2006. The Tertiary Progressed Mercury stationed direct around Jan, 2007. Jones seems to have been going through the Legal System since that date. The rape kit was recovered (from Halliburtin?) in May, 2007 minus key elements which would make a criminal trial possible.

Jones was 19 when the incident occurred. Since that's a Nodal Return perhaps she can see this incident as a part of her destiny. She was actually past her Nodal Return but I've found that by looking at the closest Return that a person is going through when a major event happens usually gives a good idea of where to look in their chart first. At any rate, she is handling the aftermath of the event with great courage. She is going through surgeries to repair damage that was done to her breasts (the rapists ruptured her transplants and ripped her muscle). She has set up a foundation to help other victims of crime from overseas.

The Ephemeris for 1985 shows that Jones' North Node would be in Taurus. During that year Pluto was in Scorpio and if Jones was born at the end of the year her Pluto would be in conjunction with her South Node, an indicator for a crisis of this type. Either way one can see the intense life struggle that belongs to a Taurus-Scorpio Nodal Axis. Scorpio South Node and Pluto in Scorpio both indicate intensive psychotherapy and surgery. This is speculation so probably shouldn't even be mentioned.

Hopefully the Taurus North Node will cash in nicely for Jones financially. That's no reparation for what was done to her, of course, and I personally don't feel safe walking around in the world with these creepy Halliburton employees on the loose.

I don't know think that the signs of Taurus and Scorpio experience much Justice in life. The South Node is in Libra in the event chart. That, of course, rules Justice. In this case Jupiter is in conjunction with it and, since Jupiter rules Luck and Lawyers perhaps the Courts will step in and finally do their job. (Halliburton is trying to handle this situation through arbitration).

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jamie_Leigh_Jones

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Steven Dale Green - Rapist-Murderer-Soldier

Very quickly I looked up the man who has just been convicted for the Iraqi gang rape-murders. Wikipedia shows that he was born in 1985 same year as the rape victim Jamie Leigh Jones who I just blogged about.

Steven Dale Green

b. May 2, 1985 ??? Texas

Sun 13 Taurus; Moon Libra; NN 19 Taurus

Green has a Sun-NN conjunction in Taurus so he is definitely tied in with the difficult Taurus/Scorpio energy. I've mentioned before that I remember Komilla Sutton as saying that this is the most difficult Nodal Axis to have. I think I also remember that she said that a Sun-North Node conjunction is also the most difficult contact because the Sun and North Node compete for attention and quash each other's energies.

Green has a Mars-Chiron conjunction in Gemini. By all accounts he has had a problem with anger related to a bad upbringing through his parents' divorces and alcohol problems, etc. Mars is Anger and Chiron is a wounding that one can't heal but which one can teach others from. A Mars-Mercury combination often express anger because they are so quick. In this case, on the day of Green's crime, this conjunction was heavily afflicted as he was having a Mars Return and also his progressed Sun, already mentioned as being a little unhappy in his natal chart, was within conjunction in Gemini. His Mars is also apex of a Yod to a Neptune-Pluto sextile. This shows that Green's problems are related to family secrets that he subconsciously brought to a head. This would definitely not be a combination of planets that I would want to work out myself. (he's probably a great dancer and would have had some talent for martial arts).

This whole group of 19 year olds with Taurus-Scorpio Nodal Axis went to Iraq during the worst part of the War when the morale was extra low. The problem kids were allowed through because the Army was desperate for volunteers. If the Army had been even slightly careful they would have never let in a kid with Green's past. Not only that but they sent him to the most violent area. This was a kid who was arrested for smoking pot as a teen and didn't give either of his parents' names to the police as contacts because the parents were so unreliable. His commander had recently died in his arms while they were being shot at. The heavy Taurus/Scorpio Nodal Axis in play? Looks like it.

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Saturday, May 09, 2009

Georgia Stathis Classes and Lectures

I attended a lecture given by Georgia Stathis a while back in Los Angeles and have always wanted to take more classes from her. So I'm going to take note that she has a website.

