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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

San Francisco Bay Bridge Collapse

Astrology could have helped in this case with the Uh Oh It's Mercury Retrograde warning. Mercury rules roads and local transportation so this makes sense.

This is very frightening: The Bay Bridge which links San Francisco to the Berkeley/Oakland area collapsed in the spot where repairs had been made over this past Labor Day Week-end. The Bridge is now closed until further notice.

The Bridge had been scheduled for closure over the long September holiday week-end. Half-way through the repairs the workers found a crack and this kept the Bridge closed until the next Wednesday morning. So the Bridge was closed from September 4-9. That's a long time and this is a major artery. Over the Labor Day Week-end Mercury Stationed Retrograde at 7 Libra. He was also squaring Mars in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn.

Also over that period of time Saturn was opposing Uranus which was hit by a Full Moon. So, Mercury wasn't working by himself.

Two days ago, on Tuesday the Rod (whatever that is, read this, sorry its Fox but this was just the most informative article I could find) that had been replaced at some point during the repairs fell down during Rush Hour.

This is the same bridge that fell down during the Loma Prieta earthquake. That also hit at Rush House back in 1989. (October 17, 1989, around 5:04 pm). The Astrology is really creepy. Pluto at 1 Capricorn is at the spot where Uranus was at that time. Uranus was conjunct Saturn 9 Capricorn-Neptune 10 Capricorn opposing Jupiter 11 Cancer-Chiron Cancer. And Mercury was at 10 Libra which is a Mercury Return almost to the degree! They say that Mercury Returns like to bring things back to you from the past. They're not kidding (in this case at least)!

Notice also the other outer planet couplings that are similar. Saturn and Uranus (conjunct 1989 now opposing 2009). Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron (opposing in 1989, now conjunct).

Bay Bridge falls apart
Oct. 27, 2009 5:30 pm Oakland, CA

Sun 5 Scorpio; 20 Aries Rising; Moon 27 Aquarius; 11 Capricorn MC; NN 26 Capricorn

Mercury is on the last degree of Libra in this chart, ruling the 3d House and squaring the Nodal Axis. It is also in conjunction with the Sun and is placed angular in the 7th House so is strong in the chart.

The Big Wig planet that stands out to me at least, is Mars. Mars here is ruling the chart, is a singleton in Fire, is the Lead planet of the Locomotive chart shape and is squaring the Sun. It is one degree away from being in the 4th House so it's not quite angular.

Saturn is still trining the Nodal Axis which it disposits. I'd say it's very widely opposing Uranus at this point (about 6 degree orb but the computer program doesn't show the opposition). It is now, however, squaring Pluto which is a destruct and destroy aspect.

Good thing is that nobody was killed. Two vehicles were damaged and I'm sure glad I wasn't driving either one of them.

The Bridge is now closed. You know I think we'll be wishing we would have an earthquake. The sewers are backflowing into the water supply. The bridge is definitely not safe to drive on. All this stuff needs a major demo so things can just be rebuilt.


Kind of bizarre that Saturn, planet that rules building, has been trining the North Node which is in its sign (and conjunct Lilith -- I swear to God Lilith is always there when this kind of poo goes down). I think she's just giving everyone a heads up you stupids.

The Oakland Bay Bridge was opened for traffic on Nov. 12, 1936. This was a New Moon in Scorpio. There was a Saturn-Neptune opposition. It's 73 years old. If "Bridge Years" are the same as "People Years" then I guess it's showing its age.

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The Aryan Invasion

The "Christians" are trying to take over my blog. Old Snappy fingers typed her own URL incorrectly and found


Go there, but beware. How can you claim to be Christian if you spend all your time oppressing people like this? What weird little triggers of imagination in the human anti-brain get it so wrong?

Happy Saturn moving into Libra. I'm going to hate this one.

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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Uranus-Neptune Mutual Reception and Cholera?

In 1831 there was a huge cholera epidemic in England. That led to the discovery that drinking water supplies can breed the bacterium. In 1831 there was a Uranus-Neptune mutual reception in the sky just like there is now. Neptune represents the water element. And Uranus represents the water bearer element. When on good behavior they both represent human society functioning at very high levels. Not only did England have a terrible cholera epidemic but England bred a smart guy who figured out by the 1850s that the water supply was responsible for the cholera epidemic. This led to great advancements in public health and cholera is now thought to be a mainly third world problem.

What's interesting is that the Silicon Valley has some real problems with its tap water at this point. Very often when one holds a white towel over the bathtub faucet, brown greasy water comes out and stains the towel. That's a bacterial hell hole waiting to breed. One must always run around in grease. After a year of bouncing around from laundromat to laundromat in the South Bay I've been driving up to Palo Alto to do my laundry. I figure those guys will always know when their water stinks. But, no. A laundromat in downtown Menlo Park left my clothes smelling like the Pizza restaurant across the street. And there's no word at all on the news. No official is around to tell people to stop tossing grease down the sinks. Growing up my Mother was always screaming to never dump the grease down the sink. She also didn't let us eat much fat. So, I guess, in twenty years time some guy will suddenly discover the cause of the H1N1 -- magically. Uranus and Neptune do so love magic.

Blogger's acting weird. My computer has been getting hit left and right by attacks. Fun days ahead. Saturn and Pluto squaring.

So, Uranus-Neptune mutual reception and I suppose politicians and scientists have something new to be baffled by. We're worried about H1N1. Its the aquaducts, baby. They're going to kill us.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

1957 problems

Something weird is in the air. Is that a Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune in Aquarius thing?

Successful men are getting caught left and right and it happens that they are all born in the same year, 1957. So, I'm thinking there is some sort of problem going on with the Stars that's affecting the 1957'ers. Is this a case of desperate Middle Age Men hitting both the wall and economic hard times at the same time in life? Is it fall all out from Chiron Returns? Let's just say that in the United States you are innocent until proven guilty so we don't know for certain who did what (but, for the sake of being a jerk I'll probably accuse all of them).

