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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

6.2 Earthquake in Southern Mexico

Earthquake in Southern Mexico early in the morning today. 6.2 is pretty big. I read is that one person was killed. There seems to be little damage.

The earthquake was totally Cardinal-Sign-y. All the angles ruled by Cardinal Signs. There are no planets in angular houses, however.

The conjunction of Sun-Mercury at 9-11 Cancer is conjunct the South Node and is widely in Grand Square aspect with the big outer planet t-square. This whole aspect had just passed over the angles within the last hour.

Sun-Mercury-SN in H3, Moon in H11.

That t-square involves Jupiter-Uranus in Aries opposing Saturn 29 Virgo and squaring Pluto 4 Capricorn. Pluto is within orb of conjunction with the North Node at 13 Capricorn.

The Moon is conjunct Neptune in Aquarius, sign of earthquakes.

6.2 Earthquake, Southern Mexico

June 30, 2010 2:28 am LT (7:22:28 UTC) near Pinotepa Nacional (80 m. SW of Oaxaca)

Sun 9 Cancer; Moon 22 Aquarius; ASC 28 Aries; IC 21 Cancer; NN 13 Capricorn

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Longitude Connecting 2010 Disasters in North America?

Canada O Canada ...

Oh No, Not Canada?!!!

Canada had an Earthquake today! They're saying it was a 5.5'er but the USGS site right now is saying it is a 5.0'er. The Canadians don't have to worry. It wasn't all that big and they have universal health care coverage if someone falls in a crack. I've heard that they don't even really worry about having Diabetes up there. So this is a weird one. Uranus is at 1 Aries conjunct Jupiter and the Descendant. They are opposing Saturn 29 Virgo and ASC 6 Libra. They are squaring Sun-Mercury-MC-SN opposing IC-Pluto-NN. Uranus isn't ruling any angles but Canada doesn't usually have earthquakes so why should they follow one of my best rules?

I'll look at the Canada chart later because it fits in with my observation that Earthquakes like it Cardinal Signy. The Sun is starting to wake up which I really didn't want to happen until the end of the year. We are just past the Solstice by 2 days and the Eclipses are now within earshot and Pluto and the North Node are in conjunction in Capricorn and there's this Grand Square in the sky and it was right on the angles in today's weird Earthquake. If you don't have any Capricorn friends you had better hang out at the REI and go find some real quick.

Right now I'm remembering a really amazing connection that either Richard Nolle predicted, or somebody else did, but either way it was on the Astrodienst forum after the Chile Earthquake struck earlier this year. Somebody noticed that the Chile Earthquake had the same Longitude as the Haiti Earthquake. So, this Canadian earthquake is farther North and about 3 degrees West of the Longitude of the Southern Earthquakes.

The Horizon Deepwater Oil Spill is now emptying out all kinds of Neptunian Oil into the Neptunian Ocean. Out of curiosity I checked that chart as well because it looks like it might be part of the line. That Longitude is 16 degrees West of Chile's and Haiti's epicenters (hope I've got that information correct).

I just looked at the USGS Map that posts recent earthquakes and there's activity along all the faultlines all over the world right now. It should be a lot worse in July, but maybe we'll get lucky.

Canada Earthquake, border Ontario and Quebec

June 23, 2010 1741 UTC (1:41 pm LT)
35 km NW Buckingham, Quebec
45.862 degrees N, 75.457 degrees West

Haiti Earthquake, 7.0
Jan. 12, 2010 21:53:10 UTC (4:53 pm LT)

18.457 degrees N, 72 degrees 533 West

Chili Earthquake, 8.8

Feb. 27, 2010 6:34:14 UTC (3:34 am LT)

35.909 S, 72 degrees 733 W

Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill
Apr. 20, 2010 10:00 pm

28.73667 degrees N, 88.88716 W

There have been earthquakes all over the place. But just had to check this one line.