Anyway, for future reference:


She'll be giving a class or lecture on Eclipses the day before the big Summer Eclipse happens in July which I sure do want to take. And in October she's giving a workshop in San Francisco. The rest is online and isn't too expensive and I wonder if I could manage the techno stuff.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?

While looking at my current transits and progressions all I can do really is to gasp. For reasons that will remain undisclosed, I am instantly reminded of the old Bette Davis/Joan Crawford Horror movie from the 1960s called Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? As a kid I remember Bette Davis as epitomizing everything that I was most afraid of growing up to be. Now, when I look in the mirror, a couple months shy of turning 50 I'm seeing something pretty scary. I think that, due to failing eyesight, I am even starting to paint my lips in over the line...

Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?

Premiere: Oct. 26, 1962 New York, NY

Opening: Oct. 31, 1962, U.S. (no time? I used 8:00 pm)

Sun 4 Scorpio; Moon around 17 Libra; NN 4 Leo

What better placement for a Horror Movie than Sun in Scorpio? For the National Premiere, well scheduled on Halloween night, the Sun (Drama) was actually conjunct Neptune (Film) in Scorpio (Shadows). Halloween has probably never really been able to live up to those 1960s Neptune in Scorpio years when some of the Goblins were really real. (Okay, okay, so they were actually just the old time face lifts that stretched Bette and Joan's facial muscles back into Bandanas over their skulls). As Neptune rules Movies and Scorpio rules all things that go bump in the night (as well as at the IRS and Wall Street) how appropriate that a Horror Movie would be made during this time? The Leo North Node, of course, doesn't hurt the picture one bit.

The contents of the movie which is about two aging ex-movie stars whose careers have ended years before. The one was a Child Star whose career ended with puberty (Bette) and the other was successful as an Adult and her career was cut short by a crippling car accident. The two are living together in isolation in a house, Joan is dependent on Bette for support and Bette is so full of resentment and jealousy and guilt about her sister's condition that she serves her sister rats for dinner. Nothing on screen is more psychotic than Bette Davis in this role.

So, since this is the Chick Flick from Hell I was very curious to look first at the classic indicators for Women in a chart. These are the Moon and Venus. Venus rules sisters as well, along with Mercury which rules siblings in general. Awesome astrology here through Moon, Venus and Mercury. For the premiere, the Moon was conjunct Mercury in Libra which is Venus' sign. Libra rules vanity and envy. What better night to premiere a movie about vain sisters than on a Libra Moon that's paired up with Mercury? The audience was in the same state of mind.

And then we look further into these same aspects and see that Venus herself is in the sign that takes envy one step deeper to jealousy. That, of course, is the sign of Scorpio. Things are getting darker here, very scary. Scorpio rules resentments, vindictiveness, deep passions that go unexpressed.

Then we look at how prominently these 3 planets are placed in the chart. All three stick out like sore thumbs. All 3 are unaspected by major aspect to other planets. This means that their presence can't flow with the other energies in the chart. The Moon is conjunct Mercury but the two are sitting there by themselves. Venus is also unaspected and totally haywire because she is Retrograde. Venus rules a person's feeling of being both loving and lovable and also shows his/her popularity. When she's constipated in Rx motion she sort of turns on herself. Totally appropriate for two old women who have lost all connection to the world, especially after both having been super popular and successful as movie actresses in the past. They've experienced a big fall which makes their situation even more difficult. Again, the entire audience would have been affected by these aspects on the night that the movie showed and it's just an interesting coincidence that the story projects these traits!

Looking farther into the chart we see that there is a Mars-Saturn opposition placed over the Nodal Axis in Leo-Aquarius (respectively). First off, A Leo North Node is just great for movie makers as Leo rules Drama. Mars conjunct the North Node suggests a fight and aggression. Great for conflict. Psychologically Leo North Node seems to need too much attention. It wants to move toward the spotlight. It is ruled by the Sun and shows that the need for being center stage has to balance with the need to be part of the crowd/audience.