Astrology-wise, ooo wow, looka dose planets. Both Neptune and Pluto were changing signs in 1957 so were near the first degrees of their new signs when when these three men were born. Neptune moved to Scorpio and Pluto moved to Virgo. This means that Pluto's current transit is aspecting both of these outer planets. And when Neptune and Pluto are working together things just ball up and go -- poof.

Virgo and Scorpio both make easy aspects to Capricorn and so how can this be? Some astrologers don't even look at easy transits. Well, Saturn and Uranus are moving in and out of squares with transiting Pluto as they are approaching the big Cardinal t-square aspect to Pluto so the old Scorpion has bedfellows, and these big outer planet bedfellows that pick you up by the nape of your neck and carry you where they please. And that long Venus Rx transit in Aries last Fall stressed Pluto. And Mars just finished opposing Pluto. And the Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune transit is so counter intuitive for the Saturn-Uranus-Pluto stuff that the outies are moving in opposite directions of each other.

Are we coming or are we going? Is the market going up or is the market going down? Are the icebergs melting? (well, that's looking like a one-way street, and, by the way, when the interest rates go up the market goes down and the interest rates are down as low as they can go, and if the bankers just returned their damned bonuses the markets would probably level out.)

First on the check list this past month was New Age Spiritual Warrior James Arthur Ray. Because of the Ooga Booga aspect of this guy's job this certainly sounds like a no-brainer Chiron in Aquarius type of story. "Wounded Teacher of the Weirdos." That's perfect.

Took me about 4 days of internet searches to separate this guy from his historical almost namesake, James Earl Ray, who was the guy who killed Martin Luther King. You'd think that a New Age Guru would have changed his name by now in order to avoid summoning up any creepy old assassins but this guy seems to think he can transcend just about anything. Anyway, there seems to be a similar obsession with death between the two which is really creepy.

The story is, James Arthur Ray is the guy who set up the Spiritual Warrior Retreat in Sedona, AZ which ended in armageddon. About 60-65 people with absolutely no sense in their heads crammed into a plastic tent. They had been on a 40 hour fast and had been doing special hyperventilating techniques all week. Ray is now maybe facing homicide charges for negligence because three people died and around 20 went to the hospital. Really scary is the fact that Ray won't talk to police. And he hasn't gone to the hospital to help the sick. And he's continuing with his preaching. Hehehehe, and now we get a lesson in seeing how Spiritual Warriors slither out of their stupid human tricks. Remember, Jim Jones and his followers? Guess this is the same thing, Spiritul Kool-Aid.

Ray apparently told people that it would feel like they were dying and so they didn't get up and walk out just because they felt uncomfortable. How can anyone trust anybody else that much?

First thing, I wondered when I heard about this, I was curious to know if Ray is a Pluto in Virgo rather than a Pluto in Leo person. Pluto in Virgo can't mock the death rays the way that Pluto in Leo can because Pisces is always on the other end of its axis waiting to end things. The Leo flip side is Aquarius, collective consciousness. The Virgo flip side is Pisces, end o' the line, institution, victimization, and damn fine artists (the other qualities is why the Pluto in Virgo generation doesn't seem to be producing much great art, who wants to go there, after all?)

Ray's chart is extremely interesting in this case because he's a double Sagittarius with Sun squaring Pluto. Without a birth time we don't know the Moon's placement but the Moon may also be squaring Pluto. That would make a New Moon squaring Pluto in his birth chart. Since I don't know the birth time, I won't say anything about the Moon though.

But, Sun-Pluto in a square together reads on a very simple level "Ego challenges Power". Sun-Pluto people think they are transformers. They sort of turn spirituality into a tonka truck game because of this. Remember Lenny from Of Mice and Men? Thing is, they are "manifesters." They are very creative, of course, but they can also through use of will, create. Sometimes they can be lacking in vision and intelligence and compassion and that can be a drag. And, they have to watch out what they ask for and talk about because these two planets manifest absolutely everything, especially the deep, dark fears, that go through the native's head due to Pluto's need to confront all that is taboo. These people struggle with loneliness like you wouldn't believe.

Ray actually has four planets in Sagittarius. Sun, Moon, Mercury and Saturn Rx. This shows boundless enthusiasm and a buoyant spirit. It also can indicate a "Confidence Man" type of personality. Sagittarians don't really admit when they do wrong. They're used to getting away with things by use of their charms. That's why grumpy, guilty, karma tripping Capricorn has to follow. Pluto is passing from one of these signs to the other right now.

Donna Cunningham has written a great blog about Ray's chart on her website "Skywriter.com." She concentrates on Ray's natal Mars-Neptune-NN conjunction in Scorpio. I suppose I'd prefer to see that aspect in an old surfer myself, but New Age Guru sounds appropriate too.

Please also notice other aspects that play right into the Scorpio North Node, plus Mars and Neptune. One is a very prominent square between Venus and Jupiter in Rays' chart. Both planets have prominence and demand to be noticed. First, Venus in Capricorn is prominent because she has recently turned Retrograde by Progression over Ray's natal Chiron. In the progressed chart they are both conjunct to the degree. Venus rules everything that Ray seems to talk about in his lectures. Things having to do with wealth. Chiron represents the great sage who could teach others how to heal themselves but couldn't heal his own wounds. Venus going retrograde can be an assault on one's loveability. Ray won't admit it but just as his star was beginning to shine in 2003-4 his charms were actually dimishing. Wonder if he sold it -- his soul that is.

The second element of this square, Jupiter, is prominent in Ray's chart because it is a singleton in Air and is the dispositor of Ray's Sun and Moon, Mercury and Saturn. Also, by Secondary Progression it has just changed signs and has moved into Scorpio. Scorpio, Scorpio, Scorpio. Death, Sex and Taxes.