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Friday, June 18, 2010

Solstice and Eclipses for Next Month, 2010

Summer Solstice, 2010

June 21, 2010 7:29 am EDT, Washington, DC

Sun 1 Cancer (H12); Moon 30 Libra (H4); ASC 22 Cancer (unaspected by planets); MC 6 Aries (c. Jupiter-Uranus from H9); NN 13 Capricorn (H6) c. Pluto 5 Capricorn

Partial Lunar Eclipse
June 26, 2010; 7:30 am EDT, Washington, DC

Sun 5 Cancer (H12); Moon 5 Capricorn (H6); ASC 30 Cancer; MC 15 Aries; NN 13 Capricorn

Chart very similar to Summer Solstice chart except that the Moon and Mercury are in conjunction with the Sun-Pluto opposition of the Summer Solstice chart. The Moon rules both charts.

Solstice Chart has a Grand Square (mostly Cardinal) that is placed in H3-6-9-12 and which includes the IC/MC axis. It also has a Grand Water Trine in the Water Houses.

Venus unaspected in H1 in both charts (Money, Banking, Marriage, Open Enemies, Kidneys).

Solar Total Eclipse

July 11, 2010 Sunday 3:40:27 pm EDT Washington, DC

Sun 20 Cancer (H8); Moon 20 Cancer (H8); ASC 18 Scorpio; MC 29 Leo; NN 12 Capricorn (H2)

Neptune singleton in Air Signs
Moon traveling Fast 14 degrees 42 minutes
Seesaw chart shape
Pluto rules chart from H2 conjunct NN and squaring Jupiter-Uranus on H5 cusp opposing Saturn on H11 cusp. The empty leg of the t-square is in Pluto's house (H8). The Sun-Moon conjunction is in there but is out of orb to be contained within a Grand Trine.

The only aspect the Sun-Moon conjunction makes is a sextile to Mars in H10.

The Sun-Moon line runs through Arizona. The NN IC line runs through San Francisco-Portland-Seattle-Vancouver. Neptune-Chiron runs over Washington. There are SAturn-Uranus-Pluto combination lines out in the Pacific so of course I'm wondering about earthquakes. They never happen in spots that look obvious though.

Venus conjunct MC (Leo-Virgo) opposing Neptune-Lilith-Chiron conjunct IC (Aquarius-Pisces).

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Keeping Time With Pluto in Capricorn

I've been wondering whether Pluto in Capricorn would bring insights into how Time works. Things could get really weird once Neptune moves into Pisces.

Turns out there's a new study that shows that our brain cells will measure time even in a petri dish. Our brains work whether or not they are inside our heads!! Don't they have Einstein's brain stored somewhere on ice?

Don't know if the scientists yet understand why some people clap on the one and the three, as in Marching and others clap on the two and the four as in Tap Dance. The Viennese say they dance to triplets but there's something extra they do beyond that which people without the genetics can't catch on to.

So, yeah, I think the stuff in the petri dishes probably control a lot more than we give them credit for.




HBO will air a Documentary next Monday (June 21, 9pm EST) about how companies go about drilling for Gas. It's called Gasland and it won a special award at this year's Sundance film festival.

The trailer is here: http://www.gaslandthemovie.com/.

Companies like Halliburton blast all kinds of toxins into the ground in order to make the gas escape so they know where to drill. Problem is there are all kinds of other things underground, like the water supply, which they are polluting. One guy in the trailer can torch his kitchen sink, I guess because the water is flammable? Don't know. Looks like a real page turner.

At any rate, my Magic Environmental Activist Boyfriend, Ken Cook, at Environmental Working Group will have an online chat with the filmmaker on Tuesday after the show.

Information is here: http://www.enviroblog.org/2010/06/fracking-live-chat-with-ewg-gasland-director-josh-fox.html

I think the chat is on Tuesday, June 22 at 2pm EST. The URL is going to be on the link at the blog.