Psychologically, Mars rules competition & youthfulness which describes where Bette Davis' role. She is stuck in her child's mind. Joan is stuck in her crippled body (Saturn literally rules bones) She seems to suggest Saturn. Mars is youth and Saturn is maturity. Saturn wants control and Mars acts without control. During the whole movie there is this tension (opposition) between these two forces. They express themselves through Leo/Aquarius which represent the conflict between Egotism and Group Involvement. At the end of the movie she reveals that ... oh I won't spoil it. Anyway, Bette's insane and abusive and all the blame seems to be on her until Joan comes clean at the end of the movie. Saturn rules guilt. Together they have been stuck in an abusive relationship in their decaying home for years in an unresolved fight over who is most popular and successful.

Another interesting aspect is a big opposition between Jupiter-Chiron in Pisces and Uranus-Pluto in Virgo. Outer planets are slow moving and show the generational attitudes of a generation. An opposition is actually the perfect setting for Horror especially in the signs of Virgo-Pisces as they are here. Pisces, obviously rules all things that can't be seen or understood clearly. At the opposite end, Virgo rules sensibility and middle ground. Both are feminine signs. A while back I took a class on writing screenplays for Horror movies and, as the class was taught I was struck by how "Virgonian" a Horror movie protagonist must be (I was going through a phase of painting pictures of women screaming, and the teacher was really good which is why I was sitting in a Horror Writing class. If you ever have a free week-end and want to sit through a magical class take a screenwriting class from Robert McKee. He lectures non-stop for 2 or 3 days in the most entertaining, insightful and organized way. )

During the class McKee showed the movie Alien and then gave a scene by scene explanation of how Horror is portrayed through the film. Sigourney Weaver's character is the perfect Virgo Hero. For one, she is, along with her co-workers, an employee on a cargo ship. Her drama has to come while she is on the job. On another level, McKee explained, she is the one who survives because she maintains the most sensible and realistic, most grounded character of everyone on the space ship. She doesn't flip out, she knows when to act and when to hold back.

I always tend to think that Virgo is the most reasonable sign (unless in a sibling relationship that is where they are absolutely horrible people) and figure that the Uranus-Pluto audience probably craved these ugly horror movies more than audiences from other times. In Baby Jane, I suppose we could assume that Joan Crawford's character is the Virgo character and Davis' character, well, I don't know what sign she would be except as said before she is stuck in a Mars state. And, personally, I sort of think that in the case of this movie, the audience, especially the women who grew up with jealous sisters, are the true survivors.

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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

The Black Death

The Swine Flu Hysteria made me sort of curious about Pandemics. I just took a quick look at the planets of the Black Death that took over 14th Century Europe to see what kind of aspects might indicate a huge pandemic that kills off at least half of one's population. This will probably be covered in awesome gorey detail in Richard Tarnas' book which I don't have with me right now but should really check out.

The thing I wondered about first of all was whether something called "Black" could be connected with Saturn and Pluto. Those two working together seem to literally represent the color Black. (Back in 2002 or 3 during the opposition of those two planets I remember reading that the Blackest Black pigment had been invented. The pigment has tiny textures that absorb more light than any other pigment yet created. AT that point I was still painting and know that painters will become obsessed with trying to get really dense, intense blacks, it's actually a very emotionally fulfilling achievement, believe it or not)

I looked up the Peak Years for the Black Death which was the five years between 1347-1351. 5 years is about a Nodal Square. Although the plague lasted for a whole lot longer before and after those dates I'll just state that for the Peak the North Node was in Virgo about to back into Leo. At the end of the peak the North Node was at the end of Taurus. So for the main part of the Peak of the Plague the North Node was passing through the signs of Leo to Cancer to Gemini to Taurus. For two years during this time Saturn was in conjunction with Pluto off and on in the Middle of Aries and was squaring the Nodal Axis in Cancer/Capricorn. There was a conjunction of Saturn with Uranus in Taurus right near the end of the Plague in 1351.

So the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Aries was a real heavy hitter as it lasted for about 2 years, a really long conjunction transit for those two. And, due to even more Retrogrades, this conjunction was also squaring the Nodal Axis (Destiny) and Jupiter (Expansion) conjunct NN in Cancer. That's Cardinal Sign scary. Economist Thomas Malthus (info from Wikipedia, of course, as I have absolutely no in depth knowledge on this matter) called this sort of "Population Control" a time of "Reckoning" where the environment can't support the amount of people who are living on it. I suppose this is why Astrologers don't like to actually discuss what Pluto's transit through Capricorn can mean.