And Jupiter's influence keeps going. Ray's progressed Jupiter is now in conjunction that natal Neptune-Mars-NN conjunction which shows off his guru stuff. This, of course, sets off everything having to do with his destiny as ruled by the North Node. Strange how there's a mirror-image Jupiter-Neptune transit in the sky right now in conjunction with Chiron (Wounded Healer). This influence is so compounded right now in Ray's chart, it's scary. Plus, like I said, Sagittarius doesn't admit to wrongs committed and Neptune, well Neptune in an emergency just freaks out and runs. That's actually not bad. If you're useless in an emergency better to get the hell out than to stand around and cry the way I do.

And, so, this all ties right back into Ray's progressed Venus-Chiron conjunction because the two sets of planets are in the same spot with each other 15-25 Aquarius right now. And not only that but they were passing over the Ascendant just as this Sweat Lodge in Sedona began. And in addition to that they were involved in a Grand Trine with the Sun and the Moon on the day of the tragedy. There you go with more positive aspects. The fact that the people at the sweat lodge were suffering and didn't either ask for help or just get up and walk out demonstrates Noel Tyl's interpretation of the Grand Trine aspect, which is just that, people under this aspect influence don't seem to be able to reach out and ask for help. (Of course, people born with a Grand Trine are generally given help).

As I said, as of 2003-4, Ray's progressed Venus has been moving in Retrograde motion. That bodes ill for a person's loveability (sp?) quotient. Venus is related to one on one relationships and to self-esteem related to material wealth. It's almost as if Venus tempted him with extreme amounts of these wonderful things and now is going to pull it all out from under him. I actually can't find any information about Ray's relationship status, married, single, gay, straight, but that would seem to be involved in some way.

Ray's got to go through this kind of hell because he's got a natal square between Sun and Pluto, both power planets that manifest a person's deepest fears in the real world. The square likes to throw big challenges at you related to whatever planets it hooks together.

James Arthur Ray

b. Nov. 22, 1957 Honolulu, HI (wiki)

Sun 1 Sagittarius; Moon Sagittarius; NN 10 Scorpio

Moving on, another 1957 guy, one of the United States' richest men, Raj Rajaratnam, Hedge Fund Manager. Rajaratnam's company, Galleon Group, has been making 10 percent income in spite of everyone else's losses. That's less than what Bernie Madoff was making but is still pretty good. Rajaratnam has been arrested for Insider Trading. I can't make heads or tails out of the situation, it was like this with Martha Stewart too. This is more complicated high finance games that I don't understand. This guy was prodding his employees to get "the edge."That's the only story we get and my reaction is "Welcome to the States, mean bastard. You will do well here." Can you really be arrested for this though? Guess I don't have the full story. Anyway, this guy also has a weird name. It's like his parents were stuttering on his last name when they wrote the info down for the birth certificate, like Eric Ericson, Sam Samson. Why bother giving the kid a first name at all? Maybe it's only a nickname.

This guy gets arrested during his Mars Return in Cancer. His progressed Mars and Pluto are in conjunction at the end of Leo. What is that Star that hangs out at the end of Leo? It's a sign of great success and then loss of great success. Maybe he did get a little too aggressive. A Gemini Sun with a Cancer Mars guy is going to be a little bit of a mood swinger. He's been arrested so he must be getting messed up by the Neptune transit in some way. My computer is getting messed up by something else so I can't really look it up right now.

Raj Rajaratnam

b. June 15, 1957 Sir Lanka (I used Colombo, but I don't have a city)

Sun 24 Gemini; Moon Capricorn or Aquarius; NN 18 Scorpio

And moving on from that another 1957 guy, Stewart Nozette, a bigwig Scientist with the Feds, has been caught and arrested for trying to sell information to the Israelis. Aren't the Israelis our allies? Do they need to buy our secrets? They probably made our secrets. Why bother going over the Government's head on that one? This guy was one of the scientists who was responsible for thinking that there may be water on the Moon and I know that the scientists are really bored by how boring the bombing was. Something about not being able to see a plume after the bomb was dropped. Maybe the bomb missed the target and no one wants to admit it.

I do know that this Moon failure thing brings us back to the big Saturn-Uranus-Pluto t-square in the sky that is trying to resolve itself through its Geminian/Cancerian empty leg.

Stewart Nozette

b. May 20, 1957 Chicago, Il (source)

Sun 30 Taurus; Moon Aquarius; NN 20 Scorpio


This guy, Stewart Nozette, like the Guru, has a Sun-Pluto square as well. The Moon in his chart is also possibly involved in a t-square with Sun and Pluto.

So, anyway, these guys have the Scorpio North Nodes which is said to be a toughie. The Pluto transit is just really hooking them in. Frightening. Okay, so I've got major computer weirdness and am going to have to quit.

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

"We Did This For the Show"

God damned kids. They're always blurting out the truth at all the wrong times.

This week's big news story, and who knows why, is the Balloon Boy story. A family in Fort Collins, CO called the Fire Brigade to come rescue their son who they said they thought had crawled into a home-made balloon. Turns out the kid was hiding in the house the whole time. And the Father called the Media and NASA before he actually called the Fire Brigade for real help. And the little boy started having major barfing sessions during the media blitz of interviews after the show. Wonder if he was a Virgo. My Mother always said she could tell when my brother was lying because he would throw up because Virgos have weak stomachs (turns out he's lactose intolerant).

Anyway, this kid, Falcon, doesn't have what it takes to be a media star. He ended up telling the Cameras that he hid in the attic for 5 hours "for the show." He's so hyperactive, I don't know how he sat anywhere for 5 hours. They could do a whole show on hyperactive kids and the neurotic parents who raise them from watching this family being interviewed. I can just see my Mother now: "Look at that...Out of the mouths of Babes.....they're lying out their asses...did you see that kid throw up?....you know your brother...."

I guess the parents are now being charged with all kinds of counts related to the fact that they were using the helicopters and the State Troopers and the TV stations for a publicity stunt. Come on, give em a break. The economy is bad. It looks like they're unemployed and unemployable, this is job security for the media who's too stupid to give decent reporting about the economy, and nobody else in the world has this much gall (or imagination).

