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Saturday, June 08, 2019

Abortion Foes - What Sign?

Okay, so it's been awhile. But, this is just too Too for me to stay silent. "Dude, where's my country?"

I assumed that Anti-Abortion advocates would be stupid white males who are Republicans. That's mostly right but not always. The women and the Democrats are helping to send the country back into the Stone Age as well. I have Capricorn Moon in H8 and Lilith in H12 and don't really put a lot of faith in the girls, to be honest. Supposedly, education has nothing to do with this decision/belief/fascist tendency. One consistent thing that crops up is that they tend to come from Intact Families. That means that they did not grow up in Divorced or Single Family homes. I think they are all White. Wait, no, the Florida guy is Black. Florida's always got a weird story. So, anyway, the anti-abortion people are rampant gang stalkers. This is community policing. Nothing brings a mob closer, both Libs and Reps, than ganging up on people.

At least there are no Cancer Suns on the list below. People who represent Motherhood would never think to put anyone through parenting who couldn't handle it. At least I hope that's how this works. Maybe Cancers just don't run for Governor. No Aquarians here either. Mutable sign dominant. Well, it's a short list.

Here's a list of the Governors/Leaders for some of the states who are signing on. What a bunch of you know whats. Guess I should follow up with a list of states and a list of pollution problems in those states with Brain Scans. Not that I could read a brain scan.

Here's a link to a CNN article where I got my list.

And here's the list.

Alabama:  Gov. Kay Ivey - R. Oct. 15, 1944 Cambden, Alabama
  A woman signed the first anti-abortion bill!

Heartbeat Bill Signers:

Louisiana:  Gov. John Bel Edwards - R.  Sept. 16, 1966. Amite City, LA

Mississippi:  Gov. Phil Bryant - R.  Dec. 9, 1954, Moorhead, Miss.

Ohio:  Gov. Mike DeWine -  R. Jan. 5, 1947. Yellow Springs, Ohio

Georgia:  Gov. Brian Kemp.  R . Nov. 2, 1963. Athens, Georgia.

Arkansas:  Gov. Asa Hutchinson, R.  Dec. 3, 1950, Bentonville, Arkansas

Utah:  Tried but some Judge or lawmaker struck it down. Thanks, Dude or Dudess.

Iowa:  Gov. Kim Reynolds - R.  Aug. 4, 1959, St. Charles, Iowa

Florida:  Mike Hill - R. June 2, 1959 Scott Air Force Base, IL


United States of America:  Pres. Donald Trump - R. June 14, 1946, Queens, NY

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Are Members of the 27 Club Children of Divorce?

So, I've been working on an Astrological project where I observe the effects of divorce on kids. I do this by checking what age the child was at the time of their parents divorce and matching that age with the most recent first planetary cycle which occurs at that age. I have found that the characteristics of that planet will often describe how trauma gets embedded in the child. This planet becomes a major influence in the later life for both good and bad. Depending on how it's placed in the natal chart can describe whether the child holds onto the trauma or uses it for personal success. Either way, one may be able to time bouts of trauma later on in life by looking at later returns of that planet.

Childhood is described by cycles of the inner planets, mostly. All the inner planets complete a return by age two. This corresponds with a major step in child development in psychology. Other major developments come at around the time of the first quarter and half return of the progressed Moon around age 7 and 13. And of the first quarter and half cycle of Saturn at around the age of 8 and 14. These ages vary, of course as the length of all cycles are particular to each birthdate. Sometimes the prog. moon will move faster than transiting Saturn. Jupiter makes a return around the age of 11-12 and the Nodes make a return at slightly before age 19. 

So, I also match ages to first quarter and half cycles of some of the outer planets that occur in childhood. These are Jupiter, Saturn, the Nodes, and also Lilith, who has a return at age 9.

Divorce itself is exposure to the energies of the far outer planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto which don't begin to have a significant planetary influence until after childhood. Thus, the experience of trauma for a child. There is very little research on effects of divorce on children because psychologists are @&:$)!. Sorry, but that's the absolute truth. California, source of most divorces, doesn't even send divorce statistics to the CDC. Single family households are a financial boon to the economy as they double the number of household items that are sold, and, also help the lawyers, so nobody complains. The best studies to understand effects of divorce are medical studies which show higher rates of health problems later on in life. There was a huge study in Canada which found that children of divorce suffer twice the stroke rates of kids from intact families. There is also the ACE study done in California by an endocrinologist I believe, at Kaiser. That study includes divorce as a childhood stressor and shows elevated health problems later in life.