The Sun will be at 1 Cancer (home, plumbing, the kitchen sink) filling in the empty leg of the big outer planet t-square. The Sun will also be in a trine aspect with Neptune in Aquarius. Neptune rules Gas. It's about to move into Pisces which is the sign which it rules.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Engineering Disasters and the Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction

The movie Chinatown is about the guy who created what is known as "the worst US civil engineering disaster of the 20th century." I've been told a zillion times to see that movie but never have. Basically, Los Angeles wouldn't be able to exist if it hadn't been for William Mulholland, a self trained engineer who immigrated from Belfast Ireland in the late 19th Century. Mulholland diverted all kinds of rivers from the Central Inland California region and pretty much drained the Central Valley of its lush, fertile land in order to create Los Angeles. (And then the Klan moved in.)

I guess there weren't any manuals on how to build a damn back in those days. You just sat by the riverbed and watched the beavers do it and then tried to do it yourself. It looks like we might be better off letting the beavers do it, whatever the case, even now. The Chinese have built huge dams and have had successive huge earthquakes since which may or may not be related. And Orange County is drinking its own pee. And San Diego's water has tested as the worst in the country (or close to, I don't have the stats in front of me).

Anyway, Mulholland was a genius until he screwed up. On Mar. 12, 1928 just hours after he had personally inspected it the St. Francis Dam gave way and flooded Ventura all the way from the Mountains down to the ocean. A town called Santa Paula was completely washed away. There were more than 400 deaths. Mulholland's career ended and he spent the rest of his Sun in Virgo life self-flagellating. Supposedly, the problem was not entirely his fault. They just didn't know how to build dams.

Story sound like today? Of course it does. The BP Oil Disaster down in the Gulf of Mexico shares some amazing similarities with the St. Francis Damn Disaster astro-wise. Different Century. Same extreme level of catastrophe. Striking similarities to outer planet activity.

Don't mean to be flip about what a horror this is (I've bit a huge hole in my cheek watching the birds covered in the oil and the people breathing fumes and finally had to turn off CNN and go for a walk) but just hope this will be readable so am trying to make brief:

Check out the Outer Planet astrology placements. Did any astrologers manage to predict this I wonder?:

*Jupiter conjunct Uranus around the Aries Point. 2010 Disaster has Jupiter 22 Pisces conjunct Uranus 29 Pisces opposing Saturn 30 Virgo.
1928 Disaster has Jupiter 11 Aries conjunct Uranus 3 Aries. Uranus squares Pluto.

*Jupiter rules both event charts. That means Sadge Rising.

*The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction is in the 4th House of both Disasters.

*Pluto almost opposing itself in Cardinal Signs relating to building. 2010 Disaster Pluto 6 Capricorn. 1928 Pluto 16 Cancer.

*Neptune opposing itself in Fixed Signs within a degree. 2010 Disaster Neptune 29 Aquarius. 1928 Disaster 28 Leo.

St. Francis Dam Disaster
Mar. 12, 1928 11:57 pm Santa Clarita, Santa Paula, CA

Sun 23 Pisces; Moon 9 Sagittarius; ASC 8 Sagittarius; MC 21 Virgo; NN 14 Gemini

I've studied this chart before but never published anything. It's really fascinating to connect the State of California's Sun in Virgo opposition to Neptune with with Mulholland's Sun in Virgo opposite Neptune in Pisces.

California has a singleton Neptune in Pisces which is why the water wars are such a big deal here (along with the fact that most of the state is desert, duh). Mulholland's chart was completely hooked into the California water supply. Too bad about his catastrophe prone Pluto conjunct NN 5-7 Taurus and squaring Mars 7 Leo. That gives the kind of superhuman will to get things going, but can overdo a bit.

William Mulholland
b. Sept. 11, 1855 Belfast, Ireland

Sun 19 Virgo; Moon Virgo; NN 7 Taurus


BP Gulf Oil Rig Disaster
Apr. 20, 2010 10:00 pm Gulf of Mexico

Sun 1 Taurus; Moon 23 Cancer; ASC 4 Sagittarius; MC 13 Virgo; NN 16 Capricorn

So, the BP guy is under intense scrutiny. Kind of funny how both men are Brits who screw up trying to corral the big American Expanse. You know, my Father used to buy used Jaguar XJ6's and we used to have to always put up with them breaking down whenever we went to family events. English engineering sucks as far as I'm concerned. God love the Brits but they simply can't get their whirligigs to spin. We really need to leave the engineering miracles to the Germans and the Japanese. Maybe their Math skills sucks. Maybe they're doing it on purpose. But don't let them build anymore Damns or Oil Rigs. Something's wrong with their Mercuries and Uranii and Saturns.