Can't find the parents' birth dates which is totally traumatizing. Idiot Father Richard Heene is born around 1961. Idiot Mother is born in 1964. Marriage was on Oct. 12, 1997 in Clark County, Nevada (source I think was About.com).

Well, the marriage has a conjunction of Jupiter to Uranus in Aquarius. They were trying to take advantage of their Marital Jupiter Return, I suppose. Sometimes Jupiter makes you lucky, sometimes it makes you go way over the top. In Aquarius, I suppose you should just some interesting turns of event.

This is good for my otherwise useless Astrological predictions. Remember that I'm the one who called this Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune conjunction the "big dirigible in the sky." Did you see the footage of that homemade balloon whaling through the air? Dirigibles explode, baby. Not the greatest method of transport.

This marriage is a Sun in Libra which is great as Libra rules Marriage. But probably not so hot when Sun is opposing Saturn in Aries which is in its Fall and Retrograde which means that not following rules leads to getting caught. Saturn doesn't let you off the hook the way Jupiter does. Also, a really incredible Venus-Mars-Pluto conjunction in Sagittarius that squares the Nodal Axis. This family has to do things "their way." Frank Sinatra exhibited the Sadge spirit.

Now, let's hope that the economy doesn't take off on a similar helium hot air escapade.

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"Catching Fire"

Heard an interview on NPR with Harvard Professor of Anthropology, Richard Wrangham, who has just published a book called Catching Fire: how Cooking Made Us Human. Wrangham presents a new idea about how cooking food has been a major factor in human evolution. I guess he assumes that we are superior. That's an idea that I seriously question every day, but we humans do talk and we do make use of our opposable thumbs like nobody's business so I can see how he's got a point.

What's interesting from an astrological point of view is that cooking is related to the sign of Cancer which represents Hearth and Home and Family. And so the presentation of this new idea of the human condition into society fits into the current big outer planet t-square that's currently up-ending societey. Cancer is the sign that is missing from the t-square between Saturn, Uranus and Pluto. ( end of Gemini is also implicated as this t-square is extra potent on the Aries Points.) T-squares are said to look for "resolve" to the challenges that the planets and signs they create by looking for a solution in the missing section of the square shape they create. Among other things, the planets of Saturn and Uranus represent things that are Manmade and which center around Societal creations. Pluto and Uranus both represent major changes within societies (usually of crisis proportions). The sign of Cancer which represents Home, Hearth, Family, Tradition and Cooking. The news has recently showed a sort of stupid side of this t-square in how NASA has recently bombed the Moon looking for Water. Both Moon and Water are ruled by the sign of Cancer.

A New York Times review of the book notes that cooking does a number of things to set the humans apart from the rest of the hominids, bipeds, and omnimipids. It makes our food safer (Saturn). It makes our food taste rich and deliicious (Taurus?). It reduces spoilage (Pluto?). And it does something that is a new idea: it increases the amount of energy we obtain from the food. I suppose that's partly ruled by Mars, ruler of Aries and the natural Ascendant which represents the Physical Body, the Head, and, of course, Fire and Energy.

Just for fun, I'll note that the book has been published while Mars has been transiting Cancer.

I'll just jump forward and wonder if this means that all the strange foods that modern society currently eats, and doesn't eat( since food is the source of fat, and anorexics are in fashion). Diet is ruled probably more by the sign of Virgo which rules day to day living conditions, especially ones that have to do with Health. Saturn (restriction, discipline) is currently in this sign showing that not only is there a depressing influence affecting us in this area (diet, that is) which is restricting our lifestyles, but that serious study and science is also more interested perhaps in this phenomenon.


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Monday, October 12, 2009

The Nina, The Pinta, and the Santa Maria

Usually Columbus Day is celebrated on the 2d Monday in October. Today's date, October 12, matches the actual historical date that land was sited.

Wikipedia actually guesstimates Christopher Columbus' birthdate as being between Aug. 25 and Oct. 31 in 1451. That means that Christopher Columbus was either a Virgo, a Libra, or a Scorpio. According to my last blog, this means that Christopher Columbus would have had a higher than average chance of being a self-made millionaire if he had been born in Modern Times.

Christopher Columbus (source Wikipedia)

born between Aug. 25 and Oct. 31, 1451

Sun either in Virgo, Libra or Scorpio

Jupiter in Capricorn; NN in Capricorn; Saturn in Libra; Uranus in Cancer; Neptune on the Aries Point in either Virgo or Libra; Pluto in Leo; Chiron in Gemini

Neptune on an Aries Point stands out. I wonder if Columbus didn't have Neptune on his Midheaven since he's known to every school kid for having Sailed the Ocean Blue in 1492. That's sort of the first Advertising Jingle.

Columbus set off with his 3 ships on August 3, 1492 from Jerez de la Frontera, Spain and returned at some point in 1493. Land was sighted by a sailor, Rodrigo de Triana from off the Pinta.

Mars was in Cancer and unaspected on that date. Sounds like maybe a chaotic start.

Pluto was in Scorpio conjunct the North Node and opposing Chiron. That makes sense considering this is the voyage that is said to have brought Syphillis to Europe. Or was Syphillis brought to the Americas from Europe? At any rate, the Sun and Mercury were in Leo and the Moon was in Sagittarius, and a good time was had by all. This was the Age of Exploration, after all.

Another interesting aspect for that date, assuming I'm working with the correct date (the Pope kept messing around with the Calendars and sometimes I use the wrong date so be fore-warned), is that the Sun was opposing Saturn at 14 Aquarius on this date. The Spanish are more Adventurous than well managed. Jupiter moved into Leo during the voyage over and was opposing Saturn when Land was first sighted.

And, Land was first sighted (according to Wiki) from off the bough or stern whichever end of the ship (the Pinta) at 2 am on Oct. 12, 1492.

