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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sierra Lamar - Astrolocality Chart

I just read that, in addition to Sierra Lamar, 2 other teenage girls went missing in the Morgan Hill area at the beginning of the year.  They, like Sierra Lamar, went missing on a Friday.  I read this on an internet forum and I didn't even take down their names or read about their situations. That certainly makes it look like someone was getting ready to have some big week-ends.

I hadn't pulled up an astrolocality chart because I don't have a full chart for anything or anyone involved in Sierra Lamar's disappearance. So I just set the chart of her disappearance for 7:15 am. 

This chart gives a Sun-Uranus-Mercury RX conjunction on the Ascendant.  I think that will describe the perpetrator.  I've written about that before.  This describes a shocking and unexpected event that was committed by a person with those characteristics.  The perpetrator would be repeating past behaviors.  Mercury Rx brings events and people to us from the past.  Uranus is related to cycles of deep history.  Uranus connects us to others through our friends, groups, strangers, mental distancing, friendliness, innovation, hopes, wishes.  In the sign of Pisces there will be confusion, fogginess, boundarilessness (not a real word), drugs, gas, escape, large bodies of water, self undoing.

These lines are passing through Southern California between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara.  They go down through the Northern part of Baha and up through Nevada and Eastern Oregon and Washington.

If Sierra, and the two other girls who went missing, have been sold into a sex trafficking ring this will possibly be indicated by the Venus-Jupiter-Lilith conjunction which was occurring in the 2d house in Taurus in the event chart.  Don't know about the other girls but this may be connected with drug traffickers from Nicaragua and Honduras because those lines travel through those countries.  The Venus-Lilith-Jupiter lines travel up into the U.S. through New Orleans and up into a bunch of Midwestern states that nobody really goes to. 

At any rate, I've read on Wikipedia that Nicaragua and Honduras have established ties with trafficking women in the U.S.  There is a Grand Trine in the event chart of Sierra's disappearance between Venus-Lilith-Jupiter in Taurus (H2); Mars 9 Virgo Rx in (H6); and Moon-Pluto in Capricorn (H10).  The earth shows business and money.  All those planets together can show sexual activity and opportunism. 

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Rudy Eugene Born on a Solar Eclipse

Just noticed that Wikipedia gives us the birthday of Rudy Eugene who was the man who cannibalized another man in Miami. 

For what it's worth, Eugene was born on an Aquarius Solar Annular Eclipse. Well, Aquarians are known for shocking behaviors and, depending on his birth time and place, Eugene would be a double Aquarius with Sun and Moon in that sign. Ruler of Aquarius is Uranus and Uranus is in the sign of Scorpio in Eugene's chart.  Eugene's Progressed Uranus had just Stationed Retrograde in 2010 which shows some sort of extreme shift in energy.

On the day of the attack the transiting Moon was conjunct natal North Node in Leo to the degree at 11 Leo. 

Moon and Mars usually trigger these kinds of events.

Natal Mars is at 29 Aquarius conjunct Mercury 4 Pisces and squaring Uranus 30 Scorpio.  So this gives more Uranus (weird and shocking) energy.  And the clunker here:  This square has progressed by Solar Arc to the Aries Points, something which means that this energy of the person will come before the public in some way.  SA Mars 30 Pisces-AS Mercury 6 Aries squaring SA Uranus 2 Capricorn.

Transiting Neptune is also passing over the natal Mars-Mercury conjunction.  It was originally thought that Eugene was on a new sort of drug but reports don't show that in his system.  Maybe he was sprayed with pesticides.  He did have undigested pills in his stomach.

Rudy Eugene
b. Feb. 4, 1981  place?  I used Miami, FL

Sun 16 Aquarius;  Moon Aquarius;  NN 11 Leo Rx.

Background aspects/transits:

Transit Sun-Mercury at 6 Gemini squaring transit Neptune 4 Pisces and squaring t. NN 6 Sagittarius

Double Whammy Saturn-Pluto:
t. Pluto 10 Capricorn Rx squaring n. Jupiter-Saturn 10 Libra
t. Saturn 24 Libra Rx c. n. Pluto 25 Libra Rx

Progressed Sun was at 18 Pisces c. prog. Mars 23 Pisces squaring natal Neptune 25 Sagittarius

Record Heat Waves

Last couple of weeks there have been record heat wave temperatures.  This is because of Global Warming, I know.  But with Sun opposing Pluto I suppose it would make sense that Colorado suffered the worst fire in its history and that, because of a storm, 1 million people are still without power.  Get it?  Pluto and the Sun both rule "Power?"