Tony Hayward, BP CEO
b. May 21, 1957 Eton, Berkshire, England

Sun 1 Gemini; Moon Aquarius or Pisces; NN 20 Scorpio Rx

I don't know what the Hell Tony did wrong. Maybe that's because he's a Gemini and that's my Rising Sign and I feel partly responsible through my guilt tripping Cap Moon. Mostly it's because I don't see "Big Stupid Corporate Animal" indicators in his chart. It's interesting to notice that both Mulholland and Hayward have Nodal Axes on the Taurus-Scorpio pole. Komilla Sutton isn't kidding when she says that these guys have extra rows to hoe in life.

And what I said about the Germans being good at engineering? Scratch that. Tony came on board back in 2007. He didn't install the rig. He probably didn't even know it was out there. The Oil Rig was already set in place down in the Gulf back in 2001. Remember it was when the Saturn-Pluto opposition was going ape face. At that point a German born guy named John Browne had been running BP for centuries. This guy's got the ugly chart we're looking for too. Not because he's bad. He's obviously good. He was on the forefront of trying to turn BP into a Green company. But his chart, eh, it looks guilty. Browne has a Jupiter-Uranus opposition in Gemini-Sagittarius. That shows the environmentally friendliness and engineering stuff. But this opposition would have been hit by the Saturn-Pluto opposition of 2001.

Browne's got natal Sun conjunct Mercury RX at 1 Pisces opposing Mars 27 Leo Rx. He's also got the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Leo that was going on during his birth year in earlier degrees of Leo. Because of Mars' Rx it has been in conjunction with Saturn and Pluto for all of his life. That's a difficult aspect for Karma coming back to bite you in the ass. Others born around that time are Al Gore, Hillary Clinton, Bill Richardson, and Barbara Bush. All these great people who are somehow connected with other people's problems and power plays in ways that are mind-boggling.

I don't have anything intelligent to say about what has happened in the Gulf. I just hope that people in charge of doing big projects like this try to put a little extra attention into putting in security cautions at this point. We still have the Eclipses and the Pluto-NN conjunction coming up over the rest of the year.

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Lightning Strikes 6-Story Jesus

With Uranus heavily afflicted at 1 degree Aries, the birthing point of the Astrological Wheel, I guess we all suspect that there are many among us who will be unexpectedly struck down. Lightning, Uranus' sword, would be a major reason. Anything flammable is going to be extra vulnerable.

Well, in Monroe, Ohio not even Jesus is immune. Last night a 6 story high statue of Our Lord was struck by Lightening and burnt to the ground. With Uranus conjunct Jupiter, planet that rules Churches, I suppose this makes sense. The 62-foot tall statue was built in 2004 by a local church to act as a Beacon of Hope. Providing Hope is Uranus' spiritual style of leadership.

Guess what sign was rising at the time of the strike? Yep, 1 Aquarius. That puts a flammable Venus at 1 Leo right on the Descendant conjunct the Moon in Cancer. In mythology, Venus was born of the foam in the Sea (Cancer).

Guess why Jesus burned?

Because he was made out of Styrofoam!

I ought to quit here but this just keeps getting better. Chart ruler Uranus is in conjunction to Jupiter in the 2d House of Possessions opposing Saturn in the 8th House of other people's possessions and squaring apex Sun in the 5th House. That's a t-square in the Resource Houses that finds its resolve in the empty leg which is the 11th House of Hopes and Wishes.

The Statue was called the "Touchdown Jesus" because his arms were posed the same as a Football Referee who's calling a goal. Jupiter also rules Sports Enthusiasts. In ancient Greek mythology it's actually Zeus who strikes with Thunder Bolts, I think. Maybe Uranus played Umpire. I don't know. (wrong sport?)