The 27 club is a group of famous musicians (mostly)who died at the Age of 27 usually because they were wild and unruly. I figured that a huge number would be from divorce, but can't really tell because of lack of biographical detail provided on the Internet. There is a higher percentage of children of divorce in this group than, say, are politicians (my most recent research counted that only about 3-4 percent of the current congress grew up in divorce so it appears that political leadership does not appear to be a career choice for children of divorce). (Otis Redding was born in 1941 and died at age 26 so almost belonged in this group.)

First of all the sun sign stats for the 56 members of the 27 club that I found. Who's burning the candle at both ends? Surprise, it's The Tauruses followed by the Capricorns and the Sagittarians. I would expect the Sagittarians, but not the other two. Tauruses are very talented musicians what with being ruled by Venus and the sign which governs the voice.

Aries 3
Taurus 11
Gemini 4
Cancer 1
Leo 5
Virgo 5
Libra 2
Scorpio 3
Sagittarius 6
Capricorn 7
Aquarius 4
Pisces 5

The 27 club became a phenomenon when four 27 year old musicians died within two years of each other. These were Brian Jones who died on July 3, 1969, then Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Jim Morrison exactly 2 years later on July 3, 1971. These guys were born when there was a lot of outer planet sign changing going on. Saturn and Uranus were in and out of conjunction while changing signs from Taurus to Gemini when they were born. And Neptune changed from Virgo to Libra. 

The 27 club became more famous when Kurt Cobain died on April 5, 1994. His death was followed a couple of months later by Hole member Kristen Pfaff. Both of these people were intimately connected with Courtney Love, one was her husband and one was her bass player. All three were children of divorce, by the way.

Since the deaths come at the Age of 27 we expect that the secondary progressed Lunar Return is connected with their deaths. This occurs at Age 27. Moon rules public opinion so perhaps this explains why this age group stands out. According to the Wikipedia article on the 27 club no more deaths happen at age 27 than at any other age. This age just stands out, probably because of the deaths of the 4 famous musicians. Anyway, moon rules family and memory so this could explain a popular age for trauma to resurface for children of divorce. Moon rules the baby in us, so perhaps there is no need or ability to age beyond this point. In the charts I've looked at, the secondary progressed lunar return is definitely close by degree and is often connected with Pluto (death and fame), the Nodes (destiny) and the 8th house of fame and death. 

Also, at age 27 there is the third Lilith Return. Lilith would be quite prominent in the charts of rock musicians and addicts as she does like to express her wild side, doesn't she? Quite interesting to me at any rate is that of the 5 musicians who I verified come from divorce, 3 had gone through the Divorce at age 9 which is the time of the first Lilith Return. The first Nodal opposition happens at around this age (Moons Nodes). That adds some more lunar energy. Kids at this age of development will often internalize the idea of poise and popularity. So these musicians were hooked into those cycles. There is a lot of discussion about how traumatized Kurt Cobain and Amy Winehouse were by their parents divorce.

Children of Divorce who are members of the 27 Club.

Jimi Hendrix, born Nov. 27, 1942 Seattle, Washington 10:15 am
Parents divorced age 9
Death had prog. lunar Return conjunction Pluto and H8 cusp.

Kurt Cobain, born. February. 20, 1967 7:38 am Aberdeen, Washington
Parents divorced Age 9
Prog. lunar Return in Cancer. Natal moon out of bounds 27 degrees 31' in Cancer so really strong. Transiting Pluto in Scorpio con. T. north node in Scorpio conjunction natal Neptune in Scorpio in H8

Kristen Pfaff, b. May 26, 1967 Buffalo, NewYork
Parents divorced when very young

Jean-Michel Basquiat, born Dec. 22, 1960 Brooklyn, NY
Parents divorced age 8, might be more hooked into the Saturn cycle
Can't read my notes, sorry

Amy Winehouse, born Sept. 14, 1983 10:25 pm
Parents separated age 9
Prog. lunar Return conjunct transiting Pluto and H8 cusp. moon out of bounds 24degrees 18 ' moon most elevated planet in chart. Transiting Nodal Axis conjunct Asc/desc axis. Moon on ARies point at 1 Capricorn

Friday, March 25, 2016

Birth Data of the MKULTRA Folks

I wrote about the CIAs amazing program called MKULTRA before. Here is a list of as many participants as I could find. Doctors, military, CIA, Victims. You can access Ancestry.com through your local library. Hope this is correct information. Pretty interesting to research what happened. Won't go into it.