In the Back Drop, with the other Outer Planets, Uranus was transiting Taurus. Chiron (wounded healer imagery) was also in Taurus. Uranus and Taurus both represent the Fixed Signs and Resources which indicates that something Materialistic (Taurus, Earth) is going on and will Stick around for a while, but, although they share the same modalities, the energies challenge each other, conflict. Uranus, of course, needs to create shock and rebel. Taurus is related to slowness and conservative thoughtful actions. Taurus is also related to Storage and I wonder if one of the main sources of the plague was through stored food (attracting rats).

There was a famine which preceded the Plague. I wonder if this was caused by Uranus' transit in Aries and results became most destructive when the Saturn-Pluto conjunction landed on it.

To look for a big spread of disease I assume that maybe Mars and Jupiter and Neptune would be involved. Probably Moon through Eclipses or something. In 1347 there was a Mars Retrograde which lasted for an extended period of a few months. This in Leo opposing Neptune in Aquarius and was layered over the Nodal Axis. At the end of 1347, Jupiter entered Taurus and was in conjunction with Chiron and squaring Neptune-NN in Aquarius.

Neptune was in Aquarius just like it is now. This could show a lot of traveling around and migration which was caused by the Epidemic as people were fleeing the plague. There was a lot of commerce (Taurus) and travel which could have spread the disease. The Weather was also changing quite a bit at that point which caused a shift in temperatures (probably Neptune in Aquarius).

The Black Death is generally thought to have been spread by fleas that were carried by the Black Rats. At the peak of the Pandemic, though, the Germans started to think that the Jews were poisoning the well waters. In Aug., 1349 the Jewish populations of the towns of Mainz and Cologne were murdered, heaped into piles apparently and burned alive. During this month Mars was in Cancer (it's most volatile placement especially for anything having to do with home) was in conjunction with Jupiter (Religion, Opinions) conjunct NN in Cancer (Water, Wells).

Therefore, Mars-Jupiter-NN in Cancer was squaring the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Aries (Fire). In past posts I've sort of unwillingly noticed that there seems to be a connection between the signs of Taurus through Cancer with racist divides in communities. Perhaps this is just something that is connected with the first 4 signs because of their lack of community wisdom or sense of "the other" which all the rest of the astrological signs have awareness of. These signs are related to self growth and are often the most productive creatively but on the social level, interactions can be barbaric.

I checked the Eclipse activities for these years and found that 1349 was also very active in that regard as there were 7 Eclipses which is much more than usual. I don't know much about Eclipse interpretation so I'll just list the dates here: Jan. 5 (Total Lunar); Jan 19 (Solar Partial); June 16 (Solar Partial); July 1 (Total Lunar); July 16 (Solar Partial); Dec. 10 (Solar Total); Dec. 25 (Partial Lunar). Right off the Bat one can see that the Aries-Cancer square that I've mentioned was activated by the Eclipses of that Summer. I wonder if there was a big earthquake in California that year (Just checked, Italy had one: http://www.cosis.net/abstracts/EGU2008/01427/EGU2008-A-01427-1.pdf) Don't know about California.

Amount of Eclipses for other years: 1347 = 6. 1348 = 4. 1349 = 7. 1350 = 4. 1351 = 5.

The Hundred Years' War began 1336 and lasted through 1453 so was running in tandem with the Black Death. Moral of the story, if your lymph nodes swell up, go to the Doctor.

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Sunday, May 03, 2009

Opening Bell and the Stress Test

Just surfed over to Lynn Hayes' blog and found her entry about how My Magic Federal Reserve Chairman Boyfriend Ben Bernanke is going to reveal the results of the Stress Tests for the Banks. I guess this is also Timothy Geitner's gig as well these days, but Bernanke, being a Sadge and a College Professor to boot gets the glory for this Jupiterian activity of administering tests.