Land Ahoy says Sailor Rodrigo de Triana of the Pinta

Oct. 12, 1492 2am off the Bahamas, I used Nassau for a city

Sun 29 Libra; ASC 4 Virgo; Moon 17 Cancer; NN 5 Scorpio; MC 3 Gemini

It was the 2d Friday of the Month, not the 2d Monday

At 2 am, Mars was just rising over the Ascendant conjunct Lilith. Lilith is always there. (Wonder what kind of crazy looking Mermaid was pinned to the fronts of those boats.) Mars was trining Neptune in the 4th House. So, if you're ever out at Sea and looking for land, feel free to play your Nintendo, or take a leak, or chat with your buds until Mars rolls around over the Ascendant. No sense standing there staring all day and seeing nothing. And bring your Night Goggles. Don't know how this guy managed to see Land in the middle of the night.

The Sun, Mercury, Venus and Pluto were all conjunct the North Node in Scorpio. What a wild combination for a bunch of Spanish Men who have been cooped up on a boat for 3 months. Those guys were really horny, that's for sure. I don't even want to think what they did to the Native Women once they got on land. Venus was even Retrograde in Scorpio.

So, the innies were in contact with the outies when Land was sighted. The Sun, Mercury, Venus were conjunct Pluto. The Moon was opposing Uranus 25 Cancer. Mars was Rising and trining Neptune.

The Santa Maria was run aground on Christmas Day in 1492. Nasty t-square on that day. Mercury was conjunct Neptune on the Capricorn AP making for spacey thinking. The conjunction was apex to a t-square of an opposition of Moon in Aries to Mars in Libra. It was bound to happen.

Pluto was still conjunct the North Node and along with Venus was still in Scorpio so that's not all that was bound. Columbus kidnapped a bunch of people to take back to Spain. Most died on the ride back.

Interesting that Columbus, a Navigator, was born with Neptune on an Aries Point. And he made his big Discovery when Neptune was on another Aries Point. And everyone on his boat had Syphilis.

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Poor Moon

Last Friday we bombed the Moon. What'll they think of next?

NASA unloaded some space junk in order to stir up the dust. Now they hope to find signs of Ice in the dust. Remember when they used to say that the Moon was made of cheese? That was more fun.

Date for Moon Bombing
Oct. 9, 2009, 3:15 am PDT (about)

Sun 17 Libra; Moon 21 Gemini; NN 27 Capricorn

Chart is interesting from the Moon's point of view.
  • Pluto is at 1 Capricorn opposing the Cancer Aries Point. The Moon rules Cancer.
  • The Moon is at 21 Gemini (neighbors) squaring the Saturn-Uranus opposition (and Gemini's ruler, Mercury which is conjunct Saturn).
  • And good old Mars (explosives) is in Cancer exactly conjunct the Moon's South Node.

Ouch. That had to have hurt. Chart has a Grand Trine and a Mystic Rectangle, for what it's worth. According to an article in today's San Jose Mercury News the Scientists were kind of bored by the event. Guess there weren't enough fireworks, or dust, or ice, or cheese. Maybe you want Mars on the North Node for that.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Born in September Millionaires

A Forbes article called "A Recipe for Riches" (http://finance.yahoo.com/career-work/article/107927/a-recipe-for-riches.html?mod=career-leadership) looks for the common traits of self-made millionaires and has found that the most common birth month of self made millionaires is September. Out of 380 self-made millionaires, 42 were born in September. Go Virgos. Go Libras. The Rulers of these signs are Mercury and Venus which are the two planets that rule the markets. Pretty early on in the person's life his Sun will progress into shrewd Scorpio where it will remain for 30 years. That's enough time to build up a decent portfolio. The most determined sign, it also helps to steer through crisis management.

The entire Fall season is the most common month for self-made millionaires except for December. So, the Scorpio Suns are included. That leaves out the Sagittarians.

Interesting that another common denominator has to do with a Sagittarian subject: Higher Education. The moguls either dropped out of college or went to one of 3 Ivy League Schools. Unless you are going to Harvard, Columbia, or some weird school in Pennsylvania that I've never heard of before, drop out.

Of the Pluto in Leo and Pluto in Virgo generations, this also means that the Sun will never have to progress over the native's natal Pluto.

Another key money planet in the chart, Venus will probably be in the signs of Leo through Capricorn. With the exception of Capricorn, that means that Venus, like the Sun, will be in a sign which is considered controlled by others (right side of Astrological Wheel). Pretty interesting. In other words, I read that to mean that Accumulation of Wealth is related to people skills. Interesting that Venus is included by Sun Sign rulership but not through the sign of Taurus which is the ruler of money.

I wonder if the Sun Sign prominence of wealth changes in relation to the generations as indicated by the Outer Planets.

Oh yeah, the article also says that having parents with Math Skills helps a lot. Something will show up in the person's IC/MC axis which shows Mathematical abilities.

This is from my fortune cookie today:

"The riches of others makes you more valuable."

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Thursday, October 08, 2009

Maybe Not a Good Year to Work for the Census

It seems that a lot of bad news is coming from those Amazing Census Jobs this year. They pay so well. I grew up in the semi-boonies and at that point the neighbors were nice people. Well, they're not now.

Is this the Saturn-Uranus opposition in action? "Counting crowds" sounds like a good keyword combo for those planets. Capricorn and Aquarius are traditionally ruled by the same guy, Saturn. They're bound together by this mutual "blood tie." So they represent the same social force, but also show the conflicts that show up between that social force in the idea that Tradition and Foreword thinking don't get along. The Saturn-Uranus conflict.

[Imagine the painting of Saturn eating his sons which Goya painted on his Dining Room Wall. If you don't know it, Google it, looks a lot like a Town Hall meeting or ... actually, astrologers are seeming to be pretty much the same to me these days].

Toss a couple of Cancer/Capricorn Eclipses and suddenly not only do people not want you comin round on their land, but they strip you nekked with oodles of duct tape, pin your badge on, writ "FED" on your chest in BIG RED LETTERS as taught in 3d grade (yep, make it threw that thar grade) and hang you up in the cemetery. Don't mess with my meth, man, makin me paranoid..... (Guess maybe that's a Neptune-Chiron-Jupiter thing?)