Lightning Strikes Down Jesus
June 14, 2010 11:15 pm Monroe, Ohio

ASC 1 Aquarius; Sun 24 Gemini (H5); Moon 29 Cancer (c.DESC); MC 24 Scorpio; NN 13 Capricorn Rx.

Story: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/us_lightning_strikes_jesus_statue

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Monday, June 14, 2010

Two Face

Kitten born with two faces while the Sun is in Gemini. How cute. Only a Gemini could get away with this.

Two Face
b. June 9, 2010 Charleston, West Virginia

Sun 19 Gemini; Moon Taurus; NN 14 Capricorn

The Sun was unaspected in the sign of the Twins all day long last Wednesday when Two Face was born. I was hoping that Two Face would have been born a couple of days later on the Gemini New Moon, but it looks like he has the Taurus Moon. That's good. He'll need a strong neck to hold up both those faces.

Two Face can eat and miaow out of both of his/her mouths. He/she has a 50 percent chance of survival. This condition is called Diprosopus.

Since Aries rules the head and brain, it's interesting that Two Face has a conjunction of Jupiter to Uranus right on the first degree of Aries. This is opposing Saturn 28 Virgo and squaring Pluto 5 Capricorn Rx.

Two Face has Mercury at 30 Taurus so his little miaows are extra sweet.


Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Astrological Techniques for Reading for Children of Divorce

Right now we're in a difficult time for marriage and family. The Outer Planet t-square of Saturn, Uranus and Pluto is opposing the sign of Cancer which rules loving, caring families. It will take super human effort to keep the Cancer ideals alive right now. Uranus rules Divorce and a need to break free suddenly. The way this is done might impose too much cruelty on other family members as Saturn and Pluto working together create selfishness and ruthlessness, blame and grief. There is a feeling that everyone is on his own and no one is beholden to anyone else. People want to move on but they may not know where to move on to because through all the drive to break away they have lost touch with basic feelings and what they need.

People who chose to divorce right now will have an extra difficult time managing. Relationships are more complicated right now because of financial uncertainty and social unrest. Children who go through their parents' divorce will be more likely to have long term traumatic side effects because of the extra lessons in "Advanced Relationship Skills" that are being taught right now. I'm not saying to stay in a destructive relationship, but parents who can't be civil right now ought to try going for a whole year of counseling before finalizing anything. If you cooperate right now you are making a huge positive investment in your childrens' future well being.

Here's a link to my other blog in which I've been matching up the age that a child is when his or her parents divorce with the first planetary cycle that he/she has just completed.

What I'm finding is that this planetary phase becomes a major part of a child's personality and might even hook him very strongly into successive planetary return phases.

That blog has completely drained me. Turns out that Step-parents use the Internet to bitch about their step-children. One woman is writing a blog and "borrowing" my ideas about child development. She has absolutely no experience in counseling. Her pictures shows wild Medusa hair and crossed arms. Not to be fooled with. And a thief. Where in my childhood have I met that? The psychology field is suddenly waking up to the fact that divorce is traumatic for the child. It's a Hot Topic, but none of these "professionals" seems to want to let the kids talk. Anyway, this is what I've been so pissed off about for the last year or so.

I'm starting at the beginning ages and working forward. So the blog has posts going backwards.

I'm breaking down childhood year by year but that doesn't necessarily follow the return cycles. Will get it straight some day. Or maybe Medusa will beat me to the punch.

If anybody who is into astrology grew up in divorce and is interested in being a guinea pig please leave a message. I just need to know what age you were when your parents split. So far I've just been looking at successful people from divorce.

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Internet Over Capacity

Wow, about 3 websites have been down right now as I try to waste time by looking up all kinds of stuff.

Jupiter conjunct Uranus at 1 Aries!

Unaspected Sun in Gemini, House 9.