Anyhoo, Lynn Hayes points out that the Feds will reveal these results on Thursday just as Mercury goes Retrograde at the beginning of Gemini. You can read her excellent interpretation here:


Haven't looked up any Opening Bell Charts lately so thought I'd look up Thursday's.

Opening Bell Chart for Stress Test Day
May 7, 2009 9:30 am New York, NY

Sun 18 Taurus; Moon 29 Libra; ASc 14 Cancer; MC 24 Pisces; NN 5 Aquarius.

The Sun will be in Taurus, sign of the Banker. That's appropriate. Spotlight on Bankers. Then I noticed that Mercury's Retrograde will be mostly in Taurus and will perhaps do the review thingee that Lynn Hayes talks about Mercury Retrograde. I don't know about making a big announcement on a Mercury Rx. That could indicate that people just won't understand what's going on but it will keep the communication going concerning all things Taurus, which is the ruler of Banks and Banking and Bankers.

The Moon rules the Chart and is placed in its natural 4th House. That says something about feelings of Security, Housing, the Public, Mom, The U.S. which is considered a Cancer Sun? Both the Sun and Moon disposit to Venus who rules Banking. Venus is placed up in the 10th House of Government and is conjunct Mars and is squaring Pluto. That's can certainly be a signature for stress. The Stock Market in Turmoil, that's nothing new. Emotional volatility? Willfulness? The head of Freddie Mac just committed suicide, did his death foreshadow these results?

What really stuck out when I first looked at the chart was Uranus. He is conjunct the Midheaven (Government) and is unaspected in this chart so, as Noel Tyl says, his influence will "run away with the chart." Will there be a Shock? Or does it mean that the Fed will Awaken the Stock Market? The Government (MC) will inspire Hopes, Wishes and Entrepreunial Spirit? Uranus rules the 8th House of Investments and Stock Markets so the Stock Market will react in some sort of unexpected way? The North Node (Destiny, Direction) is conjunct the 8th House cusp so it looks like the Banks may have to play second fiddle to getting the Investment Markets and Credit Markets and Bankrupties under control.

The Sun will rule the 2d house of Banking which is empty. It will be trining Saturn in H3. Perhaps there will be a fear of Big Brother? Maybe just better management and control. It's expected when the Stock Market is full of greed but when the Bankers get greedy and devious seems things really run amock.

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Apples and Oranges

New Scientist magazine is this really cool science magazine that's written by people who are so entertaining they could write comic books, yet they choose to explain modern scientific breakthroughs. The April 18, 2009 issue has an article all about a couple of scientists who are assuming that there may be some sort of cyclic force field in the solar system. They think that this force field somehow affects the Sun's gravitational pull so that things will fall at different rates at different times of the year. Also, different things will be affected by the field differently. This creates a lack of symmetry in things.

Just a bunch of subtle forces (Scientists, imperialists that they are, see only one force called the "X-Field" and sort of see it as running in straight lines through the universe). We all know it's a bunch of planets orbiting the Sun in ellipses. They screw things up in a pretty regular fashion but also screw things up in an odd fashion because their orbits aren't perfectly circular and they are also spinning around the Sun and not the Earth. So we're looking at them from our Point of View.

And the black holes, I don't know what they're doing, but Philip Sedgwick does...

The article is called: Gravity's Seasons, Does an Apple Fall Faster in the Spring? Marcus Chown investigates." p. 28 - 31. Apr. 18, 2009. more at www.newscientist.com/topic/cosmology.

I won't mention the Scientists' names because I'm sure they wouldn't want to Google themselves to this blog, but I find what they are doing to be awesome incredible for the future of Astrology. Granted, I may be misinterpreting most of it.

From the article:
"'One way we might find evidence of the X-field is to look for small differences in gravity's power at different times of the year. 'Apples might fall at different rates in different seasons,' say (Awesome Anonymous Scientist Dude with Eastern European name), though he can't predict when apples might falls (sic) faster. 'It will be a cyclical effect.'"
Science Dude, I am so blowing you hugs and kisses right now.
"Another possibility that (Anonymous Scientist) and (his Assistant) raise is that the X-field affects different particles in different ways."
-- teehee, yeah you got your Jupiter field and your Mars field and when they square and the Moon hits them while Pluto rocks the North Node in Taurus, now that's the Gravitational pull, baby. It will hit the Tauruses and the Venusians more than the Virgos, though. Check it out.