In Kentucky Census Worker, Bill Sparkman, was found murdered in such a way. Truly tragic as he had recently battled Cancer and had graduated from College at the same time.

I worked for the Census back at the Y2K year 2000 Census because it seemed like it would be a priceless memory. Also, the Feds pay abnormally well. But the work really is creepy. It's amazing how pissed off you can make people just by walking up to their doors and banging on it. I saw so much it made me hate the place where I was living which was sort of a combo platter of rich computer people, rednecks, agricultural workers, retirees, caretakers and strange people who just live out in the middle of nowhere.

Most people were nice. Some told some really great lies. My Gemini Rising just loved that part. The Census Worker's instructions are to just write down things exactly as they are told to you. I was told later on that my notes became something of a legend back at headquarters.

The Rednecks were uniformly horrible. The houses with mens' names don't answer the door but you can faintly hear music and tvs inside and you can feel their eyeballs boring through the part of your face they can see through the peephole. Fine. Gemini Rising has Sadge on the other end. We're all free not to answer anything we don't want to answer as far as I'm concerned.

But, my badly placed Moon really kicks in with the ladies. Women were a completely different story as they generally are. One barrel shaped broad lunged at me through the screen door, frothing at the mouth about how the Government all-town-hall-meeting-like. It was so hard to look at her deadpan. Another just stood leaning on her pitch fork and telling me about which of the barking dogs I should try to avoid. The dogs set off the clacking of the chickens which sounded like all hell breaking loose. Census workers are just temps. Why get all huffy? Anyway, I quit about a week before some guy got eaten up by dogs in a Southern State.

Haven't found Bill Sparkman's birthdate. He was 51 years old so he would have had Chiron in Aquarius. Of the People, By the People, Screwed by the People. The police haven't given their opinion about motive for the death yet so the online sleuths are assuming that Sparkman was either Gay or a Child Molester. The Online Sleuths should maybe try knocking on a door in Meth Country sometime. You don't really have to even go up to a door. The roads with the potholes are enough to keep me away.

The first hellish Census Worker story I remember, though, is with Swine Flu. (Maybe we should just call this the H1N1 Census 2010?).

In Mexico a Census worker is said to have been the first death from H1N1 Virus. All that door to door action is just a free lunch for a communicable disease. I've noticed that Gemini might have a lot to do with Communicable Diseases. Maybe we should employ another Gemini rulership to do this census. It's called the Telephone. Either that or carry around a belt with a can of Mace and a can of Lysol to spray any door that happens to open after you knock on it.

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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

More Huge South Pacific Earthquakes

As Mars approaches conjunction to the South Node there have been 4 more huge Earthquakes in the South Pacific with one small tsunami warning. This is squaring the Total Solar Eclipse point of the middle of 3 Eclipses we had this Summer which was 30 Cancer with Nodal Axis right on 1 Leo-Aquarius.

Wow, these are huge. The coastline of the USGS map that shows recent earthquakes isn't lit up along the Pacific like it was in July but these in the South Pacific are huge.

I have to try to figure out how to read UT Time or at least how to input it into the software. If the times I put in are correct the first 2 occurred as the Saturn-Uranus opposition passed over the IC-MC Axis, but don't bet on it being accurate. Mercury and Venus are now conjunct Saturn in Virgo.


6.7 10/7/09 21:41:15 Celebes Sea (near Philippines) 4.043 Lat 122.584 Long.

7.8 10/7/09 22:03:16 Vanuatu -13.052 Lat 166.187 Long. (town: Port-Vila?)

7.7 10/7/09 22:18:26 Santa Cruz Islands (town: Lata, Solomon Islands)
-12.554 Lat. 166.32 Long

7.3 10/7/2009 23:13:49 Vanuatu -13.145 Lat 166.297 Long.

6.9 10/8/09 2:12:39 Santa Cruz Islands -11.649 Lat 166.144 Long


Birth of the Bar Code

Today Google is celebrating the 57th birthday of when the patent for the Bar Code was filed. Kind of fun to celebrate a machination of modernistic society on a Secondary Lunar Progressed Return which is meant to express the warm fuzzies and not the impersonal business side of things. But, hey, this is proof that the Moon brings out the sentimental side of absolutely everything.

The Patent was filed:

Oct. 7, 1952 (Patent Office? Washington, DC?)

Sun 15 Libra; Moon Gemini; NN 19 Aquarius

That's a nice mental Air combination, the chart maybe even has a Grand Trine.

The Bar Code was first used:

June 26, 1974 Marsh Supermarket, Troy, Ohio

Sun 5 Cancer; Moon probably in Libra, but maybe tailend of Virgo; NN 19 Sagittarius

Both charts show a Sun--Mercury-Saturn conjunction in their respective signs. This combination shows good management skills and concerns with efficiency. The charts are a little whacky because Neptune (fuzzy thinking) is connected with the combination in the first chart and Mercury is Retrograde in the 2d chart.

In the Patent Chart, the Sun is conjunct Saturn 18 Libra-Neptune 22 Libra-Mercury 24 Libra. In the first use of the Bar Code chart the Sun is conjunct Saturn 8 Cancer; Mercury 12 Cancer Rx.

In both charts, Jupiter is squaring the Nodal Axis perhaps showing potential for big growth. Aquarius NN and Sagittarius NN are certainly related to all things futuristic and innovative.

Can't get through myself right now, but, supposedly anybody can generate his/her/its own barcode at this site.

The inventors of the Bar Code were Norman Woodland and Bernard Silver. Can't find Silver's birth date (year: 1925). Woodland had 4 planets in Virgo. Actually, he had a tight one-degree conjunction of Jupiter with Mercury and Saturn 26-27 Virgo. Sun was opposite Uranus showing Inventor skills.

Norman Woodland

b. Sept. 6, 1921 Atlantic City, NJ

Sun 14 Virgo; Moon Scorpio; NN 20 Libra

Bernard Silver

b. 1925


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Sunday, October 04, 2009

Incest - Mackenzie Phillips

Teenage Star Mackenzie Phillips has returned to the public eye with yet another confession about her past.