1 Libra just passed over the Ascendant so the big outer planet t-square is hanging out over the ASC/IC/and DESC angles.

Venus rules the chart from up in H10 at 25 Cancer. She's on overload. Too many partners.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Flash Crash 2:45

On May 6, 2010 the Stock Market wigged out after lunch and made the 2d biggest point drop ever, around 1,000 points, before regaining most of its value by the closing bell. Whew, who mixed up those martinis?

A while back I wondered if the Saturn-Uranus opposition would cause some sort of techno/trader weirdness in the Market. There was a conjunction of Saturn to Uranus back in the big crash of 1987 which seems like it may have been a cause factor. That conjunction was in Sagittarius and right on top of the 2d house cusp in the Opening Bell chart. (Oct. 17, 1987) I sort of think that with Saturn and Uranus trying to cooperate there tends to be some of that same annoying thing where man has to chase the machine he has created. Turns out that this crash probably has more to do with Jupiter and Chiron in Pisces.

I'm not sure if anyone's located a cause for the crash. I mean, why May 6? Well, Mercury was Rx .... nah, Mercury goes Rx 3x a year every year year after year. Anyway, they never really seem to come up with reasons for why these crashes happen. The Sun is in the 11th House every day at Opening Bell, that's a good starter reason. Good old 11th House wake up call.

Flash Crash Opening Bell
May 6, 2010 9:30 am New York, NY

Sun 16 Taurus (H11); Moon 21 Aquarius (H8); ASC 13 Cancer; MC 23 Pisces; NN 15 Capricorn

Market begins to drop
May 6, 2010 1:00 pm New York, NY

Moment of Impact
May 6, 2010 2:45 pm New York, NY

In addition to the Mercury Rx 4 Taurus (H11), there are a number of biggees. The Nodal Axis was conjunct the ASC/DESC in the Opening Bell. And Pluto had just barely preceded it by about 9 degrees. That weakens things. I figured it indicated sabotage of some sort, but it could have just as easily been the Martians or the Martinis.

The Saturn opposition to Jupiter-Uranus was very close to the IC/MC axis. Times when this opposition hits one of the angles might be better for some of the techno gliche activity.

There was also a volatile t-square with Sun 15 Taurus squaring Moon 21 Aquarius opposing Mars 15 Leo. These 3 show some kind of emotional trigger thing. Here they in the Resources Signs in the Resources Houses so in a Stock Market chart I suppose one could expect something big to happen on that day, especially with the Nodal Axis hanging over the ASC/DESC line.

After lunch this t-square passes over the Ascendant. The Sun is conjunct the Midheaven. And the Moon is shootin shit with Neptune and Lilith on the Descendant. Neptune and Lilith? Martinis involved.

Mercury and Venus are in Mutual Reception so this shows ability for a lot of chatter in the markets. And Mercury is Retrograde which is great for any kind of clerical error. Supposedly the computers took over and were placing trades on their own according to mathematical principles. The Uranus-Neptune mutual reception had to have something to do with that as well.

The bottom of the market hit around 2:45. Venus was conjunct the Midheaven. I guess the traders quit trading. The Sun was in the 9th House in a Grand Trine with the Virgo Ascendant and the North Node. Maybe some sort of foreign investment deal made?

Today I found a link on a blog to a Wall St. Journal article (http://online.wsj.com/article/SB20001424052748703957604575272791511469272.html) which compares this Flash Crash with a Flash Crash from 1962:

1962 Flash Crash
May 29, 1962

Sun 8 Gemini (H11); Moon 15 Aries (c. MC); ASC 2 Leo; MC 17 Aries; NN 13 Leo Rx;

The Sun is again apex of a t-square from H11. This time it squares Pluto Virgo (H2) opposing Chiron (H8).

Interesting other connections. Again, there's a Mercury Rx so Mercury is looking suspicious.

It's interesting that both crashes occur in May. Taurus takes up most of the Month and Taurus rules Money and Banks so could be the culprit. But the Sun, Mercury and Venus are all in different signs in each year. The WSJ article says that complacency among traders might have been one of the major reasons because both of these crashes were preceded by years in which there was a steep rise in the market.