It looks like there are no Virgos on the list of perps. So, make sure your Shrink is a Virgo. Definitely don't trust a Taurus or a Sagittarius. Apparently they like to do weirdness on others. Virgos and Geminis stand out on the victims list. There were thousands unwittingly experimented upon so maybe these two mental signs are the only ones cognizant of what was going on. Is cognizant a word? P.S. I've added some new names to the lists, still no Virgos that I can see (6/21/16)


Dr. Saul Krugman, NewYork University. Fed mentally challenged children with hepatitis at willow rook state school.
b. April 7, 1911, Bronx, NY

Dr. Robert W. Hyde, Boston Psychopathic Hospital
 born Jan. 29, 1910 Bakersfield, VT. D. August. 1, 1976 Bakersfield, VT

Dr. Harold Abramson, Mt. Sinai Hospital & Columbia University, NYC
 b. Nov. 27, 1899   d. Sept. 29, 1980, NY

Dr. Carl Pfeiffer, University of Illinois Medical School, Champaign-Urbana
 b. Mar. 19, 1908 Peoria, Illinois.  D. Nov. 18, 1988

Dr. Gerald Klee Edgewood Army Chemical Center
B. Jan 29, 1927 New York, NY

Dr. Harris Isbell, NIMH sponsored Addiction Research Center in Lexington, KY
 b. June 7, 1910, Arkansas. d. Dec. 23, 1994, Lexington, Kentucky

Dr. Louis Jolyon West. University of Oklahoma, Stillwater. UCLA
 b. Oct. 6, 1924 Brooklyn, NY. d. Jan. 2, 1999, Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Harold C. Hodge, University of Rochester, New York
 b. Dec. 19, 1904, Chicago, IL.  d. Oct. 8, 1990.

John W. Gittinger
 b. Nov. 1, 1917 Cleveland, Oklahoma. d. Oct. 19 or 29, 2003 Norman, Oklahoma

Dr. Amedeo S. Marrazzi, U.S. Army Physician
 b. Feb. 6, 1905, New York, NY. d. Jan 11, 1980 Wayne, Michigan

Dr. Paul Hoch
 b. Oct. 31, 1902 Budapest, Hungary.  d. Dec. 15, 1964, Albany, NY

Ira "Ike" C. Feldman, CIA
b. Dec. 10, 1918?  Died Aug. 10, 2008, Uniondale, Nassau County, NY

George Hunter White, U.S. Bureau of Narcotics, Operation Midnight Climax
 b. June 22, 1908 Los Angeles, Died October 23, 1975 maybe in Stinson Beach, liver disease

Lyman Kirkpatrick, CIA Inspector General
 b. July 15, 1916, Rochester, New York. Died March 3, 1995

Richard Helms, CIA Director, One of final architects, destroyed most of mkultra documents
B. Mar. 30, 1913 Philadelphia, PA

Dr. Sidney Gottlieb. Director of Program
b. August 3, 1918 12:39 pm. died Mar. 7, 1999 Washington, D.C.

Dr. Max Rinkel, Army neuropsychiatrist, 1st LSD Experiments in U.S.
 b. Aug. 18, 1894 Neisse, Germany. Died June 9, 1966, Harvard, Boston?

Dr. H.E. Himurich

Dr. James Alexander Hamilton, specialized in sex and interrogation
B. June 9, 1907 Pecartonica, Illinois. Died Dec. 11, 1997 San Francisco, CA

Dr. L. (Luther) Wilson Greene
 b. Nov. 9, 1900, place?. Died Jan. 19, 1973

Dr. Ewan Cameron, psychiatrist. "The Memory Thief" documentary
 b. Dec. 24, 1901 Bridge of Allery, U.K. (Scotland I think), d. Sept. 8, 1967

Ronald Stark, CIA Operative at Stanford who gave "Merry Pranksters" LSD to distribute

Robert V. Lashbrook, CIA
 b. July 9, 1918.  Died Sept. 28, 2002, Ojai, Calfiornia

Allen Dulles, CIA Director
 b. Apr. 23, 1893 3:00 am Watertown, NY, or Apr. 7, 1893, d.vJan.v29, 1969 Georgetown, D.C.