Friday, May 01, 2009

Most Common Titles submitted to the "Virginia Quarterly Review"

The Virginia Quarterly Review put out a list of the most common titles for stories that have been submitted over the past two years.

Found this over at Kottke.org.


By far the most common title is "Untitled." Wonder what that means about the quality of the work that's submitted to this magazine. I suppose one could simply call the story "Pulling a Blank" or "Don't read this shit."

Seems like the Terror related to Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn in Virgo is taking over the Uranus-Neptune mutual reception energy and creating a big blank in the creativity of America's Finest Intellectuals. That's good, a little clean-out, a Grand Pause, will make room for something new. Perhaps, for now, writing's not the ticket. We need to just get back to the real world through our bodies and not our minds and dance for a while.

I looked at the titles in terms of Astrological Rulerships and was surprised by how they reflect the lower half of the Astrological Wheel. Have no idea what "Aubade" means. I suspect that one writer is very persistent in trying to get one story published and just keeps resubmitting it.

Moon, Pluto, Neptune will always be related to Writing and the Arts because they represent Receptivity, Sensitivity and all the crap that can't be explained otherwise through words. It looks to me like they are influencing the themes in these titles a whole lot.

Rulerships from Rex Bills and then from my owned cracked brain.
  • 1.Untitled - Titles, according to Rex, are ruled by Jupiter. Lack of Titles - Who knows, maybe Neptune-Pisces?
  • 2 Aubade - What the Hell is This? Definitely chock this up to the incomprehensible Uranus-Neptune mutual reception. Maybe some Pluto in Capricorn snob thing. I don't know -- what the Hell is it?
  • 3. Gravity - not listed. Saturn-Pluto thing? Need for Gravity would come from having 5 Full Moons in a Month. Perhaps a result of the Saturn-Pluto trine?
  • 4. Prayer - Jupiter, 9, Sagittarius
  • 5. Homecoming - not listed, 4th House would be connected along with travel, H3 or 9
  • 6. Night - not listed, Moon? Bottom half of chart.
  • 7. Drowning - Neptune
  • 8. Home - 4th House, Moon
  • 9. Sonnet - Venus
  • 10. Sleep - 12, Neptune, Pisces, Moon (Pluto)


And so, now, below is the same list from 2007. What a difference a couple of years makes. I still don't know what Aubade is. I can really feel the difference between the Pluto in Sagittarius energy and the Pluto in Capricorn energy. Interesting how much more varied the subject matter is back in 2007.

"The ten most common titles of submissions that we’ve received in the past year" (which was 2007):

  1. Remember - Moon? Cancer?
  2. Smoke - Fire plus Air plus kindling (7th House?)
  3. Revelation - (Uranus, Neptune)
  4. Work - 6, Virgo, (Saturn)
  5. Grace - Venus, Libra (Moon) (from Bills)
  6. Waiting - Saturn
  7. Insomnia - Aries, Mercury, Moon
  8. Voyeur - not listed in Bills, I'd say this is a Uranus-Pluto thing with some Virgo-Pisces but that's only my opinion
  9. Butterfly - Gemini, Mercury, Neptune (I'd add Libra, Venus)
  10. Reunion - Bills says (Saturn).

Okay, I looked it up on Wikipedia.


An aubade is a poem or song of or about lovers separating at dawn.

Aubade has also been defined as "a song or instrumental composition concerning, accompanying, or evoking daybreak."

Well, that's certainly outside of my 200 word vocabulary. This is how we know that the outer planets are out in the outer signs: the intellectuals are naming their stories for love songs that no one has heard about in the last 500 years.

At any rate, since an Aubade happens at Sun-Up just when the Sun is rising over the Horizon it is interesting that I noted that most of the subject for this past year looks to represent the lower half of the Astrological Wheel. This is metaphorical stuff for the big changes that are currently taking place. Cool.

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