Also interesting is that both Jupiter and Chiron were in the sign of Pisces. Jupiter and Pisces need to learn how to handle their alcohol better. These things always happen after lunch. Anyways, the Sun mosies over the Midheaven sometime round noon and goes into a sort of giddey-up rodeo act as it travels through the 9th House of the Centaur and down into the 8th where it gains equilibrium.

I looked at some of the suspected causes given for this last Flash Crash on Wikipedia and tried to relate them through astrolocality to see if any looked prominent. Some company out in the Midwest is blamed for posting a trade that went berserk. This is where the Chiron line goes through. Since Chiron is in the same sign in both charts maybe this would be a good place to look.

****NOTE ADDED 10/8/10: According to editorial in USATODAY (10/7/10 issue) "Flash-crash analysis leaves investors reason to worry" the reason for the crash is related to a money management firm in Kansas, Waddell & Reed. The firm "decided to unload $4 billion in stock futures contracts, using a computer algorithm programmed to sell regardless of price, so long as trading volume stayed robust. High-frequency traders provided that volume as their computers bought and sold rapid fire, creating a kind of feedback loop that signaled Waddell's computers to keep selling even as the prices of the futures contracts, and the underlying stocks, plunged." "If anything, the report is disquieting in how long it took to simply figure out what happened, and in its lack of concrete proposals for preventing a recurrence. The truly scary thing is that all this happened in a relatively benign trading environment." Chiron can't heal its own problems and in the sign of Pisces we definitely get the sense that there's stuff out there that can't be figured out. Merc Rx never helps, of course.

There was some mention about some kind of currency exchange situation with Japan and that looks a bit suspicious as well because a Pluto line runs between Japan and North Korea. Jupiter is in Pisces in both Flash Crash charts so Jupiter lines might show something. I don't understand how the market works enough to say either way.

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Saturday, June 05, 2010

Apples to Oranges

For some dumb reason I started wondering what signs various fruits and nuts are. I've mentioned several species of wildlife and what signs they tend to be. Most are born in Spring and Summer, of course, for practical reasons.

Back when I tried to garden I remember reading the seed packets to see when to plant vegetables and herbs. They don't generally grow in the middle of Winter no matter what but I do remember that most have particular time lines which distinguish them from each other. Some that grew better in early Spring mid-Summer, or early Fall than in middle of Winter.

In Northern Climates there will be a lot more Taurus, Gemini, Cancer and Leo foods than the others. In warmer climates many foods are harvested in Winter. So that means that Californians and Floridians get to eat more Capricorns, Aquarians and Pisces than New Englanders and Wisconsinites (whatever they call themselves).

So, I was thinking about Apples. They are from Washington State and New England mostly and are harvested in late Summer and Fall. They are Virgos. And that saying "An Apple a day keeps the Doctor away." How Virgo is that? Health, Doctors, and Daily Habits. And just think of the Biblical connection with the sign of Libra and Eve. Isn't it interesting how the innocent apple hanging on the tree became the seductress fruit of the serpent? Maybe Apples born under the sign of Scorpio are poisonous. Seems a bit late in the season.

Then I was thinking about Oranges. And, because I live in California, I know how incredible it is to walk down a street in December and see a lush green tree full of these beautiful orange globes. If there is a freeze, which often occurs for about a week in either December or January, a season's crop will be destroyed.

It turns out that Valencia Oranges follow the average Springtime Harvest so most of these fruits will be Aries and Tauruses.

Naval Oranges have their peak season in mid-winter to early spring. This means that they are probably mostly Aquarians and Pisces. They come along with their Vitamin C right at cold and flu season.



Friday, June 04, 2010

Oil Rig Disasters: Santa Barbara 1969 and Gulf of Mexico 2010

I grew up in the 60s a Southern California Beach town when it was sort of considered normal to find dead seagulls lying on the beach covered in oil. We'd have to use paint thinner to take the tar off the bottoms of our feet when we got home from the beach. It didn't happen every day. We thought of tar and oil as sort of a weather system, like a red tide or something.