Richard Helms, destroyed most of documents
 b. March 30, 1913 Philadelphia, PA

Major General William Creasy
 b. Apr. 26, 1905 North Carolina, d. Mar. 22, 1987 Palm Springs, CA

Owen Winkle
B. Jan. 14, 1899 Arkansas d. jul. 10, 1962 Kern County
Jan. 15, 1918 d. jul. 11, 2000 Oklahoma

Harry Ansligger, Federal Bureau of Narcotics
 b. May 20, 1892. Died Nov. 14, 1975

5 defendants in trial re death of Harold Blauer

General William M. Creasy, former Chief of the Army Chemical Corp.
 b. Apr. 26, 1905 Wilmington, North Carolina

Dr. Amedeo S. Marrazzi, Chemical Corps project officer
 b. Feb. 6, 1905.  d. Jan 11, 1980 Grosse Pt Woods, Wayne, Michigan, Detroit.

Dr. James P. Caltell, Dr. who injected Blauer with chemical. Had no idea what it was.
 b. Dec. 21, 1916 Ohio. d. July 3, 1994, San Diego, CA

Dr. Newton Bigelow, former NY State Commissioner of Mental Hygiene
 b. Jan. 15, 1904. place?  Died. Jan. 30, 1991 New Hartford, NY?

Dr. George Schnack, psychiatrist who provided talk therapy to Blauer who was not aware of what he was being given and stated he did not want to continue.

Feb. 15, 1932 chapel Hill, North Carolina d. October. 18, 1995 Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Maybe lived in Hawaii
July 21, 1925 Marion, Ohio
Or Jun 8, 1917 Allens Grove Top, Iowa. Marvin George Schnack

Dr. Robert G. Heath, Chairman of the Dept. at Tulane Medical School.
 b. May 9, 1915.  died. Sept. 24, 1999, Florida


James Thornwell, given LSD while in Army
 b. Aug. 30, 1937, South Carolina. Died June 25, 1984, Hayward, California

Ken Kesey, given LSD, paid study at Menlo Park Veterans Hospital as student at Stanford
 b. Sept. 17, 1935 4:24 pm La Junta Gardens, CO. D. Nov. 10, 2001 Eugene, Oregon

Whitey Bulger, given drugs while in jail for a lighter sentence
 b. Sept. 3, 1929 Boston, MA

Robert Hunter, paid to take LSD at Menlo Research Institue in Palo Alto, maybe SRI?. Grateful Dead lyricist
 b. June 23, 1941 San Luis Obispo, CA, still Alive

Harold Blauer, given Mescaline/Ecstasy derivitive while checked into Mental Hospital after divorce
 maybe Dec. 16, 1910?.
 Injected for 4th time on Jan 8, 1953 between 9:53 and 9:57 am w/ 450 mg. of EA1298. Pronounced dead at 12:15 pm.
 Another woman given same drug but reaction so bad injection stopped 1/3 way through

James Stanley, career soldier. Was in Military Feb. 12, 1958
 b. Apr. 15, 1939 .died Oct 1, 2003
 sued for damages, U.S. v. Stanley. 483 U.S. 669 (1987)

Wayne Ritchie. U.S. Marshal, Dosed at a Holidy party, San Francisco
 b. June 15, 1927 Auburn, WA.  Died. Aug. 17, 2012, San Jose, CA

Ruth Kelley. San Francisco Waitress and Singer at the Black Sheep Club, 645 Geary. 1960.
 b. ?????, deceased by 1998.