Mackenzie says that she carried on a 10-year drug induced sexual relationship with her Father, Mama & Papas founder, John Phillips. I haven't read much about the details so I may not have them correct. But it seems that a lot of the public reaction to her situation is disbelief, or annoyance. I think I read that John began sharing his drugs with his daughter when she was around 13 or 14. Then one day when she was 18 she passed out and woke up to notice that her Father was raping her. That's one bad story. Makes one wonder what this woman's Saturn looks like in her chart...

As I was trying to research Astrological Indicators for Incest I was sort of amazed by the weird reactions people are having to this situation. For one, Confessional memoirs are so Pluto in Sagittarius. For two, everyone's sort of fed up with Mackenzie. It's her Chiron Return so she's all about licking her unhealed wounds. And Pluto is passing over her natal Saturn so the wound's going to be infected right now. Ick. 50-year old women are supposed to be over themselves, not squeezing the puss out from under old scabby wounds. And, frankly, Drug Addicts' stories become really annoying.

But, I am very interested because there was incest in my family. I sort of used to say that although my Father couldn't really be considered that great of a Father, he gains points just from the fact that he was probably the first man on his side of his family who didn't rape his daughter. I'm also interested because, as usual, I'm finding that a lot of Women Astrologers are in denial about dealing with this topic. They're sort of saying that Mackenzie was responsible for what happened. Addicts will sleep with pretty much anybody so there's perhaps something to that, but so will rape victims, it just sets something off in a person.

Either way, with a conjunction of Sun-Mars-Neptune in Scorpio in Mackenzie's 4th House, one might expect to see MacKenzie living in a house with some problems in this area. She would be sort of compulsive about losing boundaries. This is also a very good aspect for growing up in an artistic or musical environment in which creative fantasies are indulged. One would hope to find a well aspected Saturn in the chart (which symbolizes a strong Father figure) in a chart with this aspect to ground this aspect which "likes to get high". Here she literally acted out (Sun-Mars) for reallsies every Taboo (Scorpio) a Father and Daughter can have (Sex and Drugs).

Mackenzie's chart shows that she might have problems with self-esteem, both too much as well as too little. Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Aries is a pretty positive force with almost too much self-esteem (as compensation, this seems to often be an oldest child aspect of a dysfunctional family) . However, Moon-Venus-Saturn t-squares might be hard-working they suffer from inferiority complexes which can turn into control issues.

Mackenzie's Father left her Mother around 1962 when Mackenzie would have been around 2 or 3 years old. If the split happened during or around Age 2 then Mackenzie would have been going through her first Mars Return which could account for how inflamed the Sun-Mars-Neptune conjunction influence has become in her life. It seems that he left because he was having an affair with Michelle Phillips. They married and he became a famous singer along with his new wife in the group "The Mama's and the Papa's". At some point John couldn't handle wife #2's infidelities so they divorced. Mackenzie moved in with her Father, started taking drugs, and became a famous working actress around the time that she was 13 and 14. Her drug habit got her booted off the TV show One Day at a Time. Dad and wife #3 were heavily abusing drugs and at some point they divorced. Mackenzie started her affair with her Father Age 18. The affair lasted 10 years until she would have been around Age 28.

These ages are really interesting from the Astrology stand point as they all happen around the cycles related to a big, difficult t-square in Mackenzie's chart between her Moon, Saturn, Venus and her Nodal Axis over the Aries Points of Aries, Libra, Capricorn in the 3d, 6th and 9th houses of Mackenzie's chart. That certainly explains the early success and frequent public exposure of her family problems. This also shows a torqued out nervous system and perhaps vulnerability to depression. It also shows that she expresses her feelings through her work most easily.

This t-square has an apex Saturn at 4 degrees Capricorn. Saturn directly shows one's relationship with one's Father. It is in its own sign here so Mackenzie's would have a strong need to have a (traditional) relationship with her Father. Interesting the Moon and Saturn rule the 1st and 7th Houses of her chart, that's the relationship Axis.

The big part of the t-square is Mackenzie's opposition of Moon 1 Aries to Venus 2 Libra which is set on top of her Nodal Axis 2 Libra. This is a very tightly aspected t-square. Aries-Libra is all about relationships and Venus and Moon show the two female planets which are challenging each other. Both Venus and Moon are stand-out planets in her chart as well. Venus is a singleton in Air Signs. The Moon is the chart ruler, is the most elevated planet in the chart and is the handle of a bucket configuration.

So what's interesting here are the dates of Mackenzie's relationship with her Father as they relate to the cycles that coincide with this t-square. Interesting that the return cycles of the planets and point involved in a t-square with apex Saturn are so related with her Father (ruled by Saturn). Saturn even rules Mackenzie's 7th House.
  • She moved in with her Father at Age 13-14. This coincides with the first progressed Moon (Family, Mother) and Saturn (Father) oppositions.
  • Her sexual relationship with her Father began at Age 18. This coincides with the Nodal Return which is layered over the Moon-Venus opposition. Her 18th Solar Return chart actually has a Lunar Return as well which further amps up that 1 Aries Lunar family vibe.
  • MacKenzie ended the affair at Age 28. This is the time of her secondary Progressed Moon Return/Saturn Return. She was also having a Nodal Opposition.
  • Currently, she is revealing this part of her troubled life as transiting Pluto is passing over natal Saturn.
Since the Moon and Saturn both represent family and parents one can see that Mackenzie has a strong need for a stable family life, something which her childhood lacked. The t-square shows challenges for anything having to do with traditional family values.

Scorpio Sun-Aries Moon is very competitive personality. I read a pretty mean comment given by Michelle Phillips about Mackenzie's motives for exposing her incest relationship which she (Michelle) sees only as a way of making money. No compassion coming from that angle, for sure. That's one nasty step-mommy comment. So it looks like Mackenzie had at least one mean step-mother in her past. Sounds like Mackenzie had some lessons in cut-throat competition for Father's attention from very early on. And, on the other hand, it looks like her Father was perhaps trying to make up for his lack of being able to act as a Father. Sick as it was.