Adults would tell us stories about all the sea life that had existed. They said it had all been fished out. The Abalone. The Barracuda. I wonder if all the creatures had actually been killed by the oil rigs that were up on the coast in Santa Barbara. Maybe there were some farther down the coast. I think they definitely must have been leaking because I know the tar was always on our feet even before the big Blow Out in Santa Barbara in 1969.

Boy, that transit of Pluto through Virgo was important to help us all figure out how bad things were getting. California has been fighting the oil drilling ever since.

In 1969 there was a significant Oil Spill off a rig on the coast line of Santa Barbara so I thought I'd look at the chart for that accident and compare it with the Deepwater Horizon Oil Multa Mega Catastrophe that's going on down in the Gulf.

Right after this particular spill started the experts I saw interviewed on TV were saying that the spill wouldn't be capped off until August. They knew this immediately. But, the media keeps reporting on multiple failed attempts to cap the thing off. It's 6 miles down under the water and can only be reached by robots. More Saturn-Uranus-Pluto robots imagery.

Santa Barbara Unocal Oil Spill
Jan. 28, 1969 6 miles offshore Santa Barbara

Sun 9 Aquarius; Moon Gemini; NN 4 Aries

Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill in Gulf of Mexico
Apr. 20, 2010 10:00 pm explosion

Sun 1 Taurus; Moon 23 Cancer; ASC about 4 Sagittarius; MC 13 Virgo; NN 16 Capricorn

The most significant factors I can see right off the bat are that both charts have Mercury Retrograde, Neptune (ruler of Oil) at same 29 degree of Fixed Signs (Resources). And both charts have a conjunction of Jupiter to Uranus which is involved in large opposition aspects with other planets and points over the cusp axis between Virgo/Libra and Pisces/Aries.

Jupiter and Uranus have a conjunction roughly every 13 years or so probably. I'm guesstimating on that figure.

It sort of looks like Mother Nature likes to put man in his place when these big oppositions hit the Aries Point Axis. Either way, the Deepwater Horizon spill is now considered the worst oil spill in U.S. History and seems to be getting worse every day.

It's pretty easy to interpret Jupiter and Uranus working together as creating a "Blow Out". Jupiter can expand uncontrollably and Uranus acts in unexpected and quick ways. Saturn-Uranus-Pluto working in a t-square together shows that weaknesses in infrastructures will break or fall apart.

The conjunction for the Santa Barbara spill was at 4-6 Libra with Uranus conjunct the South Node to the degree at 4 Libra. Venus is conjunct Chiron (25 and 30 degrees Pisces) and the North Node at 4 Aries. Pluto was not far away from these two back at 25 Virgo opposing Venus at 26 Pisces.

The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction for Deepwater Horizon disaster is at Pisces at 22-29 degrees and opposing Saturn 30 Virgo. The conjunction is placed in the 4th House which rules the ocean. This gives significance to the opposition as it places the opposition on the angles. Pluto is conjunct the 2d House cusp in Capricorn. Kind of interesting that it wasn't quite on an angle and was taking a breather from close aspect to either Saturn or Uranus. In both case Pluto is within about 10 degree orb of conjunction to the Nodal Axis (SN for SB, and NN for Gulf).

Mercury is Retrograde in both charts. In the Santa Barbara Oil Spill Mercury Rx is at 10 Aquarius conjunct the Sun within a degree. It's trining Jupiter-Uranus.

In the Deepwater Horizon blow out Mercury Rx is at 13 Taurus trining Pluto and the NN and squaring Mars Leo. This it appears is one of those situations that shows how trines can let things fall apart.

One would expect Neptune, Pluto and the Moon to be involved more heavily in the charts because the disasters occurred in the Ocean. Neptune rules Oil so one would expect its presence to be strong. Chiron happens to be in Pisces in both charts at either end of the sign. I suppose that this means that in such situations this is a man made disaster?

Neptune in both charts is on the 29th degree of a Fixed Sign. 29 Scorpio for Santa Barbara. 29 Aquarius for Gulf of Mexico. Mars is in Scorpio and Leo respectively so is also placed in Fixed Signs but not within orb of aspect with Neptune.

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