Frank Olson. Dosed by Gottlieb in a bottle of Cointreau on Nov. 19, 1953, Deep Creek Lake, Maryland. and possibly murdered or died by suicide by jumping out window of hotel. Shared room with Robert Lashbrook.
 b. July 17, 1910 Hurley, Wisconsin.  Died, Nov. 28, 1953

Mary Pinchot Meyer.
 b. Oct. 14, 1920, NYC, NY. Died. Oct. 12, 1964 12:45 pm Washington, DC

Allen Ginsburg, paid at Menlo Research Institude in Palo Alto
B. June 3, 1926 Newark, NJ d. April 5, 1997 East Village, NY

Jerry Garcia
B. August. 1, 1942 12:05 Pm San Francisco, CA

William F. Chaff in, Seargeant in U.S. Air Force, b. April 2, 1930?  D. June 1984, Tucson, AZ
Edgewood arsenal, Maryland

Mary Ray, research assistant at psychiatric hospital, university of Minn, 1964-1966. Injection of LSD Jan 15, 1966. No birth date

Wendell Queen, army Seargeant 1964 Edgewood, b. June 27, 1901?
Given drug that penetrated skin, caused a rash, then paranoia and flashbacks.

George Danald, colonel at Army Chemical School, fort McClellan, Alabama. Transferred to Edgewood arsenal. Died a suicide a year after taking LSD.

Stanley Glickman, Gottlieb put LSD in drink in Paris, October or Nov. 1952. he sued. died, and sister continued lawsuit

B. 1927, NYC, New York, d. dec. 11, 1992 also known as Paul gal an or Paul Stanley


Karen wetmore, mkcotton program?
B. Brandon, Vermont

Possible Disinformation:

Claudia S. Mullen. R.N.?

Christine DeNicola Ebner, b. July 1962



Safe houses in San Francisco

225 Chestnut
Plantation inn at Lombard and Webster room 49

261 Green St., mill valley

44 colleges and universities, 15 research foundations and pharmaceutical companies, 12 hospitals and clinics, 3 penal institutions

Monday, January 18, 2016

Lead in water in Flint, Michigan

President Obama just declared a state of emergency in the city of Flint, Michigan because there are such high levels of lead in the water. Was curious to look at the chart to see what is happening with Saturn, ruler of Lead. Saturn right now is squaring Neptune in Pisces which is a powerful water influence, and also rules poisonings. The chart is amazing for this.


Flint, Michigan has a natal square of Saturn in Gemini to Neptune in Pisces! So the natal square is not only mirroring the transiting square but is squaring/opposing it! And this is Flints' Neptune return in Pisces.

Not only that, Flint has a Capricorn Moon (Saturn, lead, water, plumbing) which might be in conjunction aspect with transiting Pluto ( water, poison).

Flint has to find a positive way to manifest that unaspected Sun in Aquarius or it will continue to represent problems of the people. Unaspected planets don't flow with the rest of the chart so their energies stand out in the chart. The Sun is the ego and will shine wherever it is. Maybe open a clown school or attract free energy inventors. Remember, Flint, Uranus says "the trend is your friend". You must innovate. Now we all have to get water tests in our own aquifers to see if we have the same or similar problems (and we definitely do in California).

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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Humongous Powerball

The Powerball Lottery will be drawn tonight for largest jackpot ever. More than 1.5 Billion dollars. Today the Sun is at 24 Capricorn trining Jupiter-North Node at 24 Virgo. Guess an earth sign will win it if anyone does. Maybe an office pool will win since the signs involved have to do with work. Maybe a bunch of cops or nurses. With Mercury Rx involved the winner may lose his ticket. That would be a disaster.

Interesting that the Stock Market is tanking under this aspect in the biggest point drop for beginning of a year ever. So, the Lotto is rigged, that's for certainly sure. This is probably a diversion. Who knows who is pulling the purse strings with the Stock Market. Pluto in Capricorn and materialism.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Things Cancerian

Article from "The Atlantic", "Why Comfort Food Comforts" connects many of the main traits of the sign Cancer. Food, Comfort, Memories, Family, etc.


Sunday, April 05, 2015

Interview with Jim Shawvan about Astrolocality Charts

Listened to this incredible interview with Jim Shawvan last night on a blogtalkradio show called "Horoscope Detective." Interviewer is Issachar Bay. Subject is Astrolocality Charts, Solar Return Charts, Relocation charts and more. Helped me wind down from the Lunar Eclipse yesterday which was hitting my Moon. Turns out it was the shortest eclipse in something like 500 years. Only a few minutes long. 

Definitely want to listen to more interviews on this show.