Mackenzie Phillips

b. Nov. 10, 1959 9:35 pm Alexandria, VA

Sun 18 Scorpio; ASC 27 Cancer; Moon 1 Aries; MC 13 Aries; NN 2 Libra

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Saturday, October 03, 2009

Eichler Home Explodes

Last Wednesday something happened in Palo Alto, California. If you're unaware of what Palo Alto is about let me tell you. Nothing ever happens in Palo Alto. Palo Alto is full of rich people who have real money (rare for California) like doctors and lawyers. These are people to whom nothing ever happens. No Retrogrades. No Squares. Just uptight easy living full of fear that someday someone will come along and sue their brains straight out of their heads.

So, last week something bad happened in Palo Alto. A house blew up. It was one of those mid-century Modern Eichlers apparently with glass walls and a flat roof. And a slow gas leak... Plumbing is really difficult to fix in Eichlers because the plumber has to jack hammer the concrete floor to get to the pipes. So no one ever fixes a problem like that.

At the time of the explosion, the North Node and Lilith were straddling the IC opposing Mars (explosions) in Cancer (homes). Although I feel really bad for the people who lived in the house I am totally awestruck by the astrology of their loss. I suppose one could say that Lilith represents homewreckers, she's a complicated Gal. The North Node is an abstract point in space which represents Destiny.

Eichler Home Explodes
Sept. 30, 2009 slightly before 8:28 am, Palo Alto, CA

Last Wednesday just as the Mars-South Node conjunction opposed the IC (House and Home) for Palo Alto, CA the flat roof blew straight off the top of the aesthetically pleasing house (Sun and Ascendant in Libra) and flew over on to the neighbor's house.

As we say in California. Gnarly session.

Neptune rules Gas. At this point in time the Moon (Home) is in conjunction with Neptune (Gas) in the 4th House (Home). And these two are in conjunction with Chiron (Wounding, things which can't be fixed) and Jupiter (expansive) in Aquarius, sign that rules Hopes, Wishes, and Sudden Shocking Events.

To further emphasize the Gas theme, the Sun was unaspected (by major aspect) in Neptune's House (Gas). It had just risen over the Ascendant. The Sun, of course, is a major fire influence. When it is unaspected its energies don't flow freely.

The only minor aspect the Sun had was to the Moon-Neptune conjunction which I've said is down in the 4th House. I think it was a sesqui-square, still can't read that aspect. I forgot to check Rex Bills to see what rules leaks.

Mars is one of the rulers of Explosions. And Mars is conjunct both the Nodal Axis and the IC/MC Axis which rules Home. And Mars is transiting through Cancer, which is sign that rules the home. And Mars is extra strong in this particular chart and he is both the elevated planet and the lead planet in the locomotor chart shape. These dual Axes are also held within a Mystic Rectangle with the Saturn-Uranus opposition.

Good news is that no one suffered serious injuries. The Owner of the House suffered minor injuries.

I tried to find the birth date for Joseph Eichler but couldn't except for birth year and place (1900, New York State). Eichler was a middle income housing tract developer in California who built Modern style homes en masse that set the tone for the California style. Flat roofs, big windows, concrete slab floors, atriums. There's a great description of Eichler here.


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Thursday, October 01, 2009

Hands on Hips

Well, there might be some truth to the marvelous observation I'm about to share. And then again there might not. But, I think that Pluto's transit is related to the postures that people use to stand and sit with. At any rate, I'm noticing a stance that I haven't seen since I was a kid. People are standing and walking around with their hands on their hips. About ten years ago I actually drew a series of figure drawings of people standing with their hands on their hips because I missed seeing the pose.

I think this might be a Pluto in Earth Sign thing because, swear to God, Hope to Die, Stick a Needle in my Eye: People are going back to walking around with their hands on their hips. Who knows why. Capricorn makes all the joints hurt perhaps? Authoritarian stance?

When I was growing up during the Pluto in Virgo transit I remember that people would put their hands on their hips a lot. My friends and I would have Hands on Hips duels practically. I have a cliche visual memory from The Dick Van Dyke Show of Mary Tyler Moore's portrayal of Laura Petri. She is standing in the living room of their 1960s Ranch House in her stretchy anorexia capris and black flats saying "Ohhhhh Rooooooob!" I don't know what Rob did, I only remember the pose and worrying that I would never be able to be that skinny when I grew up.

Back in the 60s I suppose the Hands On Hips Pose was an authority thing leftover from the Pluto in Leo transit where everybody had Know-It-All competitions. Then with Pluto in Virgo everyone felt insecure and awkward and just needed a place to put their hands. Pluto in Libra couldn't put up with the awkwardness due to its lack of aesthetics, and, besides, everyone was either running (going for the burn) or snorting coke or dancing disco. The hands just went in the opposite direction of whatever the feet were doing as a sort of balancing act thing. They had to stay in constant motion. By the time Pluto was in Scorpio hands went in the pockets and people began to slouch. Slouching can be a power thing. If you are very relaxed and staying towards the background it's amazing how much power you can accumulate. This turned into a conscious need to fake humility when Pluto hit Sagittarius. (I learned that term from a very funny Sadge I went to school with). Throughout Pluto in Sagittarius people were slouching because they were feeling friendly and cool and besides they were watching too much TV and spending too much time on the computer. Slouching it seems, leads to too much fat and a diabetic stance.

Either way, Hands on Hips is back. Look around. You will notice. People will get up off the couch but their knees will hurt. So Knee socks? Ruled by Saturn, they are also back. The knitters are creating these masterworks of cabling and fair isle color patterns that belong in museums. If you're old and your knees are in pain coerce a knitter friend to make you a pair of knee warmers in Angora. It's consider the warmest yarn and is a folk remedy for Arthritis.

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